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Naureen My Dream Married Woman

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Hello dear readers. Here This is a true story of my life and I want to share it with all of you, especially for those who believe that there could not be any bad relationship in joint family systems. And all those who say that men are the main culprits for rape. Anyhow, come to the story. I am a married man with six children but even now I am only 36 as I have been married at the age of 22. I am quite well and handsome as before my marriage and this is always being admired by my colleagues and my family members, men and women.

I proud that I am a handsome man and my wife always say that before me she and other girls could not say anything and only to see my face and also I have a magic in my discussions especially for women. I normally used to sleep alone even not with my wife and I always remain in a separate room adjacent to the other rooms but I have a separate TV, VCR, Dish-Receiver and Computer in my room. No body is allowed to come to my room without my permission even my wife or children. So this is the story that I have four salas two of whom are married. The little one has a pretty wife name …… but I always call him Noori. She has a black reflection but a sexy one. My sala (brother-in-law) and Noori used to visit us every Saturday night as on Sunday there is holiday. Noori very much appreciate my open-closed jokes with her and his husband. I usually talk in almost open language but in front of my very closed friends and my wife and the relatives who are very closed to me.

The story begin when both my sala and Noori come to our house. My sala and my wife always fast asleep mean if they are sleeping they could not be awaked without spending ten to twenty minutes. I usually busy in my room cum office on pc and my sala, his wife and my wife were sleeping in the other room. Before going to room I remained in CHAIR CHAR and using open jokes with Noori and her husband and she laughed with open mouth. At about 12:30 I heard a slow knock at my room and I said ‘Kon hai Bahi aa jao’. I saw that Noori come with her little child in her arms and she said that ‘doyee bhan para sai gain.” She said that ‘manh tai neendar hi nien a rahi. At that time I have been watching TV and Digital Receiver a very good English movie was being played. She sat on the floor and said that ‘koi urdu film lao.” I have said in very joking way that ‘koi doosri bhi laga daiwan’. In closed words I offered her for a blue movie. She was very happy and said ‘kehri”. I said “angraizi”.

She said “tusi dastai nahin akhdai he hao agar hai to laga dain main nain kabhi nahin daiki’. I said that ‘tum kisi ko bata do gi to mairi to shamat aa jai gi aur tumhain to pata hai main in baton sai bohat darta hoon.’ She said that ‘main kisi ko kiyon batanai lagi apni baizti (insult) karwani’. ‘Aap lagain main kisi ko nahin bataoon gi.’ I said that if she had ever seen any such movie before this. She told me that some time she heard about it but have no chance to see anything. I open my secret draw and before playing anything I said to her ‘ja kai daikho koi uth to nahin gaya’. She come within seconds and said that ‘nahin sub soyai hoai hain.’ I inserted the Film in VCR and while rewinding I played in between. In the seen a close shot is being seen that a main is fucking a lady of huge body in her cunt. Noori placed her hand on his mouth and said ‘Allah yeh kiya kar rahai hain sharoo sai lagain na’. I said while rewinding the cassette that ‘yeh wohi kar rahai hain jo tum bhi karti ho.’ She laughed but in a very slow sound as she afraid that someone could not awake. My all children, my wife and sala were fast sleeping I also confirmed to check them while calling their names but there is no reply from any of them.

The cassette was on the edge and I played it. On the beginning of the scene I asked her to sit on the bed / Charpai. She calmly sat on the floor and said that it was ok with her. Till now her child also slept. She placed her child on the floor. She was seeing the movie very interestingly and said ‘hai allah aisi bhi larkian hoti hain. Yeh inkay shohar hain kiya.’ I said that ‘nahin yeh to paishawar aurtain hoti hain.’ She said ‘Mazai to khoob lai rahi hain’. Her face is very much red and mouth is open. When the scene is over I felt that she was horny I said that ‘maza aaya.’ She said ‘bus film khatam ho gai’. I said that ‘nahin yeh to pehla scene tha abhi to poori film baqi hai.’ In the meanwhile the second scene started with a blow job. She said ‘hai baray ganday hain yeh.’ In that scene a huge body girl was sucking dick of a boy of a very good size. I think that that was the time. I slowly put my hand on her neck. She shocked with a 220 currant but remain silent. Again I go outside to check the family members but all of them were sleeping. I came back to my room and see that she is sitting on my bed and resting on the pillow saying ‘main to neechay baith baith kai thak gai hoon.’ Aap bhi yaheen baith jaeen But she never allowed her eyes to slip from the screen. I sat beside her and slowly put my hand on her breast.

She saw to me and smiled and said ‘aap ka to main barah arsay sai soch rahi thee . aap ki biwi to bari khushqismat hai us ko itna khoobsoorat shohar milla.’ I started squeezing her breasts with my hand over the clothes but hopefully she has no bra under the garments. I said that ‘aap kai kapray to barai mulaim hain’ She said ‘pasand hain’ I said haan and squeezed her breasts with both my hands. She said ‘Daikhain koi aa na jay aisa to pehley aap nain kabhi nahin kiya.’ I said that ‘mairi biwi to ab budhi ho gai hai daiti he nahin roz jaldi so jati hai aur bachay uff toba kabhi nazdeek nahin aanay daitay.’ She said that ‘yeh (her husband) bhi roz jaldi so jatai hain’. Aap ki biwi bhi buhat jaldi soti hai. I now opened to her and stated to take my hand towards her thighs. She was laughing silently and said ‘mujhai gudgudhi ho rahi hai. Kiya kar rahai hain aap. ‘ I made to put my dick in a position so that she can see it over my shalwar. I have not wore any shirt. She saw my dick over the shalwar and smiled I put her hand on my dick she held it and said ‘uff yeh to bohat sakht ho raha hai’. Kiya iradey hain.’ I said ‘bus mazai lainay hain’. She said ‘nahin gunah hota hai’. I said that ‘thora maza lai kar chor dain gay is main to gunah nahin.’ She wanted all that but reluctant with fear that some one may not awake.

I said all is ok don’t worry. Now she laid beside me and I take my hand under her shirt/qameez and hold her breast in my hand and started to pressing them. She started moaning and said ‘bara maza aa raha hai.’ “Baji kai kaisai hain”. She said. I said that “us kai to tum sai chotai he hain aur itnai motai bhi nahin”. She laughed and said “aur kuch”. I said “jab daikhoon ga to bata doon ga” I put off the VCR she said that she want to see the film but I said that ‘asli scene bana lain to phir daikhain gay.’ She laughed silently and I planted a kiss on her cheek. She feeling my dick on her thighs that ‘yeh kiya chuba rahai hain’. I said ‘kiya pahley nahin chuba”. She said “chubanai wali jaga chubain tangon main kiya ho ga”. I said “zara sahi jaga to lagao” She laughed and said in my ear ‘kahan kon see sahee jaga lagoon janab.’ I wanted to open her shalwar’s azarband but I am surprised that she have no azarband and only a lastic (lace) is in her shalwar. I pull her shalwar to her knees and in the meantime I also opened my azarband and put out my lullah and placed it in between her thighs. She saw my dick and pressed her downward lip with her teeth and said ‘uff itna mota bhabi to mar jati ho gi.’ I said ‘bhai ka kiya patla hai’. She said ‘lumba to hai laikin itna mota nahin hai do unglian mila lo lund bun giya’. She said that ‘jaldi sai ragrain mujhai maza aa raha hai is say pehley kai koi uth jayai.’ I pressed my lullah in between her thighs and I felt the warmness in her thighs. I said ‘tumhari choot to bari mazaidar maloom hoti hai zara check karoon’. She said ‘kis nai mana kiya hai ab jhuk gain hoon to motai patley sai kiya darna.’

She put her one leg on my leg so that her cunt could open more. I placed head of my dick on her cunt and I feel that her cunt is going to be very slippery. I spitted on my dick and her cunt. I placed my lips on one of her doodh. She moaned and whispered in my ear barai mazai daitain hain. I pressed her doodh with my hands and placed one nipple in my mouth. She moaned and I also placed the head of my dick on the main hole of his cunt. She pressed her cunt on the head of my dick. The fat head of my prick was messaging her cunt lips which was going to be slippary with my spit. I put my hands on her ass and pull her to me and thus my dick can go inside but her cunt is not so loose I managed to take her over me and I laid on my back. She opened her legs and placed one on either side. I applied some more spit on the head of my dick and the hole of her cunt. She grabbed my dick in her hand and guided my prick to the hole of her cunt. She also planted a kiss on my lips. When the head of my dick was placed on her cunt hole she removed her hand and I forced my dick inside her cunt. My dick started to go inside and I felt that her cunt was too hot . She whispered in my ear : sara lun andar karo bara maza anda ai: I said : maira sara lun tiara he hai tairi chut tai bari mazaidar ai. Mairi zanani di tai itni mazaidar nain. I put my hands on her buttocks her ass was too big than my wife. I said bari badi toi ai tairi itni bari maza aa giaya. I pulled her to myself and my whole lund gone inside. I feel a life lasting taste. My whole dick was inside and she stayed for a while and said in my ear : ha maza aa giya bara mota lun ai tusan da poora phas giya ai. I also sucking her breasts said in her ear that ‘tumhari choot to bhut mazaidar hai itna khul kai to mujhai mairi biwi bhi nahin daiti yeh to poora andar challa giya.’

She said ‘haain mujhai bhi bhot maza aa raha hai aap ka lun to bhot mota hai phans phas kai ja raha hai dil karta hai sari umar undar hi para rahai.’ She started to up and down and my dick was going in and out. I started to lick her nipples and she really enjoyed it. on my dick and in that time I was sucking her nipples. I put my hands on her huge ass which is very big as compared to my wife’s ass as my wife is so slim that some time I feel pain due to her bones pressure on my chest. Her doodhs were also big than my wife and I said to her “barai motai mamaiy nain tairay dil karda ai sarai mohain bitch pa kinhan. She said changai lagdai nain tai zor nal chooso bara maza anda ai.. I said haan mairi zanani kolon wi bahon badai nain. I grabbed her both doodh in my both hands and started to lick them one by one. She was going to be mad by tasting and at once she grabbed me tightly and started to jerk off. I feel a more looseness of her cunt. She said “bara maza aaya ai aj” lagda aj waqi koi lun undar giya. I took her to my right side and now I was on her. My whole dick was in her cunt which were now too loose. I started to fuck her speedily and she begun moaning. Hai zor zor da lun meri chuti bitch maro bahoon maza anda ai. I placed my hand on her lips so that her voice could not go outside. I started to take my dick in and out speedily and she moaning and kissing my passionately.

Now I said to her to turn back as a doggy style. I stood on floor and she on the bed kneeling towards me. Her big ass is before me in dim light. A black / Sanwli ass before me which is always my fantacy. I again applied my spit on the head of my dick and on the hole of her choot. She moaned and throb I placed my dick head on the hole of cunt and while I inserted my dick in her cunt she also forced to me to get the whole dick in her cunt. I grabbed her from the thighs and inserted my dick in her cunt. Now my whole dick was in her cunt and I started to get it in and out. While my whole dick goes inside the crack of her ass also widened and I also messaging my hand on her big ass. I enjoyed too much by this doggy style chudai. Now it’s the time for me to cum in inside her choot. My speed gone to its peek. Her cunt became slippery and my dick went inside in one stroke I really fucked a swollen and fat cunt for the first time in my life. By doing so I was in full action and at once I heard some sound as some one is awaking and I started a speedy work and at last I cum in her cunt. I and she moaned in taste. I take out my dick from her cunt though I want to stay there more but feared that someone come. She immediately slipped under the bed and I go outside but there is still silence. After some time she kissed me on my lips and went outside and slept beside her husband. In the morning on dining table I saw that there is no mark on her face about the night’s action as there was not happened anything.

My sala and my wife also joking as usual and I also joking on many things and said ‘Oye rat ko hamaray ghar main koi shararat to nahin kee.’ Before my sala says anything Noor said ‘Nahin jee hum to apnain ghar main bhee bharay sharafat sai rahtai hain.’ I smiled and my sala also smiled and laughed with open mouth. Nobody can see the real things behind this smile. However, I know that my Noori is complaining about some thing. I am also playing these things with my older / mature house maid but this will be told on some other time till that I would request you especially girls from Karachi to send me emails if they liked my lengthy story. My email address is waiting for your emails anxiously with the promise that if I received a good number of emails from the ladies of older ages I will tell you some other stories of my sexual encounters with my old house maid namely rubina masi. Till then goodbye.

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