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Neeta Aunty & Sreeja

  • desipapa
  • August 16, 2015

Hi this is again. Ladies and gals in Kerala mail me. Well, first let me describe my aunty Neena, She is 32 years old, 5’7″ tall, fair, blonde hair, brown eyed beauty and processed a firm figure which measured 37-25-36. With this U can picture the size of her voluptuous boobs and large ass of which I am a great admirer. She was married to an NRI, currently living in KUWAIT and she has no kids. Till date I had a very clean relation with her and never was sexually interested in her, as she is my aunty.

Couple of weeks ago she came to stay with us for a few days. One day as usual I entered her room without knocking the door and what I saw was simply unbelievable. She was standing near the bed, wearing just a yellow petticoat and was hooking up her white Bra. Her huge breasts were trying to tear out of the white Bra. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her breast. But soon I realized that she is my Neena aunty and apologized and came out of the room. After this incident, she behaved with in normal manner as if nothing happened. But I just couldn’t wipe out the figure of her melons from my mind, it kept on disturbing me till late in the night, feeling helpless I had to masturbate fantasizing about fucking her. After two days, my parents had to leave for Bangalore to attend an important function which left me and my aunty alone at home; my mother instructed both of us to take care of each other and left, supposed to return next day evening. It was about 7:00 pm. We had a great time together chatting, cracking jokes and we enjoyed our dinner. At about 10:30 pm, I started to sleep in my bed room, when she asked me, “What’s the hurry, vinu, come on sit with me and let us enjoy.” I said “OK, Aunty as U wish”. We switched on the TV and sat on the Sofa, she sat very close next to me. We started talking on various topics and in between sometimes she kept her hand on my thighs, very close to my already hard prick. I wished she go further towards it. Suddenly she said, “Vinu, I always wished to have a guy like U in my life”, I said, “What for Neena aunty”.

“I wanted my life partner to be like U, nalla uyaram, sundaran and kurumban (she smiled in a naughty way)”, she replied. “What do U mean by being kurumban”, I exclaimed. At this she gave me a mischievous smile and suddenly put her mouth on mine and started kissing me passionately. I was feeling in heaven though what was happening was unbelievable, she gave her tongue into my mouth and interlocked it with mine, she was so tasty. By this time I got enough courage and I put my arms around her to hug her tightly, her firm boobs pressed against my chest. She then unbuttoned the shirt and started caressing my chest meanwhile, I was in heaven, then I pulled her sari pallu down and dug my face into her light green blouse, It was warm and smelled sexy, She started moaning softly when I was confirm that she has aroused I slipped my hands under her shoulders above the green blouse and manage to touch her boobs with my fingers then moved my hands toward the hips, squeezed them badly and moved my hand to her ass hole then towards her sweet pussy above the sari. She shivered badly she was out of control now and moaned loudly. I turned her face towards me and put my lips on her lips. They were damn hot, she respond well I thrust my tong in her mouth she started sucking it then she give her tong in my mouth I sucked it badly, during all the time my hand were in her long black hair .

After long French kiss I started kissing her neck eyes ear every where on her face and moved my hands on her light green blouse covered boobs and squeezed them. then I kissed her boobs from her light green blouse and moved my hand on the stomach I kissed both boobs one by one then her abdomen than a bit lower and then to her secret place she moaned loudly “ooooh aaahhh offf” then her thighs her calf then I moved my mouth upward with kissing all the way at the same time I started un hooking her light green blouse after kissing her hard I took off her green blouse completely. I unhooked her white brassiere and stripped her off her white brassiere to get a view of her Voluptuous beauties, “Wow, they’re so cute”, I said. And started sucking and squeezing them. She was moaning, “Aaaaaah,Oooooooooooooh, vinukuttaaa Love Meeeeeeeeeee”. She then sat on her knees before me and pulled down my lungi and now I was standing absolutely naked in front of her. It was a great feeling to stand Nude in front a woman. She slowly moved her fingers through my Jungle and then grabbed my Rod into her hands and started jerking it. Wow, it was so great.

I later Pulled her green flower printed Sari off, removed her light green petticoat, she was now wearing only a light yellow Panty which was by now wet. She made me lie down and came over me, put her lips on mine and kissed me very passionately; my hands were messaging the soft skin of her back and her hanging Boobs were touching my chest. Then she lied by my side and said, “vinukutta, Please take off my panty and fuck me hard”. As soon as I heard this I pulled down her light yellow panty as she raised her hips. She immediately spread her legs to make room for me come between them. I climbed on her and took her huge boobs into my hands and started squeezing them, she was rolling her fingers into my hair. I put my hand on her pussy and massage it then insert my finger in the hole. She moaned loudly I inserted another finger and started moving in and out so fast that she become mad and started making pleasure sounds very loudly to stop her shouting I started kissing and squeezing her boobs with the other hand again. She then grabbed my Prick and guided it into her tight, pink cunt. As I pushed my 6.5″ rod into her she started moaning loudly in ecstasy. She then started jumping up and down to send my Cock deep inside her hole. I too started pumping her hard, her huge melons were in my hands and her hands were squeezing my ass cheeks. I put pillow under her waist and put her legs on my shoulders and guided my dick to the pussy hole and put my hands on her boobs and started pressing my dick slowly, she closed her eyes with pains and pleasure to avoid and yell from her I put my lips on hers and give a big thrust to my dick finally inside.

She tried to shout but her yell buried in my mouth. I stopped for moment t calmed her started jerking first slowly then increase the speed gradually she was enjoy it immensely I kept on kissing squeezing first her boobs then her ass. Soon I splashed my juice into her hot pussy and she cummed too. After this we laid into nude each other’s arms for about half an hour, she suddenly got up took me outside the room holding my hand. She led me on the terrace. She said,” vinu, I want U to fuck me in the open, in natural surrounding”. I instantly got an erection as soon as I heard this; she spread a bed sheet there and lied down. It was a very romantic night with cool breeze blowing around and enough moons light to see ourselves naked. I lied down on her and kissed her. She got up and made me stand and grabbed my dick and took it into her mouth. I said, “I too want to lick U aunty”. Her cunt was open in full splendor. It was covered with thick forest like hair. Soon I was fingering her and discovering her erogenous zones. Her moans were getting louder by the min. After boob sucking session was over I put my hungry mouth on her pussy lips and started licking it .1st off slowly I kept increasing speed. Soon my tongue was giving her and me pleasure of our lives .she was breathing heavily and was moaning loudly” aaaaaaaaaahhh…….”she said she couldn’t contain it any longer. Soon heavens opened and she cummed all over my mouth. she took my whole rod into her mouth and I tore apart her pussy lips with my tongue and tickled her clitoris. Her salty juices were so tasty. I was about to ejaculate again, so she removed my dick from her mouth immediately.

I said,” Aunty, I love u`r cute ass, please allow me to fuck u`r Ass”. She agreed immediately and got into doggy position. I started sending my dick into her virgin Asshole but couldn’t as it was too tight. She stopped me and went down to kitchen and brought some oil. She applied the oil over my Cock with her soft hands. I never got such a great feeling between my thighs before, after oiling she planted a kiss on my Cock and got into Doggy again. I put my Dick on her Asshole and pumped in to send it inside, she screamed in pain, But I didn’t stop and my whole 6.5 inches were in side her, she started moving to and fro, and soon her pain turned in to excitement. “ahhhhhhhhhh…! aaamaaaaaaaa “her abuses meant further punishment for her as I jerked even faster soon she was pleading “aaahhhhhhhhhh, sorryyyyyyyy…..pleeeeeasee do slowly aaaaaaaaoooooooohhhhhhh ‘ahhhhhhhh unnnnnnn oooooo ” She loved this and I loved this too. I released my cum into her again and withdrew my Penis from her Asshole. A few hours later she came in with a steaming cup of tea. She was still naked. I asked her sit next to me on the bed. She sat down and started to handle my cock. In no time it was erect again. ‘What are you going to do about this?’ she asked with a big smile pointing to my hard on. ‘I am going to do nothing about it, but you are going to suck it and drink my-cum’ I replied. ‘Drink your cum? I have never done it before’ she said. ‘You have to start some day’ I said and pressed her mouth on my cock.

After initial hesitation she started to suck my cock. As I had said before she was good. What a blowjob she gave me? I quickly finished my tea and held her head, lest she decides to cheat at the last moment. I told her to get ready, as I was about to shoot my load. I came in her mouth and she swallowed all that I had to offer. ‘How was it?’ I asked. ‘Little salty but nice’ was her reply. She tried to get up but I held her down with my hands. I took her nipple in my mouth and started to suck it. She was no longer struggling to get free but moaning with the pleasure created by the new sensation she was feeling for the first time. Realizing her vulnerable situation she again made a desperate attempt to get free and shouted, vinukutta mathi mathi viduuu pokattu let me go’. I stopped sucking her tits and looking straight in her agitated eyes I said, I will let you go but after I have fucked you first’. Her agitation and struggles increased and she again shouted, ‘vinukuttaa I DON’T WANT TO BE FUCKED right now I’m tired’. Ignoring her protest I attacked her cunt with my mouth. I licked her cunt and took her erect clit in mouth and sucked on it. Slowly her protests ceased and a loud “OOOHH” escaped her. Her struggles became feebler and feebler. Then they stopped. She placed her hand on back of my head and presses it to her cunt. Her bum was raised pressing her cunt to my mouth. After ten minutes of cunt licking I saw her body was getting tense. She was about to come. My cock was wet with pre-cum. Neena aunty just lay there with her eyes shut savoring the pleasure she had just felt. I lay down top of her and started to rub my cock between her cunt lips. She started to moan again. I asked, ‘Neena aunty you want me to fuck you?’. ummmm (Yes, yes)’ she moaned softly.

I said, ‘Neena aunty spread your legs’. She spread her legs as wide as she could. I placed my cock on the entrance of her fuck hole and pressed in. The head entered. Neena groaned, ‘OOWW’. I then held her firmly and gave mighty push. My cock tore through her virginity and was half buried in her virgin hole. With the next push I was fully engulfed in her cunt. Neena screamed, ‘AAAAIIIIEEEE vinukuttaaa IT IS HURTING A LOT. TAKE IT OUT’. Ignoring her pleas started to fuck her. Soon she was moaning with pleasure. Her hips started to move in rhythm of my strokes. She held me tightly to her with her arms. Her cunt was real tight. Then with a loud “AAAAHHHHHhhhh” she came. SREEJA This is again. I am a civil Engineer studying in Kottayam. This incident happened to me when SREEJA was in Tenth standard. I was staying as her neighbor in a house as paying guest in Kanjikuzhy, Kottayam. She was very beautiful and sexy. She was in tenth and used to wear all above knee skirts as her uniform. She has clear and muscular thighs, well shaped boobs (seems small), long and silky brownish/black hair. Her figure can attract any one. It was Sunday afternoon and I just came from worksite. When I reached home there was a lock. I opened the door with an extra key and entered. I went to my bedroom and put my bag and I went to take a bath. When I was in a bathroom the door bell rang. I took a towel and went to open a door. I saw from eye hole, here was Sreeja with some vessel in her hand. I opened the door and she was surprised to see me and ask for my house owner lady, she wanted some milk. I said I don’t know about that and told her to wait for 10 minutes as soon as I complete my bath. She said OK but she told me to put on TV so I did that. After ten minutes I came out from bathroom, I put on my clothes and came to drawing room. I saw her watching a semi-hot movie in Star Movies. She saw me and suddenly changed channel. I said it’s OK; I don’t have any problem in watching Star movies, with a naughty smile in my face. She was embraced and went home without Milk.

Next day I went to her place, her mother was shouting at her as she missed her school bus. Her mother was saying “Rathri 11 mani vare nee entha cheyyunneee ?”. I told her mother that I am going that side and if she wants I can drop her. She agreed and we both left for school. On the way there was traffic, whenever I brake she was hitting my back with her boobs. I told her “ARE YOU ENJOYING SREEJA?” she said if you could ride like these I don’t want to go to school. She said let’s roam around. I told her to go to school but she refused to go. I said “SREEJA this is very important year to u, don’t just wander around”. She said “First wandering then learning”. We visited many places with her up to two in afternoon and we came back to home. Her school timings were from 9.30 AM to 3.30 PM so she could not go home as her parents both were working and will be back only after 5.30 PM. I said you come with me and take lunch at my place. When I reached home, my house owner lady was waiting for lunch and she said “SREEJA nee schoolil poyilleee?” She said in low voice “I am not feeling well”. My house owner lady asked her “what happened”? She only smiled and embraced. My house owner lady understood her problem and thought she must be in those days. So my house owner lady told her to have something and sleep in her daughters bedroom for some time. We had our lunch and my house owner lady went to shopping to margin free market and SREEJA went to bedroom. I was watching TV in Drawing room. Suddenly SREEJA came out and “Shhhh…” I said what happened? She said could you give me some bed sheet? I went to my bedroom and gave it to her. It was 4:00 PM and I was feeling sleepy. So went to the bedroom, where SREEJA was sleeping. I lay besides her in opposite direction. After a while she changed her position and removed the bed sheet.

I could clearly see her white Panty. I watched it for five minutes and then kissed her toe. But then I thought it is not good so I take my eyes of it and turned to sleep. Suddenly she hugged me from behind and said vinuvetta please don’t stop. She said that day when you came out from bathroom I saw your dick under TOWEL and from that day I want to take a look of it. Suddenly she slid her hand towards my pant and unzipped it and trying to play with my dick. As I was also charged I let her do whatever she wanted. After then minutes she removed her uniform cream shirt and OHH NO she was wearing a white vest inside the shirt I slowly removed the side hook of her violet uniform skirt and pulled it down. Then I slowly removed the white vest. Under it there I saw her black bra and white panty. Her boobs were pointed and too big. I kissed her tits above the black bra and press it a bit hard and slowly removed the hook of her black bra from back and pulled it away. She moaned so loudly that I was scared. She took my dick in hand and said “this is too big” I had about 6.5″ dick. She started to lick it. Now I can not control my self and I stood up and held her from back and removed her white panty, which was already wet. “SHE SAID what is u doing? I started to lick her lower lips and she tried to resist a lot. She said “don’t, vinuveetttaaa vendaaaa I will die”. I kept on chewing her lips and after few seconds she started to respond me. I told her to come on my lap so that I can have her. She came on my lap and before I do something she cummed all over my dick. I tried to insert my dick but it was not going in. I parted her lips and inserted again this time my dick sleep inside half and she shouted “OHH AMAA”. I told her to keep quite but she said your dick is too big and it hurts me. I slowly put three-fourth dick of mine in her; she jumped in a pain and went on bed with her hands between her legs.

I went to see what happened to her. She was crying and trying to hide her lips. Suddenly I noticed that the door is slight open so I first locked the door and went to her. She was a bit relaxed so I said OK SREEJA this time you try to insert. She agreed and put my dick on her pussy lips and pushed against my dick. My dick was half in and I jerk forcefully and she too and whole 6.5 inches dick of mine was in her. She shouted once again but slowly. I stay in the same position for one minute and started stroking her lightly. She was moaning like “AAHHHHH…AAAAOOOOOOHHHHHHH AYIOOOO VINUUUVETTTAAA AAAHHH PATHUKAAEEE AMMMAEEEE OOOHHHHIIIIOOOOO”.After five minutes I cummed all over her boobs and we laid there for five minutes and after that she faced her buttocks against me and she wanted me to fuck her from behind. I slap her buttock and said it’s time for my house owner lady to back home. We dressed up soon and I went out with her. It was around 5:00 P.M. While going home, she kissed me hard and said she will be waiting for right time when we both can have sex once more. One day Sreeja’s father came to me and asked whether I can stay in their house for 2 days as they are going to guruvayoor for a function and they fear about thefts. I agreed and Told my house owner lady about it and she also agreed. As it was Saturday I have duty only till 12.30 so I went have food from my house owner lady’s house and went to Sreeja’s house. Now I was alone at Sreeja’s home when the bell rang. I opened it, and Radhika (Sreeja’s friend) was standing outside. My heart began to beat real fast when I saw her. She was wearing a very tight blouse & Pavada in dark green color with Kasavu. Her mulakal were pointed out from her blouse, with a bulging just above it. I could clearly see her whitish mula-gaps from top.

As her breaths, this was going up and down slowly. She looked so sexy, that my dick began to stand. I told her to come in (lying that my Sreeja will soon be back). As she came in, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra inside her green blouse, and I slightly could see the side of her breasts. She came into the sitting room, and sat on the sofa in front of the T.V. I cautiously sat right next to her, and she didn’t mind, even though my body was rubbing against hers, on the small sofa. We began to talk, and became good friends, cracking jokes and laughing. I told her, “You look so pretty.” She giggled and replied, “You are also very handsome.” I got some courage, and I put my hand around her shoulder. She didn’t say anything, and I got bolder. I moved forward slightly and kissed her on the cheek. She moved a bit, so I thought I had gone too far. I sat straight again. Suddenly I felt a kiss on my cheek. I turned to see that she had also kissed me. I got excited and kissed her again. Then I kissed her on her nose and she giggled. My hand was pressing her shoulder hard, and she seemed to like it. She adjusted her position, and I slowly got my hand down her shoulder to her breasts. I began to rub the part above her breasts, and she loved it. My left hand was rubbing her sexy stomach. Then I put my left hand under her vest, and started to rub her naked tummy. I also tickled her navel. She closed her eyes and smiled. It was a heavenly smile. I also put the other hand under the vest, and brought them up to her boobs, and started pressing them. Oh God! Her big and soft boobs! She made some slight noises when I pressed them. I kissed her right on her lips this time. It was a beautiful feeling. Her boobs in my hands and her lips in my lips. We spent a few moments in that position, passionately kissing. She seemed very contented. Suddenly I stopped, because I felt a guilty conscience. I took out my hands from under her vest, and move away. She stopped me. Her pleading eyes said she wanted more. I took her into my arms, and took her up to my bedroom, and locked it from inside. Laying her on the bed, I looked at her. She lay still with her eyes closed, waiting… I began to take off her vest, and then she lay exposed. Oh God! What boobs! Amazing! Her tits were standing as erect as my dick.

I removed he green skirt and blue panty, so she lay fully naked. She was so sexy; she could have been a super-model. I took off all my clothes, and plopped down on the bed beside her. Both of us lay nude on the bed. I leaned towards her and took her boobs in my mouth, sucking like a baby does for milk. I lay on top of her, fingering her whole body as I sucked the tits. Then i got up and spreads open her legs wide. Her pussy hole was closed, meaning she was a virgin. What a sexy virgin! Began to lick her hairy, wet pussy. It tasted sweeter than anything else. Then I began to push my huge dick down her hole, with much difficulty. Now she began to resist. She started to make squealing noises and I pushed it inside. She tried to stop me, “Hey Vinuveeta, i am feeling pain there, plssss don’t do that….it’s my first time…ayyoooo…..!” I replied, “Come on, it’s only little pain now but I will give u more enjoyment.” Finally, I got my dick inside the hole. Then it was sheer bliss. It felt wonderful, and both of us were enjoying it a lot.

My strokes became faster and harder. Her bottoms were moving in rhythm of my hips and she was moaning loudly and shouted, ‘Faster harder y..hes more Y…HEEEES’ then with a loud sigh I shot my-cum into her and at the same moment she also came with a loud ‘AAAHHHhh’ Then she said it was her turn to suck my dick. I offered it, and she licked it dry. The cum kept coming out. Any ladies, girls can mail me at

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