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New Neighbor And Fun Of Life Time

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

Hi! I am manoj and this is a real incident which happened when i was around 25 years. i was not married and was living in my house with my father, who used to go the office at around 8.30 am and return at 6.30 pm. we were living in a row house type of house. each building had two houses side by side with a common terrace, which was slightly sloping towards their house. one evening i found that a new tenant had come to the other house. the were just a young couple aged around 30s without an children. They were tamilians and the woman, called chitra, was fair, good looking and well-proportioned. she used to wear loose nighties which never revealed her real figure.

She occasional used to wear sarees. once in october, it started raining heavily at around 10 am. our terrace was getting flooded. as the rain was heavy, the hole in the terrace for water outlet was not able to cope up. some water began seeping in the next house. at around 11. 30, i heard some sound of someone sweeping the water in the terrace. when i went up to explore, i was stunned. chitra was sweeping the terrace. she had hitched her saree and her petticoat which revealed her thighs almost entirely. the pallu of her saree had moved exposing her cleavage. as she never used to wear a bra as she was in the house, the nipples were visible through the transparent blouse. i gathered courage and went near her and offered to help. as she was bus clearing the water, she had not noticed the state of her dress. it was only when i went near her that i saw her cunt too was exposed. i could not take my eyes of her. she thanked me for the offer and said she would manage herself. i insisted on helping her as the view she was offering was something i had not seen earlier at all. i too took a broom.

I was wearing a lungi and while taking a broom, removed my underwear. i went to near her and hitched my lungi quite high. she did not notice it. then i sat down and started to have a close look at her cunt. the saree was now almost at the hip level and the cunt was now visible clearly. her boobs were moving every time she swept the water. as she was not watching my hitched lungi, i pretended to slip and fall down. my lungi went up totall exposing my penis. she saw me falling and came towards me. it was when she came near me she saw my exposed penis. i pretended to set right my lungi, but made sure that the penis was still visible. she thought i was not aware of my exposed penis and squatted near me to assist me. as she bent to lift me, her i could see her nipples under the blouse. as she lifted me, he breasts pressed against me and when i got up, my hands `accidentaly’ brushed against her partially exposed cunt. it was then she realised she was exposing her cunt. she quickly set right her saree. i saw a quick shy smile escape from her lips. she asked me whether i was hurt. though i was not, i said yes. she called me to her house. when i went there, she gave me a towel to wipe myself. she said she would keep her husband’s lungi outside the bathroom. i wiped myself and wore the lungi.

I still had no underwear. i tried to find out where she was. she was in her bedroom totally nude. the door was partially closed and i could see her wiping herself with a towel. i was totall aroused when i saw her wiping her breasts, which swung wildly as she wiped them. she then took a bathrobe and draped herself. i quickly went to the hall and pretended to lie on the sofa. i lifted my lungi and pretended to examine the `hurt part’. i made sure the penis was partially exposed. she came to the room with an ointment. she came and asked where it hurt. i showed her an area in the back where i would not be able to apply the ointment. she hesitated and asked whether she could help. i gleefully said yes. as she started applying the medicine, pretended to writhe in pain and lifted my legs in the process. my lungi rode to my hips and my penis was in the open. i pretended not to be aware of this an noticed she was often seeing it with the corner of her eyes. she did not tell me to adjust my lungi to cover the penis nor did she do it.

I realised she was aroused as she was breathing heavily. as i kept lifting my legs i brushed past her breasts. the bathrobe gave away and her breasts popped out. she was stunned and tried to cover them with the hands. i pushed aside the hands with my knees and squeezed her breasts. she did not surprisingly protest. her bathrobe was now totally open revealign all her assets. she made no attempt to cover them and was again smiling shyly. i pulled her towards me and pressed her boobs with one hand and her cunt with the other. she was moaning and was very exited. she took my penis in her hand and squeezed it and before i realised my penis was inside her cunt. we had a great time together. her huge breasts pressed my face and her nipple were taut. i had never seen such huge breasts in such close quarters. after this we started having sex regularly. manoj.

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