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Nasreen 20 Saal Ki Sexy Ladki

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hello dear readers hope you all will be fine.My name is Zeeshan (nick name) I am 25 years of age and my height is 6 feet I am only child of my parents now living in lahore (pakistan). Without waste of any time i start my first sex experience with you which happened 3 months back with the daughter of my Aunt named Nasreen (Nick name).

She is 20 years of age and recently pass her B.A exam she is fair in colour and has good physic with 34/29/36 she is tall almost 5.4″ The most beautiful part of her body is her ass and i always wish to see her ass swinging right and left when she walk.she always use to wear shalwar kameez she is a shy girl and even with me talk very shly although I am his cousin her residence is also in lahore lets come to story One fine night I came from a marriage of my friend from Faisalabad and when I came at home I saw her at my home on inquiring she told me that her parents are also out of station to attend a marriage and she did not go with them(I do not ask the reason to not attend the mariage because i know that she is very shy girl and do not like parties etc)

Anyhow i came to my room to change my clothes suddenly my door knock I was surprised that who can at this time of night it was almost 12:30 of night and my parents sleep till 10 pm I open the door and there was nasreen she ask me for dinner i say that i had already take dinner and say her if she do not mind she can make tea for me she said ok and go to kitchen.At that time i was watching Tv when she come again and give me tea i thanks her and ask about her parents when they will come she told me that they will come after 2 days then she ask how was the marriage i say that it was good and to tease her i say that there were a lot of girls whom make marriage more charming. Unexpectedly she says that why you guys always behind girls to attract girls and guys has no other work except following girls I was surprised to listen all this because i told that she is very shy girl and i was not expecting this answer from her I then say her that she is jealous from those girls because i am praising them She said why she will jealous from them she is herself beautiful i was again shocked to listen that from her she further say that she can marry with any guy coz she is beautiful and attractive.

To tease her that i will never ever marry you if you even fall on my feet her colour of face suddenly change and she nervsly ask really if I will not marry with her or any girl like her I say no she say why i say i like bold girls with whome i can talk freely on any topic she replied you talk with me on any topic I say that i do not talk with you on all topics because she is so shy girl and she can not talk with me on all topics she says that she can talk on all topics i say ok lets try I ask her for example i ask you will you marry me what will your answer suddenly her face colour again change red i again ask her Nasreen please tell me will you marry me she replied that if her parents permitts she will marry me i say i am asking your view she says yes i ask why you will marry me i mean what qualities you like in me she do not speak a word and continually looking at the floor i think its right time to move i place my on hand on her shoulder she pull her towards me her whole body was shivering i gather my all courage and kiss on her chicks she blushed and was shivering badly and with very broken voice she say pppppleassseee zeeeeeeeeeeeeeshann do not do this to me but i do not care her saying and continue kissing her face and then i engaged in french kiss with her and kiss her atleast 3 minutes my tounge was exploring her mouth.

I was liking to rob my tounge on her teeth ohh my God at that time i was thinking that i am i heaven with my right hand i caught her neck and with left i was squeezing her right boob over her Kameez and her nipple become hard i then lay her on my bed and i lay over her she was breathing heavily and saying pllleeeeeeeeaasseeeeeeee zeeeeeeshann muj ko jane do ye theik nahi hai shadi saye pehlay ayesa karna theik nahi hota but i was not listeing her and i continous kissing her and put my one hand under her kameez she was shevering with fear and shyness i squeezed her tits and then try to put off her kameez after the resistence of 2/3 minutes i put of her kameez and then i forcibly putoff her shilwar now she was in her white braiser and panty she was looking very beautiful in braiser and panty she lay on her stometch and was pleading me to leave her zeeshan please muj ko kuch na kehna main tbha ho jao gi I putoff her panty wowwwwwwwwwww what a ass I never thought that one day i can see this ass and fuck this i parted her legs and began to squeez her ass and her face was i pillow and she was saying to leave her I then bring oil and say her that i will not do any thing but just will massge her she replied Muj ko koi malish walish nahi karwani bas tum muj ko jane do I put some oil on her back and ass and began to massage her back and ass after 15 minutes of massage she was little bit relaxe and some hot too i put my one finger in her ass and began to fingerfucking her ass then after some time i insert my second finger in her ass and then she cry with pain ohHHhhhh muj ko dard ho raha hai naaaaaaa karo i continuse finger fucking her for 5 minutes and then undress my self then i put some oil on my 6.5” dick and try to insert my cock in her ass she says with a lot of scare tum kya karnye lagye ho yeh buhat galat hai but i do not care her pleading and insert my cock in her ass head of my cock insert in her ass and she again cried with pain ohhhhh oi main mar gye is ko bahir nikal lo muj ko buhat dard ho raha hai main mar jaon gi oiii ohh yeh tum kya kar rahye ho tum buhat gandye ho ohh aah main mar mar gye mean while i push some more presure and my whole cock was in her she was cry with pain and her head was moving left and right while i was fucking her her voice was coming like ohhh aah haiii ayiiii ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i put my one hand on her mouth and after 5 minutes she relaxed and was not resisting .

I ask if she was enjoying but she do not answer my question i push a very hard strock she cried ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooiii aram say karo zor say dhka na maro buhat dard hoti hai i speed up and after a very short time i released my all cum in her ass and she too was shaking her ass and taking every drop on my cum in her ass during this fucking she came 2 times after fucking her i lay on her with my cock still in her ass after 3/4 miutes my cock began shrinking and came out of her ass we still lay there in the same position till 15 minutes and then my cock began hard again i turned her face towards me and start kissing again at that time she was hot too she respond me properly and then i unhook her braiser and there was 34D size boobs in front of me i suck them one by one and try to take both boobs in my mouth at once for near about 15 minutes and then i give attention on her pussy there was very small hair on her pussy i ask her when she shave her pussy she shly said that 1 week before i rub her pussy and give my cock in her hands she hesitly take my cock in her hands and i say her to stroke my cock she then get up and consciously see my cock and began to rub that her soft hands around my cock giving me a lot of pleasure and excitement and i cum again in her hands she see my cum with great intrest and rub my cock with the lubrication of my own cum then after 10/15 minutes i lay her down and put my cock on the lips of her pussy her pussy was lubricated with her own juice and oil I give a strong jerk and she cried with pain ahahhhhhhhhhhhhhh osssss ssssiii haiiiiiiii and blood came from her pussy she sayssssssss zeeeessshannnnnnnn plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz nikal lo bahir yeh buhat dard kar raha hai but i continusly fucking her after 5 minutes she also began enjoying that and says me aahhh ab maza aa raha hai tum nay pehlye meri bund(ass) mein dala tha tab buhat dard hoi thi laikin ab meri phudy (pussy) mein dala hai to buhat maza aa raha hai tum nay pehlye meri phudi mein kyo nahi dalaaa ab baeshak tez tez dhkye maro tum jitna tez dhka martye ho muj ko utna zyada maza aata hai.

On listening this i began fucking her fast as i can do she came three times during this fuck and suddenly i feel load of my cum and i put off my cock from her pussy and unload my cum on her breasts after that we take bath togather and there i fuck her again she then co-oprate me fully and says zeeshan tum nay muj ko larki say aurat bna dea hai yakeen karo zindgi ka maza ab aya hai ab main tumhari hi hon main tum say elawa kissi aur say nahi chudwaon gi tum nay sahi mayeno mein muj ko zindgi ka maza dea hai And now we when ever got chance i fuck her i almost fuck her in every style and watch xxx films togather now she also suck my cock but i do not like sucking her pussy(sorry girls i can not suck pussy) she do not like ass fuck and i fuck only 2 times her ass anhow any girl aunt or house wife in pakistan can mail me for sex or sexy chat at only girls contect me i am available to fuck her and give them pleasure of life.

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