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Next Door Neighbour

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

When I was in my twenties, we lived in a small neighbourhood in Calcutta, two rows of low houses with a narrow road in between. All the families were friendly, and we generally celebrated all festivals together. Mr A lived in the house to our right. He was almost fifty, but still single. He owned a large factory nearby and spent most of his time there. Everyone said that he’d been very busy doing business when he was younger, which is why he had never married. Imagine all our surprise when he came back from a visit to his native village with a young bride. Not only was she young, she was hot! She was barely 22 years old, as tall as me with a slim waist and tight firm breasts that jiggled when she walked.

She carried herself with a lot of grace. Like most of the other young men in the locality, I glanced at her whenever I thought I was not observed. However, unlike many others, as her immediate neighbour, I had more chances to exchange pleasantaries and chat with her. During the Puja season most of us went in a large group to see the pandals and the processions. This time she was also part of our group as we went around in the evening. She was wearing a tight ghagra choli type of dress, that fit her snugly and left her back bare. I decided that this was my chance. It had become darker by the time we reached the pandals. While we were on the roadside waiting for the procession to go by, I positioned myself just behind her and ‘accidentally’ brushed against her back and ass a few times. She didn’t react so I started getting bolder. I let my hand hang down and touch her ass cheek.

She turned to look at me and instead of saying anything, just smiled and looked back to the procession. I let my hand push more firmly against her ass. Instead of moving away, she adjusted herself so that my hand slipped to her curving ass crack. I moved my hand to her hip and let my crotch brush her ass. I was having a full erection by now, so she could feel my dick pressed against her. She pressed back, so that her ass was fully against my body. I let my right hand stay on her hip and gently touched her breast with my left hand. We were now standing pressed close to one another. My dick was throbbing against her firm fleshy ass, my hands caressed her tits and stomach and I gently nibbled at her ear. We remained like that for maybe ten, fifteen minutes before she broke away “lets get out of here”, she whispered,”I can always tell my husband we got lost in the crowd”. We quickly ducked out of the crowd and went back to our locality. Although the houses were nicely lit up, there was no one around. We went to her house and locked the door. She was up against me almost at once, her lips hungrily kissing my face. I pulled off her top and skirt so that she was dressed only in her skimpy bra and panties. I was groping at her body, trying to feel it all over. I slipped a finger into her panties and started rubbing her cunt, which was already very wet. She tore off my shirt and dug her nails into my back holding me close to her. We stumbled into the bedroom, and fell on to the bed.

She rolled over me and sat up, straddling me. I reached up and felt her breasts through the satin material of her bra. She was running her fingers through my chest hair. I could feel the heat of her cunt through my jeans. She bent down and unbuttoned my jeans, pulling them down quickly. My dick was fully erect, the top portion poking over my briefs. She bent down and started licking the tip of my dick, at the same time pulling my briefs off. My dick sprang up, released from the confines of the brief, and almost without my realizing it, she had swallowed most of it. I could feel it banging against the back of her neck as she moved up and down, sucking hard. I moaned with pleasure, but somehow managed to hold on from cumming immediately. I reached down and dragged off her bra, grabbing her large pendulous breasts. Her nipples were like large brown coins, with firm erect tips. I pulled her up, and started licking her tits. She gasped and arched back. I slipped off her panties and pushed two fingers into her tight cunt, flicking at her clit with my thumb. It took barely minutes before she was cumming hard against me, her body shaking with the force of her orgasm. Ruthlessly, I continued rubbing her clit and licking her tits and nipples, forcing her into a second continuous orgasm. She had barely finished, when I moved my fingers out of her cunt, and instead started licking it. She was beyond any form of control by then. I don’t think she could have stopped even if her husband had walked in on us! I gently bit at her clit and started licking it. Her back was arched, she was pushing her crotch into my face, one hand pressed my head into her cunt and the other rubbed her nipples.

Just as she started cumming for the third time, I moved my mouth away, spread her legs and jammed my dick into her cunt. She screamed with pleasure as I stretched and filled her cunt. Her hands dug into my back pulling me closer, her legs were up in the air. I held her thighs, forcing them apart hard and continued hammering into her. Time seemed to slow down: I could hear my balls slapping against her ass with each stroke, every breath of hers seemed to echo around the room, I could taste her salty juice on my lips and smell the muskiness of her womanhood. I could not hold on any longer and came in pulsating waves, my dick deep into her body.

I just collapsed on top of her, sweat coating our bodies, my slowly softening dick still inside her. After a long time, she stirred and looked up at me “You didn’t even bother wearing a condom you bastard!” she said. “Did you want me to stop and put it on?” I asked teasingly. She sighed “No, not really.” I rolled off her. “I think we still have some time before the others come back” I said. She looked quizzically at me “What did you have in mind?”  I reached up and grabbed her hair, pulling her up and then pushing her face into my crotch. “I think your mouth needs some exercise” I said. She moved down and lay across my stomach. With her left hand she started fondling my balls, even as her tongue started playing with my limp dick. I reached down and grabbed her ass and started squeezing it.She gradually started licking my dick and balls, her saliva cool to my skin. My penis jumped a little at all the attention. And then she was sucking it hard into her mouth. Within minutes I was hard again.

She used her tongue to trace the tip of my dick, even as her mouth went up and down on the shaft. Her right hand grabbed the base of my dick, rubbing it up and down. She would sink down on me, swallowing all of it into her throat and then gradually slide up, until only the very tip remained in her mouth. “Faster” I gasped, but she didn’t listen. Instead she kept the slow pace going until I was almost blown out of my skull. She paused as I started cumming, and swallowed every drop. She kept my dick in her mouth until I stopped spasming and then, very delicately licked it clean all over. We lay naked in each others arms, savouring the minutes we had until we heard noises out on the street. We knew it was the start of a lovely relationship. Any aunties or cute ladies in India or Singapore that want to cum :

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