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Neha Found Herself

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi this is my first post at and I hope you like it and thank you and enjoy and so here it goes my Neha always wondered why people liked her breast as she would walk around her school or her colony people, women and men alike would glance at them as if she was a from mars or rather.

She was from mars but for her age they were definitely big and she was ordinary girl, who was average in her academics and she never had that attention before and she was 18 years old and her chest was already as big as her mom yes

She was one of a kind and she was already wearing a bra at that age, now that’s odd and she was all slim but for those gigantic weights on her chest and she never imagined in what trouble she could be in possessing those assets yes it all starts at the school it is said senior boys would stare at her, tease her saying.

Cow dudhwali how she grew so big at her age and I want those milk bags but she ignored and cursed her for what she had but things at school started to become worse boys and girls, alike, use to wait for her to pass in the corridor and taunt hey let me press them what do you eat? On one day when she was leaving the school

She was attacked by some freaks who randomly pressed her breasts in the crowd and this incident regularly repeated, but she couldn’t do anything and she just couldn’t see were those guys and she even could not tell this to anyone what could have she told my breast trouble me or I want to get my breast reduced.

One day at the school and she was in no mood to learn mathematics but who will tell the professor and he went on what is ‘x’ plus ‘y’ bracket square? Neha where are you looking tell me the answer Neha stood up sex but why bras get square? I mean I don’t know? Professor really annoyed by the answer what were you thinking of.

I have to speak with your parents, call them tomorrow and get out of my class now! She was afraid, she was thinking of those bullies who press her breasts when she gets down the staircase after school and she went out and stood near the door outside the classroom after a minute.

She leaned over the wall looked inside the classroom and there were two boys signalling her as if they were grabbing her boobs and she showed them a finger and looked in the other direction and the empty corridor looked boring than the mathematics teacher.

She looked at the girls’ toilet room and suddenly felt the sensation that she should pee. She turned to the professor and asked sir may I go to toilet? Professor outraged you are punished but still disturbing the class, go wherever you want, but let the class study go.

She went to the girls’ toilet was silent and scary and she went in did the job. She washed her hands and stood there staring at the mirror for some time and do and I have a problem with my boobs, do have breast cancer? I’m blessed or cursed by gods and she heard a noise and turned around.

A peon was closing the washrooms door from inside and she was frightened and yelled at him what are you doing, let me go he turned and said under one condition and he moved swiftly towards her and without any hesitation he held her breasts firmly.

She tried to push him back but he was to strong and he pressed her towards him and held her hair and she wanted to scream, but how could, who wants to be seen in such a position with one hand he pressed her overgrown breast and slid other in her skirt and grabbed her buttock.

Her movement slowed and she felt a tingling sensation between her legs and he turned her over and removed her panties and she had given up struggling but was certainly not enjoying what was happening or maybe she was.

He removed his pennies and pushed it in her and although her first time she easily took it in without any pain as he thumped her already wet pussy and pressed her breasts by both his hands, pulling them to meet his movements, he shouted you like it don’t you bitch.

I wanted you from many days you are definitely a special achievement and how did grow your breasts so big and they excite me every time. I see you passing by and she didn’t utter a word and she was breathing heavily and enjoying every moment as he rocked her body.

It was something she had never been through and she was having sex with a person she barely knew and he was quick he had to be it was not a place to enjoy it for long and he pushed her down as he came near his climax.

He ejaculated his sperms in the wash basin and she lay on the ground for some moment she was tired with the rough sex she had but she picked herself up and cleaned her cloths and went out that night she couldn’t sleep, seeing a male penis having sex and flow of blood after she came home.

It was too much for one day on the top of it she had to tell her dad to visit her school. She couldn’t tell him and she couldn’t tell her mother either to visit, as she thought the case was too sensitive for her mother to handle only the person she could turn to was her uncle little brother of her dad who was quite friendly with her.

I used to share a lot with her and he was kind of a friend she could turn to who could save her from a lot of scolding and embracement and the whole day went usually boring, though she was in continuous tension about the meeting after the school the moment she was not waiting for had come her uncle, villas introduced himself as her guardian to her professor.

She sat beside the professor’s cabin as she tried to hear the conversation. professor, annoyingly Neha I feel; has fallen in bad company, she doesn’t show interests in studies, she was brilliant in mathematics, leave the other subjects which she was never good at, but her scores are horribly declining villas took a deep sigh and said.

I will look into it and talk to her and try get her on track professor stressing his point and I feel she has, what I call ‘teenage problems’ which if not addressed correctly now, will be a problem for her life vilas was very nervous by now and uttered softly ok i get it.

She couldn’t hear anymore and tried to concentrate on something else all she could think of was of her sex encounter with the peon before leaving villas told her that she should meet him at his apartment in the evening which she comfortably agreed villas was in his early thirties like Neha he was also a reserved person.

He could never get along with a any women in his life but from her childhood Neha and villas had a friendly bond infact she was the only women he was comfortable with recently he had found that he had a crush on Neha and was timidly cautious with her.

Neha always saw him as a teacher and a person to rely on and he had taught her from table manners to riding bikes; from geometry to adult jokes together they had a special relation it was usual for Neha to visit her uncle villas so her parents never could have found it strange if she wanted to visit his house villas was a investment banker

Who invested in stock market and earned a lot and left the job. He now owned a huge farm and lived a easy life by employing workers do the farming for him. Although it was an hour journey she used her bike, an automatic geared scooter, to reach him and it was he who taught her to ride and gave it to her as a birthday gift.

It was around 5.30 pm when she reached his house and his servant saw her coming and greeted her and although he was working in farm, he took ample time to look at her massive bouncing boobs as she was driving on the bad farm road and he screamed out hello!

Nice to see you, how are you? Although she wanted to shout back my boobs don’t speak you idiot!” she replied yeah I am fine, how about you, and is uncle home? He replied yeah maybe I have not seen him and I just came to supply water to plants.

She waved as she passed by and she parked her bike under the shade of the tree, where she usually did and rang the door bell and he greeted her in and offered her lemon juice and they sat in his bedroom on his bed sipping the juice awkwardly.

He broke the silence and directly came to the point your teacher told me that you used the word sex in front of the whole classroom? What were you thinking, he would be happy? She replied no and I was thinking about something and he caught me off guard.

Villas off guard, you were thing about sex in mathematics class? Neha, I have problem I am hesitant to speak of and it’s real personal villas are you having an affair with someone and worried to have sex with him or not?” Neha stressing her point no!

It’s not that! it’s something about my body villas is it about pubic hair growth?” Neha no! It’s not about that, my pubic hair just started to grow but i know it grows!” villas you can trust me and tell me Neha and I know I can trust you that’s why I am here, ok wait, here it is and I am in tension because of my breasts.

Vilas amazed what? What about that? Neha my breasts are big not just big but way above richer scale, people are making fun of me because of these, they taunt me, look at them with hungry eyes, where ever I go people want to press them and I hate them people provoke me to have sex with them, other girls hate me and I have become a big joke to everyone.

Vilas oh! oh no, don’t be freaked out by that if you have diamond ring people will be jealous, people will want to have them, it’s not a big issue, just be proud of them. Neha, bit convinced, “you sure? And I had made my mind to go for a breast surgery to reduce them to normality.

Villas staring at her boobs you don’t have to be ashamed of them let others have fun and you have yours and concentrate on your studies too, don’t be freaked out. Neha, saw that Vilas was staring at her boobs, but now she did not mind.

She had found the confidence she had lost with her recent sex encounter she had found a new game, sex, which she wanted to play more, and that’s what she was not agreeing upon but with vilas she was all comfortable and she wanted him badly you think they are normal, do you think they are pretty?
She arched her back to show him more of those unusually big melons and he didn’t blink his eyelid her moves were seducing and he was sensing an erection.

Neha you know I don’t wear slips like other girls of my age, I wear a bra Vilas really. I don’t believe you Neha my size is 28g very rare and I don’t know when I grow up what am I going to wear. I am already having problems searching bras for me. Vilas I don’t believe that let me check you bra size. She turned around and said you can lift up my top and see the bra though Vilas could see the size um your tops too tight not able to see it

Neha ok I will remove my top for you and she removed her silky top and she always had difficulties removing her tops; of course they all stuck at her breasts and she threw her top on the bed and he started searching the label and he caressed her back with his one hand and with the other he unbuckled her bra.

Vilas oh sorry Neha it’s ok and she removed her bra and gave it to him and she sat on his bed while he acted to inspect her bra. Vilas oh my god this is really 28g! She slept on his bed holding her boobs, one in each hand and looked towards him. Neha doctor said I have galactorrhea you know what that means?

I produce milk without pregnancy it’s a hormonal defect but not a disease.” Vilas and I don’t believe that” she removed her hand form her right nipple and pinched and pulled it and milk sprayed out of her breasts that really charged Vilas he immediately sat near her and sucked her nipple.

It was milk and he kept on sucking on her tit and started massaging the other and she started moaning and arching her back and pressing her uncle’s head on her boob and caressing his hair encouraging him to suck her and he was sucking them like a baby would.

Neha give me some taste Vilas took a sip and gave her a smooch and filled her mouth with milk which he didn’t swallow and he then removed he pants and panties and looked at her from top to bottom and she was the sex goddess he was looking for all his life and he removed his cloths and literally jumped on her.

She was see a nude man with a good physique and big dick laying in top of her and they kissed again, he was rubbing his dick on her vagina and she parted her legs to let him go inside and she did and he was fucking he hard as if he will never get another chance.

He said you are dodhwali, embrace the truth and enjoy every moment of life, be a bitch but let only your dogs know about it. I am your dog woof woof Neha, I am a slut I have understood myself and my stress will all go fuck me uncle, fuck me like a bitch ooh yeah!

He pressed her boobs and sucked their milk and fucked her as hard as he could and he turned her around and started fucking her from behind. Vilas you nasty little women you bitch here and I cum inside you and he sprayed his sperms inside her vagina.

She was more than happy to take all in her. no, she didn’t wanted to be pregnant, but in her climax she didn’t realize anything and sucked everything in her pussy after the sex he kept on feeding on her boobs for some time next day on her school in algebra class her professor asked Neha,

What is ‘x’ minus ‘y’ square” and she replied, “’x’ square minus ‘2xy’ plus ‘y’ square professor ah you studied good Neha more than that sir; more than that” and gave a smile and sat down and after school again the two boys tried to press her boobs.

She held their hand and turned towards them what you satisfied with just pressing? She pressed their dicks over their pants and we could have more fun; you know, arrange a room and tell me, bye” the boys were stunned. Neha had found herself. For feedback mail me your suggestions at

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