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Neeta Ke Saath Mast Sex

  • desipapa
  • October 3, 2015

Dear readers I am Rajendra again from London with the third part of my continuing story of Neeta. In Neeta part 2 I fucked her in a cinema and fulfilled one of her fantasies. Every evening I use to go to her place and fuck her, my wife and kid who were in India on a holiday were due back in two weeks and I wanted to make the most of my freedom as I knew that once my wife returns there will be lot of restrictions. One fine afternoon I was at neeta’s place when one of her friends Neha came to visit her, Neeta and Neha were very good friends and had no secrets between them, from the conversation I gathered that Neha knew about my intimate relation with Neeta, we had a good laugh throughout the afternoon and come 5pm Neha left for her home and before leaving she asked me to come around her place sometime I said ok and she left.

After her departure Neeta came to me and sat in my lap and kissed me and fondled my cock and the usual things, then she said to me that Neha was very impressed by you and she would like if you could fuck her with your huge cock sometime, I reminded Neeta about her promise to be discrete so she said that Neha is the only person she trusts and that our secret is safe with her and again asked me if I would fuck her, I tried to change the subject but after a while she again asked me the same thing so I in the end said I will fuck her but she has to ensure that this secret stays a secret, she agreed to this and immediately phoned Neha with the good news. Now Neha was a woman aged 34 yrs, 5yrs my senior, very short 4ft 9″ with boy cut hair 34c tits and a big arse, she was not attractive but fuckable, the only reason I wanted to fuck her was that once my wife returns I will need a place where I could fuck Neeta, so if I take Neha under my wings then I will have a place.

Next day in the after noon Neeta called me at work and said asked me when it would be convenient for me to see Neha, I said tomorrow Wednesday would be fine as I have a half day at my office, she said ok see you in the evening and hung up. I went to Neeta in the evening, she was waiting for me, today she was wearing a light pink saree with a matching blouse and petticoat, she was looking very sexy in the saree and I complimented her she smiled and hugged me. We had a good meal in the evening and then she did a slow erotic striptease for me and later I fucked her. Before I left her place she gave me Neha’s address and phone number and asked me to call her before I go I said ok and left. Next day at 12pm I called neha she asked me when I was coming so I said I would be with her in 15 mins, she said ok and hung up, she lived locally so I did not have to travel far, I bought some flowers for her and arrived at her place at 1230pm, she opened the door and today she was looking beautiful, she had spent time preparing herself for our first fuck, she was wearing a full length sleeveless summer dress which was yellow and printed, her black bra was visible through her dress, her under arms were shaved and she was wearing red lip stick, she invited me in and sat me in her living room, her living room was well decorated and a log fire was burning in the fire place, the room smelled fresh with fragrance, she offered me tea I declined and asked her if she has something strong she said she has whisky I said that will do fine, she went in the kitchen which was at the end of her through lounge, she came back with my drink and gave it to me and sat opposite me, I asked her where her drink was so she said it is too early for her I said to her that to celebrate this occasion she must join me and that she will be ok by the time I left so she went and made a peg for herself and again sat opposite me. I asked her about her husband she said he works for a bank and he returns home at about 8pm her son who is 5yrs old is at school and after school Neeta is going to pick him up, the arrangement was fine and there will be no interruption in our fun, she then said let me show you my house and led me upstairs, she showed me her kids room guest room bath room and then her bedroom, her bedroom was well arranged wit a nice water bed and mirrored wardrobes, she also had mirror on her head board, the room was ideal for sex.

We moved downstairs again and sipped our drinks. She asked me if she was dressed appropriately and I said it will do, she said it does not have to do as she has wardrobe full of sexy clothes and said, come with me and pick the dress I like, we went to her bedroom and she opened her cupboard and said take your pick, I had a look and saw many sexy clothes and underwear, swimwear and Indian wear, I picked a very short bikini and gave it to her, it was pink in colour and was sexy, she took the garment and asked me to wait downstairs which I did, in about 10 mins she came wearing the bikini, she had draped a see through cloth on her bikini pants and she looked very sexy, she asked me ‘ how do I look?’ I said ravishing. I asked her to come and sit near me; she picked her glass and sat very close to me, she smelled nice and fresh and I told her so, she thanked me and said that she just had a bath ½ an hour ago after coming back from work (she too works as a nurse and is a colleague of Neeta). I was still wearing my suit as I had come directly from work and she saw that I was a bit uncomfortable so she said ‘ why don’t you get out of these clothes and relax? I said that is a very good idea and got up to remove my clothes, she went and got a hanger and hung my suit on it I had removed all my clothes except my vest and underwear, she was impressed by my torso, we again sat next to each other and started chatting.

She said that Neeta talks very highly of you and that you have been a great help, she also praises your lund and your love making technique, this was the first time she mentioned a sexy word. I said thanks for the compliment, we were sitting so close that our thighs were touching and I was getting hot, my Lund was stirring in my undi, I noticed that her eyes are glued to the tent in my undi, so I asked her if she wants to see the pleasure tool, she jumped at this and said yes please, I said what are you waiting for, I am all your do as you please, so she asked me to stand up and she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of my undies and pulled it down, my cock sprung out and it stood out proud pointing at her face, she gasped at the sight and said you are big too big, she touched the pink head of my cock and then tried to encircle it with her palm but she could not with her small hands, so she used both hands and fondled my lund, I saw signs of pleasure on her face, she had never seen a cock so big and thick, she said my husband’s cock is 5″ long but thin and she thought that he was big but not any more, I was standing in front of her and she was still sitting on the sofa so I took her by her hands and stood her up, as she was short and I was tall her face came up to just below my chest, I had to bend down to kiss her, we kissed for ages, when we disengaged she was gasping for air, she just sunk on the sofa and admired my lund. I said Neha I need a refill, she stood up took both the glasses and went to the kitchen, I saw her arse and it was sexy, her arse swayed as she walked, she returned with the glasses and again sat next to me. I sipped my drink and then while sitting I lifted her and sat her on my lap facing me, her legs were placed on my sides and my fully erect lund was nudging her pussy over her bikini bottom, I removed the thin cloth she had wrapped around her waist, we were facing each other and we kissed, we tangled each other’s tongue and I could feel her saliva going in my mouth, it was a long lingering kiss and I was fondling her small 34c tits over her bikini top, her bikini bottom was held up by two strings on the side no elastic so I undid both of them and caressed her bum, my fingers were probing her arse crack, my fingers reached her pussy and was glad it was freshly clean shaved, she was very wet between her legs, I dipped my middle finger in her choot and then brought that finger to my mouth and sucked her juice off that finger, she tasted nice and I told her so she just shied away and hugged me, I stood up carrying her, she wrapped her leg around me, my hands were on her lovely big arse, I then laid her on a coffee table, she untangled her feet and laid on the table I was above her and the table, her bikini bottom had fallen off and her pussy was wide open for me to enjoy, I stepped back a bit and admired this little beauty whom I had just thought of as fuckable but no she was hot and sexy. I then went near her and pulled her bikini top off, now she was totally nude, I too removed my vest and then I kissed her boobs, her boobs were small but had long thick nipples, she had dark brown areolas with a birth mark on her left boob, I was massaging her tits and tweaked her nipples with my fingers, her nipples were rock hard and were pointing straight out like bullets, I sucked on both of them, I sat her up on the table and I kissed my way down her stomach, my hands running up and down the soft, downy skin of her back, her fingers entwined in my hair as I heard a light sigh from her lips.

“Mmmm. that feels… wonderful” I stood back and looked up into her dark eyes as she pushed her breasts together with her arms, enhancing her already ample cleavage. Her hands cupped them as she gently tweaked her nipples. I went close to her and my mouth opened slightly and I nipped at her skin with my teeth. A sharp gasp escaped from between her parted lips. I kissed my way down to her breast, and circled her nipple with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth. Her breathing changed to a groan as I sucked harder…nibbling and flicking the tip of her rock-hard nipple. She pulled my head toward her, as if trying to force more of her breast into my mouth. I began tracing a line down her flat stomach with my tongue and reached her pubic area the heat of her passion was evident, I said to her.”Mmmm… I’m going to enjoy this as much as you, I love eating a shaved pussy,” I said, inhaling the aroma of her arousal, she was practically squirming out of my grasp.” Please… I can’t stand it much longer, I need you,” she gasped and grabbed a large handful of my hair. I ran my finger along her wet, glistening lower lips, enjoying the shudder that coursed through her as I did. She raised her hips, pushing herself against my hand. My finger slipped easily inside the hot, wet choot and a hoarse moan burst from her throat. “More, God, more… please!” I slipped a second finger into her, smiling to myself as it stretched the opening of her choot. This girl was tight; Neha’s breathing became faster, more erratic. Her grip on my hair tightened involuntarily, pulling me toward her as her hips rocked back and forth. She was impaling her tight pussy on my fingers and I could feel those incredible internal muscles squeezing them with every thrust. My free hand gently opened her wet lips, and I flicked the hard nub of her clitoris with my tongue. Her moans transformed into a squeal of pleasure as I sucked the little button into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue again as her hips bucked against me. Her juices ran down my fingers and I started to curl them toward her belly button while pumping them vigorously in her wet box. Neha’s body began to quiver, her breath coming in short quick spasms.”Oh… oh… OH… GOD!” she screamed as she threw her head back and arched against me. She was enjoying the finger fuck and I could see this on her face, she was a hot little woman, she was moaning loudly and freely.

I felt the muscles in her thighs tense and her toes curled against my leg. My cock jerked against her smooth leg as I felt her pussy tighten even more on my fingers as she started having her first orgasm of the afternoon. Her body went limp on the table but I continued thrusting my fingers inside her. She moaned and a few shivers later, opened her dark eyes. Her flushed face shone with exertion as she took a final steadying breath. I smiled at her as I removed my damp fingers from her pussy and brought them to my lips, I licked my fingers and said ‘ Neha you taste great’. She was still recovering from the intense orgasm she just had, I then lifted her and we both stood up, she held my cock with both her hands and then without any warning bent down and took my lund in her hot mouth, Her lips wrapped tightly around the shaft as her head bobbed up and down. Her hand gently cupped my balls and squeezed them lightly as her tongue swirled around the head. Her other hand stroked the shaft of my cock, her eyes locked onto mine as I watched her take me into her mouth once more, her nose burying itself in my pubic hair. She gently guided my hand to her head, pushing it into the soft curls of her hair. I entwined my fingers in her hair, pulling her head down onto my cock. She began humming and moaning softly, the vibrations running the length of my shaft as she sucked harder. I could feel my body tensing, my hips pumping my cock in and out of her mouth as she moved faster and faster. Her hand stroked the shaft as she licked and sucked on the head, her other hand still massaging my balls. My rapid breathing turned to groans as I could feel the throbbing shudder of an orgasm tighten my scrotum. She swallowed quickly as I came, my cock pulsing in her warm wet mouth repeatedly.

Her tongue licked the head clean as she sucked the last drop of cum from my softening Lund. I felt drained and just sat down on the sofa, she came near me and sat in my lap and embraced me. She was kissing my hairless chest and pinching my nipples, I stretched past her and picked up my glass and gulped the whisky down, I returned the glass back to the side table and then started caressing Neha’s body, she was facing me in my lap and my cock semi hard was nudging at her pussy hole, I cupped her right breast and took her erect nipple in my mouth she squirmed in delight, she later told me that her nipples and clit are the most sensitive parts of her body and she could come by just a slight stimulation. I was sucking her nipples hard and my cock was voluntarily rubbing her clit and within 5mins she had another orgasm, I felt her juices on my lund as it oozed out of her choot, she was gasping and her breathing was erratic, she hugged me and said ‘Neeta was right you are a wonderful lover I have already come twice and you haven’t even fucked me yet’ I said to her ‘ Neha we have plenty of time and I assure you will come many times more’ she smiled at me and said Rajendra I feel hungry I will get something to eat, she got up from my lap and picked up her skimpy clothes, I stopped her and said no Neha when you are with me you do not wear anything, you have to remain naked until I walk out of your front door, she again smiled and put her clothes down and went in the kitchen to fetch something to eat.

She took a long time to return so I went to the kitchen to see what is going on, I saw her standing at the dining table cutting cheese cubes and some other snack, she brought all the stuff to the living room and the went and got the bottle of scotch, she made me another peg and made one for herself, she picked up a piece of cheese and held it between her lips and then came and sat in my lap facing me and her legs on my side, she brought her lips with the cheese to my mouth, I kissed her mouth and took the cheese from her mouth, we repeated this again and again, it was erotic and filling, then she picked up a can containing cream and sprayed it on my chest, she asked me to lie on the floor on my back so I stood up carrying her with me then lied on the carpet in front of the fire, she straddled me and was sitting on my stomach, she then sprayed more cream on my body and started licking the cream off my body, her tongue was lashing around my chest area, she was like a hungry cat, she licked all the cream off me then slid down my legs and sprayed the cream on my dick, then she spread the cream all over my pubic area then again started licking the cream, she licked my lund clean then my balls, she spent a lot of time sucking my balls, the cream had spread down to my arse hole so she bent my legs and pushed them back and licked the cream off my arse hole, that felt very nice as she pushed the tip of her tongue in my arse hole, no one had ever done that to me before.

She kept on licking and sucking me for about 20mins then she sprayed some cream on her boobs and offered them to me, I sucked the cream off her boobs taking her hard nipples in my mouth, my lund had regained its strength and was now ready for some hard action, so I turned her around and laid her on her back and got between her legs, I took my lund in my right hand and started rubbing it on her choot lips, her clit came out of its hood and looked straight at me, her clit was fully aroused so when I touched it with my lund she squealed with delight and moaned, she was making hissing sounds as my cock massaged her choot, I then checked her choot for wetness and found her choot in prime condition for fucking, I placed my lund between her cunt lips and pushed, my lund went 3″ in her choot and she shouted oooooooeeeemaaa and then she put both her hands on my chest and pushed, stopping me going any more inside her choot, I asked her if it is painful, all she could say was nooooooooo ooooooooooohahahaha she was gasping, she had never had a cock this thick before and it will take a while before she gets use to my size, I was surprised at her choots tightness after all she was a mother of a five year old. I laid there on her with 3″ in her choot for a while then I again pushed a little further and another couple of inches went in, I again allowed her time to adjust then I started fucking her, she was loudly moaning all the time, all the pain had gone and signs of pleasure were visible on her face and in her moans. I had pushed all 7″ in her choot and she was saying fuck me!” Her voice was a hoarse whisper in my ear. “Fuck me… I want to feel your cock in my pussy, I want to feel your cum inside me. Her vaginal muscles pulsed and massaged my cock as I slowly withdrew, leaving just the tip inside her before I slid into her again. I moaned softly as I felt her squeezing my cock even tighter. I was smiling, my teeth clenched as I tried desperately not to cum too soon. Her eyes were closed and her mouth formed in a silent “oh” as I ground my hips against her. Her fingernails dug into my shoulders, pulling me even closer to her. I pulled her shoulders toward me, impaling her on my throbbing organ. My pace began to quicken, thrusting harder and harder inside her. Her legs wrapped around my waist as her breathing kept pace with my pounding in her tight pussy.

The short, quick breaths became louder and louder, turning to a series of “oh. Oh! Oh! OH! OH! “That built to a crescendo. Suddenly, she screamed and her nails raked down my back and gripped my ass, pulling me into her. Her smooth legs tightened against me as she began to say my name, over and over. Her pussy suddenly clamped down on my cock, and I began to come I kept thrusting, slamming my hips against hers as I felt my cock spurting inside her pussy. Throughout it all, she kept milking me with those amazing muscles of hers, draining my cock as it throbbed and pulsed inside her. Finally, I withdrew, which caused her to emit a final, high-pitched moan, before I collapsed on her. We were both sweating due to vigorous fucking and the heat of the fire, our bodies were sticky and smelled of sweat and cream, she then got up and took me by my hand and we went up stairs to the bathroom where she started filling the bath, then she squatted on the commode and started pissing I watched her as the piss started coming out of her pussy and landing into the bowl making a noise as if someone had opened a tap. She then got up and entered the bath tub, I followed her in the tub and sat opposite her, our legs were stretched against each other, her leg was between my legs and she was fondling my cock with her tiny foot, it felt nice, the bath was half filled and the water level was enough for us so she turned off the water and then came over and sat between my legs with her back to me, I hugged her from behind and cupped her small tits, the water was nice and warm and it was soothing our tired bodies, we relaxed in the bath for half an hour playing with each others body parts, then we got out and she dried my body then herself. The afternoon was not over yet as it was just 2pm, we adjourned to her bedroom where I lied on her water bed it was all wobbly, as I sat on it, she too joined me on the bed, we were both lying on the bed when I saw that there were mirrors on the ceiling as well, I could see both of us lying on the bed.

She then told me that she likes to watch while making love, so she asked her husband to install these mirrors, the room was especially made for fucking as all angles were covered, we lied there talking for a while then she started caressing my lund, I knew that it will take at least 15 mins before it will respond so I let her fondle my cock, her head was on my chest, her tits crushed on the side of my chest, her body felt smooth and fresh, she brought her lips to mine and kissed me our tongues battling to invade others territory, she sucked my bottom lip and I sucked her top lip, my cock was slowly getting harder and I saw signs of happiness on her face, she immediately got astride me with her arse towards me and took my half awake lund in her hot mouth, she was sucking my lund like a lollipop and soon my cock grew in her mouth, her arse was very close to my mouth so I started licking her cunt lips, I inserted my tongue in her cunt hole and pushed it as far as I could, her juices had started flowing and I could taste them, she was again humming with my lund in her mouth and I could feel the vibration on my shaft, I was vigorously sucking her choot and rubbing her clit, her juices were pouring out and I was doing my best to lap it up as fast as I could, then suddenly her thighs tightened around my face and she came, white thick juice gushed out of her choot and on to my face I was busy licking her juices, she tasted nice, I then pulled my cock out of her mouth and turned her around on her legs and knees, I got behind her and rammed my lund in her choot and started giving her long hard strokes, she had her eyes wide open looking at herself being fucked like a bitch in the head board mirror, her boobs were moving with the rhythm of our fucking and the sight was just fantastic, her choot was making fatch fatch fatch sounds, she was enjoying this hard fucking tremendously and was urging me to fuck deeper and harder, the hot bitch was taking all seven inches with ease and still wanted more, our bodies were moving about on the waterbed, she then asked me to change position so she got on top of me and started fucking me, she was bobbing up and down on my lund at a good pace, her language had become vulgar and was calling me names, like Bhadwa chod mane taro lund dey mane.

She fucked for ages and then she started having her second orgasm and that triggered a series of orgasms ‘ she was withering about on my lund and then with a scream collapsed on my chest, I still had not come and so I turned her into the missionary position and fucked her hard, I was banging away at full speed and my balls were slapping against her arse thud, thud, thud, she was now screaming and holding my cock with her cunt muscles and that made me come, I filled her choot with my hot seed and then rested on her little body, the volcano had cooled down, we lied there for ages my cock loosing its hardness but still inside her, after about 15 mins we got up and cleaned up. I started putting my clothes back on so she stopped me and said we still have half an hour so stay nude I like to see you naked, I said ok and sat on the sofa naked, she went in the kitchen and made some fresh juice for both of us, we sat talking and fondling each other. She told me that she would love to have a threesome some day, I said that I too would like to fuck Neeta and you together it would be a new experience. At about ten to six we both got ready and headed towards neeta’s place, when we got there Neeta instantly asked us, ‘how was it?’ Neha said it was great. After a while Neha left with her kid and before leaving she hugged me and caressed my Lund and said ‘until next time’. After Neha’s departure Neeta asked me for all the details of the afternoon, I told her everything which made her horny and so I had to fuck her too, I was totally knackered that evening and didn’t even have strength to walk home. I went home after dinner and collapsed on the bed, both the women had drained me completely; I was well and truly fucked. So friends this was another episode of Neeta hope you all enjoy it, I will be back with the next part soon so watch out for Neeta Part 4. As usual your comments are most welcome at

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