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Neighbour’s Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi to all reader, hot girls, boys, aunties and uncles. This is my first story and it is a real story this happened when I was studying my engineering. First let me tell u about me I used to stay with my family.

One day a newly married coupled entered in our house for rent. I don’t know about them on Sunday when I was in my home I heard someone washing clothes I was shock to hear who is washing clothes when I came out I saw a beautiful women was washing clothes she was so sexy that when I was seeing her my penis was getting hard in my pants was trying to come out from my pants. I was seeing her like that only for about 20 mins after that she tried to go out then I saw her , it was very beautiful and sexy face that if any one sees her face they will kiss her and never leave her while she was walking I was able to see her body parts first I saw her boobs those where around 36D like melons and her waist was so sexy …… and at least when she turned her back I saw her back …….. ohh god wht a butt friends can’t say uuuuuu… it was around 40. I was totally out of control by seeing her and went to bathroom and masturbated it was very nice for me for the first time.

I used to masturbate daily 3-4 times before seeing her but after seeing her I was only thinking to fuck her at any cost so I taught to talk to her and make friend ship with her. Next day while I was going to college I saw aunty was sitting with uncle out and chatting. they both were looking good like a perfect couple for me I asked them r u new to city and hear they both said s and they asked me to show the city when I am free and I said k and left the place while chatting with them I was seeing my sexy aunty she was looking sexy then before day she was wearing black jeans and white top from which I was able to see her curvy boobs and there nipples where trying to come out of her bar, She caught me while I was seeing her and gave a naught smile to me, After that I left from there….

When I came back from college I saw my aunty was sitting alone in front her room I went inside her house and asked her what is the problem and where is uncle she told no problem just uncle has gone out to get food for us. I asked y u don’t cook food she told she don’t know how to cook , I was stunned by hearing this  Like this our chatting started and while chatting uncle came and asked me to join with them for dinner and I said k When I went inside I was surprise to see their rooms  they kept so clean and everything where in a perfect place I thanked them to keep our house so nice and uncle told that its aunties choice she kept all in their perfect position I said k and we all started to eat while eating I was seeing my aunty and I was opposite to her by seeing her melons from the closest views my penis started to become hard in my pants and she came to know that because while eating I was adjusting myself with hands and she was giving a naught y smile to me while eating I tried to touch he legs but was not able to tough then suddenly aunty asked me to u know to cook I told ya because I was perfect in cooking when no one in home I only cook food for myself ,By hearing this both of them got shocked and uncle asked me can u teach your aunty how to cook rice.

I told y not uncle .uncle told just teach her how to cook rice I will bring curry from out. I told k and saw my darling she was also seeing me and gave a smile and I penis was getting so huge in my pants I was not able to control it then suddenly I was shock wht had done aunty put her sponge down and she came down and she caught hold my huge rod(8.5 inc ) I was in heaven . she pressed it for 2 mins and got up and told uncle to wash his hands and when I was going to wash my hands she came back of me and stood back of me , I was checking where uncle is and I saw he was in bedroom . While was washing my hands she told your penis is big then her hubby and she wants it I told wht u r talking she again caught it and told I want this when u r going to me this . then I directly put my hands on her pussy from top only and I said now only I ready to give u but your husband is waiting for u in bed room how can I give, She told tomorrow when u teach me how to cook my husband will go out and at that I want it and I told her k and hugged her tightly. And gave a French kiss for 5 mins. When I started to press her boobs it was so soft and big that I told her I want now only at any cost .

She was afraid of it and she told me tomorrow at any cost I am totally yours and u can do anything with me. I told I am not able to control myself now then till tomorrow how can I control myself  I told her now u will have sex with your husband and I want to see it I don’t wht u will do but I want to see it . She told k and she left from there in my pant my penis was troubling me a lot so I went into bathroom and masturbated for a long time. When I came out I saw my darling was standing in front of the door . I asked y your standing hear she asked y u where so long time inside I told y u don’t know y I was inside for a long time and gave a slap on her butt It was so nice. It was so nice I was doing all this for the first time with a lady where her husband is sitting inside the room and I am enjoying with his wife outside..

I asked how I can see her fuck with uncle she told me the main door will be open only when I go out and u come in silently . I said k and she went inside her bedroom while going I told uncle I am going and I went out. After 15mins I was thinking what is going in inside so slowly I went inside and I saw her bed room lights r on and out it was totally dark. I went near the window where no one can see and when I opened window I was totally stunned the sex game was just going to start I taught I came at the right time and started to see how uncle will fuck my darling she was wearing her nighty from which I was able to see her boobs nipples and butt. Uncle hugged her tightly and started giving kiss to her then in fast uncle made aunty totally nude and I was her naked for the first time and her pussy was so sweet and it was fully shaven . uncle started to kiss her pussy by spreading her legs and she was giving wonderful sounds like ohhhhhh .. More dear do ooo more hard .

Uncle took his tool out and kept it on the lips of pussy…. While uncle was doing she saw me and gave a flying kiss to me and i to gave her a kiss Uncle pushed his penis in pussy and started doing . his tool was around 5.5inc I think. Aunty was just sleeping and was giving sounds while uncle was pushing hard and hard inside her. After 15 he left all his sperms in her pussy and slept beside her . She was saying fuck me more u bustard daily u will enjoy u r self and u cant full fill your wife’s  I was shock to hear this and then uncle kept his fingers in her pussy and started pushing them hard and hard she was moaning fuck me hard u bastard more. This went for about 20 mins then suddenly she was saying I am coming my dear do more fast ahhhh ohhhh like and she came uncle told her to fresh up , she went to bathroom and cleaned herself and came out to see me. When stood in front of me totally naked I hugged her and gave a French kiss for about 10 mins and our saliva was transferring b/w both tongue and mouths…… I was pressing her boobs and hips and started to suck her nipples she was moaning ahhhh don’t bit dear it hurts.

She was saying then uncle called her from bedroom and she was saying tomorrow it’s your turn. I hugged her tightly and told her tomorrow whole day u will be having a wonderful sex experience with me and I gave a good night kiss on her cheeks and she left  I was waiting for next morning. I went to my room made myself and started masturbated thinking of my sexy aunty her boobs and her ass her nipples . I did masturbated for 2 time that night and I slept around 2am in morning I kept alarm for 7am in morning and I slept. When woke up it was 9 and I was not able to get up from my bed. I got up from bed and went out to see what my darling is doing when I went out I saw she was washing her cloths and I was able to see her boobs she was not wearing anything inside her nipples where erect and I was thinking to suck them there itself I signaled her and she saw me .

She gave me a good morning flying kiss and I asked where is her husband she told he is inside , I asked her when shall we start she told u be in your room ready I will come there I told k and left by giving her a flying kiss. I was getting ready for the act and my door bell rang I went to see who it was and I was thinking it would be my darling but it was uncle I was stun y uncle came. I asked him to come in and he sat on the chair he told me that he is going out now and will return in evening . I was happy to hear this and he told me to go to his house teach his wife how to cook food I told k and he left the house. I was standing out and was looking when uncle would leave. In few mins he left and I looked the main door of our house so that no one should disturb me till evening. I went quietly in her room and she was standing in kitchen room . she was wearing a beautiful saree . it was green color it was making me mad because I like ladies who r in sarees I went back of her and hugged her tightly and gave her kiss on her neck.

She told me from 15 mins she is waiting for me I told your husband has just gone out and made everything perfect that no one should disturb us. I started kissing on her neck and was pressing my penis on her ass I was feeling like I was in heaven. I kept one hand on her boobs from her saree and started to press them she started to take sounds It was making me mad I was pressing them softly so that It should not hurt her. And we both were enjoying this , then with other hand I moved inside her saree and kept my hands on her pussy , she was not wearing her panties I asked her y she told while doing it waste of time to remove it so she did not wear bra also. I was shock to hear this and started to rub her pussy with my hand it was soft and it was looking like it was not handled properly by her husband , I started to remove her saree was pressing her boobs she was removing my t-shirt and started to give me kisses on my body this was making me more and more mad because it was my first experience with a lady. She removed my pant and when she removed my underwear she was shock to see my penis. It was so big and she told her husband s penis is half the size of mine. She took my penis in her month and started to suck it . I was feeling very nice and was getting hurt also because of first time.

She was making sounds ahhh wht a penis u have dear I was wondering when I will get a chance to suck a big monster like yours, She was sucking my penis and I removing her clothes . when I totally removed her cloths . I lifted her up and hugged her tightly and started to give a French kiss she responded very nice. I made her lie on the floor in kitchen itself and we were soon in 69 position she was sucking my penis and I started to suck her pussy . It was beautiful and when I kept my tongue in her pussy she gave a romantic sound like ahhhhhhh ….. was pressing my head to her pussy I was not able to control myself and I told I am coming she told no problem I came in her mouth she drank all my juice and told its tasty then her husband and was sucking her pussy and she also told that she was also coming and she came totally on my mouth and I was tasting it for the first time, some left on my face she kept her lips on my face and cleaned everything.

She was saying I am not able to control dear put your penis in my pussy It is burning from long time u have to cool it today. By saying this she started to give me a nice blow job again soon my penis came to its original position I was sucking her boobs and pressing them hardly. When my penis got erect and was looking prefect to enter I made her legs wide and positioned myself in b/w her legs and kept my penis on her pussy lips It was very nice for me and she was saying fuck me hard how much u want u can fuck , this was making me mad and I started to push my penis in her pussy hole. At my first try It was not going inside she told me to push hard and when I pushed harder my penis head went inside her pussy and with pain she was crying and shouting marr gaaaiiii…pad gaiiiii I stood like that for time and started to push harder and harder and in few strokes it was in and I asked her your pussy I tight like a virgin girl. She said your uncle don’t know how to fuck on first night also I only told her how to do.

And I started to fuck her harder and harder I was in heaven while I was fucking her she came 2 time while I was fucking her this went for 25mins I told her I am coming should I come in or out she told come in me on only and I started to push harder and harder was pressing her boobs hard and sucking them hard she was enjoying a lot. When I was ready to come I started to push harder and harder and came in for 1 mins my sperms I was releasing in her and was sucking her boobs she was hugging me tightly when I completed I slept beside her and started to suck her boobs she told u fucked me so nice that she will never ask her husband to fuck her again. That day I fuck her again 2 times and this went for 3 years now she cooks perfectly because of me, she has two children’s and both of them r mine only but her husband don’t know about it she left me after that because her husband got a job Punjab in some software company but we both r in contact till now by phone sorry to all friends by the way my name is Kiran. If any girls, aunties like my story reply me to I will be always present at your servicek

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