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Nai Kaam Wali

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Professionally, I have my own business, I don’t have a fixed time to work. Whenever feel like, I go to office. I have people work for me. My wife teaches in a school, everyday morning she goes out with our kid who studies in the same school. Personally, I am always sex starved, my wife is good on bed, but she cant fulfill what I want. From early age I am an anal sex freak, I was a top with guys, and had plenty of girls under me. I have a special attraction towards maids.

I hail from a upper middleclass family, there always had been couple of maids. So getting some pieces of cunt and ass was never a problem. I married to a girl I loved and never had sex with her before I got married. On bed, I found her pretty much active, but on anal, it was a no-no for her. She said its not that she doesn’t want to, but her asshole is so thin that she cant bear even a finger. But she is from a lower middleclass family, she was willing to help me out on my anal taste.

Part of that arrangement was, she would keep good bodied young maids who won’t mind having sex with me. There were a few in last few years, my wife would tell them before they start working on what is expected. On the process I could get some good pieces of ass to satisfy my crave. The routine was, at night I would take the maid at guest room, or after my kid and wife left in morning I would take the maid in my room. This happened a week ago. I was having my fair share with Shanti, my wife informed Shanti is going to her village for a week, she arranged for a substitute. I asked, does she know what to do? She replied, I haven’t met till now, she will come tomorrow.In the morning, all of them left, Shanti to her village, my wife and kid to school and I was all alone. Around 10AM, there was a bell, opening the door I saw the substitute maid.She said she will be working for a week, a slender sweet girl of 19/20 with a sweet smile and a nice ass. I let her in, showed the kitchen, and went to my room to take a nap.It was hardly 10 minutes, I felt something in my cock. It’s the new maid, fondling my cock.

I was amazed, she has no saree, snall handful boobs open, and wearing a petticoat, she was sitting on my bed and smiling. I said what are you doing? She said its what Shanti told me, you fuck better in morning than at night. I agreed to work here because Shanti said you are a good fucker, and I don’t have to fuck hiding from memsaab. I asked what else Shanti told you? She said you are an anal guy, that a bit problem, coz I am still virgin. Said nevermind I will do the right way, you will love it.In a minute she sat down on my cock, lowered herself and we started kissing. Between our genitals there were two pieces of clothes, I opened her petticoat string saw her soft firm ass, that I can call a walking wetdream. Then she opened my pajama, we became all nude in minutes. My cock hitting around her pussy but I kept it out because I love a good pussy eating. Kissing her, pumping her balls, caressing her ass I felt she started wetting my cock base with her juice. That was new to me, she must be a real horny girl, I have to treat her well. I got up and let her lie down, spreading her legs I did not waste a second. Licking her clit, then spread her pussy and licked inside. Back to lick her clit I inserted two fingers and made a upward curve to massage her G-spot. She was all mad then. This is a trick I learned before, hardly any girl can stay quite when both the clit and G-spot is attended together. I lifted her ass a bit and licked her anus, then use a finger to press slowly. It went in well.It went on some time, she had a fair share of pleasure, everytime she came, her anus spasmed around my finger, I lick her clean and back to clit licking and G-spot massage. My cock was throbbing, I said you want some?

She said Saab travel inside me, now, please.I got up, turned her around and entered her from back. Her pussy was so wet that the puch puch sound was clearly audible followed by the thump thump by my pelvic on her buns. She was pushing back everytime I was pumping forward. I inserted a finger in, and felt the sweet feel, anus squeezing and the cock going in and out.After sometime, I said let change position, I lay on my back and she sat on top. Once my cock got its way, I hold her hips still and started with upward thurst. It was amazing. I inserted my finger in her anus and could feel that in out again, both by my cock and the finger. Pressing her soft balls on my chest and lips locked with tounge dart in and out, she is a real good fuck. I could not hold much longer, so let her lay on her back, I went to missionary. A few slow and long stroke made her crazy, then gave a few hard stroke, and buried all my cum deep in her pussy. We lay motionless, once my cock shrink, both of us went to clean ourselves.Once back she lay down on my chest, we were having a chitchat. She said, Saab you fuck great, but your oral is unmatchable, never had a feel like this ever. I said when I take your ass you will say that again. I don’t think you were any virgin, tell me whom you fuck around? I was worried cause in the heat of the moment I forgot to use a condom not knowing if she fucks around.She said, you are the second man I have sex with, the only the other one is my own elder brother. He fucks well, but not like you. Matter of fact he has a thicker and longer cock, but what’s the point of having a large tool if someone doesnot know how to use that?I said huh, you fuck your brother, that’s not right. She replied, and you are married and fucking all the maid, including me and you think its right? I said errr, two consenting adult having safe sex, that’s okay.

She said yes both my brother and me are consenting adult, that’s okay for us. Rather than fuck around different people, we found this is safe to keep things at home. He is my brother it doesn’t bother me.I was getting hard, she noticed, and told me, Saab, you are rising, shall I give you a suck before you get me ready for my first anal? Without waiting for my reply, she took my cock in her mouth, it felt good. I opened the bedside drawer and took the Vaseline. I asked her to get on sixtynine and with me below, I started sucking her cunt. Took a dab on Vaseline and started finger fucking her. Earlier during fuck I was getting in easily, this time two fingers wasn’t a problem. I found her all ready, so asked to lay on her side bending. I took some to apply in my cock, and got in a 90 degree position, on my knee. One leg behind her ass the other touching her thigh, I spread her ass cheeks and tried slowly. I few minutes of effort my cock head was in, I slide in slowly. She was keeping eyes closed but fighting against the pain for the virgin entry. I was very slow on my approach, inch by inch went in and stopped in between. Finally I was all the way in. She kept quite all the time till my pelvic hit her ass complete in. I said can you feel me? She said yes, anal sex isnot that bad, I feel filled up, and it’s a real good feel. I said I know, you can poop like the thickness of my cock, its not that painful. She said I know, but my brother has a thick cock, I don’t dare taking that. But now I think I will be able to take his too. It started boiling me with envy that this girl with a ass like this will be ravaged by someone else, I started fucking hard. I had to have her for me now, so started pumping hard.

Soon enough I made a slight change, I was in spoon, and fucking hard. My cock in an ass is always a fantastic feel, I always feel comfortable and can fuck for long. Soon again changed to a doggy position without taking my cock out, and then made her flat on her stomach and fucking from top.I felt time to release, but her brother will fuck this ass, made me jealous. I started prolonging now. First We stood up and I sat on the edge of sofa, made her sit on my cock, my cock buried on her ass when she was facing me. It went on when she was jumping up and down. Then I made her bend on the sofa standing and fucked from behind, both were standing. Then again sat on sofa and she sat her back on me. On this position, I lifted her legs on knee and stood up, her weight on my hand, my cock deep buried and lifted her up and down. It was impossible than to hold back, so let her lay on the bed on missionary, and lifting her knee entered her anus for last time before cum.

Soon enough I flooded in her asshole with my cum and felt that sweet sensation of fucking a virgin ass.Once I was limp, my cock popped out, cum dripping from her anus, what a scene. We went to clean again, and lay on the bed. She was smiling with content, so was I. I asked her, we did not use a condom, is she on pill? She started laughing, you fucked my ass, don’t worry. I said not now, the earlier one. She said, don’t worry, I am on pill, my brother maynot be a good fuck, but he is really caring and of course has a thicker and larger cock. I said than its okay, we don’t need to worry right? She smiled at me, and, Saab, that’s right not to worry.Then she whispered in my ear, Saab, actually I lied to you, my brother doesn’t have a large cock, his is almost same as yours. I lied to make you angry to get a good long fuck, men gets upset hearing the girl gets a big cock.I felt relieved, asked her to give a lick to my seven inch, put two fingers in her two holes and asked that damn question which I did not ask before, by the way, what is your name? We started laughing together, she said what for, you want to buy an apartment for me? We laughed again.She is a maid, somewhat educated, but her sense of humor and her always wet cunt and warm snug ass is keeping me all happy for the last 7 days. I just hope Shanti does not comeback from village so that my this maid stays longer.

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