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Nephew Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

This is s a real story of my life. This is a sex relation between me and steps son of my younger sister. My younger sister was married in a very rich family. I was enough elder than her. I some time go to her for a week or two. As my husband has in Europe and he comes once in a year. My two daughters have married and my elder son is living with his family with me. By this you should understood that I am aged woman, I am 46 years old housewife. Myself 40C, 38,42 and has 5’5″ of height with 87 kg. I am whitish cute face or you can say extremely beautiful. My husband is a engineer in central government job. Previous year he

But I some time visit my sister’s home to stay with her. There is tow reason of my visit to her, one is that I want give to opportunity to my son and his wife that they should live alone to enjoy life, and the other is that my sister has a young stepson. Who is very smart and Yong and I like him. I always wanted to seduce him and wanted to be fuck by him. I always try to treat him like a friend but never felt courage to ask him. I always try to show him my boobs, I try to jerk my ass before him and even I hugged him when I go there or by other pretext. My sister has not so big family her husband, mother in law, and her own son and daughter and one of her stepson nearly 18 years old. He also liked me and whenever I stayed there he treat me like her own aunty, he respected me very much and this was the only reason which stopped me to fucking with him.

any how once I went to my sister home and at was my good luck that there was some guest were already have equipped the spare room where I has been stayed. So now there was a problem that where I should be stay there. There was the only possibility was that I could stay only in javaad room. As he has a separate well furnished bedroom in the house. But JAVAAD was a little irritable and no one has to courage to say to him this. Anyhow when he came to home my sister talked with him and requests him to allow shabnam aunty to stay in his room. Unexpectedly he greed very soon and said that he has no objection. So I shifted my luggage in his room. He has a double bed in his room and asked him how we will set. He said that, as you like.

At the night we went to room. he was studded a little while I lay on bed. At 10. 30 he asked me shabnam aunty what you have decided where I go to sleep. I asked him that what you say this enough big bed we both can sleep here very easily. Ok as you like it and he came to bed. He lay with me but keeps distance from me. He asked me aunty are you like light off or on ? I told him that night lamp will enough. He lay and we were talked about some time. I was thinking about him, I didn’t believe that I am lying with a boy whom I like and want to be fucked. I made plane to seduce him. I told him that I have headache and would be like to take some tablet if you have. He gave me a tablet and water. We lay calm and after some time he asked me how you fell aunty? I replied him no better. I told him that I need some oil massage on my hair and head as I always used to massage when I have headache but now this is not possible as there is no one to give me massage. He said as I have planed that I would give a massage to you, as you are my dear aunty. But I said to him that no thank you, I don’t want to put you in trouble. He said that there is no any problem for him. And he went to dress and brought a bottle of oil. He asked me that how I give a massage you please tell me. I sat on bed and asked him to apply some oil in my hairs a, head and massage it gentle. He opened the bottle, poured some oil on my hairs. He lightly rubbed my hairs and head with his fingertips. I said ” javaad my head will not break honey, rub me harder. He was now rubbing my head and I moved to him back to touch my ass and waist with him as he was sat to my back. He massaged my head for a while and I said to him that you will be think about me as a liability. He said that I shouldn’t think like that. I was sat nearly in his leap and was felling his whole body. Once I felt that his cock has got erect and touched with my back. Now I asked him to please massage me little my face and shoulders. He obeyed me like slave. His hand was now moving on my face and after that his hand went down to my shoulder as I wished he asked me that aunty your shoulders are covered by your nighty how can I massage it. I told him to pull his hand in my nighty and he did. Now his hands were under my nighty on and he was massaging my shoulder s. his hand were coming down as he was now full aroused by my body touching and he was trying to reach his hand to my tits. Now he had got full erection, and I was felt clearly his dick touching me. I was talking with him and he was now became stutter. I asked him javaad; is something wrong? He answered no aunty. I sighed, looking back at him. he tried to hide his predicament, and only made it worse. By lowering himself his cock brushed my ass harder. I smiled back at him saying ” Ok javaad, I am sorry, it seems I have you all excited. I added ” don’t worry dear, this is natural. I wiggled my ass at his hard cock. He started massaging harder into my skin. By now I stopped him. I asked him ok javaad thank you very much. We should now lay. He stop the massaging with broken heart and lay with me. We were now excited too much. His dick was still in full erection, and he was rubbing it. I was looking in his eyes, and his rubbing. I smiled and said I think that it is disturbing you. He feared and said what? Aunty and by this I moved my hand to held his erected cock, and said this. He looked furtively. I now decided to open it because I was thinking that this the correct time. I was rubbing his cock and became harder and harder and I became very pleased in my heart that he has big enough than my thoughts. I pulled my hand under his head and pulled him towards myself. I pressed him tight to my breast, and said him come near to me. He became bold now and he wrapped his arms around me. His hand now moved to my breasts. I opened my two upper buttons of my nighty for him and his eyes became wide as he saw my tits. As I have a very big firm and tight crispy well -equipped breast. And I always proud of my breast. Every woman appreciated my tits and said that this is an extra ordinary fitted. The nipples of my tits have a dark, brown color. The nipples, standing out, looking like huge eraser tips. I looked at him, his eyes almost pleading, what are you looking so nicely to my tits. He said oh aunty I have never see tits like this. This is very beautiful. Then I said to him, if you want you can kiss and suck it. I really need you too. I thought and I felt tears in my eyes, As I think that my dreams of the years coming true. He leaned down, kissing my pebble hard nipple. He caught me very hard as he has the first chance in his life to suck the woman tits, and I cried out, he licked my nipple, like it was a gumdrop. I put my hand in his shaggy hair, pulling his face down towards my breasts. His mouth opened, sucking my hard nipples in. he nursed on my breasts like a baby, sucking them, my hands tugging, pulling his hair. I was now moaning very loudly, saying, ” Yes javaad that’s it…oh god I am so starved for love. He moaned around my tits, licking them doing anything. I was so happy and sad, all at the same time. I moved my hands on his back and started running down back, I went all the way down to his ass, I cupped his tiny ass. Then I asked him javaad, can I take your trunks off. Your cock is looking me uncomfortable in your trouser. I added, It is okay javaad. I wouldn’t hurt you know that. Looking at him, he was smart. He now moved up to me, kneeling by the side of mine. I reached up, pulling down the band around his trunks. Untying the string, his boner, rubbing my forearm. I pulled his trunks down, his hard cock snapped up, bobbing around. It was really the big one as I have seen in my life. I said oh my goodness, javaad you have too big, thick stout dick. You are bigger then my husband. I was really happy in heart too see his cock. I pulled his trunks all the way down, and he stood up, stepping out of them. His hard cock bobbing around then I got up on my knees, taking his hard-on in my warm hand. He shivered with excitement. My hand was moving up and down on his cock, just like mine does, I leaned forward and kissed his cock, and lick purple head of his swollen cock my tongue. My wet tongue flicked out, lashing his cock. he groaned, saying you are sucking it too hard, You better be careful dear aunty, or something might happen. I looked up at him smiling, then I said its okay javaad I know what will happening. I want to be it. don’t hold back.” I said, I don’t care. Then I slipped my lips over his cock, sucking it into my mouth. I kept looking up at him, watching him, enjoying the look of pleasure, on his face. My hand stroked the part of his cock that was not in my mouth. His balls slapped against my chin, god I became so exciting with my mouth full of his cock. My lips made wet sucking sounds. But all he could do was watching while I sucked him off. He moaned feeling the cum, burning it’s way up his cock. His balls shrank up, as his cock pumped by my sucking mouth full of his teenage cum. At his load, it leaked out, the corners of my mouth. Like milk white, it ran down on my cheeks, dripping down, hanging like drool, from my chin. I kept sucking, draining him, wanting all he had to give. I slipped his cock out of my mouth, looking at it. His cock was wet, shiny with cum, and I leaned forward licking it.

I was looking him, he was seemed me surprised and looking very happy. I said him javaad, will you do something for me now?” he answered, ” Yes Auntie, I want to make you happy now.” I said ” Oh honey, I am already happy to suck your and take your precious cum. But you also made me horny. You lick my pussy now. Oh its will be my pleasure aunty. I will so as you order me. He pulled out my nighty and as I have nothing wore under. So I was now totally nude before him, his eyes became wide to see my nice tits as they are and my heavy size pussy, I can not call it pussy big cunt is correct name for it. My hairy dark bush nestled cunt between my legs. I lay on my back on the bed, and spread my legs. I expose my cunt to him that he can see the wet pink folds, inside my cunt. I ran my fingers through my bush spreading its lips. I said ” Come on honey, lick your aunty big cunt I have never let my husband to lick it, but I want to lick it by your tiny mouth. He came between my legs and sat. He crawled over between my legs,

He first placed his hands on my thighs. He saw my eyes, bright with lust and desire, he lowered his face and put his mouth on my weedy cunt. His tongue touched my sticky lips, licking timidly at first. I asked him did you like its taste? He said the taste is not bad. You are sweet aunty and your cunt is also sweet. He now dove in. Licking my cunt, his tongue flicking back and forth. Like he did to his cock. I now moaned, crying, saying ” Yes, oh yes, oh javaad, sweetie lick and suck hard and fast. Oh my god. I was moaning and howling. He was licking down further, and now he started to lick my weighty and heavy brown asshole. I moaned, saying ohh javaad, no one has ever licked my ass, before. Its looking me very nice lick it more my sweet honey. Wet your aunty ass. His tongue tasted my asshole, the erotic flavor of his tongue made me wild. I think that my ass bucked at his licking tongue, until it slipped into my tight asshole. I don’t know, how he slipped his tongue in my ass hole, he just wanted to make me happy, as I was giving him first pleasure of life. At this moment I loved him so much. I moaned, and my hands gripping his hair, now my ass riding up and down his face. He felt my wet slippery juice, painting his face. he licked his way back up to my wet cunt. he started licking, sucking, anything that made me moan. I was moaning, and cried ” Oh my god, javaad oh yeah…I am cumming, ahhh.. Oh yeah. I cried of pleasure and my cunt flooded his mouth, face. I pulled him up to me, hands on his face. And said him Come up here honey, kiss Me.” he moved up, and laid on me. Taking my tits in his wet mouth as his lips were still wet of my cum. We laid in each other arms.

We were laid for along time and were plying each other. As I was rubbing his cock so it became hard after half an hour. I asked him what are want more you just became ready soon and I am an old. He put his lips on my lips and said aunty you are still better than young. Who say you are an old. We kissed each other very passionately. He was caressing my big cunt by his tiny fingers. And by this I also became excited again. I said him ohh sweet come on me and fuck your aunty. He said aunty as I have told you I have not experienced you would guide me. I said don’t worry my heart, you only come in my legs. He sat between in my legs with his extra large cock. I hold his cock and rubbed it with my clitoris for a moment and I asked him to put my legs on his shoulder, as I want to his Dick more in me. I told him pushes it first slowly and when it went then slowly increase your moment. He then put my legs on his shoulders, hence my pink cunt hole was fairly opened I was then started melting, juice started oozing out from me. My cunt hole was soggy. Now I embraced him hard and pulled his hips down, arched my hips upward for deeper penetration. I feel his thick rod slide deeper inch by inch and stretched my cunt wall. I let out a strangled cry of his name in pleasure. He took my body in his delicate grip and started strokes slowly ins and outs. Soon his tempo of fucking me increased, and increased. he was now fucking me like an expert man not a young child. Violent session of body game was going on. I was moaning freely as his cock was really thick and big, although my cunt has been fucked from last 26 years. Due to my crying he was wild on me, and showing no mercy in hard pushing. I was under his and was looking in his eyes. It was giving me anther extra pleasure when I was seeing a 28 years younger was fucking me. Now I caught his head and pressed against my boobs. I caught his ass and my hands fell to his bare ass grabbing them tightly. He looked at me deeply, breathing heavily. Take it Anty, take me more. His eyes were now wide with animal passion he hungrily licked my face staring deep into my opens eyes and his mouth went to my tits and he started sucking my nipples wildly. While fucking me deeply. I became more excited and I further pushed my hips upward to him. In excitement I wrapped my legs around him. He kissed me and sucked my tongue tip. After some time my thrusts varied to slow but deep penetrating long ones , our moans being stifled by our glued together lips. Suddenly he cried hold me aunty I am discharging and embracing me hard he started ejaculating boiling semen inside my heavy cunt which I felt well, while I had flown thrice in this. I gripped his vomiting penis with my tighten cunt muscles and collapsed on him. His sperm flooded my cunt hole while he laid on me. His cock was still in my cunt.

He and I learned how to please each other, over and over again that night. I sat on top, his cock inside my wet cunt, riding on him, while he sucked on my nipples. His hands sliding up and down my back, his fingers cupping my heavy ass. I was in heaven that night as I had orgasm after orgasm. He fucked me four times that night and I don’t know how many time I orgasm. We were laid naked and it was now maid night but we were acting like newly bride. His cock was stood all time and I didn’t know what to do with it. I had hold his cock and asked him, Is that hard cock of yours all for me?” I moved to kiss her neck, he purred, wiggling his cock on my ass. He turned to look at me, he said this is now all of you. Now you are my whore and my dick is for you shabnam aunty. And your cunt, heavy ass and this delicious tits and sexy body are mine. I said javaad, would you do me a favor?” he answered shabnam aunty, I would do anything for you. Just name it!” I said javaad, I have a surprise for you. I turned to look at him over my shoulder, then I said, javaad fuck my ass. I want your stout and thick dick in my ass hole. Fuck me, right up my ass. I pushed my ass back, crack, opening, that he could see my tiny dark asshole. I pulled my ass cheeks open, with my right hand. Looking at him, I said ” Come on hurry, till today no one has fucked this ass although it is too big and heavy and has be firm. But no one has ever had me this way. Today I want it to give you. You fuck it today hard and deep. I knelt on my four lambs in doggy style upping my ass. He came behind my ass, spreading my ass cheeks open with both hands, he bent forward, licking my asshole. I moaned, pushing my ass back at his tongue. His tongue slid up in my hot asshole. He licked my ass out, until I screamed, Fuck me, now, right and deep in my ass! He rubbed some his salvia as I told him before into my asshole and also his cock, pushing his finger up my ass. Adding another finger he worked his fingers in my ass, trying to loosen my up for his cock. he put the head of his cock to my puckered asshole. I was, moaned, as he pushed the head, slowly into my tight ass. he watched, as the purple head slowly slid up my ass. My ass cheeks spread, so wide. I howled ” Oh yeah, ahhh, god, javaad fuck my ass!” I beg to have my ass fucked. He started to slowly, fuck his cock in and out of my ass. He enjoying as his cock slid in and out of my tight ass. I was now my head whipping from side to side urged him to fuck me harder. Javaad said shabnam aunty, your asshole is so hot, so tight. He now moved his hand to my thighs and I felt his fingers, rubbing my cunt and clitoris. I moaned, as my ass fucking back, meeting his stroke for stroke. I screamed ” oh fuck me, fuck my ass, tear my ass, give me more pump ahh please so it fast and hard. Tear it I have no objection if you tore it, do it hard. And this made him wild and he started his stroking more wildly, forcedly with great power. He was caressing and fingering my cunt as he has inserted his finger in my cunt hole as I told him. he was also rubbing my one tit in his palm. I became released and told him that my cunt flown, he groaned, moaning as my asshole gripped his cock even tighter, as I came. And after some full stroke he shouted ” shabnam aunty, I am cumming, ahhhh, right in your ass!” I said him come in my sweet hart in my ass, I would like to fell your hot cum in my ass and with this his cock pumped his cum into my, clenching asshole. I slowly slumped forward. His cock slid out of my ass, making a popping sound. I was still in that position like doggy style just for some time as I was too tired and really can not move. He was too tired as it was too hard work fucking like that heavy virgin ass.

We laid after that in each other arms. I was really in heaven that I was fucked like by this type of delicate young who has not full moustaches. And he was also too happy that fucked an aunty like me, as this is often fantasy of that age. I was there for ten days and I was with his room, and we fucked ten nights every night not less than three times. He fucked once again my ass but this time by his wish. We never missed any chance after that we got to fuck. We have fucked all possible positions I knew.

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