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Negotiation And Exchanged With My Body

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Negotiation & Exchanged with my body This is a true story actually I buried in myself, but now I wanted to tell the desipapa fans only, and in fact has no intention to let anyone know about it in the first place, It was sometime ago. My name is Reshma, I am from a very respective family with brother doing a very high profile Export of goods to foreign countries. My brother is doing a very good profitable and huge turnover business. I used to tell my mother to tell my only brother that I also wanted to involve in his business. But my mother says you the only daughter and I want you to be with near me always. I was studying Business and Economics.

I am taller in my class and I like to dress tight jeans and Buggy T shirts. I am very popular among the boys as I am 38-28-32, weigh 65kg. I was selected for being wild and sexiest in the college inter competition and in beauty contest. Many rich boys admire me and wanted to take me out, but I isolate and strictly obey my family restriction. I have never have any Boy friends. One day, My brother had some difficulty in his shipment in overseas and I offered to visit there to solve it personally. After my mother convince him my brother agreed to send me to that country to survey and settle the matter. We have Local Agents and Representatives to accompany me from India, so to family, there is nothing to worry about myself, but I in my heart I have decided not to get any help and not make them involve in any decision making. Thinking they might make loss to us. Also I wanted to proof my brother that I can do it. Upon arrival we went straight to the Insurance Surveyor office and introduced our self. As I have visited from India, the big boss has attended to me personally.

The Boss, he is very handsome and in his 50s. But he doesn’t look that old. Immediately He bring me to the site and we surveyed with the other company and our company surveyors. My representatives are down with their accountant and calculating the extend of the damage and the loss. We are at the final meeting two of my accompanying representatives are very tired and I can see they are loosing in every points. In my heart I think we are finished and we will face a big loss of money. Final decision is up to the boss in that country and it looks we will be in the loosing side. The Boss name is Anton. After meeting over. He shake hand with every one. When he shake my hand I felt that his small finger quietly touching and rubbing my hand. He gave us a lift to our hotel. It was a very big Hotel with very nice sea view restaurant Finally Anton said Ms. Reshma, and Gentlemens You had a long flight let finish the business talk and have something to drink and eat in this hotel, so you can rest immediately for the tomorrow’s meeting preparation etc..I execuse and went to my room for a quick change, and to take out some of my dress from the suit case to hang them on the dress holders. I wear a nice evening dress. I came down quickly. My other two companions are staying in one room three flour below in the smokers floor. My brother wanted to be smart and not believe If I go together with one person to overseas, so he send two persons, so that no body will touch me. I come down to the Restaurant early and I have no choice I have to sit just opposite to Anton and later my representatives arrived and sit opposite to Anton’s staff. There is a bell to call the waiter. Otherwise No body will come inside.

The Table is covered with cloths that cannot see the leg. The light is dim. It was like a feast . There are a lots of beer and drinks flowing Mr.Antons peoples were drinking the beer like water. I politely refused and ordered Orange Juice. The feast was going on. My representatives doesn’t care me They are fully drank. I know they cannot take care of me, not even cannot take care of themselves. During the drinking and eating , I can feel that Anton’s eyes on my boob, his hand has been on my silky thigh, robbing and caressing slowly. I cannot move or shout or show any sign of it. I am scared to look at his face. Anton walked out for a smoke. The restaurant doesn’t allow people to smoke inside. Anton winged to me to come out. There is a verandah and many couples are there holding and kissing and talking very freely. It is a very social place. Anton told me Reshma, lets put it frank. Do you want me to convince the surveyors here so, that your company and your brother will not incure any loss. If you want a success in this deal, you must do what ever I say.

My heart beat become worsen. I hate him in my heart , but I smiled and said OK. He asked me to come very close to him. And take off my jacket and relax. I wear very see through dress with the Jacket on top to cover my pointing boob. Actually I don’t want to wear the Jacket but to prevent the Surveyors accompany me from India might have tell about my dress to my brother after we back in India. Anton is very close to my body now. He bold my shoulder and one hand go to my stomach, caressing. His breath is hot, The bold head and golden teeth smile to me that in a way that he hold the card. His eyes on my big boob . My tight dress pulling up to near my delta. Anton touch my thigh. it is very smooth like silk. He kiss very smoothly on my cheek and shoulder and my hand and fingers. Slowly reached my lip. Now his hand hold me very firm. Surrounding are very social and no body care of others. More gorgeous and beautifully dressed men and women are filled in the verandah garden. I loose my strength to resist and feel it is a manner to let the man kiss you. His brandy smell very awful. The waiters have just serving the drinks to every one. This is a package included in the dinner. Anton requested 2 brandy. I shocked. I never had liquor in my life. This is the first time that I drank the brandy I do not want to lose my face to him or the surrounding. Anton said It is up to you, If you are OK Everything will be OK.. I just do not want to let down my country. I just said its OK and drank it at one shot. I thought If I lose the deal here, My brother will not have any confident in my business deal, so I want to win here. I understood what this fucking old donkey want me , and now I am curious about how an european will be. I make sure the two, who company me go back to their room faster.

So, that I can submit my body to Anton for whatever he do. I told Anton Lets go back to the table, when we return my two companions were fully drank and Anton’s surveyors were helpless, Anton suggested that we end the party formally and I was very happy that the ordeal with this old pig is over. But it was not. All of us in the lift, Anton told his companions to send these two gentlemen at this floor and I will send this lady to her floor and will go to the car park. The companions said OK anyway we will be going to another place for some more drinks. They said Good nights and see you tomorrow to each others. My heart start beating up. I know no body in this place, Anton told me its now or never, If you refuse me you loose the deal. My head is full of anxious to win the deal and make profit to the company, but angry this ugly fat pig is going to take advantage of the situation. He locked the door inside incase someone suddenly come in. He touch my silver lining black blouse from the shoulder like resting his hand. His hand nearing my face and my lips. My heart tremble and beat like drum. My face become very hot and red. I feel very dizzy and my hand is pulled and make me touch something very hot. My lips feel some salvia and a big face is in my front of me. I felt something touch my behind and feel my big breast are dangling. By the time I realised I am on the Sofa and Anton kissing my boobs and sucking them and pinching them over my cloths. His hand is now inside my valva and my hand wanted to stop his hands but the brandy I had, taken all my strength. I can only touch his bold head. I thought If he is going to fuck me, I have to request him to make it faster and don’t put his semens into my valva.

His tongue now very fast moving and make my whole body shiver. All of a sudden I pulled his trousers and take his big and round european penis in to my mouth. He ushhhes OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYIndianBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYmydarling . Now we are still on the sofa my dress is dropped, and Anton stand up go to the fridge and took a wine, opened it and drank and pull my head and pass all the wine into my mouth and continue kissing I swallow all his wine and salvia I became more crazy and hold his big cock atleast 12″ of size in my two hand and they are like Giant size full of meat. I suck it, I love it. I wanted to hold it as long as I can. I like it.

Now I start kissing his Big cock and his ball and his ass holes. He was enjoying that for about 1 hour. Oh my it was a wonderful thing. I played with his balls and it is red like apples. Anton lift me up and make me sit down and my log hair was touching the sofa, Both of us are nude and my wet panty and my wonderful see through dress and the bra are here and there He squat next to me both of us are in our kneel. I wanted suddenly to make love and have his european baby in me. His hand start touching my hair and slowly down to my cheek and lips and to my shoulder and to my big round breast. He bit it and suck my orange nipples. Still both of us are on our knees. His hands went down to my stomach, I closed my eyes. Playing in my belly and finally down to my clitoris, at first one finger and then two finger rubbing and rounding and a sound like chick chick come out. I moaned and fly in the sky feeling. It is wet and full of my orgasm. He fucked me is my round Ass. I can feel that I wanted him to kiss me. I slid and lay on the sofa and push his head to my valva. I can feel a bold head in my special private part. He forced me to turn down ward and lift my legs and he is in his knee, start kissing my vagina and my ass hole and my thigh and everything. I start moaning that I can hear my voice very loud.

He spend a hour on my vagina and another hour on my ass hole. I feel my ass hole become big and wider. He poured some wine on my vagina and suck like pig. This make me more horny. His hand are massaging and cubing and squeezing, pulling. My god, it was like his new toys. Now I am very high and beg him to fuck me, he lifted me and bring me to the bed. Make all the light brighter and hold my legs a part, I was still holding his strong cock, he lift up my back and I am crying and begging him to make it soft, but he banged a big and the european cock has found its way to hide in my small vagina. Oh My god, what a wonderful. He lay one me his two hand s are playing with my swollen breast , and moving to my head and his mouth is on my mouth. He bite my shoulder and the back. I shouted. He moved to front and asked me to suck his big cock. It taste like bitter, his cum is oozing, I can feel the bitterness. He moaned to all my suck. My mouth got tired and his golden hairs are in mouth. The cock got harder and he was like biting his mouth. I know his cum going to be in my mouth. He shouted, BBBAAAABBBBYYYY Hold me tight, take my cock all the way. It was like a big spoon full of Ice cream dropped into my mouth. He put his weight on me, but I can feel his cock is getting harder again. I lay back and told Anton, this is your body take it. Fuck me harder as long as you want me I am your slave.

He bang me all the way, he whispered many love and joyful words, and fucked me up side down mouth, Ass, Vagina, Boob, thigh, until the following morning nine o clock, I felt his orgasm about 7 times after that I am like a robot. The lights were still on. Anton told me He fucked my vagina 6 times and my ass 7 times total 13 times in 12 hours. But I don’t remember anything, but he said I request him to fuck me again and again. I had a tired face I told my two assistance that I left the dinner at the time they started drinking the beer, and slept early after seeing them drinking very heavily. They don’t remember that I was there when we all bring them up to the lift and to their room. They apologized for the shame and said please don’t tell brother about the party. I bet they will never tell about our dinner and I am safe. I slept all the way in my flight back. After one month passed, I felt something and worried may be I am pregnant. Coincidentally My brother said that, there is a little bit old age person wanted to marry me, because of his money and fame and the business relationship, my mother and brother agreed. It is an arranged marriage decided by the elder. I agreed immediately even before I see his face. It is our tradition. After my marriage my husband will always sleep early immediately after he back from his business place. Suddently, there is a accident and need Insurance survey in overseas.

Now my brothetr and Husband combine their businesses, and my brother knows and confident that I can negotiate it successfully. My brother asked my husband to let me go and negotiate and ofcourse go together to overseas with me. This time Anton did the same, gave my husband the different kind of strong brandy mixed with whiskey and some other stuff (may be a sleeping pill) to make sure he sleeps from 9pm to until the following day noon. while my husband is drenched in whiskey and slept like dead. Anton fucked me again 13 times upside and downside. I like his big cock and strong stokes, Anton told me my vagina is more big and comfortable and the breast is firm and just nice mangos. I enjoyed a strong and long european fuck after several months .Lucky I didn’t get pregnant. Anton left about 9.30 after spending 13 hours with me. My husband wake up at around 12 noon the following day. I told my husband that last night during the dinner he drink much and Mr. Anton left immediately, may be Mr. Anton is very angry because you didn’t respect him at all just yelling and talking and drinking. My husband believed it. I said my brother will be angry with you for spoiling the meeting. I don’t know what to do. I have to go now to see Mr. Anton and apologize to him.

Now I am waiting for you to wake up. Hurry up. My husband got shocked and he cannot believe himself and asked how we return to the room last night. I said after Anton left we continue to eat the food and came up and slept immediately. I scolded him for spoil the business dinner talk. My husband got worried and get ready and again think for a while and told me to go alone and convince Mr. Anton about last night mistake. I thought he scared that he do not want to see Mr.Anton.I called Anton at his office and told him loudly for my husband to hear that we are sorry last night, then when my husband move away from the bathroom I whispered to Anton that I am going alone to meet him and Anton said he will pick me up at the bus stop outside the hotel in 1/2 hour. . I told my husband that, I will take a taxi and will go the office and will be back after the survey and discussion with Mr. Anton and his surveyors. Mr. Anton was in the rear of the car driven by the driver. There is a black glass separating the driver seat and the behind. The Driver cannot see or hear behind. Once I go into his hand and received a deep kiss. His cock is still strong even after 13 rounds last night. He said he used to drink the strong herbs worth so much money to keep his cock strong. Anton bring me to a different Hotel and we booked the room and ordered the sweet nice wines. He played in my body as though my body belongs to him. I obey him as a slave to his cock. I give a big ice cream blow job and suck his cock while he finger fuck me.

Later when he become stronger He bang me until my body move like a fish in the water. He promised me of the Insurance claim to go to our company. I made it. I won the Deal He make the decision that in favor to us that Our company will make a big money. I give him a deep kiss and some blow jobs to his cock. Anton like my ass kissing. Anton make me fully naked and asked me to dance for the european music. We enjoyed and sleep on top of him. The time was running faster. Anton dropped me at the bus stop, I went back to hotel, around 5.30pm like coming from the husband is awake and see me looks very tired. I told him that I walked and stand too long and move big boxes to check the damage. All my body is aching. He said You have to travel and discuss with Anton’s office people just because of me, I wanted to give you a good massage to your body. I said thatfs wonderful . He bath me put soap in to the vagina just before fucked by the european cock. He lay me on the bed and massaged me until I fall sleep. He asked me whether he can fuck me . I said No. I am dying of tired. He believed me. My husband suggested that we invite Anton for a dinner, this time we choose a different restaurant in the Hotel. The color of the alcohol drink served is different color that my husband deosn’t know (but Anton and me knows). My husband drank a lot as it was sweet. He seems to like the alcohol as He cannot drink back in our town. He drank as much. He forgot I am there and my breast is beeing squeeshed and my valve is being finger fucked in front of him. The same thing happen and my husband sleep until 12 noon the following day. and I went alone to see Mr.Anton, as pretending to be apologetic. This time Anton asked me to wear a saree and picked me at the bus stop.

Anton told me that he wanted to fuck her on her saree on, as the saree turn him on . I get fucked for long hours in my ass and vagina with my saree on and without any blouse or Bra. My breast swollen, and my body is full of semen. When I return to the hotel My husband Thanks for me for going and doing hard work of negotiation in the office. He said all his mistakes and told me he will not drink anymore, He bathed me and massaged me later make me rest again. I sleep until 8.00pm peacefully, preparing for the hard night. We left spending a week in that hotel, the routine was without fail the same style. My husband changed after dark, he loves the drink . He said he will drink only one glass after one more c.dranked until he donft know whats going on and Mr. Anton meet me every night and every afternoon. Always in different style, sometimes Shalwar, Saree, Jeans, Just bikini, Bra, and much more style. One time He even bring one of his vedio and took all our actions. I became his slave. My husband on the final day, the night before we leave the country fucked me and said that he is sorry that I didn’t get any fuck in that country until that time. I was silent as good family girl. He did all the style I wanted him, but I realised now that I enjoyed Mr. Anton’s fuck as a great one. I cannot forget that.

Now I have a child. I do not want to go for anymore survey, but one time Anton visited us specially he wanted to see me. The trip is planned like this , Mr.Anton pretend he is coming here with his wife and requested us to bring him to a city near to Taj Mahal, My whole family cannot go together and my husband have to take care of the business, So, I pretend that there is no choice that I have to bring him and his wife. Actually Mr. Anton came alone and, It was a three days trip by our car. The arrangement was that our company driver drive us and I have to be there as our Driver cannot speak English. but, after we left our home at the next train station, I gave some money to the old man and told him. That Mr. Anton’s wife is at the Hotel I am going to pick up her, but since the car is small, I can drive Mr. Anton’s family. I told the Driver that, He can go and see his wife in the village and come back and see us after three days at the Next village. This is a gesture for his long term service, but cannot tell this to my family, otherwise the Driver ‘s leave will be deducted. He agreed and very very happy. He can be with his wife. The Driver is very happy and he thanks me that he got three days off and see his wife and enjoy his time with his family. I picked him after three days on our way at the next village.

I and Anton didn’t spend much time in Taj Mahal just few hours only. The rest 3 days we two didn’t come out of the hotel room. We enjoyed our honeymoon in nude. We watched blue film he took long ago of our own and had wine, We ordered our wine and food through Room service. Our cloths were never touched. I am terribly tired because Anton fucked at least 18 times a day. I hope my husband will give me a good bath and massage when I return. I wish I will have more and more insurance claims and my husband to accompany me to have the drinks in foreign country, and me to have bog cock in me..

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