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Next Door Dear

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hi, desipapa story lovers! I am vimal, an engineer running business on my own. I am narrating about my next door girl affair! I was then 28 years and she was 20, doing her engineering graduation and her name was reena (names are changed). She had fantastic vital statistics, and medium in complexion. We were living next door each other for 9 years at a nice place in south Bangalore, Karnataka. Since we know each other she used to call me brother. I used to call her reen.  We both were casual in association with each other till her maturity. Later, she was growing up day by day along with her statistics. At her 10th standard she was looking very beautiful, attractive and sensational. I used to spend a lot of time at their home, admiring her figure and glancing her boobs at every possible occasion. One day when her family members are there at home, I was helping her in drafting some notes, and she bent on table and was writing in front of me. Oh! Most of her boobs were exposed just for me exclusively, and her black bra was trying to hold both the beasts with great difficulty. I need to say that, my tool was rock hard and asking me to be in control. I gone through innumerable incidents like this. I fantasized many ways having fun with her. I was helping in her studies well, and at the same time taking care of my abundant love, affection and desire towards her. Whenever she wants to go on some emergency, she used to take me on my bike or car. None of our family members or friends suspect in that manner since she used to call me brother. Even I used to take care of her the same way, to be like own brother, friend, or love. I was afraid to take any kind of romantic initiative towards her, because of my gentleman image at both the families. I never wanted to be noticed as a bad boy. However I enjoyed a lot with her company, only by seeing, talking and helping. Years rolled over………… She joined graduation! Every now and then she used to take my help. One day, during the general playing at home, accidentally I brushed her breast, and noticed that, she took it as an accident, and we (a team) were playing continually. Since that incident I tried to study her interest towards me, and understood that she too interested in me very much, and we both were come out of that inhibitions. Now we both know each others interest of romance, and used to kiss, rub, press her breasts and between her legs over the dress, sometimes I slid my hand inside her salwar too for just few minutes. One day when reena was at their home, I went inside and asked about their family members. She said each one has gone on some work, and might come back a couple of hours later. We both already come to that erotic mood. I took remote which was few feet away from reena and switched on TV & sat besides her and slowly started discussions. In the beginning it was in general for 10 min (since we both are good people and doesn’t want to become hyper and loose control) later about sex topic etc. etc…   now my hands were playing on her boobs over her dress salwar. I have not tried to remove her dress, fearing that our people might come at any time. We both were got up and moved on to the bed room, which was just away from our seats. Both were relaxed a while and I removed her pants (bottom) off along with her panties in a stretch, at the same time smooching each other. She kept her legs folded, to keep her pussy unexposed, cause of shyness. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth as much as I can and slowly moved every nook and corner of the mouth. We played our tongues like a snake penetration and each of us sucked each other’s. She is very sensitive and responds like none others. After a long lasting 15 min butterfly kiss, I moved my mouth over her dress, towards down & in between her legs. Since I already removed her bottom, juices from her love hole flowing on her dress and bed cover. I just had a glance of juices and tried to look at her love hole. But she has not let me to look at, because of shyness. Then I tried keeping her in exiting mood and kissed her on face, ears, ear lobes etc. and brought my head on her neck. On every inch of my movement, reena’s feeling/exitement was hypersensitive. I brought reena’s hand and kept it on my erected organ, and asked her fingers to press & rub against mine. I moved my head towards down on her boobs. I removed front three buttons of salwar top, and inside hook of bra and let exposed, but all inside her top. Then I pulled both the breasts out of bra and top. Both breasts started thanking me for their release after 30 minutes of their swelling, with breathlessness inside that black cages. Nipples are clearly visible now and are very much above average in size. Areola is very wide and over that tits are bigger in dia and looks like standing out from crowd. Any man certainly feels to salute to the shape and size of those beautiful monuments. After I came to conscious I moved my mouth over tits, and felt the softness and erection of it. Reena was moving her body at different directions with half eyes closed! Keeping both the hands on my head pressing towards her. When I took her left tit in to my mouth, she shivered and pulling my hair down. I was not able to move my head with breath less ness, and tried to apply my right hand to the right tit and pulled deliberately till she loosens grip on my head. First time she moaned for a long with relaxed meaning. Now her legs are apart and I m able to see her love hole area freely, but covered with black hair, looks like she has not shaved for months.(I came to know after the session that she has not shaved her pussy even once so far, and that was the reason she hesitated to expose her pussy in the beginning)  Her shyness has gone completely. After I played with her towers for 30 min. i put my mouth directly on her love hole. She shivered as if she got 500volt shock, with my first tongue touch. She has got exposed her private parts first time in her life. Again I brought my tongue tip to the love hole and licked, squeezed her outer lips, then I run my tongue tip over the slit, slowly and steadily. Reena was just flying all around the world with joy and over joy. First time she felt that she traveled the whole world. She was keeping my head pressed on her pussy and closing her legs frequently and asking me to bite her, eat her………oh……oh… I know that I have not particularly concentrated on G-spot. I let her to relax some time and again started moving my tip on slit, and fucking with tongue. When I go inside she lifts her back upside in a rhythmic way. She is very great in that counter response. It all took 1 hour 30 min. I have neither removed my pants nor shirt, fearing that someone might come, secondly to avoid my cock contacting with her pussy. I don’t want to take any chances of pregnancy & putting her in trouble, though I have supreme control over sex. As I have very good theoretical knowledge on private parts, sex, G- Spot etc., I can make her swirl with pleasure. Still TV is on with moderate volume. If any one comes suddenly we should be in a position to manage. TV is a part in that. Only Reena’s bottom and panty was off. My dress was full in tact. My only aim at that time was to make her happy, more happy…!give her great pleasure. I noticed that 2hrs are over. Thought that its time up. But I wanted to give her final climax satisfaction. Decided.. I slowly moved my hand on her bear legs, knees, thighs, and bums and in between legs. For her, all it needs just a touch to arouse. She is such a sensitive. Then I moved my mouth towards G spot and forcibly pressed with tongue. Oh! …..Oh! …… again she got shocked! With the same pace I squeezed that ‘button’ like g-spot deliberately, .. oh…oh… I expected she felt that, this was an ultimate enjoyment!!!!!!!!!!!! Her moans are coming out but controlling with great difficulty. Same time I cought her left breast and circling over areola, continued g-spot squeezing for 3 min. she is almost exhausted! Now! Reena’s movement became still. She does not want anything in life now. Only she needs rest for few minutes. I got down from the bed and just put a bed sheet over her, and come to TV hall. I have not disturbed her for 15 min. then again I went to the bed, put my hand on her fore head and smooched her gently. She opened her eyes slowly, as if one opens after meditation session, and gave a blushed sweet smile. Even I responded the same way and touched her lips with my tongue. Slowly I put my right hand on hers and brought her hand and put on my dick, which was still hot. She opened my zip and I brought my tool out. I made her sit on bed and put her soft hand around mine and shown her to move front and back. She started doing with little smile on face unprofessional way. Then I decided to send her kitchen to prepare some nice coffee, anticipating that I never get my ejaculation, if she continues in that fashion. Then I helped my self to get satisfied. I called reena who is in kitchen, to see and witness my ejaculation on waste paper and shown her semen and explained about it. It’s over 3hrs. I got many opportunities to love each other, but I never had intercourse with her. I never wanted reena to get in to trouble; since she does not know much about sex…….etc. whenever opportunity comes I used to finger fuck her. That way we enjoyed to the best possible safe ways.After her graduation, she has got married to an US software guy & leading life.(I don’t know her life style now) Its 4 years now after we apart from each other. I miss her a lot…….. Every day I am thinking about her, with one or the other incidents of ours.. One day, at the time of her marriage, I told her about my wish/desire, to have together bath, to bath each other. She smiled! And left to US …. … ….Thank you for your time friends!

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