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Neighbor’s Sister

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

Neighbor sister raghu Hi desipapa fans this is raghu. I am from bangalore. It is a real story of my first experience of having a sexual encounter. I am 19. I was in my full youthfulness. My first sex encounter was with my neighbouring sister she was 24 at that time she was a widow with no children. She was fair enough with good attractive looks. She was beautiful. She had an attractive sexy figure. 38D-28-36 shruthi’s breasts were eye catching and fleshy. Her breasts were in proper shape. Her hips were quite heavy. Her breasts bounced and hips shook as she walked. Ever since I got there i had my eyes on her. I hope you all will enjoy reading this… (not as much as me !!!.) Around 4 years back when I was 15 years I’d been to my neb-sis home for some reason. I saw that she was coming from her bath. She just had a towel around her. I could see her boobs trying to come out of her towel and shouting to be squeezed.

I just wanted to squeeze & suck them badly, but I didn’t have enough courage, I somehow controlled my temptation. My dick was right straight at that beautiful sight, I took excuse from her went straight into the toilet & masturbated, imagining her strip before me. From that day I’d been thinking of her bulging boobs & her big ass and masturbate very often imaging her beautiful sexy body. From then on whenever I spoke to her I used to look either her boobs or lips but never her face. She also had noticed this, but we never attempted sex. Ah! My dream has come true after 5 years. Now I’m 19 and she is 24, is still slim, sexy and with huge boobs which still fantasies me. But now though I have the courage to propose her. Her husband who died last year who could able to give her a child because of severe weakness, I’m sure he is not giving her enough pleasure. It all happened on a Sunday some 2 months back. Her family got 2 invitations of marriage on that day. So her parents and she had decieded to go to one themself and one by herself to the weddings. This was my day. Though they are quite rich, they don’t have a phone, rather they have applied and not yet got one.

She had a call from her sister, my mom picked up the call, the message was to call her back. My mom asked me to go and pass the message. I was then thinking of a sexy story which I’d read the previous day. Then, I went to my sexy’s house. She had just come from a marriage and changed. Uncle and antuy had by that time left to attend another marriage. She was in a transparent nighty, I could see her white bra with same bulging boobs. But, that day, since I was tensed, my look at her was even more higher. She took a note of that but I didn’t mind. My rod was quite thick and straight. She took me inside the house. I walked in and said that she had a call from her sister and passed the message. I couldn’t speak properly and was very red with temptation boiling inside me. I asked for a glass of water. She got it for me and sat before me in the opposite sofa. After drinking the water I was just looking around tensed, when she asked me, “Then, how is life?” I said, “Well sis, everything is fine still I see some beautiful girls or women!!” (and smiled). She said, “ Ah, ha…. So what happens when you see them?” I said, “How can I say you sis, mujhe kuch kuch hota hai, but please don’t ask me what really happens.” She did not listen to me and asked me to explain. I had no other way but to explain.

I knew what she wanted to listen. I said, “sis nowadays when I look at young girls I feel very tensed, I am very attracted towards them my hair becomes erect. More over when I see some exotic pictures and movies my tools stands erect and I end up masturbating.” I saw that she was extremely indulged in listening. The next question was, “What do you feel when you see me?” God, I’d been waiting for this. I replied immediately, “sis don’t mistake me, to be frank I’ve been fantasizing about you from long time. You are the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life. Your breast is the most attractive part I’ve fantasized about apart from your lips and ass.” She laughed at that and asked, “how do you that, you have never seen any of my private parts?” I said, “I just imagine.” She started aloud, “Idiot don’t imagine them anymore, today I’m going to show them in real!!!!!!!!!!!” I was shocked. I asked, “sis, please don’t joke.” To prove her seriousness, “She dropped her nighty. I was just amazed and shocked for a movement.

For the first time in my life I was seeing a women in front of me nude… (that too the one who I’ve been dreaming for years). I just jumped over her and kissed deeply on the lips, such a beautiful experience. It was the first kiss. We had been kissing for a some time. I kissed her on the forehead, lips, chicks, neck and of course boobs. My hand was pressing her right boob very hard. She started to moan. I then started to whisper some sexy sounds in her ears . Doing so, I said, “sis, no doubt you are the most beautiful lady in the world, but I want to see you as I wanted to, will you please obey me?” She asked me (with a sexy look), “What it was?” I said, “sis, I’ve always been thinking you striping before me one my one of your clothes, and me doing that slowly. So, I want you to come dressed in the saree, the way you go to the office. Will you please fulfill my desire?” (She dresses very sexily when she goes to the office ….might be to impress her boss! ) She said, “Certainly darling, I’ll be back in 30 mins.” Oh my God, I’d the longest wait of my life. I just couldn’t push the time. I said her that I be out. In the meanwhile, I rushed to my house and said my mom that I was going to my friends place and would be back in about 2-3 hours. I came back to see her dressed the way I wanted to. “woh sis,” I exclaimed.

She was just gorgeous. She was wearing a sky blue color saree and similar color blouse. The more interested thing to note was her elevated boobs. Just pointing sharp as a needle. I rushed in and locked the door. I took her to the bed room (instead she took me to the bedroom). I explained each of her part and the beauty in them, she was impressed inch by inch. Slowly, I asked said her that I would like to strip her, she nodded. I slowly, removed her saree. I asked her to keep kissing me. She was just left with over with blouse, bra and langa. I asked her to remove my shirt. She unbuttoned my shirt. I was still kissing her. She then removed my banian also. I was just left over with my pant and underwear. I said, “sis, my top is nude now, I want you bottom nude.” And immediately removed the note of her langa. It sliped down. She was nude by bottom, (She was not warring panty). I was nude by up. We were then lying in the bed. I was busily finger fucking her in one hand and removing the buttons of her blouse on the other. I removed her blouse and bra with my mouth. I could listen and see her slow moaning. She was enjoying. Her hands where searching for my pant button and ultimately got it. She removed my pant along with my underwear and could see my 8inch” dick. She was amazed and said, “I knew it would be big, but this big? My God, even my husband do not have this big,.” I said, “Yes baby, it has been longing to fuck you for 4 long years!!” She smiled again. I was fully nude now and she just had my target closed, right her boobs.

I unhooked her blouse and bra with my mouth and immediately starting sucking and licking it. She was saying cool … cool. It is all yours but cool. She created sounds like, “uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh uhhuhhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhh,” She was pulling my hair with her one hand and running her other hand on my bare back. I just ignored it and she too enjoyed it. My fingers are hand fucking; my mouth boob sucking. That is really a cool and hot hot feeling. I then kissed her all over her face, more times on lips and pressing my chest against her breast and taking maximum heat. She was just moaning, “uhhhhhh” I pressed and squeezed her boobs and was a really playboy over them. I was rolling my tongue around her nipples and then again biting them lightly. She used to moan and moan and when the moan went high I kissed her and pressed her body hard against my body. She was playing with my hardened rod. I asked, “sis, would like to do a blow job?” She just pushed me over and took over my boy to play. She first gave a soft kiss to my dick. Wow, what a feeling, a wave of electricity passed through our my body. Then, she started licking it like a loly pop. It was going in and out of her mouth and I was just enjoying every second of it. She then rubbed it against her boobs my rod became even harder and now it was vibrating. Just a touch to her sharp nipples and it became more straight. She put that into her mouth and played with the balls. I’d reached the maxim. I was about to cum and I said her the same. She kept it on her face and said “NOW.”

My cream busted out like showers and fell on her nude body, face, boobs etc. She was enjoying it and cleaned my dick licking it and pressing it. It was fully clean now, but had gone down. She jiggled my balls down there and started rubbing my penis. It was slowly regaining its straightness. I again started figure fucking, she now slept and asked me to lick her cunt. I obeyed her, I kissed her thighs allover and kissed her cunt first. Slowly, I inserted my tongue into her cunt and started to fuck her by tongue. I was enjoying her juices. She pressed my head against her cut hard and was saying “yes yes yesssssssss, yyyyyyyyyyyyyessss, more do mooooooooooore moreeeeeee, fuck me now yesssssss, yesssssssssssssssss…..” I was just tougue fucking her. Meanwhile my rod was regaining energy and straightness. I asked my aunt to kiss it and give a slow and slight massage, she obeyed me and kissed my dick as never before. Slowly and patiently. It regained it energy like before and again became hard. She asked me to fuck her, I guided my penis into her whole and started moving back and forth. It was quite tight. I asked her when did she have her last fuck, she said it was ages.

I asked her whether some one else had also enjoyed with her jiggling boobs, she said “no.” So, I was the only person after her husband. (Started to feel lucky). I increased my speed now it was able to feel the heat inside her cunt, god she started to scream a little “uhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhh fassssssssst stilllllllll fassssssssssst yessssssssss noooooooo ya ha ha ha haaa do that again. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhhhhha ahhhhhhhhhhhha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha”. Then we rotated on the bed, now I was below her and she was above me, she put in my dick to her cunt and started going up and down, she was literally guiding her cunt in every jump. I was enjoying her jumping balls. She shouted “oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhha” So was I shouting with similar sounds. We cummed again against each other, she took all the cum and rubbed it against her boobs and asked me to lick. I did that for her and myself. We tried something in position 69 also. Some doggy styles etc. It all took us approximately 3 hours from 2 to 5. or 5:30. We lied nude next to each other for some time and we took bath in the cold water. I washed her and she washed me. I gave special attention to all her private parts, she was looking and me and asked why was I giving so much importance to them.

I (with a smile) said, I want them to be more and more cleaner for the next encounter. She kept quite with a smile. I squeezed her boobs after applying soap on them and they had become slippery, then it was the turn of her jungle down there. I also washed them with my fingers thoroughly. Applying soap for her vagina for the first time : — ) We both enjoyed having bath also. I changed her clothes and she changed mine. We had a final long lip to lip (mouth to mouth) kiss and then left. I came to know that her husband havent also gave her like this sex encounter . Her parents came at 8pm itseems Thank God, we where not caught. From then I call her ‘B’ sis, when someone asks me what that is, I say it is Best sis, but she knows it is Boobs sis. Next encounters will be listed later. Any woman, girls like that of mine, in an around Bangalore mail me on

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