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Never Trust A Condom

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  • October 5, 2015

Hello readers of Desipapa. It’s Rahul again. Thanks for your consideration given to my previous story. (Story No. 1025- Try First and Get First). I haven read almost all the stories available on most of the Indian sights and one thing that I don’t understand is why people present their fantasies under true stories. Anybody can easily make out the difference between them. I like true stories. In that also, home relations and student teachers relations. Boys as I told you in my previous story that the world is full of fucking people so don’t fantasise and just wait for your chance and you will surely get it.
Anyway coming to my another story that taught me a very important lesson and I would like you guys also to learn from it especially when the girl is less than sixteen years. This is because according to IPC (Indian Penal Code), having sex with a girl less than sixteen years of age is rape no matter even if it was with her consent.
So after Shailja left, I wasn’t having anyone apart from my girlfriend to fuck. I was desperately looking for someone to fuck. I am very found of fucking each and every type of girl, but I am not that desperate that I can do it with anyone just to get relief. As I told you except Shailja all of them were virgin. I have never gone to any prostitute because they don’t do it willingly and are under compulsion. Real fun is when jerks are from both the sides, what you guys say about this?
So I was staying alone in my house because my parents were in different city because of my father’s occupation. I was teaching in reputed coaching classes there. I use to teach class 10, 11 and 12. Class 10 was a batch of students appearing privately. And there was a nice girl called Rashmi. She was a nice female and very decent and liked by everyone.
Well within a few months, we came close to each other and started talking to each other on phone too. And meanwhile we became so close that we used to say I love you and all other things and everything was on phone. Then the day come when she asked me about my place, so I called her to my place. I was also bit scared because it was the first time a girl was coming to my place and that to a virgin teenage girl. Anyway she finally came to my place. Then we sat for some time and talked about various things then I kissed on her lips, she was shocked and said why did u do that I wasn’t expecting this from you and everything which a girl usually say. But after some time she became normal and we were in each other’s arms. Now we were busy kissing and hugging each other. Slowly-slowly I tried to remove her dress, she was wearing a white salwar kameej, (I like girls in white Shalwar Kameej). She was protesting slightly but allowed me to do it. I removed her bra, wow again a virgins white breasts and slightly brown nipples. I started kissing her everywhere and soon she too become hot. Now she was just having her panty on her body. But it took almost three hours to reach to this position. And she had to go back as she had told her parents that she is going to her friends place for studies.
So we had to move fast. But you can’t do it like a bullet, just shoot in. So I decided for the next time. But I had to get relief so I gave my tool in her hand and asked her to shag, she did it slowly because she was new to this. She was moving it up and down and I hugged her tightly pressing her boobs and kissing her all over, she was also enjoying and started moving her hands faster and faster. But soon her hand tired and she said I can’t do it now because my hands are paining. I said ok and then I made her to lay besides me, now we were laying in such a position that my tool was on her bally, her neck in my arms and my leg on her legs. I asked her to hold my tool and holding her hand I started shagging and kissing and hugging her tightly. You know when some girl is doing it for you and it have the same speed as you do; it gives a damn good pleasure. I was enjoying like anything. After some time I came and I poured all my fluid on her bally. Her hands were all wet with my juices; I spread that on her body and hugged her tightly. We remained in that position for some time. Then we cleaned everything and I gave her last hug and kiss and she went home.
Like this we met in my place for the first time. But the story is not about her because apart from doing all these things I couldn’t fuck her, not because we were not willing but because we didn’t get chance for the final work. So the story is about her younger sister, who was in eighth class and was just fourteen years in age.
Once there was a Dewali Mela in the city and she asked me to come along with them as her parents were not coming. So I went at the scheduled time. There I saw a cute looking girl with her. She was very cute and beautiful too. She was also looking at me but we didn’t get any chance to speak or for any introduction. After the mela I came to my place. When Rashmi called me I talked to her about that friend, she said she is her sister and not friend. I said ok so she was your elder sister, she said no she is in eighth standard and is younger to me. I said she looked elder to you. Then I asked her why didn’t you introduce me to her. She said ok I would call her and you talk to her. Then her sister came on phone. I asked what’s her name, she said Preety. We talked for sometime and then I continued with Rashmi. I asked her to call me whenever she’s free before we ended our conversation. Now I wanted to fuck Preety also. After that she started calling me too but from her school place. Slowly it continued and one day she said why don’t you come and meet me at the station, station was near to my place. I said ok I would come, what time. She said 7.30. Then I waited for the next day but I wasn’t willing to go because firstly it was very early for me secondly she was too young to meet in public. And fortunately I couldn’t wake up also. (Fortunately – because of what that happened due to it) I woke up at the ring of the bell. I looked up at the watch. It was around 8 in the morning. I cursed myself for missing such a golden opportunity. I opened the door and was shocked…Preety was standing in front of me. I was so surprised because she didn’t even know my place then how she reached here. She was in an angry mood; I welcomed her in and asked how she knows my place. She asked me why didn’t I come to meet her she was waiting there for me and then finally decided to come by her own. She said that she had a rough idea and she came here asking people. I apologised her and gave a kiss on her lips. Then we came to bedroom and lay on the bed. While talking I started kissing her and fondling her boobs. I did not have to try because in this case I knew that she had come to me for that only so why to waste time and moreover it was not a public place, it was my house where no one except we two was there. So slowly I took her cloths off. She was not wearing any bra, as usual. She had small boobs but big enough to perform the task. I started sucking them and now she was not saying anything, she stopped talking and started enjoying. Then slowly I moved towards her pussy. She was wearing tights. I removed that and saw a thin line of her pussy lips. First I rubbed them with my fingers and then I started sucking and liking them with my toung. During this I didn’t get time to see her reaction but when I realised this I looked at her, her eyes were closed but her face expressions were telling how much she is enjoying. I continued till she came. This I had to make out myself as she was just enjoying silently. Now she was relaxed but what about me. I did not want to insert her as she had come first time and was too young to be fucked legally and to be very frank I was expecting her sister in evening. I did not want to take any kind of risk. So again we were lying with each other and I started with my favourite shagging. Her hand and my speed. Even though I was so hot it took me about 10 minutes to come. I came on her bally and then I spread it over with my hands. We remained in each other’s arm for another fifteen minutes and then she went to have a wash.
Then we started talking. She asked me that Rashmi is also coming in the evening to meet you, will you do the same with her. Now this gave me another shock, I thought she don’t know about this. But Rashmi has told her. But definitely she wouldn’t have told her about what I did with her because these things are not to be disclosed to every friend and also we were student and teacher in everyone’s eye. But Preety could make out as she had it. This is obvious. Well I was speechless on her question and I couldn’t say anything. At about twelve she left and during this time I gave her good pleasure and she shagged me thrice. She promised me that she would come tomorrow. And tomorrow I had decided to fuck her thoroughly.
In the evening, Rashmi came. And after some formal talks I started kissing and hugging her. And slowly I removed her cloths except her panty. I started sucking her boobs. There were many things in which the two sisters differ. Preety is a shorter and thinner than Rashmi and so to handle her is very easy. When some girl is of size comparable to yours then it becomes hard to handle her and hence to fuck her. She was enjoying but little hesitant. I tried to remove her panties, she protested but I could remove them finally. I was sitting and she was lying on my lap. I locked her hands with my legs and while smooching her I put my finger in her pussy opening. Oh damn………..what a hot and lubricated pussy was it. And what a feeling was it. My finger in a cute and virgin pussy. She was trying to protest my actions but some because of lock and some because of pleasure; she was not able to do it properly. Then suddenly the bell rang…. Fuck. I was in no mood to leave her and see but it was must to see who stupid has come at this fucking moment. So I put my upper cloths and went to see. But no one was there. Someone might have done it by mistake. I came back and the scene was totally changed. She had put all her cloths in such a short time interval. I asked her what she did. She said no some other time. And I said ok as it was almost 7 pm. But guys this is the main mistake that I made and after that in future I never got a chance to fuck although she was totally ready and wanted it badly. This was my first chance of life that I missed to fuck a virgin girl. This is because after a month or more my relative came to stay with me and during that time her test started so she wasn’t allowed to come. I missed about six girls and all virgins in my life so far. And all were very seductive and totally fit with me.
Well next day Preety came around 7.30 in the morning. And this day I will never forget in my life I got my life’s first big tension. I remember it was 18 of February. I am basically a very cool person and don’t get tensed easily but this day really killed me and I had my second lesson of my fucking life i.e. NEVER TRUST A CONDOM
So when she came I called her in the bedroom and we started kissing and hugging each other. I had all plans to fuck her and was ready with lubricants and condoms. I was doing it to make her hot but I don’t know why I always get the girls who don’t show their emotions, first Shailja and now Preety. Well I was moving slowly and she was enjoying silently. We were getting hot and very soon we were in our born dress. I moved to her pussy all the way from boobs and bally. I started liking it. It was small but good enough to take anything inside. Her legs were becoming wider and wider, I was getting faster and faster. Finally she said ‘ aaaaaah’ and had a stormy orgasm. Now it was my turn, I target my tool to her mouth but she took it hesitantly, she was new to this infect she was new to everything. So she just took it between her teeth’s. I was not at all enjoying, as she didn’t know how to do it. So I moved towards her pussy. I put a condom on my tool and rubbed her pussy with it for a while and then put the tip of it on her opening. Her eyes were again closed and were waiting for it to go in. We were in a position that she was lying on her back, I was on her, and her legs were folded and separated far apart. My tool tip was on her opening and I embarrassed her tightly just before the pressure. Then I slowly pushed my tool inside her. But she moved her butts aside, may be because of pain. Now my angle was not good at this position. So again I adjusted the things and ask her to stay calm and it will not pain. Then this time I locked her legs with mine and embarrassed her tight again and kept my mouth on hers. I was giving her a smooch and when I was assure that her total attraction was in smooching, I gave a big push to my tool and it was in at the second movement. She tried to escape but as she was locked everywhere so she couldn’t. She couldn’t scream also. But I started pumping in and out her pussy. Within a while she was totally all right and started enjoying with great force. I was going slowly. I was having the upper portion of her right boob in my mouth and was giving her a love-bite. Then slowly-slowly our thrusts became vigorous. We were moving very fast and with strong thrusts I came and came and came. While I was fast my mouth was also sucking her blood and there was a big dark spot on her boob, just below the nipple. Token of my love. I was wearing a condom so I poured all my liquid into her. I didn’t count how many times she came. But it was amazing- a sweet little pussy, and I was the first one to have it. I didn’t try to take it out. And without taking it out we rolled and now she was on me. Kissing each other we remained in this position for a while. I asked her how was it. She hugged me tightly and planted a kiss on my lips. I asked her just for the knowledge, have you done anything like before, she said no. Then after some time we rolled and this time she was down. I wanted to go for a pee. I was thinking of going for it the whole day. (But who could say what can happen next). I took it out and looked at it…………… OOOOOOhh Fuuuccck. My condom …………… it wasn’t having any hole …………… it was torn into two pieces. And one piece was hanging with the other. Guys you can imagine what could be my situation at that time. I asked her quickly when she had her periods, she said around third. Now I was dead, she was in her unsafe period … the right time to conceive. Now forget about having sex, I was not able to decide what to do. I would not be able to defend myself if she conceives because she was just fourteen years old and according to Indian law if you have sex with a girl less than sixteen years of age, it’s a rape, no matter even if she consented for that. A lot of bad thoughts came into my mind at that time. She asked me what happened, it went inside. I said no nothing happened. I didn’t want to make her tense. But I could not continue further and I asked her to leave.
The whole day I was very tensed and my mood was off throughout the day. I could not eat and teach properly. But by next day I was feeling a bit better and I decided to see whatever happens. I decided to get her aborted if she conceives.
After some day she called me and asked to meet. I again called her to my place. Again we started our game irrespective of the tension that we were facing. We enjoyed everyday and after about 15 days of the incident I bought a pregnancy test, done using urine. I tested her urine. The solution was pink and was suppose to turn light pink after a few hours in case of positive ness. I didn’t find any change in the colour but these tests are not 100% sure so there was nothing that could have made me happy. I left everything on god. We continued like this, she kept on coming and we kept on enjoying. One day she called me from school. She said I can’t come today I have got my periods. Ooooh … FUCK. What a relief. One big tension got over. I was much more relieved. I thanked god a lot….. I was out of a big tension. Its not like I am scared of anything but this was a case where u couldn’t do anything to rescue yourself even if she says that she did it with her consent. So this relief was something. .. what I say.
Then it continued for about one and half month and I fucked her every day many times. Then suddenly she stopped coming. I didn’t know why this happened. Then one day while talking to Rashmi on phone, she told me that Preety was going to some far-off place in her school dress and some relative saw her. They told the thing to her parents. Her father scolded her very badly. Actually the thing that happened that day was, she came to me in the school dress but I was to go for an urgent work so I asked her to go to school and we will met after school. She was insisting on my not going. But I had to go. Afterwards she didn’t come. But then I learnt from her sister Rashmi that she did not have any school that day and she was just fooling everybody. Nobody knew where she went those days. (Last few days she was just lying about school and was coming to me).
Her father scolded her very badly, he hit her also and asked her again n again where she were and with whom. But she didn’t tell anything to anybody. Only three people knew where she was those days. Me, herself and god. Rashmi told me that when her father asked here what she wants, she said – a comfortable life.
But I was impressed by her resisting power. She didn’t tell a single thing to her parents and also she never showed her pain, neither when I fucked her virgin pussy first time nor when I inserted into her ass. It was just first and last time and then she said she doesn’t enjoy it from back so do it in front only.
Well guys that’s it. This was my third fucking experience and second fucking lesson. After this I have never shoot inside any girl during her unsafe period though I do it using a condom. Also no condom that I have used has torn after that but now I can’t TRUST A CONDOM. I could not meet her after that, I talked to her many a times but we could not arrange for it. Still I will wait for her. After all she was one of those who shared an intimate relation with me. How can I forget her?
So guys please let me know is my lesson useful for you and have you gone through such situation in your life. Any female who wants to share her experiences or who want to learn something more can mail me or add me to her messenger list. My email ids are and

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