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Naughty Hubby Plan

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi Readers, I am thankful to all of you for your great response on my last story. For those who are reading me for the first time, I am a 28 yr old good looking single guy from delhi working in a top IT MNC in gurgaon. I had observed and a lot of times it happens that a couple finds new ways to enjoy and to boost up the sex lives .Couples try new things to spice up their sex lives and lot of husbands want their wives to enjoy with other man or act like a slut. Its not a problem but an exciting thing in sex lives as there is no harn in small adventures. I get a lot of mails from husbands with problems that their wives too want to enjoy all these adventures but really don’t want it practically to happen. The incident I am sharing is of a Delhi couple where the hubby Arun (Name changed) got in touch with me for a different type of help which I had never done before.

Both Ajay and Mahima are in early thirties and well settled in Delhi, Ajay got in touch with me with a request that he is now feeling very boring sex life due to same routine although Mahima is a gorgeous lady with 38-32-34 figure and extremely fair and good looking but now the same routine sex is making it feel boring. He wants a threesome and swapping for which he had spoken to Mahima a lot of time while doing sex and she likes the idea also but still she is hesitant in giving it a practical face. I then told him to ensure that he don’t jump to final things and start doing the job with little oral sex with strangers and make her comfortable first. He was just sounding impatient as for him Oral sex will not make a big difference , I laughed at him as it’s the story of a lot Indian males who just thinks about their pleasures only and makes love making a 10 minute affair in the bed , they are really not concerned regarding the needs of their partners in bed. I just make him realize his mistake and he too think about it.

He soon came up with a plan and me to support him; He soon realized that the best option is to seduce her wife in the public blue line bus from which she travels everyday to her office. As ajay had read some of my incidents of seducing some females in the public bus he wants me to help him. He starts explaining me the route and bus her wife takes everyday and send her photograph through mail to show how she looks like. I find this idea stupid as its not easy to do this and that too when a female don’t want this to happen to her. He persuaded me that he will talk to mahima regarding the same and will convince her to do some acts in bus and do tell him all this as he likes it. I found it bit idiotic but from inside I know from my experience that every female loves these small oral adventures if its makes them wet in between their legs but the problem is some enjoys it and some retaliates as they are not comfortable in public places and had social fears in their minds.

The next step was that Ajay had to go to shopping with Mahima and will change her full wardrobe as he wants her to wear tight reveling clothes and show off her assets more as he likes that. Mahima too was not complaining as she too was enjoying all the public attention and office colleagues were too eyeing her body and she loved all the things. I and ajay met then in a coffee shop and next day I had to catch the same bus which Mahima catches everyday and plan was make her a exhibitionist and slut. I catches the bus next morning and evening and first day I just observed her actions , she was aware I was eyeing her in her tight pink sari but kept smiling as lot of other guys were doing the same in that bus. This was putting me in blues as her office was in different direction and due to this I was reaching late in office and had to leave early to catch with her.
I started to work on my things the very next day and she was looking gorgeous in her black sari showing her naval and shapely boobs. I was standing at her back and soon my hands holding one small bag was resting on her ass. She was showing no reaction and I kept on rubbing her ass with small push but due to sudden increase in crowd my fingers were almost in between her ass crack. She was now looking at me with a wild look and I almost got the sign to pull my hand back. I know she was not comfortable and I thought to keep the things easy. I them immediately informed ajay about this incident and told him how he needs to coax her during sex tonight to help strangers in enjoying with her as you likes her to co-operate with these incidents. Ajay was smart and done the same way I had told him to do. Third day was different as Mahima was looking gorgeous and sexy in her dark green sari .I was holding a small diary and was standing holding other hand with the seat rod. Due to immense crowd, she was nearly getting very close to me and I was enjoying as my other hand was getting in between her legs giving a great feeling of warmness in a winter.

After some time, I started getting bolder as I don’t want to miss this opportunity of exploring this beautiful body. I tried to step further and was almost touching her. The bus was fully packed and no one can move any further and so did I, I kept waited for another few minutes when I realized that she herself was brushing her thighs on my hand and was very cool about it.

It gave me the confidence and I started moving my thumb in between her legs. I was doing it very slowly in order to avoid anybody attention. However, she was now enjoying it but gave me a hard look in between but soon she covered my hand with her long shawl she was wearing. I got bolder and started feeling her soft things through her tight chiffon sari. She moved a bit further to help me in exploring her cunt lips and I really got excited, as I know I will be enjoying another few minutes with this lady exploring her sexy body. I move my thumb upper to touch her cunt lips and soon I was rubbing her in between her legs. She was getting wild and forgets that she is in a bus. She just tried to open her legs further to let me enjoy her fully. My penis was growing due to her wild act and I moved further so that she got a chance to touch that growing bump and she responded positively. Her fingers were slowly touching my growing 6.5″ penis. I was now successful in removing her panty to side with her help and now my thumb was sliding slowly in and out of her wet hot pussy. I was enjoying this and want her to give me more access but soon I realized that we are in a crowded bus. I was busy enjoying finger fucking her in a crowded bus and her eyes were closed enjoying with rhythm, as her ass was moving in slow motion to help me.

I became bolder and start pushing my fingers deeper inside her. She slowly started giving gaps in between to help her uplift her sari so that I can feel her pussy. It was from one side only and very soon, my fingers were enjoying her bare flesh. I was shocked and amazed as this was happening in a crowded bus and that too when I know this was her first time with a stranger. It seems she must be enjoying these incidents in daily life in buses and now she know that her hubby too wants her to enjoy these things she is doing it with relaxed mind. I was trilled to fuck her more vigorously as her pussy was hairless and fully wet. I soon found that my zipper was open and she was trying to put her fingers in side my pant to enjoy the feel of my hard rod. She soon exploded heavily and my hand was full of her love juice which made me go mad and I also exploded my cum in her hands. Her face was showing a delightful grace as a newly wed bride shows after her first night. We both smiled and she adjusted her clothes as she needs to get down on next stop.

I told the full incident to Ajay before she reaches home and ajay was delighted that their plan got success in just 3 days. He was already very hard hearing all this and was waiting for her wife to have a great sex tonight. Mahima discuss the full incident with Ajay on that same night and both had great sex discussing the third man in between them. Ajay keep discussing some other incidents that mahima enjoyed on the bus with the strangers and he was happy with the new twist in their sex lives. Mahima was now ready to swinging and to enjoy threesome soon.

This is a true incident and hope so many females would be facings these oral enjoyments in Delhi buses with strangers on a daily basis, some might be enjoying it and some still feels that social taboos stops them to enjoy these adventures. My request to all husbands and females to please feel free to enjoy this life to max, you will not get another chance if you miss this time.I will be willing to help any female or couple if intrested, kindly mail me at

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