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  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

Hi my name is Rajeev.I am from NOIDA My mail id is When I was doing my graduation in Ghaziabad.I was staying in a rent house. The rent house having two portions in that one couple were staying in one portion and I was alone staying in the other portion. The couple having no children for the past 5 years. The Husband is an employee he used to go to office in the morning and comes in the night only. She was a housewife at the age of around 30, pretty and good looking. She was very amicable and we became close soon. We used discuss several things including love . In the discussions, I could notice that she have been not satisfied with her hubby. Afterwards we both mastered what we want, but no body was open out. I usually visit her house we used share some food items.

One day I entered into her house she was weeping. I could notice that there might be some quarrel between them. I asked that what was happened, but she did say any thing. I sat near to her and asked again. After some time she told that her hubby having relation with some other women. She said there was an argument between them while she was asking about that matter. I took her hand into my hand and expressed my sympathy towards her by holding her hand. I have not spoken any word there. Later she bent her head on my shoulders. I kept my hand on her head. We spent some time with out any word by my fingers were playing with her hair. I moved my hand on her shoulders there after on her waist. There was no response from her against my actions. I got courage and moved my hand on her boobs. She didn’t oppose my movements. I pressed her boobs for some time. It was first time I touched breast. It was very smooth. I felt big pleasure. After that I laid down on the bed while she was sitting on the bed. She stood up and closed the door and laid on the same bed. First I just hold my hand on her breast and pressed the boobs. Then pulled her on me, hugged emotionally and kissed all over her face. Had a french kiss for some time while she was on me only. Simultaneously I removed her jacket bra. The milk pots were came out completely. She got very big boobs. I was watching her boobs admiringly. I could not turn my eyes from her breast. I turned myself up, rubbed on one boob with my hand at the same I sucked another boob. She was moaning like anything. She kept her hand on my head and pressed towards her. I sucked her boobs one after another for some time, there after moved to top and had mouth kiss. Kissed all over her face, neck and shoulders. Then sucked her under arms. Came down to her belly. Kissed and sucked all over belly for some time.

Then I have gone down to her toe, started kissing from there. Kisses on feet, legs at the same time I moved her saree with petty coat up. She got beauty on every inch of her body. Finally I reached the love hole. It was wet with cum. She widened her legs. I took place in between them. I touched the pussy with my index finger. Tasted the cum. The taste was some thing different and I like it. I widened the vertical lips and inserted my index finger inside while she was moaning. I felt some hot touch. I moved my finger up and down and tasted it again. I did the same thrice. Then she asked me to do it with my tongue. I widened the vertical lips, inserted my tongue and started sucking her pussy and inebriated her honey. Oh… It was a great experience. I was really enjoyed allot in sucking her pussy. After some time by her advice I was inserted two of my fingers inside of her vagina and sucked her clitoris, at the same time I was moving my fingers up and down. Oh… At that time she was moaning like any thing and pushed my head towards her pussy . She was really enjoyed my actions. After 20 mins some more cum pulled out from her pussy. She could not stop her self and requested me to stop it. I removed all of my clothes . She hold my dick and moved her hand on it. Then she put in to her mouth and started sucking it. After some time she requested me for the final action. I her rest of her clothes from her. I took place in between her legs and widened it. I inserted my hot cock slowly into her pussy and laid on her. I started jerks at the same time kissing on her face. She hugged me with both hands and legs. After some time I was filled her pussy with my cum.. After taking rest for some time in her loving touch, I came out. We both had a bath separately. Took lunch in her home and were ready for the second round of sex game. I prefer secrecy in the relationship

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