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Nailed Her In The Dim Lights

  • desipapa
  • January 6, 2016

This is my first story on Desipapa, I am a constant reader of Indian sex stories so I finally decided to write my own one. Though my English may not be perfect ,just take the feel,and just shake it off :p

So this story is a real story which happened 2 weeks ago.

Heroin of this story is my Mami,sex goddess with 34 26 38 figure . Her lips are enough to make anyone go crazy and jerk off many times .

Let me tell you about me , I am 18 year old ,student, average physique ,tall and handsome . My erected penis goes 7 inch long :p .

So without wasting any time lets start the story.

About 2 weeks ago ,i have to go to my mami’s house to give my mama’s medicine . It was nearly 7pm ,dim lights , due to power cut it was even dark . There was a battery lighting up in the medium . And there she was , the door was open and she was sleeping ,so I entered without a knock. I called her several times , but she was sleeping tight . I always had a lust on her ,and this ought to be the perfect time . I held my hands or held and again called her to wake up.

Even after 5-6 tries she didnt got up. My penis was erected and was trying to free himself from my trousers . So I thought to make this night a mesmerizing one . I closed the door and lied beside her . Put my hands on her shoulder and slowly started rubbing there. She gave no reaction . I made my next move . Held myself so close to her and put my hands on her boobs . And there were they ,soft and juicy …..I could feel her nipples because she was wearing a nighty and probably a light bra inside .

After few seconds I started circling my hands around her boobs ,she was half asleep ,but still hasnt opened her eyes. I started pressing her boobs ,still she gave no reaction . Now I started pressing her sexy boobs more hard ,and there was she ….Moaning slowly ….Hmm .. Ahemm … Ummm ….Her sound made me go more crazy . I moved my hand inside her nighty and started touching them ….It was not satisfying me …So I unbuttoned her nighty as well as bra. Now she was only in her panty .

Now she opened her eyes ,as soon as she opened I planted a kiss on her lips. First it was one sided but in few seconds she started responding . Our salivas started to mix . Finally it ended up after 6 minutes or something . She was smiling naughtily without wasting any time I moved her in doggy style , removed her panty and inserted half of my penis inside her ass. Aaahhhh …. She screamed lightly . Gave 2-3 pushes and now she was enjoying it ….. Aaah .. Yeah babe fuck me more ..Hm yeahh …..

I started fucking her more ravagely …… After about 10 minutes I stopped. ……. Lied above her and started sucking her boobs…She was moaning high … I got down to his pussy…Pink and clean shaved ….I directly started fucking her in pussy as I don’t like sucking it ….. I continued it with 15-20 strokes ……. And then I cummed ….All fallen on her …She desperately licked all of that….She was yet to cum….I again sucked her boobs hard…….And now she finally cummed …… I took it on and applied on my buddy…..

Again started fucking in her ass…She was enjoying it like heaven ……..She hold my head and started pushing it hard ….Now whole of my penis was going inside her ass…..I patted hard on her back hard….She was screening …Fuck me …Baby …Fuck me more …..Baby please….Make me your slut …. Aaaahh …. I was continuously fucking her hard….My strokes were getting heavier and heavier ….. I hold her boobs and started pushing her in and out ….. I was enjoying it ..She cummed again… The juices smelled sweet … I rubbed it all on her back….

Now she came closer to me took my cock in mouth and started sucking it hard ….Yeah yeahhh … Aaaahhh …@aahhh ….I was saying…Yeah my bitch….I am your lord….Take me to heaven…Its all yours….Just suck it more …

I hold her and started pushing her into…Whole of my cock had been inside her mouth …… I cummed all inside her mouth….She tastily drank all of that……

Now I started fucking her in 69 position ….The session was going hell awesome…Dream of fucking her hard had came true….I always wanted to fuck you baby ,i said …… She gave a naughty smile… I was continuously fucking her….It was about 7.40 pm. …We merely were some relative 40 minutes ago,and now we were sharing some hottest sex. Baby,she interrupted I was hungry of some good sex.Your mama could never satisfy me as he was always week and sick,you truly satisfied me. .

I was smiling and started giving more harder strokes. ….I was tired a bit. We slept ,i pressed her boobs continuously … Smooched her in every minute …. All her lipstick has stained into my lips,but j was enjoying it high.We cuddled each other ..She played with my cock …

We were fully naked inside the blanket.I was rubbing her cunt,she was moaning slowly .It was truly a high time with her .I bit her nipples , probably the best in the world..Dark brown and soft..I licked her navel,it was so soft around there..We now were finally over with the sex session.

We got up ,wore our clothes and continuously kissed again for a long time,my hands while kissing were constantly pressing here ass and boobs . They are literally the best I could have found. I am jealous of my mama who have sk much freedom to anything with this sexy bitch.My mobile started ringing…It was my friend ,i disconnected the call and continued our kiss without breaking it ….Her lips are very soft..,,so smooth and she is such a masterpiece at kissing ….

We ate some food ,she fed me with her hands ,we ate chocolate in a different style ,k again made her nude above ….. Made small pieces of chocolate and put them on her nude body,boobs,neck,navel and all over the top…..I started them one by one ,i literally licked the ones on her boobs to their juices with my tongue….We got high again.. She ravagly torn my shirt …Removed my pants and started giving strokes to my cock.I cummed again….She took all of it …… And said me fuck her some more ..

I agreed ,which fool will such an opportunity… I lied on above her …Hold her hands and wildly planted kisses all over her body…. Now I lied down and asked her to sit on my cock with her asshole …..She did the same. Now she started moving up and down ,moaning like some sexy porn star ,she has all the qualities to be the one ….
We were finally over with the sex …..

It was going late …So I smooched again …..Promised her for more such fun and left . :p

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Stay tuned peeps….Good bye

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