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Neighbour’s Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

Hi I am rajan, I am 28 years old married residing at Pondicherry. I like to share my sex experience with all you. Although I have satisfied sex with my wife. I want to have sex with many more aunties and girls. I have this desire from my early teenage. This happened when my wife was to her mother’s house after giving birth to my first child. After the 6th month of pregnancy doctor advised her not have sex, so she did not allow me to have sex with her.

I had to shift to another house as (Valaikappu) bangle wearing function was also to be held to my wife we moved to a big house so that after birth also my child would be free to play inside the house. The house I chose was an foreigner house her sister and brother-in-law in the adjacent house and adjacent to them the owner’s parents. There were no partition wall between the three houses and only a single door in the backside to go between the houses. The brother-in-law of the owner was a friend of my father who lend me the house. The third day after entering into the new house the valaikappu function was held and after the function she left to her mother’s house. I was nearly very eager to have sex since I had not been having for more than one month. I used to masturbate my self seeing bluefilm at nights. As I was lonely in the house that too new house I felt uneasy to sleep and wander through the hall in the nights. With very found of sex I used to close the window and keep it little bit open and watch the aunty. Aunty was with large boobs and big bum. She mostly wanders in the house with her saree exposing the boobs projecting in her jacket. I used to watch whatever she does from window to window right from hall to kitchen to backside of house.

Her husbands was an government employee who used to go in morning and come only in evening and had two chiold one girl elder and another boy both reading 6th and 3rd . Within a week when I came to house earlier after my work at 3.30 pm and was watching her she came backside of her house with only pavadai (inner wear to saree) and sat there for taking bath.. Suddenly I got tempted and stood near the window and starred at the aunty taking bath. She loosened her pavadai so that it came down and she applied soap to her large boobs. My penis got still more thick seeing her boobs and erected nibbles. After washing her boobs and she washed all other parts of her body with boobs naked. Later she stood up dried her with towel and dressed up and enterd into her house. By seeing this I got really hot and shaked my penis very fast and I finally cummed. I was made eager to see her pussy and ass also from these event as I made a habit to see her while she was bathing. Many times the same scene occurs I could not see her pussy and ass. One Day while I was looking through the window hiding side of it, the aunty had noticed me watching her taking bath. I suddenly got away from the window. After also temptation did not let me, I used to look through the window while she used to take bath and she also would star at window whether some one noticing. Regularly she used to take bath between 3 to 4 pm before her children who come to home at 4.45pm. One day she had noticed me before was to remove her sarre to take bath but did not react to it and started to remove her saree and then her jacket. She usually does even wear any bra,  her big boobs got out and stood starring at me.

Then she loosened her pavadai in her hips and brought up and tied covering her boobs. Usually she used to take bath near the other corner of their house but that day she took the water bucket and soap and sat in the corner nearer to my house so that she was just 2 metres away from my window. She sat over the bath stool and took bath as usually loosing her pavadai exposing her big boobs exposing to me very close. I was totally mad seeing her putting soap and caressing her boobs. I made me naked removing my lungi and held my penis in my shook fast in the side of the window. After caressing her boobs to my surprise she spread her legs facing the pussy right towards the window. I was totally mad on seeing her hairy pussy. She applied soap to it and slowly licking it with her hand. It was with balck hairs and soap above and the aunty was rubbing her pussy as if masturbating. It made me more eager to fuck her and at once I stood nude directly starring at her pussy opening the window. She also noticed me nude standing behind window exposing my full erect 7½  inch very thick cock. She did not care about me looking her at her pussy and started caressing it. It made me clear that she is also eager to have sex. I called over her and asked whether I may come there. She called with pleasure. Then with all naked I went through the back door opening to her house and she  at once caught my thick cock and begin to suck it very hard and gave me a very hard blowjob.

Then she stood up and dropped her wet pavadai standing naked and took  me into her house holding my cock and locked the back door. At once she locked the door, I laid down her in the floor, it was kitchen and caressed her breast with my hands which were very large that I could not sqeeze. Then I put my mouth on her nipples and bite and rubbed her nipples with my tongue which were erect. She was moaning and she holded my head and took it to her belly and made my head to rub on her belly. Her cunt was very wet and its smell really made me very mad I put over my entire mouth between her wet pussy and sucked it wild made my tongue to play in it for about 5 minutes and she maoned very aggressively and cumed on my mouth. She then once again gave a 1 minute blow job to make my cock more thick. I put her legs wide apart and inserted my cock into her pussy. It got into it easily as it was very wet. With many days eagerness I fucked her very hard my dick went very fast into her and she was maoning to do more faster and adjusted her bum in order to have my full cock inside. After few minutes she made me to take my cock out and gave blow job for and minute. Then she made me to lie on my back on floor and she climbed over me and inserted my erect cock into her pussy and jumped very vigorously. I squeezed her boobs and nibbles that were also jumping very fast with her pace. After in that position made her to  show her buttocks and I came back of her and fucked her in doggy style. She kept her legs legs close so that my cock was very tight in her pussy. Within 2 minutes I cumed into her pussy and also may have cumed. I slept with my cock inside her pussy lying back on her. My cock was tightly packed between her buttocks. She made some very sexy comments about my cock and how shy I was while looking over her taking bath which I avoid to disclose as it very sexy. After few minutes again my cock became very tight between her pussy. I removed my cock and stood up and inserted my erect cock into her mouth as her blow job was really most enjoyable. After she asked me to fuck her in the ass hole. I was also very much found of fucking in ass as my wife does not permit me to not even touch her ass hole. I took my cock and tried to insert it into her ass hole but it was very tight and paining as my cock was also very thick and hor her also it is the first time fucking in the ass. She applied her salaiva and asked me insert but then also I couldn’t.

She then stood up and took oil bottle and asked me to put over her ass and make it oily. I took the oil in my finger and inserted it into her tight ass and pumped my finger front and back and used to put some drops of oil amd pumped ass fastly. Later when it became loose for my middle finger I took my thumb oiled it and inserted into her ass and licked it fast. She was moaning and licking herself her pussy fast. Suddenly she stopped and turned and applied oil over my penis and rubbed al over it with her hands and asked me to my cock all at once. In doggy position, I climbed over her back and pressed my cock into he ass. Though it was very tight for my cock dur to oil it went into her ass hole inch by inch. She adjusted her buttocks to hold my entire cock inside her ass and asked me to slowly pump in and out. I pumped slowly looking my penis at the ass hole, it was very nice to have her ass hole since her pussy was already loose as she had both child in normal delivery. I started to pump more and more fast and she was screaming ooohh fuck mmm nice fuck hard and after about 5 minutes I was to cum. I asked her whether I may cum inside her ass hole. She said no and asked me to cum in her mouth. I took my cock out from ass hole and inserted into her mouth.

She blowed it with her mouth and pumped at same time with her hand and I cummed into her mouth. She tasted and drank it seeing me very sexily and rubbing my cock. We both were very tired and laid down in the floor. Then only she said that she was purposefully taking bath outside the house so that I may notice and have sex with her. She said that she had noticed through the window my large cock while I was masturbating seeing blue film. As her husband’s cock was just 4 inch and only half of the thickness of mine, it made her eager and to arouse and fulfill her she started to take bath in the backside of the house.  From then whenever my wife was out of station I used to come to house afternoon itself and had very erotic sex with the aunty. Even when my is present in house while she look after serials from 7.00 to 8.30 in the evening I used to go to backside saying that I am relaxing in fresh air. But I used to daily look after the aunty and she also thereafter take bath at that time and expose her inner parts to me. I took take my cock and masturbate and after cumming into my palm she used to come near the window and wipe all the cum with her tongue and return to her bath stool. If any aunties or girls are interested having erotic sex may contact me through the mail For secrecy I have not stated her name, very good fucker

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