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Nazma Aunty

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

This story is about my friend`s mother Nazma. She was around 39 yrs old when this happened and very gorgeous. When I saw her for the first time. Damn! She had a hot & sexy figure with massive breasts, tight round ass, and a beautiful face (she closely resembled shakeela zafar, a renouned singer). Her son; sameer and me were classmate studying in University. After my graduation I wasn’t working anywhere and so I used to spend my time taking studies of my brother. One day while I was teaching my brother Mathematics the phone bell rang. I picked up the phone and it was Nazma.
“Hello,This is your Nazma aunty.” She said to me in a very sweet voice.

“Yes please.” I asked.

Then she said, “I need a teacher for my youngest son.” She said. Then she explained me how her son is doing badly in Mathematics. She also requested me if I can to teach him in my spare time. Actually I could have said no to her but the way she was requesting I could’nt. I agreed and that very evening I went to sameer’s house. When I rang the door bell of their house, Nazma opened the door. I was enthralled to discover such a dazzling woman standing in front of me with a sweet n sexy smile. She was wearing a blue saree and Gosh! Her breasts were pumping out of her blouse and clearly visible through her transperant sari. They were so big that even her blouse cups couldn’t cover them whole, consequently exposing her wild cleavages. Her waist was slim and her sari was worn below her navel.

I began teaching her son from that day itself. Every day me and her son would sit in the hall to study. Many a times nazma would come and sit in front of us doing some house work like cutting vegetables or knitting etc. Many days passed and I never missed a day to go and teach her son. All these days I did only two things teach her son and gaze his mother’s luscious body. Many a times I had witnessed her returning my stare with her stare. That time my friend was tranfered to Chittagong from the office.

One such day while her son was engaged in the math problem which I had given him, I was busy gazing Nazma. Nazma was siting in front of me talking on phone. In the mean time her son asked my permission to go the bathroom and he left. As I watched her pumping breast while she talked on phone, my cock was bursting out creating a tent of my pants. After keeping the phone receiver down she observed me viewing her awesome breasts. I was so hung on them that I didn’t notice her watching me. She finally asked, “Hai what are you looking for?” Her words brought me back to my conscious. She smiled as I look at her face. And it was her smile that brasher me. I said, “Aunty, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” She was completely flushed with my compliment.

In the mean time her son arrived. The moment he entered the hall she told her son that it was his Aunty’s phone. She told him that his aunty needs some stuff and ordered him to go to his Aunty’s house and give that stuff to his aunty.

After her son left outside we were sitting in the room. Silence filled the room, both waiting for each other to start and so finally to start with something I asked her about her husband. She told me that her husband was paralyzed for long time below his waist and is kept in some clinic where he is being treated. She told me how sick her married life is. As she explained me the whole thing I realized one thing from just her single statement that she was utterly sex starved. It was ” days are passing by somehow.”

When she was finished, silenced fill the room once again, and finally gathering some guts I asked her, “Aunty can I asked you a question.”

She smiled and said, “asked me na.” Cautiously framing my sentence first in mind, I said, “Aunty how come you live with out sex? Are you sexually satisfied by someone else?” Once I let go of my question I watched her intently waiting for her answer.

“No.” was her simple answer.

I got up from my seat, went to her and stood besides her. She stood up and gazed at my face. Although her face was impassive, it was completely filled with lust. I placed my hands on her cheek and took hold of her face. She was innocently looking at me. I gently pulled her face towards mine and then finally I planted my lips on her lips. As our lips met I wrapped my hands around her creamy white back and pressed her hard against my body. Her pumping breasts sandwiched between our heaving bodies as we passionately kissed. I slowly parted off from her lips and kissing down her chin, neck and cleavages I reached her breasts. Her sari’s paloo fell down in this event. As I held her right tit in my hand and suckled its nipple over the blouse material she moaned, “Oohhh …”, Gosh she wasn’t wearing a bra. I continued sucking her milker and as I did so I began to unbutton her blouse. After unbuttoning her blouse and with final button to open her milkers nearly flew out of her blouse. I was so frenzied with this view that I wasted no time and began to suckle her breast one after other.

Her nipples were by now blood read and hard as rock. I stopped and unzipped my pants. I pulled my totally erect cock. I gathered one of her hand and guided it to my cock. The moment her hand took hold of it and started to feel my cock, she looked at it greedily so I asked her, “Nazmarani, do you want to suck my tool?” nodding her head she pushed her head and kissed my 6″ hard throb. Then she began to lick its entire length. Gosh! I was in heaven. I began to groan, “Oorgghhh” as she gradually took my entire length into her mouth. I slowly started to move to and fro. As I reached my peak I fuck her mouth faster and when she realized I was about to cum she tried to release her mouth but I caught hold of her head and did not leave her until I finally came inside her mouth.

Like a whore she nastily swallowed each drop of it. As we were finished with this I sat down on the couch and watched her as she began to undress her self. One by one as her cloths went off; her nude fleshy assets became more and more visible. After pilling off her panty she stood completely nude in front of me. I held her in my clutches, pulled her on the couch and once again kissed her. I kissed her for a minute and then began lollipop sucking her. As I brought my left hand down to her crotch, I felt the hairs over her mound. I slowly massaged for sometime and gently with my first and third finger gradually parting her pussy lips, I began to rub her clit with my middle finger. Her clit was a bit dry so I licked my finger wet and then began to rub her clit. As my finger touched her clit her whole body shuddered and she began to moan, “Oohhh this is great..OOohh” She was getting aroused a bit quicker then I expected. I brought my mouth close to her pussy and grasping her clit I began to suck it hard. As I sucked her clit I shoved my middle finger deep into her vagina. I gradually finger fucked her as I continued sucking her clit relentlessly. This muck stimulation was too much for her and her moans grew louder and louder.

“jore …OOohhhh…Aro jore koro.aaahh” was all she could moan and with a final shriek she subsided and released. Her cunt was suddenly filled with her cum. Now she was totally ready to be fucked, I thought. For ease I made her get off the coach and lay down on the floor mattress. She lay down as I ordered and spread her legs for easy access. I pulled my pants out of my legs and before I throw my pants I took my wallet out and pulled out a condom. Putting the condom on, I brought my (once again) hard throb in front of her cunt opening. As I gently started penetrating she said, “OOhhhh jan please insert it slowly..”

Wow! I thought as I felt immense tension drawn by her tight inner muscles as I pressed my cock inside. Gosh!! Her cunt was tight and as my cock submerged deeper into her, she was in commotion due to pain. Her cunt gradually flexed to my dimensions as I shoved in deeper. When my cock was entirely submerged I held there for a minute allowing her to relax her pain. I lifted her both legs and placed them on my shoulders. Slowly and slowly I began to shove my cock in and out of her quivering hole.

“Oohh ..Aaahh.mozaa aarahaa hain.Oohhh.zore..” she moaned as she felt her muscles contract over my penis creating immension pressures for both of us. She twisted and rumbled as I gradually increased the pace of my fucking. And with my increase in pace her groans too became louder and nastier. “AAAhhhh..CHODO amake.jore , chere felo amake” she was shouting with each of my thrust. I fucked her like a machine and then suddenly I felt like cumming. I had reach my peak. I climaxed hard in her as my spurts filled the condom. While I held inside for a minute she brought her legs down to rest on floor. Slowly I pulled out my prick as we both gasped for breaths. I lay besides her totally exhausted.

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