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  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

Hi friends iam rahul this is my real experience. This story happened while I was in the high school. I knew what sex was and had started masturbating. My father was working as marketing executive at that time. My mother who was in her early forties stayed home .. My father used to fuck to my mother every sunday.

I have watched them having sex in the afternoon and night of Sunday. I used hear my mother moan in the middle of night with pleasure when they had sex. My mother is a beautiful woman with nice figure. . She has big nice boobs and a good nice round bottom. We used to live in a rented house at that time. It was a two storied house and two guys are lived in the ground floor who were in their twenties. They were very friendly with my mother. They used to come to our house when my father was absent ( most off the time my father spend in out of my house)..

The one of the guy name was Charan and he had a nice body. My mother was playing chess with Charan while I used to sit and read. My mother used to wear sleeveless blouse that showed off her Armpits and cleavage very well. Sometimes she used to wear nightie. At first I never suspected anything going on between Charan and my mom. I stared getting ideas when they stared discussing about blue films. My mom said she hasn’t seen one and wants to see how it will be and charan promised that he will arrange. One day in the afternoon I believe they watched one with Charan friends and I heard my mom say she didn’t like it. I had no idea what was going on between mom and Charan while I was in school in the day time. But in the night around 9pm Charan used to visit our house with a chess board . I used invariably sleep at around 10 and I never used to know what would happen. The curiosity in me grew day by day and one night I decided to stay awake and watch what would happen. That night as usual charan came to our house around 9pm. by that time we had finished our dinner and they stated playingChess on the dining table. At around 10 I said goodnight to them and entered the bed room. I didn’t close the bedroom door completely so that I can watch both of them in the dining hall. Up to half hour nothing happened and I stared to loose interest. Then I saw charan touching my moms leg with his and he started to caress her leg slowly. He stared moving his leg up towards her knee.

I saw my mom watching towards me whether my self sleeping or not. Then I saw my mom right hand slowly his right knee. She stroked his thigh almost all the way up to his rod. Now with his leg Charan had lifted my moms nightie up to her knees and was rubbing his legs against her soft white well shaped legs. They moved towards the carpeted floor of the hall. Charan embraced my mom tightly squashing her big boobs against his chest. He kissed her on the lips then stared licking her neck and her armpits. His both hands were on her round arse stroking and squeezing them slowly on the nightie. Then he slowly moved his hand to her right breast and pressed gently over the nightie. My mother let out a sigh of pleasure. Her hand was on charans rod stroking it gently. Charan lungi dropped down. He was now in his underwear with his pole staining to come out and a t-shirt. Charan removed the buttons of the nightie slowly kissing my moms chest and got it down to her waist. My mom was wearing black bra with boobs trying to burst out. Charan became mad at seeing those beautiful big melons he squeezed both of them for five minutes kissing constantly and reached for the nipple after he successfully freed the breasts from the bra. He pinched the brown taught nipples and bit them gently. My mom moaned softly and pressed against his firm body. He started kissing her stomach now and completely dropped the nightie.

My mom was wearing petticoat. She was standing there naked nothing on the top with her beautiful boobs giggling and her chest moving up and down with excitement.charan dropped down to his knees and started to lift her petticoat from below exposing her white milky thighs kissing them as he inched up. He lifted the petticoat up to the waist buried his face in between her thighs. My mom loosened the knot on the petticoat and it dropped down to the ground softly. She was in her panties with charan kissing her over the bush and holding her bums tightly. She slowly settled down on the ground beside charan. charan made her lie down on the ground and peeled off her panties in one motion. He kissed her on the face and lips and his hands now rested on her boobs pressing them. His legs were on my moms thighs one of them pressing gently on the mound. Now his right hand moved towards my moms cunt slowly caressing the stomach. He inserted a finger into the cunt an gently stared moving it in and out.He then rubbed on the clit gently. My mom started moving her hips and writhing in excitement. She reached for his erect cock and asked him to put it in. He slowly raised and positioned between her thighs. My mom guided his cock to proper position and wrapped her legs around him .He slowly started moving up and down. Kissing my mom on face and squeezing her boobs. He began to pump faster and faster now.

My mom was making noise with each his stroke. Each time he rammed her whole body would move. She gripped his back and pushed his buttocks into her.She started to bite him as this went on for about seven minutes and urged to fuck her fast. She made a loud moaning noise which was muffled by charan planting a kiss on her and charan rammed once hard inside and held her tightly spurting his seeds in side her . They laid there motionless for a minute or so. Charan rolled off my mom. Both of them hugged each other and kissed.charan stroked her breasts and squeezed her buttocks. Charan said to my mom that it was wonderful Mom laughed at him and said we can do this often. She got up and went to the kitchen to get some water. M saw her gorgeous boobs dangling and watched her hips sway as she walked and his rod stared to move again. she came back with a glass of water and gave it to M. M was ogling at her body and reached for the glass. Mom started to pick up her clothes. Charan finished drinking water. Kept the empty glass on the table.

He turned and saw my moms bent arse while picking up her clothes. He went behind her and grabbed her waist and inserted his now erect rod from behind Mom was surprised and moaned with pleasure by sudden stretching of her pussy. Charan held on to the waist and started ramming her from behind. He reached for her breasts with his left hand and pressed them hard. My mom rested her hands on the chair and started enjoying the doggie style fuck she was receiving. She pushed her arse back towards him.charan increased his speed and finally leaned on her back holding her tightly and squeezing her boobs. They both kissed each other .

Charan slowly collected his clothes and stepped out of the house exhausted. My mom put on her petticoat and bra. I quickly jumped back to my bed and could not sleep that night. I must have masturbated 4-5 times that night. I will tell other stories of charan and my mom later Please send your comments to

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