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Nangi Sarika

  • desipapa
  • September 17, 2015

am a 19-year old guy. I am a fan of your web site. I live with my elder brother and bhabhi. My brother is a wealthy business man. He is often on a tour abroad in connection with his business. My bhabhi Sarika (not her real name) who is 28 years old is a real sex bomb with a lovely figure and attractive boob size. She is a successful model. She has done many fashion shows and done many ad films. One evening, I saw a photograph of bhabhi in a women’s magazine. It was a lingerie ad and bhabhi had posed with only her bra and panty on. I saw her legs and arms.

They were beautifully waxed. Her bra and panty highlighted her beautiful butts and bust line. Mera to lund khada ho gaya. I got such a huge erection that I took my penis in my hand and began to masturbate. I was enjoying myself when bhabhi walked in to the room and caught me masturbating with those sexy pictures of hers. She had a naughty smile on her face. She snatched the magazine from my hand. I asked her to return the magazine to me. I boldly replied–Bhabhi, come on let me masturbate with those pictures–you are looking so sexy. She asked me–kya main bra panty main sexy lagti hoon ? Wow bhabhi–I said–mazaa aa raha hai. She asked me–Do you wanna see me naked. Then she gave a seductive smile and left the room. She had taken the magazine away from me. And I was left wondering what had happened. After a minute, she came upto me and handed me a magazine. It was an old edition of the girlie magazine Menz Club.

She asked me to turn to Page 66 and left the room. I opened page 66. It was a picture of Harsha bhabhi in a bra and panty. She really looked stunning. The next two pages had her with only her panty on. Sarika bhabhi was topless. Her lovely boobs were fully exposed. The next five pages had her absolutely naked. Sarika bhabhi bilkul nangi thee. I quietly took the magazine and placed it in my bag. After 12.30 at night, I woke up and pulled the magazine out of my bag. I slowly closed the door and switched on the light. I opened the magazine. There were lovely pictures of nude and semi nude girls. But the pictures of Sarika bhabhi were driving me mad. I masturbated 5 times that night looking at those naked pictures of Sarika bhabhi. While masturbating, my eyes were glued to those naked pictures of my sexy bhabhi. I kept whispering–Sarika Bhabhi you are so sexy–Mein aapko nangi karke chodna chaahta hoon. Us raat muth maarne mein bahut mazza aya. The next evening, bhabhi was dressed in a sexy pink saree and a low cut sleeveless blouse that revealed a lot of her armpits and midriff. I could even see half of her sexy tits. She looked at me many times and smiled.

I was thinking, “She is such a sexy bitch. She showed my her naked pictures last night and now she is smiling at me and showing me her curves. I was lost in my thoughts when she came up to me and asked, “Kyon devar ji–Kaisi lagi aapko apni bhabhi? I was really getting excited by her bindaas attitude. I grasped her hand and placed the other hand on her blouse. I could feel the softness of her breast. She approached me and pulled down my pyjama and removed my vest. I was completely naked in front of my sexy bhabhi. I pulled down the pallu of her saree. She unwrapped herself out of her saree now. The next minute her saree was lying on the floor. She opened her petticoat and let it fall as well. She had only her bra and panty on now. She brought her thighs to touch my thighs. I got a sexy current. I turned around her and began to kiss her on her back. I put my hand inside the cup of her bra and began to feel her boobs. Then I unhooked her bra. I threw her bra away and began to kiss her nipples and suck her lovely tits.

Her nipples got big with lust. Then I turned my hand inside her panty and began to feel her butts. She was wild with passion now. She whispered into my ears–Meri panty bhi utaro naa–Mujhe nangi karke pyaar karo na Chunnu, please, Chunnu, Mujhe nangi kar do , Chunnu, Mujhe nangi kar do. Mujhe nangi kar do. Bhabhi was moaning passionately. I pulled her panty down to her knees and then to her feet. She stepped out of her panty and threw it away. Sarika bhabhi was completely naked now. Every inch of her body oozed sex. But the most striking feature was the beauty of her butts. I had never seen such lovely butts. Sarika bhabhi ko bilkul nangi dekh kar mera lund rock jaisa hard ho gaya. I smiled at her and said–bhabhi–aapko nangi dekh kar mazza aa gaya. Aapke nange mammay bahut sexy hain. Bhabhi smiled and took my lund in her hands and let her soft fingers run over it. I took her naked breasts in my mouth and began to swallow them. She was hot now. She whispered to me–ab jaldi chod daalo mujhe. I kissed her all over her belly and laid her on the bed. I mounted Sarika bhabhi and inserted my penis into her pussy.

She was shouting now–fuck me, fuck me. I kept on pumping and began to whisper loudly—nangi …nangi …nangi I ejaculated my semen inside Sarika bhabhi after 15 minutes and our naked bodies exploded in orgasms. The whole night, we were completely naked and had sex in every position including the bath tub. We even masturbated each other. Hum dono–devar aur bhabhi ne raat bhar nange hokar pyar kiya aur jum ke ek doosre ko choda. She stood completely naked in front of me and masturbated her pussy for me to watch. I also masturbated while I watched her masturbating. Bhabhi muth maarti hui bahut sexy lagti hai. She let me masturbate on her buttocks, thighs, back and even her boobs. I masturbated all over her soft naked body. My bhabhi confessed to me that her dream was to act in a blue film. Main camera ke saamne bilkul nangi nahana chaahti hoon. I would love to get more offers to pose naked for magazines–she told me. I confessed my desire for Aishwarya Rai to my bhabhi. Main Aishwarya Rai ko bilkul nangi karke chodna chaahta hoon. I also admitted to my lust for my chemistry lecturer at college.

I told my bhabhi, “I would love to see my chemistry madam naked and have sex with her. I masturbate a lot thinking about her.” And don’t you masturbate dreaming of having me, bhabhi asked me with a naughty smile. My affair with my bhabhi continues. Whenever I get a chance, maen Sarika bhabhi ko nangi kar deta hoon–aur hum dono devar bhabhi nange hokar pyar karte hain. I just love having sex with Sarika bhabhi. She is a real sexy bitch. Hello–this is the end of this story. Do you like this story ? Why ? Does this story make you feel like masturbating ? Have you ever fantasized about Aishwarya while masturbating. Please let me know. I can be contacted at

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