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  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

Hi friends I am a great fan of desistories , I  have read all the stories published here & now i am going to share my story with you this happened during last summer with my beautiful neighbour.

Iam Sudeep 21yrs old ,her name is Smitha she is 23yrs old with a nice body with a stat of 34-27-33 she was damn sexy & lived next door.

It all began when she came to live next door after getting married about  2 months before, about 20 days after her marriage her hubby went back to work in Dubai & she couldn’t go with him due to some visa problems. She had a PGDCA  & was expecting to join her hubby & getting a job in Dubai, after about 1 month her mother-in-law came to me & asked me to allow Smitha to use my PC daily so that she could practice whatever she has learned & i agreed to it , as it turned out to be she was not that good at computers so she used to ask me to help her now & again , during one such moment I was sitting to her left & moved my right hand to get the mouse & slightly brushed her boobs , I behaved as if nothing had happened but i could see that she was looking at me thru the corner of her eyes , I thought may be if i played it correctly i may get this beauty under me. I again moved my right hand i brushed her boobs & this happened many times that day i could see her biting her lips after some touches ,this continued for 2 more days & now i would bump my elbow into her boobs & sometimes she would push her boob into my elbow & i could feel her nipples. It was Saturday , my parents had gone out & would come late that night, I decided its today or never , that day she came as always on time she was wearing a rose coloured low cut salwar & was looking damn sexy , as always i bumped my elbow into her & could see her biting her lips , I turned around & looked into her i could see an inviting look in her eyes ,I caught hold of her shoulder & kissed on her cheeks she didn’t oppose to it & i got her permission for what i have been longing for years now .

I slowly made her stand & kissed on her wet & voluptuous lips they were soft & sweet , i slowly tried to suck her lips she opened her lips & i put my tongue into her mouth soon we were tasting each other saliva , I then embraced her her boobs were crushing against my chest which i really loved oh god that was great , now i started to kiss her cheeks then neck & all over face this went for around 20-25 mins   both of us were really hot & excited. It then took her in my arms & carried her into my bed room & laid her on my bed & started to kiss her again i then slowly moved my hands over her voluptuous boobs thru her dress wow they were soft .what a feeling. I slowly loosened her long black hair which came all the till her waist, now i slowly  removed her kamees in which she helped by raising her hands & then pulled the string of her salwar which went down she was now only in her black laced panty & bra & was looking damn sexy what a sight the best in my life, I started to kiss her right from toe to face & suddenly unclasped her bra releasing her boobs from captivity my god they were great , first i took her left boob in my mouth while sucking it i started to squeeze the right boob with my hand while my other hand was busy massaging  her white silky newly waxed thighs, she was moaning like hell after at the same time i could feel her nipples getting erect,10 mins i took the other boob in my mouth while crushing the left with my hand ,my right went into her panty & started to massage her pussy which was getting wetter with time .

I then removed her panty & saw a clean shaved pussy which was waiting for me explore. I undressed me & gave my 6incher in her hand she started to massage it i was in heaven what a feeling ohhhhh…………i asked her to take my tool in her mouth for which she was more than willing , what a blowjob her hair kept  falling over & she kept removing it  …for next 5 mins i was in heaven & i came with full force load after load of hot cum into her mouth which she swallowed , she told me for 20 days she was with her hubby he fucked the hell out of her day & night (she said they had more than 35 encounters altogether more than 1 at a time & he always made her blow him so that he was ready for the 2nd one within no time.).Now it was my turn to satisfy her i put my middle finger into her pussy & started to make it move in & out after some time my 2nd finger went in she was moaning like hell ummm ahhh gr8 oh ummmmm yaahhhh, i was fingure fucking her with full force after about 10 mins  she had her orgasm which she told me was only the 3rd of her life. Now we   were eager for the real fun my cock was getting up she lapped it into her mouth & sucked it until it was to its full potential , i removed it from her mouth she spread her legs in anticipation & i slowly rubbed it on her pussy , she had closed her eyes & started to moan now i placed it on her opening & thrusted in half of my 6 inch went in , i again applied pressure the whole of my 6 inch went in , i kept it inside her to enjoy the warmth of her pussy it was burning like fire now i took it out & again inserted it & started to build the rhythm slowly but steadily & she was moaning like anything ahhh oohhhh gr8 come on faster i love it oh god it feels good ahhhhhhh she was responding really well matching each of my strokes moving her hips in rhythm,

I stopped for a few seconds & started all over again as i didn’t want to cum quickly i wanted to go on as long as i can ,after about 10 mins she wrapped her legs around my waist & her internal muscles started to tighten around my cock i could feel the pressure she was moaning oh yes faster faster i am cumming yes gr8 & she had another of her shuddering orgasms i relaxed a bit & slowed down so that she could catch her breath now again i started to build my speed  she still was responding to me it felt gr8 i could sense i was nearing my own climax after about 30 mins of pumping with a bit of stopping in between it was too much for me , i was ramming her like a run away train she was again moaning like hell i could sense my load rising i asked where should i cum she told me she is in safe period & i can cum inside her she again wrapped her legs around me i was now in my last lap at last it came heavy gush of hot cum load after load i have never cummed that much before it was great  i collapsed over her drenched in sweat & juices from both of us , we laid like that for about 10 mins then i rolled over, my bed sheet was completely ruined but who cares for the fun that i had it was great. After about 30 mins i said i want to fuck her virgin ass but she said he hubby has fucked her many times in her ass , i said anyhow i want to fuck her ass she agreed to it ,i gave my limp tool into her hands she slowly started to massage it after sometime time she went down & took my dick into her mouth giving me a good blowjob soon my dick started to go up & slowly but steadily was getting to full seam now both of us ready for the action.

She came down on her four like a bitch thrusting her ass up in the air , i slowly inserted my middle finger into it my god it was damn hot & tight , i went down took the bottle of clinic plus hair oil then applied oil on my dick then took some oil & massaged her ass hole applying it fully , now i was ready to enter her slowly i kept my dick on the hole & gave a push 1/4th of it slipped in due the oil ,it was damn hot & tight i applied bit more pressure  & half of it went she started to moan in pain she said “uff its paining do it slowly”, i gave a full thrust & whole of my 6inch went in oh want a feeling it was like a hot furnace , she cried “ahh it hurts”, I kept it like that for few moments ,my right hand went to her pussy & started to massage it suddenly i got hold of her clit & i squeezed it she cried in ecstasy aaaaaahhhhhhhh oh my aaaaaaahhhhhhh , i slowly started to ram her all the while working on her clit she loved it & was moaning like hell slowly i increased speed my balls were hitting her pussy plop plop & her moans aee ahhh eee after sometime suddenly she started to tense up i knew she was cumming even i was nearing my climax so i increased my speed she said sohhh yes & came, a few more thrusts my cum blasted into her ass & i collapsed onto her we lay like that for some more time then we got up & cleaned our self got dressed , had some snacks then it was time for her to leave she kissed me good bye!!!!!!!!!!! She was with me for 9 more months & we enjoyed our life to full extend , i even fucked her younger sister while she watched the act  (that’s another story which I’ll tell u next time), now she is with her husband in Dubai & enjoying life.


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