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Newly Married Manu

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Manu was of 28 years and was a doctor pursuing post graduation. She had had a late marriage but still staying for last six minths with her parents after 10 days of her marriage due to hubby’s posting in north east India. She was not a stunning beauty but looked serene, well toned and well shaped. Her body language showed that she was not a sexy woman but her eyes and casual smile were inviting. We were both new families in the locality, an urban settlement in Jharkhand.
As my neighbour, she often came to me with request that I accompany her for shopping or gave list of cosmetics to be purchased from market and mainly contacted me on phone when her mother would be visiting some neighbour family. Naturally, we often moved in the market as a couple and gradually had affectionate and caring bonding between us. Her lists normally included hair remover, face cream, lipsticks, mascara etc.. I was astonished when that included bra and panty and breast cream. I learnt that she figured 34 bust and 36 waist. From there, I had some kind of passionate affinity towards her with notion that she also had similar feelings towards me and willing too. I did not show that but was excited internally to fantasise her shape and size of 34 against my wife having only 32.
One day, the D-day came. She had to urgently go to a nearby town by train to appear for a written test for a job. Her parents were not able to manage that so urgently to accompany her. Co-incidentally, I was also planning for a job-related visit to the same town for a few weeks but was always postponed. When Manu convinced my wife the necessity of my going with her so that I would drop her for the interview and then come back together by evening, there was no problem any side.
We reached the other town’s station and Manu asked that we should stay in a hotel as married couple before going to the test venue. Showing surprise, I asked about what will happen to the test. She cooly said, “Who would know, people do not pass all tests even after appearing. O appeared but failed. Very simle.” Obviously, she was an intelligent planner par excellence.
We checked into a hotel room. She kept out cosmetics that she had brought with herself; there was also a small bottle of olive oil. We changed. I was in shorts and banian while she wore thin top and panty only. Manu smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry we are husband-wife till we are inside this room for everything and this is your test actually!” I felt a desire coming inside into us. I asked her, “You mean before we get fresh up?” She nodded, “Of course. Preliminary round” and picked up the oil bottle and handed over to me saying, “I also need a lovely massage by you. I know you do it well on your wife.” I threw up the bottle on the bed and held her tight into my arms and lips and we saw deep desire into her eyes. I started caressing her back. So much was the heat that she started closing her eyes. We sat on the bed and my lips slipped to her neck and a palm on her right breast. It was tight by now; I scratched her nipple smoothly and at the same time brought my lips to hold her left breast’s nipple. She saw with intense desire in my eyes Her hands moved to bring my banian upwards and trying to open it. I helped her only for 2 seconds and then Manu started playing with my nipples. I was rubbing her breasts, kissing her neck and lips all smoothly one by one. Hhmm…mmm..aaahh… Naren … She began moaning and completely closed her eyes. It was clear signal that she was wanting me more. I began undressing her; pulled up her top, she helped me fast and almost clung on me holding me too tight at back and sucking me on lips. I reciprocated that for two minutes. I then started sucking her nipples one by one and gently scratching the other upon the bra.

“Manu, what should I start with now ?” I asked.
“Mas….s..a.g…e …dear. Oil ….. I gave you that” She slowly said, keeping her eyes closed.
“Where and how ?” I asked.
“Anywhere. Your choice. I am all yours now.” She was shivering but was fast to unhook her bra for my convenience. I pulled the bra out and kept that on the bed.
So lovely were her tight breasts with red nipples raised one inch up. I was so tempted that I did the scratching and sucking on her nipples one by one for 2-3 minutes and also pressed with passion and love. She enjoyed that so well that her hands moved on to my shorts. I helped her and I was nude. She then opened her panty. She was also nude. She then opened her eyes and saw me with a passionate desire. Oooooopppsss !!!!! So lovely her smile was. I reached for the olive oil bottle, opened the cap, poured a handful of oil and placed both of my palms between her cleavage.
By then, I was virtually sitting on Manu’s thighs, my tool in the longest size of 6.5 inches hanging wild between her naval and vaginal area. And my palms were moving slowly on her full breasts up to the neck; both sides and up-down. Length of her nipples and sound of her moaning … aahhh ..I love you …. love me… gradually increased. Her hand once again played with my nipples and slowly pulled me towards hers by which I had to push backward and my tool went tight between Manu’s thighs.
Slowly getting on her, I kept massaging her boobs and making them tighter and bigger. I had another brief session of sucking those and kissing upto the neck and shoulder and under the ears. She was crying with ecstasy and her hands had moved at my back almost scratching. I then moved downwards kissing and sucking the naval area and reached to the vagina; all that while my palms pressing her boobs. I got by tongue round and pressed that inside her vagina. Aaaa hhaaahhhooo sssss she started hissing. I continued. I felt her hands also pressing my hands kept on her boobs. Slowly her hands came on my hair; she was pulling me up. Clear – she wanted the ultimate.
I got up to her face keeping my hands on her boobs, kissed her eyes, then lips and the neck. I told her, “Manu darling. Ankh kholo. Choochi ko aur jor se maalish kar dein … bolo na.” She could only say “HHmmm darling. Naren … aahh… haa…aaSssab kkkucch kar do.” I whispered, “Jor se ya dhire se chudwaougi.” She replied, “Shuru mein dheere se Naren … aahh ssss hhhooo muummmuuyy … jo karma hai jaldi kijiya na.” and she held my tool tight and asked, “You men call it lund … bahut bara hai … husband ka chota hai … ek hi baar kiya hai … itna bara … dard hoga …. Pya..a.a ..r se se ghu…sayiyega pls.”
“OK’ I held her tight. She guided my lund inside her. I pressed slowly and kept at the entrance of her vagina. She hissed loudly, “sssshhhh … aaaaahhh … inside pllllsss … andar daliye naaa.” She was mad with ecstasy and more desire. I pressed my lund half inside her – slowly. She had her head thrown backward but told loudly also pressing my buttock, “Aur andar plsss … bahut maazzzaa aaa raha hai … hhaaaahhh ooohhhooo … mmaa…uuuummyy …. Aa…ajj kas ke khoob cho…” I thrushed all inside her. It was my turn to ask, “Ab jor se chod dein … bologi tabhi chodoonga dard ho raha hai kya.” She replied,”hmmm … but acchaa lag rrraahhhaa hai naren.”
It was difficult for her to talk but she wanted performance from me. She whispered,”Dard .. aann hhaaann lekin thik hai …. Jor se….. aa.. haa.. aaa…jam ke chodiye … jaise man ho waise cho…..d..iye….. hard fuck ch…a hiye dear” I allowed my lund to go into its reality and it gave big and frequent thrusts to her.” She co-operated well. We were both nude exchanging our heat and pleasure to the fullest. G…aa..zzaab chod.. rahe hai … thik ..hain … aur jor se ma..riye na… harder rraannnn….aaahhhaa..fuck me hard Naren … you fuck sssooooo aaa hhaa well… aaahh.sssss mmuuanmmyyy… She cried at every hard thrust I gave her – in pain but derived ecstasy. We exploded after 5 minutes and she held me tight and kissed me wildly. She told me biting my ear that her clitoris wa paining. I applied boroplus cream there after a long passionate kiss she liked that. After half an hour of lying like this, we again got aroused and had another session of wild love-making in the bathroom under the shower lathering each other fully nude. The boroplus cream aided that session sooooo much ! This time, she took the real initiative, lead and overall control but at the time of hard thrust, she had to come under me for greater pleasure.
Recently after one year of the fucking event of hotel, she somehow convinced her hubby for a three-some and had both of us at a time to give immense pleasure to her. How she convinced and initiated her hubby to all this is another chapter and will be described in another story soon. Till then, your feedback and ladies of 18-36 years are invited for views and M U T U A L P L E A S U R E of the kind I had with Manu … and who knows, even better and greater! For this, send your mails to but take your own choice; I amSamrendra or say Naren and 40 years old
but passionately promising

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