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  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

I have been reading the stories in this site and I thought I should also share my experience with others.  This happened few years back when I was posted in Delhi by my Company for a Power Project.I was staying  with my wife and 4years daughter in a rented house due to some problem I had to change the house.  The new location was nearby and my neighbor was a family from UP settled in Delhi, man working in DESU.  They had 2 daughters elder studying for her  degree and boy  studying in Xth.  The youngest daughter was of 14years old blind studying in blind school.  After getting mixed up with them I learnt she lost her vision when she was 4 years old after having some fever and headache.  They tried for treatment but could not succeed.  The girl will come to her home during weekends from the blind school.  I had tried sex before my marriage also and young girls with big  boobs and seeing well shaped thighs was a weakness in my heart from my teenage.  This youngest girl Bina was like a doll grown more than to her age and very intelligent.   She had big grown boobs, and her shapely thighs were  visible from btoom of her frock and was very talkative and fair in colour.  She will come to my house and play with my kid.

Few things I noticed was from smell she can recognize persons and she though blind can understand presence of anybody nearby by her mind.  It is heard that if any body is having  one organ  missing the all others will be much more powerful and I found this very true with her.  She will come and ask to read her book so that she can write in brailey taught her in school, and this became a routine work for me whenever she comes on leave during weekends.  She used to talk lot of things and in my mind I had developed a desire to press her boobs and crease her shapely thighs, but I did not make any attempt fearing the problems may arise which will spoil everything.  But I do not know after few days I felt that she is able to read my feelings and when we were alone, I found a little change in her approach.  Then one day she requested me to cut her nails and I put her hand through my armpit and slowly started dressing her nails.

She was sitting close to me and my elbow was pressing her smooth boobs instead of objecting she was pressing her chest and I found she enjoying the same.  I asked what happened, and she smiled and told she is enjoying.   After I finished her finger nails dressing, I told I shall do it for her foot nails  she was happy and sitting I asked to put her leg on my lap.  I started to cut the nails and  I could see her full thighs and the goldspot  covered  in the blue colour underwear she had put on.  After dressing the nails, I creased her thighs once upto her goldspot and I found her face changing with lust and brightening .   I was surprised that though she is 14years old she had desire of a girl of 20 years.  Few days nothing happened and only we will sit together and do the reading and writing and few times accidentally I touched her breasts and I found she enjoyed it and one day she put her hand on my dick above my dress and tried to hold it.  But she will not do anything when he senses somebody nearby and the power to sense was really surprising me.  One day I talked to her freely and I was at my wits to learn that  they 3 stay in one room and press each others boobs and does some foreplays  during the nights in hostel.  She told that   her room mates told that they  get fucked by their  uncles when they go on weekends to their homes and they have narrated their stories when they are back  and thus her desire also grew, but she was afraid to tell anybody and she got a instinct that I desire to enjoy her somehow,  and requested to help her.   I consoled her kissed on her cheeks and told not to worry and we shall do something and she was very happy.  I was in a dilemma  though I had desired  her, I was feeling very awkward thinking right or wrong.    But whenever she comes and sits near me my desire for her also started growing touching her boobs on my body has become a regular practice and my dick standing in ninety degree also has become a regular affair.  I was tensed and I wanted some relief which happened within a weeks time.

One day evening her mother came to me and told that Bina has improved her studies after my help and the visited the school  and brought her home for holidays.  That day I decided my approach to her has improved and I decided to oblige without any trouble to both of us, and waited.  On one after lunch her mother came to me told that they and my family is going to the Sarojini Nagar Market and they will be returning by evening only.  As Bina will be alone in house, she will lock the house and Bina will stay with me until they come back.  At three they  left and Bina  came to my house with her book.  I locked the front door and we went inside.  I asked her what  I should read so that she can write.  She told  I need not read we shall do something else.  She was wearing a yellow frock and she was looking marvelous.  I opened the zip of her dress and look out both breasts and started chewing the nipples.  She started moaning with pleasure.

I made her naked and watched for few minutes and she was like a little goddess and I squeezed her both breasts and kissed.  I asked to put her frock, but not the underwear  and we came to the bed.  I made her lie-down on the bed and parted her pussy lips with my finger and started sucking it vigorously.   She started making some sounds and told uncle I can not wait any more, please do, please.  I put my two fingers in her cunt to check the size and thereafter very slowly inserted my dick in her wet cunt.  Intially I had some trouble but then slowly it went inside.  I pumped for some time and took out my dick to check for bleeding  and nothing was there, and put one condom on and reentered in her pussy.  I fucked her tightly for 10 minutes by which she came 2 times and was hugging me madly.  After 10 minutes I made few more hard strokes and I discharged.  I took her to the bath room and cleaned her pussy and my dick and she was happy.  Thereafter we laid on bed and she took my dick in her mouth and started eating like children do with ice-stick.  I  played with her body and boobs for almost one hour and  both were satisfied.  But we did not get any further chance thereafter though I had squeezed her breast so many times when we are alone.

Whatever I had wri tten is a true incident and please send  your comments to    I am looking for friend ships with ladies, who are interested can respond to the above address

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