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Neighbour Delights

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi Friends…..This is Roy (from Baroda, GUJARAT) again, back with a nice sexperience. This time I am going to narrate an incident that happened with a neighbour’s daughter. I’d been best friends with Radhika’s father for years. I got to know his whole family and came close to them over the years. I’d often go over to his house and chat, or watch movies. When I graduated from college and came home, I noticed something very different about Radhika. Of course-she had been thirteen when I first met her. Now she was Nineteen, and gorgeous. Her eyes flashed black, clever and unique over gently pouting lips. And her body – – her breasts were round and pert and just the perfect size to match the proportions of her slender, curved body with a height of 5’6″ and a figure of 30-25-32. The other thing that had changed over the years was that she enjoyed showing off that body. 

Radhika had always liked me. We would share jokes and tease each other. I never realized when then teasing and joking turned into lust. I wanted her very badly, and I started coming over to the house more often, and more to see her than her father. Sometimes she would wear a tight red dress that came down only halfway to her knees, and sometimes she would wear saree and short blouse show off her bellybutton and the curve above her perfect hips. She was driving me to distraction. It was about six months after that – about a few months after her nineteenth birthday – that I finally had the opportunity to make my move. Her parents had gone out of town.  I called one evening around six, and she answered. “Can I talk to your father ?” I asked. “No, he went out with his friends,” she said. “Oh,” I said. “I had that videotape I borrowed from your dad; I was going to bring it over.” “Well you can bring it over, if you want,” she said, nonchalantly. I smiled to myself. “All right, I’ll be over in a few minutes,” I said. Fifteen minutes later I was knocking on the door. She answered, wearing a tight sleeveless T-shirt and jeans. Her long black hair fell in waves across her shoulders, and her bright black eyes shined up at me so beautifully, I wanted to kiss her immediately. Instead I smiled and handed her the cassette. “Come in,” she said. I sat on the couch in front of the television. She sat beside me, but said nothing; she seemed a little nervous. “So what’s new.. kaisi ho tum,,?” I asked. “kuchh khaas nahi,” she said. “Just college stuff…. My economics professor is driving me crazy. She always hated him, and I was used to hearing her complaints quite often. “Yeah, he’s a jerk,” I said, and slowly put my arm behind her on the back of the couch.  “What did he do this time?”, I asked.  

She began talking about her professor’s latest screw up, but I wasn’t exactly listening. My heart was pounding as I reached up and ran my fingers through her hair. I was feeling drunk on the adrenaline running through my veins, but she seemed not to notice, as she talked about her annoying teacher. She ended on a question, and I realized I hadn’t been paying attention. “Oh, yeah?” I said. “Well, you don’t have much longer to worry about him, right?” I asked. “No, College thode dino mein ab baand honewala hai vacations ke liye” she said, her voice dropping to a whisper. She leaned her head back against my hand, and then slowly slid back on the couch until she was leaning her back against me. Her eyes were closed, and I moved my hand down to the back of her neck, and began slowly massaging her. After a second she opened her bright eyes and looked at me. “That…feels good… achcha laag raaha hai..,” she said, quietly. I looked down at her for a second, and then leaned down. Our lips touched lightly, and then pushed harder together. I felt her tongue touch mine gently, and her fingers touched the back of my head. I kissed her deeply, all the stored up desire suddenly pushing within me. My hands began to run slowly down her body, across her side to her hip, and then back up to cup her breast. I could feel the soft lace under the shirt, against her flesh, and I could feel her heart pounding with excitement. I broke the kiss briefly and pulled her off my lap, where my erection was pushing hard at my pants.

Then I kissed her again, wrapping my arms around her and pushing her back on the couch. With one arm around her I ran my other hand down her body, over her breast, down her waist to the warm flesh of her leg. She was moaning slightly in excitement as our tongues touched again and again. Her hands went around my shoulders, and I began to lick down the side of her neck. Her skin tasted sweet and fresh. I reached the neckline of her shirt, and then mouthed the tips of her breasts through her shirt. She sighed with desire, and I moved my hand to the bottom of her shirt – in a flash I had pulled it up, and she raised her arms so I could pull her shirt off, revealing her bra. The lace over the top, and the bow in the center were so feminine I could hardly control myself. My hands cupped her warm firm breasts and she smiled gently at my touch, staring deeply into my eyes. I kissed her deeply again, moving my hand around to unlatch the bra. With just the tips of my fingers I gently lifted the lace from her soft skin. Her tiny pink nipples were sticking out from the firm round flesh of her tits, and I leaned down and breathed against the skin, feeling her body quiver a little at the warmth. Very slowly, to tease her, I reached my tongue out and touched the tip to a nipple just barely. “Ohhh” she moaned, and pushed out her chest so that my mouth was covering her breast. I began to lick around her tit, reaching up with the other hand to cup her other breast. Colors were spinning in my brain, my heart racing with excitement, when I felt her hand touching my belt. I thought I would faint as she undid the buckle, and then slowly unfastened my pants and slid the zipper down.

My tongue slid over to her other breast as she reached into my pants and touched her fingers against my rigid cock. She wasn’t wasting any time. I leaned back, staring into her eyes as she stared into mine. She now could pull down the top of my briefs and my cock sprang out, hard and pulsing with my heartbeat. Finally she looked down at it, looking so demure, and yet so daring, I was in heaven. My hands moved down to the top of her shorts, and with my shaking fingers I pulled open the button and slid down the zipper of her shorts. I could see the shiny pink material of her panties – with another tiny bow in the center, and she lifted her hips so I could pull down her shorts. I left her panties on, and went back to kissing her breasts, lowering myself down. For a brief second I felt the tips of her fingers on my shaft, but I pulled away from her grasp – it took all my self-discipline, but I wanted to make this perfect for her. I licked the undersides of her breasts, then down her stomach, to the top of her panties. My hands ran up the insides of her thighs, as I began to mouth her soft pussy through the fabric. She was soaking wet, and so hot I could hardly believe it. But I enjoyed teasing her, so I gently licked the insides of her thighs, and ran my hands over her whole body – up her legs, to her breasts, then down again. I was careful not to touch her pussy directly, even though she kept moving her hips around, trying to make me touch her. I slowly pulled her panties down; she lifted her hips quickly to help me pull them off, revealing the soft down of her pubic hair, shaved into a tiny stripe above her shining slit. Finally she was naked beneath me, and so beautiful I was stunned. I felt her hands pushing on my shoulders, trying to make me lick her pussy. I was more than happy to. 

I jabbed my tongue out, and very lightly traced the tip around her opening. “Ahhhh!” she cried out, her moan becoming a yell, and I slid my fingers up to drag around her wetness, teasing her further. Then I pushed my tongue against her and moved it inside her. “OHHH!” I began to fuck her gently with my tongue. It took hardly a minute before she began to grunt and move her hips back and forth, her fingers pushing harder into the back of my neck. “Yes! Oh, ! Yes!” she cried out, her body beginning to shiver. I felt her legs tighten against the sides of my head, and I began to move faster, my tongue sliding in and out of her. “Oh, god! Oh GOD!” And then I moved up a little and began to flash my tongue over her clit, back and forth. Her body lifted from the couch, her back arched, and she let out a scream, her hands pulling my face against her cunt as her legs squeezed against my head. “OHHH GOD!!” she shouted, and her body quivered, taut, like a plucked guitar string. “Oh my GOD!” she cried again, and her juices flowed against my tongue. My hands ran up under her ass, as I fed on her cum. She shivered one more time, and then her muscles melted like ice over a flame, her hands slid from my hair and bounced limply on the couch cushions, her legs sliding from my cheeks, and she sighed with excited release. I didn’t want to waste a second. I crawled up on the couch on my knees, and leaned over her. As soon as my tongue touched her lips she lunged forward with her mouth, as if my kiss had brought her back to life. She was whimpering desperately. My rigid cock was bouncing between her legs, and with one hand I guided the tip of my cock to her wet opening. She began to clutch at my shoulders with her hands again, and she practically ripped my shirt from me. 

When it was off, I paused, holding myself over her, the tip of my cock touching her pussy. She had kept her eyes closed since coming, and finally, she opened them gradually, wondering why I was waiting. As soon as her eyes were open, staring into mine, I began to push. “AH!!!” she cried out as I sank an inch into her. Her fingernails were pushing into my skin. She was so tight and hot I could barely believe it, but I kept pushing, as she gently hunched against me instinctively. I was in a few inches when I felt the wall of her hymen against the head of my cock. “Hold on to me, honey,….” I said. “Hold on.” She only grunted and pushed her fingers harder against me. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, and with the fingers of one hand wrapped in her hair, I pushed her face against my chest, and shoved my cock through her cherry. Her body instantly tensed, and a sharp cry escaped her mouth as I penetrated her. I was finally completely buried inside her, and after a second, I could feel her getting used to the feeling. I let her head fall back, and I slowly pulled myself out, inch by excruciating inch, enjoying the feeling of her pussy clutching at my withdrawing cock. God, it was incredible. Finally, with just the tip of my cock within her, I slammed myself back into her, hard. She threw back her head and yelled, “YES! OH GOD!” I began to pump into her, my hips thrusting against her again and again. Her wide eyes were fixed to the ceiling, her mouth stayed open as her cry died out, and I kissed her face, her cheeks, her throat, my thrusts pushing against her again and again. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and dripped down on her breasts, which bounced firmly with my every thrust. I never wanted it to end. 

I was speeding up – I knew I wouldn’t last long. Her words came out with every thrust of my cock into her belly. “Oh!-God!-! This is heavenly ! -oh! It’s-so-won-der-ful !.. Bahut achcha lag raha hai..” I felt the warmth in my legs; my muscles began to tighten. The smell of sex, the heat of our bodies, the slick feeling of our sweaty skin, was making me crazy. With every thrust I could feel her tight pussy open up around me reluctantly, squeezing around my penis. Her hair shimmered in the light every time I slammed into her. I could feel my balls swinging below, slapping against her with every push, the fingers of her tiny hands pulling at me, and her tiny pussy rippling underneath. I was going mad – I impaled her again and again; I wanted to get deep enough inside her to touch her heart. I wanted to be inside her forever. I felt dizzy, like my head would float away. I wouldn’t last much longer. “God, I love you,” I groaned. She felt it rising inside me. “Yes! Oh-god–! I-love you too! ” My fingers began to clutch harder at her shoulders as my thrusts came harder and harder, pounding my cock deeper inside her. “Oh, YES!” she cried out. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. The semen was burning inside me; it felt like it was drawing up from every cell in my body, and then it exploded. I threw my head back, my hair sticking to my face with sweat; I clutched her hard against me, my fingers like claws in her skin and I yelled as the dam burst and I came. Sperm exploded from my cock, spurting into her once, then twice, then a third time, my hips jerking with every burst of semen. “OH! GODDD!” I cried. Starlight burst behind my eyelids, and my breath felt like fire. Seeing me like that must have set her off because she cried out too-“AHH!”-her fingers clawing at me, and her legs seized my ribs as she came, her eyes rolling back, her hair flying back in a golden cloud as she screamed at the ceiling. Her tiny pussy squeezed down on me like a fist, her whole body began to shiver, and she cried out in bursts once, twice, again, as her body shook. My cock continued to pulse in her, shooting another and another fountain of sperm deep into her belly. Then gradually my muscles relaxed, my arms let her slowly back down against the couch, and her fingernails released my back, where she had dug sharp welts in her ecstasy. Her legs slowly slid down my sides, and my muscles were so weak I could hardly prop myself up over her panting body. Her breasts were still rising and falling rapidly with her breath, and she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She was no longer a girl, she was a woman – my woman – I had pleased her, as nobody else had, or ever would in the future. I didn’t pull out of her right away: I couldn’t. I just held myself over her, and we kissed again and again, gently, our tongues touching briefly. I didn’t want to become two separate people again. Finally I pulled my half-limp cock from her, and she seemed to wince at our parting. “That was wonderful,” she sighed. I smiled,  eyes half-closed and said “Yes, it was.” I cupped a breast in my hand and kissed her again.

“I’m glad your parents didn’t come back,” I said. “They won’t be back until ten,” she said. “Oh, Is it ?” I asked. I felt something on my prick and looked down to see her fingers. She was running her hand slowly up and down my moist cock, and I felt it getting hard again. I could hardly believe it. “Enough time to do it again,” she said, in a tiny voice. “Mmm,” I smiled, and leaned over her again to kiss her. But I felt her pushing me back. “This time, ” she said, “I would like to be on top.” ..and we fucked again and again and again in different positions. It was one of the most memorable fuck that I had with a girl almost half my age.

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