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Nani Fuck

  • desipapa
  • October 1, 2015

My name is tushu staying here in mumbai completed my grandma is staying with us. whem i was 12 age thattime i got first erection by seeing some hot picture . so from that day i really feel that i require a lady who fullfilled my this desire . My grandma is not sexy but she has somethings which any male required like she has nice & big GAND & boobs. she is Fatty & her age is 50+ .

Nani is a sound sleeping woman and she will never hear if a bomb is exploding nearby.That is why very less cloth will be there in her body while she is sleeping .An average woman with very good physique. An early widow. When I saw first time her genital I wondered because it was covered with thick hair.Till that time I have seen only children’s pussees.I asked nani about this innocently.She only smiled and asked me while sleeping why you are looking at my those places. When I was reading in Matriculation, my private area has also developed some grey hair.But the habit of not using any cloth at bed time gave me some sort of shy and nani allowed me to use a sheet while sleeping with her.At midnight our bodies would be touching each other part by part without cloth without knowing each other. Gradually through school friends I came to know about sex, childbirth etc. After that my shy has increased to sleep with nani without clothing and increased the eagerness to see nani’s pussy in day light.

One day nani slept very early when I was reading . When I went to bed the scene was very nice. She was sleeping by her back and long white legs wide open and folded and clothes were away. .The total best wiew. I brought the torch light and looked at there minimum half an hour with vibrating mind.I have seen that part many times in my life .But that day I cannot forget so esily .I took away the cloth from her boobs, touched there , kissed there.At last I could not control myself I smelled nani’s pussy. It was very nice.I kissed there minimum twenty times.She did not know anything.I opened the lips of the pussy saw inside rose petals and touched there with my tongue and sitting the bed I masturbated. My friends had already taught me how to mastur! bate.After that day it was very difficult to leep with nany as before.While she was hugging in sleep I controled very hard not to touch her my erected penis . But my pussy kissing and masturbation have continued without nani’s knowledge weekly twice. After some time one of our newly wedded distant relatives has got job in our town and started staying with his wife in our house adjacent to our bed room.

They are closing their door very early at night and laughing and talking will last till late midnight. I have never thought any thing about them. But one day at night I have noticed that nani is peeping to their room through a door gap. After their light goes off she is returning to our bed. After some days I have also got curiosity to watch the scene.In that darkness I also peeped through another gap of a window, by the time nani also watching inside scenes Without knowing that I am also watching the same scene. Inside, the couple were without any dress and the lady is above the man moving forward and backward.I have got a shivering in my whole body and my cock has immediatly stood erect.After some time the lady got up and started licking his penis and he also has started sucking her vagina. ! I wanted to masturbate instantly but avoide When I went back to the bed nani is sleeping there.I have got a feer that nani has knew everything. My erection has gone instantly.As usual took away all clothes and laid besides nani without touching her covering my body with a bed sheet.After some time nani hugged me as usual and slept. I tried very hard for getting a sleep. But touching nanies boobs and thighs to my body didn’t allow me for a sleep ,instead my cock has started stiffening.

When I started hearing nani’s snoring ,I slowly took away clothes from nani’s pussy and boobs and gave many kisses there. As usual done my masturbation work and slept. In the next night nani slept very early. I waited nani to get sound sleep. Then I went and started seing the scene in the other room .This time they were doing the natural sex play .The man is pumping holding her boobs with both the hands and she is rubbing his buttocks. I masturbated standing there seing the scene.All my juices were went on their door front. When I returned to bed I astonished that nani is not there. I got fear.But nani was there enjoying the play all along. I laid down there covering my naked body with a bedsheet. After some time nani came back. I pretended that I am in a sound sleep and started snoring.She slept beside me as usual for a moment. Then hugged me for a while and started moving her hand all over may body slowly. I was trying very hard to control myself. But I could’nt controle my cock. He became stiff.When nani’s hand reached the spot and touched there I forgot everything and hugged nani wildly.She immediatly thre! w me away. She had no expectation that I will behave like that .I couldn’t see her in the darkness to read her face.She thought that I was in sound sleep.

I was waiting to get a sleep immediatly.After some time Nani hugged me as usual in their sleep.She pressed me against her body. She was breathing speedily. Rubbed her face to my face and at last kissed me all over my face.Kissed me many times in my lips. What is going on in my mind that I am unable to explain. I simply laid. Her hand was running all over my body.Finally it cought my cock.She pressed the penis in a rhythmic way.I laid there without any movement.But one thing happened.All my juices have gone out .It flew through Nani’s fingers. She kissed my penis and put it in her mouth,enjoyed some time and took away her cloth.She laid there and put me in her chest asking to suck her boobs. Her hanging big boobs I tasted in a very beautiful way.She was enjoying .

She put my iron rode in her vagina. It was not going inside . She apied some saliva inside her pussy and tried once more .My cock instantly got inside. She showed me with her hands how to move up and down.Gradually I did very well. Nani was making some sound in pleasure. Kissed me wildly and at last came over me and started fucking very nicely.I thought her memory is very nice. She didn’t forget this after long years. The next day both of us together enjoyed the inner scenes of the other room.Nani was standing and seing the standing fuck inside.She asked me to kiss her pussy.I sat in between her long legs and started kissing and sucking her pussy.she pressed my head with her thighs and took me to the bed and enjoyed there. Till this time we were enjoying now and then.

She need only once in a week. But I want most of the time .Some times she will alow only to put the cock in between her legs and relax.I was shaving her pussy once in a month.I am waiting to get a teen fuck to assess which is great fuck. I love old ladies sp 40-50+ lady so who want to fullfiled her desired mail me to Goodluck.

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