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Nangi Madhuri Dixit

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Madhuri Dixit is the world’s sexiest woman. She is damn sexy with big erotic tits and shapely buttocks. She really looks gorgeous in sarees with low-cut andsleeveless blouses that reveal her armpits. I get erections on seeing her. Mera lund tower ki tarah khada ho jata hai and I have to masturbate to satisfy myself (muth maarni parti hai). Every night I masturbate 2 or 3 times fantasizing about Madhuri Dixit.

Then one day, I gained the power to become invisible. By wearing a ring and pressing it, I could become invisible. Using my magic powers I gained entry in Madhuri Dixit’s house. One day, we were both alone at home. And it was really hot. Madhuri Dixit was sweating badly. I was invisible at that time. She went into the bathroom and I followed her. She bolted it from inside. Then she removed her saree. Inside her saree, she was not wearing any petty coat but only a mini skirt. I could see her stunning legs and thighs for the first time. She opened the shower and soon got wet. She had only her blouse and the small skirt on. Her belly and navel were wet with drops of water. She raised one leg and began to rub it against the other leg. She really looked sexy enjoying herself that way. Her skirt was a bit raised now and I could see a bit of her panty. And she could not even think in her wildest dreams that I was standing there naked, watching her.

The next minute, Madhuri Dixit dropped her blouse and revealed her lacy black bra. The bra was not properly worn and I could see one nipple trying to come out. Her armpits and the shoulder curves from behind the bra straps really looked very erotic. And before long, Madhuri Dixit dropped her mini skirt as well. Madhuri Dixit really looked very sexy in her bra and panty. Mera lund khada ho gaya and stood staring at her. Meanwhile, Madhuri Dixit took a soap in her hand and began to massage her body. She lied down on the wet bathroom floor that was well tiled. She began to stroker her legs against each other. That was a reallyhot scene. She put her hand inside her bra and began to fondle her tits. The next minute Madhuri Dixit took off her bra and stood up topless. Wow! Madhuri Dixit ko topless dekh ke fun aa gaya. And soon she peeled down her panty and was now all naked. She inserted her finger nside her pussy and began to masturbate. Yeh ek super sexy nazaraa tha; Madhuri Dixit nangi naha rahi thee aur muth bhi maar rahi thee.

Madhuri Dixit ko bilkul nangi dekh ke sachmuch mazza aa gaya. Mera lund pehle kabhi bhi itna bhari nahin hua tha. It became difficult for me to control myself. I moved towards her and kissed and navel and then began to kiss her belly. Madhuri Dixit cried out in pleasure, “tum ko dekh nahin sakti par mazza aa raha hai, lage raho” I kept licking her belly and my hands were feeling her naked breasts. Then I moved up and took her left tit in my mouth and began sucking her. Then I moved to her right tit, it became difficult for me to decide which was the tastier tit. Meanwhile, I placed my hands on Madhuri Dixit’s silky smooth butts and began to massage them.

This excited her so much that she began to beg me to fuck her. Ab jaldi chod dalo mujhe, she said. I mounted Madhuri Dixit and inserted my penis into her cunt. We were now stroking each other passionately. ooh….aaah……oooh…..aaah. After 20 minutes, I ejaculated inside her and she exploded in orgasms. That night, we fucked each other many times again and I kept choosing her bade bade mommay. I asked her if I could masturbate by rubbing myself against her butts and Madhuri had no objections. My lund began to feel her butts and rub against them. Meanwhile, my hands were busy playing with her big boobs. I kept stroking my lund against her butts till I ejaculated.

Masturbating against Madhuri Dixit’s butts was real heavenly pleasure. Is tarah muth maar ke bahut mazza aaya. The next one week, we had sex at least 4 or 5 times every night and also 1 or 2 times in the day. These are my fondest fantasies. Now, in case, you are a sexy young girl or woman and want to enjoy sex talk with me, I can be contacted at Sexy Boy

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