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  • desipapa
  • September 10, 2015

I am a middle age man, sound health, slim body and well endowed in vital area. I live in Karachi travel frequently. I am sure that every man and at least half the women have sexual spice in their life. Most are pre marital but some like me enjoys it for ever.  I was not involved in any sex till the age of 24. I had completed my education and about to leave country for on Job training for one year. I got engaged to a girl. She was around 23.

She had completed her BA and teaching in a school. I had not seen her before engagement. It was an arranged one. Naeema was average looking, eldest among her sisters. Her elder brother was among my college contemporary.  I received a call of her sister Seema just one week after engagement. Younger sister Seema was 21 year’s old student in local college She asked me  to come to their home as soon as possible. I took my bike and reached their home. When I was parking my bike Seema asked me to park it in near by Hospital Compound. When I came back after parking, she took me to drawing room and told me that Naeema want to talk to me in person. Since it was an opportunity for me. She informed me that their parent have gone to other end of city. They will come after having dinner.. Naeema entered the room and sat opposite me. We exchanged formal pleasantry. She complained that why I don’t call her one phone. I said, “I don’t call you because I think your parents will not approve it” “I don’t love me” she said “It will take time because I have not met you before.” Do you dislike me? “No, no I like you very much’ She asked me to call me every night after 10. She will keep phone in her bedroom, she shares room with Seema and I can confide on Seema. I stayed with there for two hours that day. I called her next night She said that she was not happy because of my behaviour Why? I asked She said “ You have not shown any intimacy ……. You have not even hold my hand,…….. her friends fiancé kisses her every they meet. What you are talking? Do you expect me to kiss before marriage. I heard giggling and rustling a soft sound of smooching.. I asked her who was there. She said after a soft cry that it was her sister She was teasing her We have kept in touch on phone for couple of days. Seema was very naughty, she knew a lot of dirty jokes about married couples.

Both the sisters were very found of Indian Movies especially sexy ones. One day they invited me spend whole day with them because their parents were going to Hyderabad for whole day. They asked me not to come on Bike. We sat in drawing room, she was wearing a very light colour Shalwar suit, and her red colour Bra was visible through this. Naughty Seema was in Slit pants and sort of Kurta, no Dopatta. This time I took liberty to hold Naeema’s hand, she felt shy and put her head on my shoulder. I keep on holding her and moving my hand on her back. I touched my lips on lips. She opened her lips and we smooched some time. All of sudden she put her whole tongue in my mouth. Till then I did not know about tongue kissing. Then she asked me to put my tongue in her mouth, she started to role my tongue with her tongue and suck it. I was in heaven; my whole body was in sensation. I was mad. I pulled her tight. My boner  was tight. Her she was leaning on sofa and I was top her. Suddenly Seema entered the room, ya maze horahe hain (you having Fun), it was time for lunch Eat it other wise it will be cold. “What about me’ I asked her you are cooling me down She said ‘Don’t worry after lunch I arrange to bake you’ After lunch they we moved to their bedroom. They put on TV/ VCR a put a sexy Indian movie on it. I was seating bed side chair and where both the sisters were on bed. I was restless but Seema kept on teasing by putting one leg up and could see a gap in the junction of her thighs. After some time Seema said to Naeema “I don’t want to be bone between you two you can enjoy Kebab’ and left the room. But before leaving room she took hold me around my waist and asked me take her place on bed. As soon she left the room Naeema Jumped on me and placed her lips on mine. After some lips and hand game she opened buttons of my shirt and her lips moved to chest. She started to suck my nipples, it was another sensation. She must have seeing English X movies.  I tried to remove her shirt by pushing it up from bottom, she asked me to unzip it from back. In a minute even her bra was off. It was turn to suck her dark brown nipples on creamy breasts. Her hand was rubbing my bulge.unzipped my fly, her hand were in. I was engaged with her breasts.

She opened my belt in no time my trouser was gone to my knee. My moderate 7” member was in full bloom. I leaned a little to see what she was doing. Her hand was pumping my tool in slow motion.   We spend about half an hour like this. Then we changed the position. We were in 69 position but her shalwar was still on. There was wet patch near her pussy; she was not wearing any panty.  I started to play with her pussy over the cloth. I she rolled her tongue over my cock head and her other hand was busy with my hairy balls. She asked me why do not shave it. I use to trim till then, never shaved lower part. She asked me to shave it regularly. She will prize me with more pleasure. All of sudden she took half of my shaft in her mouth and started pumping and sucking it. My whole middle finger was in her pussy wrapped up with her cloth of her shalwar whole piece of cloth was wet. She was pushing and rolling her hips like mad. Friction of her lips and rolling tongue was amazing, I felt my juices are about to erupt. I could not control my self. It short my load much quicker than masturbating. I short my load in her mouth. I was help less and frozen. After five minutes Seema entered the room with a tray with some drinks and cake. I pulled my soft cock from Naeema’s mouth and tried to cover our self. Seema teased her sister that now she will not give her drink because she has already taken my juice. She will take her share of drink in second glass  because Naeema she has not left any drop of  mine for her. Then I realized that Naeema has swallowed all my sperm.    

Seema was flushing with excitement, buttons of kurta was undone. I would have not able to resist if nor spent. Naeema was least bother to cover herself, may be they were use to each others nudity, sharing same bed and bathroom. After drinks and cake Naeema left for toilet. Seema asked me, how I found her sister I told her it was most enjoyable experience, I did not know a girl can give so much pleasure. She said “Oh! It is your first time?” Yes! What do you mean? It seems like you are coward. What? You fool! “Do you have any experience” I enquired Seema You should not ask such question to your sister in-law. Please pick my trousers from floor What for I need to go washroom. Why you are shy of me and covering yourself with bed sheet, I have seen every thing. Beside do you want join her in toilet? No, no I will go after she will return. Why don’t you bring a glass of water for me? Do really want water or I bring Sathi (condom) for you two. You are very dirty minded, Try me. She challenged. Bath room door opened Naeema entered the room. I jumped out of bed and straight to wash room. When returned wrapped up towel, I saw both the sisters smooching each other. Seema said “I just trying to find taste to your juice, but she had washed her mouth It was around 3.00 pm,  I picked my cloths and started to dress up. Naeema asked me ‘why you are dressing’ Why have our privacy till tomorrow.. Privacy? What in presence this Sali. Look don’t abuse me. I will eat you raw.. Naeema requested her sister to leave us in privacy. She gave a dirty look to us and left room I asked Naeema about Seema whether she has any boy friend. She said ‘No but all these movies and class mates in college have made horny’. I could not dare ask Naeema whether she has any prior experience. We have started next round, she was half nude, she took towel away, my semi erect penis lying on my thigh, she started to nib my nipples and rub skin between my balls and asshole. It was jolly good.

She must have seen a lot of XXX. I knew her brother had a good collection of cassettes. We have enjoyed each other in same fashion till late evening. I was totally hooked up, in love with her. Next few days I was started to consider not go abroad and marry her soon as possible. Then one day I received a call of Seema, Come as soon as possible, we have whole night for us. Their parents have left for Hyderabad to attend a funeral and return tomorrow. I teased her shall I ask someone to come along me for her entertainment. No Bhaijan you are my only entertainment. I reached their house around 8.00 with some chicken broast, sweets and juices. They were dressed to kill, I asked about her youngest sister who was about 14 years old. Naeema told she has already taken meal and she has mixed 2 tablets of sleeping pills in her milk. Her father use to take sleeping pills. Seema was wearing Shalwar with T-shirt, where as Naeema was in her brothers old Jeans and T-shirt, her hip bone was prominent  and hips were inviting for rub. Naeema told me Seema will show her dance tonight. They had cleared Drawing room with all central pieces. Windows were closed and AC was on. There was cassette playing a dance song. Seema entered room in a shining red shalwar, without top her red brassier was clearly visible through large Nylon head cover which was covering her like belly dancers. She started to dance on music. We were watching her seating like king and Queen, she was performing for us. Naeema told me that Seema has learned to dance for college farewell party. Seema was trying to copy belly dance she leaned in front of us and pushed her midriff to wards us. After a while she took hold of her elder sister’s hand, music changed and they started to dance Naeema acting as man. She started to take off her Doppata. Rubbing Seema’s waist that all sort of lesbian act. I took out my cock and started to play with my self.

By now both the girls were topless; they were kissing each others breast. Seema kneel down and started to remove Naeema’s jeans. Oh Naeema was never wears panties. She was stark naked. Seema pushed her towards me. In a minute my cock was in oral cavity. Seema stated to rub her boobs on Naeema’s back and finger was on her clit. Seema’s other hand was playing with my balls. I short my load in Naeema’s mouth. Seema took off her from her sister’s snatch and brought finger wet of her sister’s juices to my lips and pushed it in my mouth to taste her cum. We all moved to bed room, clean up, and had dinner. Now I was lying in middle of sisters they removed all my cloth. Naeema in her birthday suit, where as Seema was in only in Pyjama,  Seema brought a bottle of olive oil and started to massage my back hips and legs Naeema took charge of me, we started with smooching, I was playing with her boob and hands were on balls. After a while she turned and took 69 position. She was on her back, me on top, Seema got better position to rub my back her pyjama was off and she was only in panty. My cock well taken care, Naeema was sucking it as lollipop. Time to time she insert her tip of tongue in my pee hole, also using her fingers on my balls and skin around my ass.  I used my fingers on her cunt. Inserted my middle finger in her hole, she had fasten her oral pumping, than I pushed two fingers in.   Seema left my back and came in front of me pushed my head towards Naeema’s cunt.

She wanted me to suck her sister’s cunt. I avoided this then she took charge and started to lap her sister pussy herself. Naeema now all mad, she took my whole cock and gagged. Bed sheet in her bottom was all wet with her juices. Seema filled her mouth with her sister’s juices and brought her lips to mine and we had deep kiss, she transferred all her sisters’ juice in my mouth, which was little salty taste like a tint of raw fish. Then she pushed my head again to her sister’s cunt, now my hesitation was gone. I open her cunt lips found her clit and started to play with it using tip of tongue. Once again fresh liquid wet the sheet below her hips. Naeema asked to change the position.

Seema put on all the lights. Naeema folded her legs knee high and opened it wide.  I could see her cunt clearly first time in full light. It was freshly shaven, puffy lips some extra brown folds between lips but inside it was all pink. Seema pushed me in between her legs. I did not want to de-flower her before marriage there for I was hesitant. I started to rub my cock on her cunt lips, teasing her clit, bringing it down to her asshole and running it circular motion. I wanted to discharge my self on her cunt. Seema took hold of cock and placed it on her sister’s cunt lips and asked me to push, Naeema herself gave an upward push and my cock head was in, Seema gave me push on my hips from back, half of my cock buried in her cunt. I was shocked and frozen for a munute. Suddenly I took out my cock and jumped on breast of Naeema and pushed my cock in her mouth. I started to pump wildly holding her head.

Seema tried to pull me back because Naeema was almost choking. Seema pushed her finger in my asshole and I short my entire load in Naeema’s mouth. I turned and lied on my back, let both the sister smooching and share my cum. The sisters left the room, there was complete silence, it seems like that I was no more welcome. After half an hour Seema came and told me that Naeema was keen to submit herself, she is very much in love with me and thinking it would pleased me. Later on joined again and enjoyed till morning together. It was my last night with Naeema  because during my absence from country our engagement was called off. She married to Tailor who was running his shop near her home, He have been driving a Mazda 1300 those when I had a Yamaha Motorcycle. Seema continued to be my friend, she taught me all about the women and their desire. Seema who has introduce me from VCR to VCD and other erotic delight, she is married now, her husband is cabin crew in a Airline. She is living in Lahore now. always  ready to make her self available. I think she enjoys more as she think she dominate me.. She has great library of erotica I will write some time if insisted about my education.

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