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Neeta Ko Choda

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

Hello, I am Rajendra Patel again from London. I am 41 with a good physique and well endowed at 7 inches. I hope you all have read my previous stories, Varsha, Seema, Suman and Pinky. All these experiences happened in late seventies and early eighties. I was having a lovely time sexually, having Seema Suman and Pinky at my disposal, I finished my collage in 1983 and moved to London, and there I was staying with one of my dad’s friends until I got a job and a place of my own to live. London was totally new experience for me, the life was different and I was finding it difficult to settle, eventually after struggling for 6 months I got a job in a local council in North London, the wages were good so I rented an apartment in Harrow and started living my life.

At first it was fun, I had made friends at work and the weekends were spent partying and fooling around but then after one and a half year I felt bored of this life and decided to get married, so I informed my parents of my wishes, they soon found a girl for me and arranged everything. I returned to India in 86 to get married, I married Sheetal a beautiful 18 yrs old girl; we had a nice honeymoon in Goa and I returned back to UK with my wife, the life was running smoothly, we were a good couple, sex was so so, nothing extraordinary, we both loved each other and after an year my wife gave birth to a beautiful girl. Our lives got busy with the new born, I soon purchased a house in Harrow and we were very happy with life in general, our sex life had declined a bit as my wife was busy with the baby, we would make love about 3-4 times a month and I started feeling neglected, for my wife sex had just become a chore. Because of my high sex drive I was suffering in silence, one day I decided to talk to her about it and I did but we did not get anywhere so I decided not to push it anymore. Time passed like this. In 1988 I got news from India that one of my cousin brother has married a girl from UK and he will be coming to London soon, I was very pleased as I was close to this cousin when I was in India and further more I had no relative in London. Rohit my cousin’s wedding had already taken place and he was in the process of getting a settlement visa for UK, in the mean time his wife Neeta had already returned to London she came to visit us, she was a nice looking girl a bit dark in colour tall about 5.3 nice slim figure tits about 36. She was not attractive just a normal looking girl, I met her brother and bhabhi, they seemed to be nice and friendly.

They lived very near to my place so we started meeting regularly and soon became good friends with Neeta’s brother. About five months later my cousin brother Rohit got his visa and came to London, he soon found a job and bought a flat five mins away from my house. We all would get together every weekend and time passed nicely, Neeta soon got pregnant and in 1989 delivered a healthy son, we were all very happy. In the same year my wife decided to go to India to visit her parents, I did not have any leave so I could not go, Sheetal left in November and it was decided that I will have my meals at my cousin Rohit’s place. Rohit’s job involved shift work and mostly he did late evening shifts, he would go to work at around 3.30 and return at 1 in the morning so every evening I went to his place for dinner and Neeta would serve me food then I would play with their son for a while and return home. For two weeks this was my routine in the 3rd week Monday after dinner Neeta asked me if I would stay for a bit longer, I asked her why so she said that she wants to talk to me about something, I said ok and after dinner I sat in their living room and played with my nephew, after about an hour Neeta came and said its her son’s (Mitul) bedtime so she took Mitul to put him to bed, she came back after 20 mins and sat opposite to me. She was wearing a white salwar kameez and looked very upset about something. I asked her what the matter was and without saying anything she started crying, I was confused and did not know what to do so I told her to calm down and tell me what is bugging her, she still did not stop crying so I got up and sat next to her and put my hand on her shoulder and consoled her, she stopped crying after a while and said bhai I am very unhappy. I was shocked at her statement, as I had always thought that they were a happy couple and had no problems. She then said that since he has come from India he has thought of nothing else but money and for that he is working long hours and is neglecting me; she also said that she spoke to him about it but he did not listen to her and instead hit her, tears were pouring down her cheeks and she was crying once again, I took a tissue from the side table and wiped her tears, she then said that Rohit has become very religious and he is mad about his guru when he is at home he is either praying or writing to his guru, he doesn’t even sleep in our bed anymore he sleeps in the spare room. I was patiently listening to her and consoling her.

I told her that I will speak to him to which she said no don’t tell him that I told you all this otherwise he will get angry, I was very concerned about all this and felt sorry for Neeta, I still had my hand an her shoulder and was massaging her back in order to comfort her, I never had seen Neeta in a sexual way as I was never attracted to her, but today I felt something, I was feeling her back and noticed she had no bra on as I could not feel any straps on her back, she was bending forwards and had her face in both her palms, I got up and knelt in front of her and tried to remove her hands from her face so I could see her, she saw me and said bhai what should I do, I have done nothing wrong, why should this happen to me, I love my husband very much but he treats me like dirt, I can’t even talk to my brother as he has told me not to bother him with my problems and to sort them out myself, she said that she has tried everything but Rohit would not listen. I was kneeling in front of her and as she was leaning forwards I could see down he kameez and saw her cleavage, this excited me. I too was not getting enough sex from my wife so I was in the same boat as Neeta as far as sex was concerned. I took Neeta’s face in my palm and said don’t worry everything will be ok and the I sat next to her, then she leaned back and put her head on my shoulder, I was feeling hot and was getting an erection as after a long time a woman was so close to me but at the same time I was afraid to make a move because she might be offended, I was in a dilemma and was confused, I had my hand around her shoulder and the grip was tight, she was leaning more and more on me and my right hand which was on her shoulder dropped to her waist and I held her there she had now calmed down a bit and she felt comfort in my arms we stayed there like that for god knows how long, none of us moved, she then asked me if I was feeling uncomfortable so I said no so once again she relaxed my arm on the waist was now moving and was massaging the side of her waist, she liked that and looked up to me, our eyes met and I saw genuine love in her eyes, in her eyes I could see the thirst for a man, I saw her lips shiver and I just don’t know how but my lips just drew towards her lips and we kissed, it was a long passionate kiss, a kiss of love and desire and a kiss which will take us to the ultimate sexual pleasure. We broke our kiss after a long time and then she got up and said bhai I am very sorry to trouble you with my troubles but I did not know who to turn to, I said its no problem then she again sat next to me took my hand in hers and kissed me there, I felt her soft cheeks and her sensual lips, I moved my right hand through her silky black hair and pulled her up to me and kissed her again, we knew where all this would lead but now none of us cared.

I then laid her on the sofa and knelt next to her and started kissing her neck earlobes and her lips, she was enjoying this attention from me and was moaning, I had so far not touched her tits or below her waist, she was withering about on the sofa and then she herself took my hand and placed it on her left boob, I felt her boob it was soft and felt big, I pressed it hard and she moaned, I felt wetness on her boob and realised that she must still be breast feeding Mitul. I was now pressing both her boobs over her kameez then I decided to move a bit further so I asked her to take her kameez off, now she felt a bit shy so I hugged her and opened the zipper of her kameez at the back and then pushed the kameez off her shoulders, the sight that greeted me was fantastic, her tits were big (because of the milk) about 38 I would say, she then stood up and left the room I wanted to go after her but did not and stayed there with a massive hard on. She did now come for about 5 mins so I decided to go and check on her, I looked in the kitchen, she was not there, then I went to the bedroom there I saw her lying on the bed sobbing, so I went closer to her and put my palm on her head and asked her what is the matter? She said that she feels guilty for being unfaithful to her husband, I said I am sorry if I have offended you but I did not mean to hurt you, please forgive me and I left the room, I came in the living room and started getting ready to leave, I called out her name and said Neeta I am going and will call you later. I left the flat and came home cursing myself for moving so fast on the girl, I should have taken a bit of time to seduce her and get her under my control. I was just sitting in my living room sulking and sipping brandy, just then the phone rang and it was Neeta I again apologised so she said no bhai please don’t apologise as it was not your fault, I am thirsty for love and affection and sexual attention which I got from you and I am very thankful for it, I did feel guilty for a while but then I said to myself that no don’t feel guilty if your husband does not give you physical pleasure then it is not wrong to get it from someone else. I said Neeta I am in the same boat and told her about the lack of sex in my life so she said bhai we can both look after each other, I said yes why not we both love our spouses and want to be faithful to them but if they are not prepared to give us what we want then we do have the right to seek pleasure elsewhere.

She said would you come right now, I said yes Neeta I will be with you in 5 mins. It was 9.15 at night so I thought that I still have 3 hrs to enjoy Neeta. I reached neeta’s place in 5 mins she opened the door and after closing the door she embraced me tightly, I felt her tits against my chest and the feeling was great, we went in the living room and she said that she will bring me a drink, she got me a brandy and said she will be back in a minute, she disappeared in her bedroom and I sat sipping the brandy, in about 5 mins she came out wearing a short see through pink nighty, the nighty barely covered her arse cheeks and I could see her pink panties, for the first time I realised how beautiful she was, her skin was wheatish, her thighs were full and heavy and had a big arse, her tits were big and confined in a pink lacy bra, she looked like a sex goddess, I was stunned at her beauty, she sexily walked towards me and sat next to me, she said to me bhai why don’t you change into something comfortable, I have left a boxer short for you in my bedroom. So I got up and went to her bedroom and changed into the boxers, on top I just wore my vest and the returned to the living room, as I entered the room I noticed that she is watching me intently and her eyes were fixed on my cock because as I walked my half hard cock was moving about in the boxers as I was not wearing an underwear, I came and sat very close to her and took her in my arms and kissed her she responded well and our tongues started exploring each others mouths, we were exchanging saliva, I was holding her face in my palms and caressing her ears and neck, I did not want to touch her private parts as I first wanted her to be under my full control, she was getting hotter by the second, and was saying things like, love me bhai my body is aching for a man, I haven’t had sex for 6 months please love me, her hands were moving all over my body and then she snaked her right hand into the legs of my boxer short and held my cock, my cock was fully erect and she held my cock in her palms and exclaimed wow its huge, I was watching the expressions on her face, she was delighted at the prospects of getting truly fucked, my big thick seven incher was throbbing in her hands.

She then got up from the sofa and said bhai make love to me, she came near me and took me by my hand and led me to the spare room, in the spare room the light was dim and two candles were burning, it had a double bed and a mirrored wardrobe, the room smelled fresh and exotic, she sat me down on the bed and hugged me and again said make love to me, she then removed her nighty and came near me and laid me on the bed and sat astride me the with both her hands she took my hands and placed them on her big tits, I pressed them hard and she moaned, she guided my hands to the front opening hooks, I opened the fasteners and her boobs spilled out of her bra, her boobs were nice and big with big pointed nipples and dark brown areolas, I attacked her tits with my mouth and started sucking her succulent breasts, milk was oozing out from her tits and into my mouth, she tasted nice the milk tasted different to Sumans milk. I removed her bra completely and turned her over, now she was under me, I wanted to rip her panties and insert my lund in her but decided against it as I wanted her to beg me to fuck her, her hands were again under my shorts and playing with my cock, I then rose and stood over her and slowly lowered my boxers, she was anxiously waiting for my cock to appear and finally I let the boxer drop to my ankles, she got the first sight of my lund and she just sat up and started kissing the head of my lund, it felt nice as I did not have oral sex for a long time, my wife does not like oral sex. Neeta now took my lund in her mouth and started sucking me hard and fast, I asked her to slow down but she kept on sucking me I was on the verge of coming and I told her she took my cock out of her mouth and said come in my mouth I have never tasted come before and again took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me, she was a good sucker, she was taking half of my cock in her mouth and at times even more and I would feel that my cock head is touching the back of her throat, at times she would just have the head in her mouth and swirl her tongue around the head, she would touch the sensitive underside of my cock with her tongue, she was constantly playing with my balls and all this was getting too much for me and then I started ejaculating in her mouth she gladly drank all my come and I saw signs of satisfaction in her eyes, after sucking me completely dry she released my lund from her mouth and said I liked the taste of your come.

I complimented her on her sucking technique and asked her where she learnt this so she said from the blue film she had been watching over the last year, I felt sorry for her and kissed her I tasted my own come on her tongue, after coming my lund had gone semi hard and was dangling between my legs she was admiring my size. She still had her pink knickers on and I was anxious to see her love tunnel so I got up and put my thumb on each side of her elastic and pulled her panties off, she had a thick bush of hair between her legs, the hair were dense and it seemed as she had never ever shaved down there, I caressed her pussy mound and tried to locate her cunt with my middle finger, to help me she had spread her legs wide but I found it difficult to locate her hole so she took my finger in her fingers and guided my finger to her cunt, she was soaking wet, taking a closer look I found that her juices were glistening on her pussy hair, I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and found the she was very hot inside, I started moving my finger in her pussy and she started moaning, her juices were pouring out of her cunt and wetting my hands, she was enjoying this, she was moaning and saying ‘ deeper more deeper, I like that ‘ with my thumb I found her clitoris and started stimulating it, her clit was big as big as a peanut. I massaged her clit with my thumb and after a while she started moaning very loudly, it seemed she had never had such pleasure before, her breathing got heavy and then suddenly she just closed her thighs tightly trapping my hand between them, she was now gasping and said bhai I can’t take it any more, something is happening to me, I knew she was having an orgasm so I told her that, she said I have heard a lot about orgasms but had never experienced it myself, this is the first time I have had an orgasm, she was panting while she spoke as the orgasm she had was intense, my hand was still trapped between her legs and I could feel her juices wetting my hand.

After a while she recovered and released my hand and I licked her juices off my fingers she tasted marvellous, I then rubbed my wet and sticky hands on her boobs and then stuck two fingers in her mouth, she tasted her own juice, I now sat astride her stomach and put her hand on my growing lund she held my lund and started rubbing it on her tits, then she let go of my lund and held her boobs from the sides and pushed them together, this formed a nice cleavage, I got the hint and I stuck my lund in that valley and started making fucking motion, precum was oozing from my cock which provided lubrication and my cock started moving easily between her boobs, on my up strokes my cock would come out at the top of her boobs and Neeta would stick her tongue out and lick the head of my lund, the sensation I was getting was fantastic I had never before tit fucked anyone. This girl knew a lot about sexual satisfaction, as she was born and bread in western society so she had this knowledge and was not afraid to experiment and I knew this new relationship will flourish nicely. My cock was now once again fully erect and was ready for some real action, I tit fucked Neeta for a while and then I removed my lund from her cleavage and gave my lund in her mouth for sucking she again sucked my lund like a pro I was enjoying the blow job, her lips and tongue were doing wonderful things to my cock, after letting her suck my cock for a while I asked her to get on her hands and knees (doggy position) facing the mirrored wardrobe, she got in that position in a flash, I positioned myself between her legs from behind and aligned my lund in line with her pussy, I just wanted to shove my cock in and fuck her but decided against it, instead I started rubbing my lund on her arse hole, she was loving this and was making sexy sounds like sissssssss ooooooeeeeeemmmaaaaa ah ah ah ah ah , the room was filled with such sounds and the scent of our sex. She then took my lund in her hand from between her legs and started rubbing it on her pussy lips, the sensation was out of this world, she was pulling at my lund trying to insert it in her cunt, but I wanted her to beg for it, after a while when she was unable to take my cock in her she said bhai please fuck me, I want your huge cock in my burning pussy, I told her to call my cock a lund and her pussy a choot so she said it again bhai please fuck my choot with your lund.

I instantly took my lund in my right hand and pushed it in her pussy her pussy lips opened and my lund slid in, I was 4 inches in her pussy and realised that she is tight her pussy has not been used a lot for fucking, I pushed my lund completely in up to the hilt, she gasped as my huger seven incher had penetrated her deeper than ever before, she was in some pain but at the same time her life long wishes were being fulfilled, I could see her reflection in the mirror, her eyes were closed and mouth open, her boobs were sexily dangling and the sight was erotic. I started giving her slow strokes and I found she is moving her bum to meet my strokes and take my lund as deep as possible, my lund was going in her choot very swiftly and the sound of fucking was music to my ears, she was steadily moaning and urging me to go deeper and fuck her harder she said bhai please fuck my choot harder I want you to rip my cunt apart, your lund is big and thick it has stretched my choot to its limit, please fuck me harder, then she put her right hand between her legs and massaged my balls and it felt very good, I in turn with my right hand found her sensitive clit and rubbed it and that took her to her second orgasm of the evening, I could feel her cunt muscles contract and they held my cock tight, as her orgasm subsided I started ramming her again and this time I was fucking her hard and fast, she was now shouting with pleasure, her tits were violently moving around , I held onto her right breast and fucked her hard, we were sweating like anything, I then took hold of her shoulder length hair and pulled them and with that her head came up as well and then again I started fucking her, the sex was rough and there was pain for her but she was liking it. I then decided to change the position and asked her to come on top of me, we got into the position and she started riding me, she was moving her arse round on my cock, she had her hands on my shoulder and I was massaging her tits, I was pinching her nipples and at times would suck them, my cock was deep in her womb and our mixed juices were trickling down my balls and arse.

She had now picked up speed and was approaching her third orgasm and I too was near coming, she was now moving her hips up and down my cock and with a huge grunt she came and at the same time I spunked her pussy she still kept on fucking me, and then collapsed on my chest, she was kissing my chest and neck and was thanking me for a great fuck, we lied there stuck to each other for about 10 mins and then she slowly got up, my cock came out of her choot and with that my come started pouring out of her choot, my thigh was full of spunk she saw this and then she licked all the spunk off my thigh, she then got a tissue from the side table and plugged her choot and went to the bathroom, I was just lying there recovering from a great workout, my cock had shrunk and was lying loose between my legs. Neeta came back after 5 mins with a wet flannel and cleaned my cock, balls and thighs; she then kissed me and thanked me again. It was now 11.30pm and Rohit will return at 1 am so we still had some time, we came to the living room still naked and sat on the sofa, she went to the kitchen and made some strawberry shake, she came back with two glasses and gave me one, I drank the shake and lit a cigi she sat next to me and said bhai you lund is great it is much bigger than Rohit and it has satisfied me, I said to her Neeta remember this lund is always available and whenever you feel the need you can have it, then she said bhai I am your slave from today and I am available for you for the rest of my life, Rohit is my official husband but for me you are my true husband and I love from the bottom of my heart, I was well pleased and then half an hour later I got dressed and left for my home, the next day was a Saturday so I had a day off so had no worries of getting up early. I got home and had a shower and went to bed with sweet memories of Neeta.

The next morning I woke up at 11am and finished my morning chores and the sat in front of the TV sipping tea, I had my bath and was ready by 1230, I was just lazing around the house waiting for the evening when again I will see Neeta, just then the door bell rang and when I opened the door it was Neeta with a pushchair, I let her in and she took baby Mitul out of the buggy, she sat on the sofa and said Rohit has gone to work early so she came out to do some shopping, I asked her to be comfortable and remove her coat she did that and sat down. Today she was wearing a long pleated skirt and a cotton T shirt, her nipples were prominent through her tight t shirt, she was obviously not wearing a bra so her nipples were rock hard due to the cold weather. Mitul was in her lap and I was sitting opposite her, I asked her if she was having any guilty feeling about last night and she said no. I told her that I really enjoyed last night and asked her if she liked it, she felt to reply so she just nodded in affirmation. I offered her tea so she said that she will make it for both of us and then went in the kitchen, Mitul was playing on the floor in the living room and I followed her in the kitchen, I showed her everything in the kitchen and she started making tea, I was constantly watching her, curves of her body, her shapely boobs and her round arse, she looked more beautiful in western clothes. She said to me that last night Rohit came and after dinner he did not sleep in the spare room but slept with her and made love to her but it was as usual wham bam thank you mam over in two mins, no fore play or anything, I felt disgusted. I felt sorry for the girl she loved her husband but for some reason Rohit was not responding to her love, I saw tears in her eyes so I stood behind her and hugged her and said Neeta I love you and you can get all the love you require from me, my hands were on her stomach and I was caressing her there, she felt a lot of comfort in my arms, she then turned around and kissed me and said I know you will always love me and I am very thankful for that, I just wished that I was married to you so I could be with you all the time and have a man who loves me next to me in my bed at night. I said I will be always there for you but we must respect the laws of society and be discreet about our love, she was in my arms and her braless boobs were crushed against my chest, after a while we broke our embrace and she attended to the tea.

Once the tea was made we took our cups and went in the living room, there we sat close to each other, I asked her what her plans were so she said nothing is planned, in the evening I just have to cook and rest of the time I am free, I said that is fine today you will spend the day with me as I have a day off as well she said that’s fine with me. We finished our tea and then she said that if she has to stay here then she would pop back home and get some things for Mitul, I said that’s ok you go ahead I will look after Mitul, so she put her coat on and went home. She came back after half an hour and I noticed that she has changed her clothes, her black skirt was a lot shorter and instead of a t shirt she was now wearing a cream coloured blouse, she was looking very sexy. She came inside and said I will feed Mitul and then she got some baby food and fed Mitul after about half an hour Mitul fell asleep so we put him in the kids bedroom and came down stairs. I was getting a bit impatient and wanted to see Neeta nude but I did not want to push her so we talked about this that and other for a while, then I asked Neeta if she wants to watch a blue movie, so she said yes I would love to, I got the video cassette and played it on the video, the movie started and in the very first scene there was this sexy dark haired woman sucking a huge cock, the woman was completely naked and her pussy was clean shaved, I went and sat next to Neeta and took her hand in my hand and started caressing it, I was wearing pyjamas and no underwear and my cock was getting harder by the second and soon a tent was prominent , she saw the tent and asked is it me or the movie? I said it is you, I have watched this movie many times. She smiled at me and then put her hand on my lund over my pyjamas, I was rock hard and precum was oozing out and wetting the front of my PJ’s, she asked me to take my PJ’s off so I could be more comfortable, I took them off in a flash and stood nude from waist down in front of her, I asked her to stand up and she stood up, I went closer to her and unbuttoned her blouse and removed it and then undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor, she was now standing in front of me with only her white lacy panties, I hooked my thumbs in the panty elastic and pushed them down she gracefully stepped out of them and then came closer to me and removed my shirt, now we were naked our clothes scattered on the floor, I hugged her and my cock wedged between her pussy lips, her tits crushed against my chest and our lips French kissing, we fell on the couch and started caressing each others private parts, we did this for a while and then stopped for a breather, we looked at the TV screen and saw that the woman was being screwed by this white man with a huge cock, the movie was turning Neeta on and then she said to me bhai fuck me, I said I intend to Neeta but before that we need to do something she said what, I asked her if she had ever thought of shaving her pubic hair? She replied that she has never shaved the hair before; I asked her if she would like me to shave her hair? She said if you want to, I don’t mind it will be something new for me.

I said ok then I went to the bathroom and got my shaving kit, I asked her to lie down on the floor and spread her legs, I laid some newspaper and she lied on it, first I trimmed her long pubic hair and then applied some foam and shaved off all her hair except a small bush at the top of her pussy, I then asked her to shave my hair which she did very erotically, while shaving my hair she would take the head of my cock in her mouth and suck it, I liked it very much. After the shaving session we cleaned up and again sat together and watched the movie, I pulled her onto my lap and she leaned on my chest, my cock was between her legs inches away from her pussy, the movie ended after half an hour, then I stood her up and asked her to spread her legs, she did that and then I kissed her on her pussy, she had her left leg on the sofa besides me and I was between her legs, my face was comfortably in line with her pussy so I found it easy to lick her choot, her pussy lips were thick and fluffy and her clit was hidden under the hood so I stimulated her clit and within seconds her clit was out of its hood, I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it hard and then bit it a bit and she yelled, it must have pained her so I apologised, I again started sucking her clit and at the same time inserted two fingers up her choot, she was enjoying the dual pleasure she was receiving from me, I was sucking her clit hard and finger fucking her fast and soon I felt her thighs shiver as she reached her orgasm, the orgasm was so intense that she could not stand up on her feet so she fell on me and I gladly held her in a tight embrace. After a while I sat her on the sofa and I knelt between her legs and rubbed my Lund on her choot, I was rubbing my lund from top to bottom of her choot and whenever I got to her clit I would dab my lund head on it, her pussy was wet and sticky with her juices and my precum, after doing this for about ten mins I without any warning pushed my entire lund in her choot, a scream came out of her mouth, my whole lund was in her choot and I stayed motionless for a few minutes, when I knew that she has adjusted to my big lund I slowly started fucking her, with every stroke her tits would bounce up and down and I like to see the tits bouncing while I am fucking, I was massaging her tits while fucking and she was moaning like hell, beads of sweat had formed on her forehead and she was getting really hot, I increased my pace, my balls were hitting her arse and the feeling was great, my knees were rubbing on the carpet and I knew that I will end up with carpet burns on my knees but I did not stop I wanted to fuck Neeta to my hearts content. I now was fucking her at full speed and she was asking me to stop but I ignored her pleas and kept on fucking her, I was nearing my orgasm and so I increased the speed and then with a grunt I unloaded my seed deep in her choot I spurted jet after jet of my spunk in her and the spunk started coming out of her choot, she said your spunk feels nice and warm in my choot, I kept her choot plugged with my lund for a while then gave her a tissue and removed my lund, she put the tissue on her choot and realised that there is too much spunk and the tissue will not hold it longer so she ran to the bathroom to clean up, I followed her and saw her squatting in the bath and pushing my spunk out of her choot, I got in the bath tub with her and turned the shower on, we both had a good shower and came out and dried each other and relaxed in each others arms on my bed, it was still early 3.30pm so we just slept on the bed talking and I don’t know when we dosed off when we woke up it was 5.30 so we got dressed and decided to go to neeta’s place as she still had to cook, we got to her place at six, I had a peg of scotch and relaxed while Neeta cooked, the food was ready by 7.30pm so I had my dinner and for desert I licked neeta’s pussy and before I left Neeta gave me a nice blow job.

Our newly found love was flourishing nicely and our lovemaking was getting better and better, we were not afraid to experiment and did many things, which were our fantasies, in my next story I will tell you how we lived out our fantasies so guys watch out for the next part of My Story Neeta Part 2. Till then bye and do send me your comments on

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