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Neighbour’s Pleasure

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

My name is Vivek (name changed) and I am working in MNC at Mumbai. I am from Bangalore and living here for one and half years. I am 26 years old and I am not attractive.62 kgs of weight and 5ft , 9inch and normal looking with no additional charming things in my body.   I enjoyed my college days to the maximum, but I was never interested with any girls. I used to tease them with their behaviours. I had a problem, I used to be nervous and I feel uncomfortable talking with ladies/girls.  

I am staying in Andheri with friends. I am very silent in the housing society and sometimes I used to play cricket with small kids. We are staying in second floor of flat. There are two flats in that floor.   Recently a couple occupied the flat and they were doing some modifications. I didn’t mind too much about them. We had a cook and he was helping them. One day when all my friends went for a movie,I was alone in my room by watching TV and caretaker went to buy vegetables.   Suddenly bell rang and I opened the door. I found the next flat lady standing and asked for caretaker. I replied politely that he went outside for buying vegetables. She replied that she need help to move bed, as carpenters left everything in a mess-up.   I went to their home, she was wearing nightie. She was holding the cot at one end and I was holding the cot at another end.

Of course I can manage to move the cot,but noise will come and floor gets damaged.Its a bit heavy weight cot.   When I was holding cot at the another end, it was not intentional,accidently I saw the cleavage and most portion of her breasts. I never saw anyone breasts (except X movies) in practical, and for sometime I just lost my conciousness. She noticed my glances and I realized myself and tried to avoid seeing her cleavage.   I don’t want to describe her in detail,but All I can say is ,she is fair with wheatish brown colour. She has a good combination of colour,physic, charming face, boobs and tummy. After moving the cot , she told me to move dining table also . The same situation, I am a common normal human being , even though inner thoughts remainds me everytime, My mind tickled me everytime and for a second used to glance her cleavage. She noticed my activities.  

After everything is placed in positions. I told that I am leaving . She insisted for a cup of tea and I replied that I will have another day. But she forced we with her sweet words and I told that I like to have a coffee and meanwhile I was watching wall decorations and pics(which is hanged in wall) . This time I avoided to see her cleavage,when she gave me coffee.   She sat beside me and we were having tea/coffee . I asked her name and few more details about her family. She replied that her name is Neha (name changed) and she got married 2 years ago. She is from gujarath and her husband is working as regional marketing manager and it’s a arranged marriage.   She told that she is feeling bored to stay alone at home for whole day , and I  told about myself and ended with good conversations. As the day progresses, the couple used to quarrel more often . In mean while whenever I am seeing her(I have to cross their door steps to my room), I used to smile her and wish her. Sometimes casual talks.   One day I was not feeling well and I returned to room in afternoon. My caretaker wont remain in day times(as he will be roaming with his girlfriend). With no strength I walked into steps and reaching home , she came outside of her home to go outside and found my uncomfortable and asked me, what happened?   I replied that I am not feeling well and hence returned early to home. She just stopped her commitments and she told that we will go to consult doctor. That’s the first time,I got such kind of fever, It’s a high end viral fever. I was so tired and I replied that I cant.   She called a doctor to home and he told me to take rest atleast for 10 days. I was not in a position to go to my hometown also.hence I stayed at Mumbai itself. Everyday when my friends leave to office,she used to bring me breakfast (as my caretaker don’t make food good) and lunch everyday. In these 10 days our talks growned well and we became good friends.   After a week time I became fit and fine . I already informed to my project manager that I am in hometown and I will be back after 10 days to office.

One day in midnight I heard a big quarrel from her home. I felt very bad about that men thinking how rude with his wife?   Next day morning when I was about to go outside , I saw her standing at her doorstep. As usual I wished her and I told her that I heard quarelling between you and your husband, Any problem between you and your husband? Her face became small and started to weep.   I went behind her to her home and tried to consoled her. Her tears started flowing . I felt very bad with her husband. I was giving some excuses for her husband,like this is recession time, he might be worried about his job secure and have lots of tensions and hence he might be shouting at you and few reasons.   We were sitting in living room in sofa. She was continuously weeping. When I was talking , she held her head on my shoulders . I was panic and don’t know , what to do next. My penis started growing . I controlled my temptations and was consoling her with my words. She then wrapped my hand in between her hand and boobs. I lost the world for sometime.   I never felt girls/ladies skin and this incident shooked me and a new kind of feeling and excitement within myself. She told that whenever I am talking with you I am totally comfortable with you. My husband never cares for me. Anytime he is shouting at me, for past two years he never took me to any place and many things and she told me that I noticed you the first day(when cot was arranged) and your views on my cleavage also and after that you are very keen and never saw me. I admire your respect on me.   I don’t know , what I want to talk further and what I have to do next. Her boobs were constantly pressing on my hand and my rod had no control. I tried to un knot my hand but she didn’t left me to take my hand. Mean while she was caressing on my thighs. I was just sitting there with dilemma and started pre-cumming.

Her heat breathe was making me more erotic and she held my other palm and told that her husband is not interested in sex also and he is impotent. Once I told her that I am very nervous talking with girls and I am still virgin and I want to have my first sex with my wife etc. She was helding my palm and slowly she reached my hand in hand to her breasts. I told her,, It’s a sin and you should not do like this and you are cheating your husband and she replied that I am also a common woman and I do have sexual desires.If I am not getting with my husband then what can I do?   By that I lost everything and started fondling her breasts with her dress on. I placed my first kiss of my life to Neha,a special kind of feeling that I am experiencing in practical. She was wearing cream colour saree . I took her to her room(I already know,when I went for first time to arrange things) and and took her pallu off and started giving kisses to her each and evry inch of her face. I removed her upper garments and started playing with her breasts by tickling, sucking etc. meanwhile used to pressed my head between her huge two globes. It was quite big for my hands.  

Then one hand came to downwards and moved my hands towards the vaginal part and kneeding her thigh to make her hot and I can feel her movements and horny.menawhile one f my hand was playing with her boobs.   Then I moved my tounge and started licking her vagina and then started inserting my middle finger from one to three of my fingers in soner time and meanwhile she already had a orgasm. She was in Ecstasy and I was hearing her sounds and I was busy with her body.   Then she came into act and removed my trousers and took my 6inch took with her soft hands and started sucking and I was in heaven at that time and she was sucking like cone ice cream.She was enjoying with my precum. Later she guided me to insert my penis into her vagina and being a first time my whole body started sweating. She is experienced a bit and she guided me.It was tight initially and after few slow strokes my rod went inside her and she started screaming heavily. I have theory experience about sex by watching porn movies, but still not enough to make it practically and she guided me in some ways.

Both of them delighted and lost my strength and lied on bed , beside her . I was flying in air as if I had done a great thing,I felt guilty about myself that I had cheated her husband and I lost my virginity and I cheated to my wife(Where I am going to marry).   She cried by placing her head on my chest and said that she cheated her husband and she has no other way to satisfy her sexual needs.   Some sort of happiness that I made someone happy. After two hours of act , I was exhausted and I reached home and I took bath and ordered food to my place from hotel.   For next two days, at day time It has become nights for me. When door is locked,no sound comes outside.I used to stay in her home and playing with her by experiencing different acts of sex.   It happened two months back and whenever I am getting opportunity we are having sex at different angles. No one in my room have any clue about my affair with her. As her husband most of the days , he will be outside and he also has no clue.   As of now, everything is going fine and we both know that we are cheating . no other way to help her and obviously I did mistake, One time mistake is also mistake and 1000 mistakes also mistake and hence I am satisfying her and in meantime I am enjoying her body and my sexual needs and looking for other pussy also.

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