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Naazish The Best Fuck

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

I m arshaan again from sukkur(pakistan).thanks for liking my story “SAJIDA BHABEE KI ZABARDAST CHUDAI”published in desipapa (story no:1218)new readers plz read this 1st.i recieved no: of mails and a lot of encouragement to write another story.also made some sexual contacts too. Which i am enjoying a lot. specially with shabana aunty from coming to the story.this story is about my bhabee’s friend Naazish.which i had mentioned in my previous story that Naazish is my bhabee’s friend and lesbo partner too.

I requested bhabee many times that plz help me to fucking Naazish.but she niether denye nor agree.i was very dejected with bhabee’s atitude about day bhabee asked me that Naazish has some problem in her computer can u help her to fix her computer. i smilingly asked,help only for computer fixing or any thing else too. bhabee smilingly said”you naughty fucker ,go there may be your prayers will be answered”i made my face requesting and held bhabee’s hand and said bhabee….. plz……plz…….. plz…bhabee…..plz……and bhabee smilingly nodded her head.i shouted loudly with joy n my excitement i kissed bhabee on her cheeks,pressed her boobs,and pated her hips.i was so happy.that if i have gotten any treasure.i promised to bhabee that i will go there tomorrow. Now let me introduce myself and her.i am 25 with fair complexion average built etc.and what I describe Naazish.she is the queen of my dreams n real sex bomb. well shaped body structure.very fair skin complexion 5’5” almost in height.

She is drop-dead gorgeous.having coke bottle figure of 36-24-36, beautiful, wavy, long black hair; big black eyes and a killer smile. God has given to her unique boobs and hips. The very next day was Wednesday 10:00 morning, and i was on my way. She received me with a sexy and mischievious smile.she had her bath yet and looking very fresh. She was wearing ash white qameez shalwar and her black bra was giving a sexy view. i scared those two smart piece’s with hungry looks. I dont know why that day her whole body was giving killer looks to me. Her beautiful round shape ass & smart thighs white complexion everything was looking magnificently sexy. We started moving up stairs she was walking ahead of me, while climbing the stairs my eyes were getting full view of the up and down movement of her Hips.After reaching upstairs she took me to her room. I just relaxed for a moment and sat on chair. Soon we were discussing about computer problem. It was a lovely moment i was looking into her beautiful large eyes. She, intentionally or unintentinally, left open two buttons of her shirt. In which i was getting half view of her breasts in the tight black bra. I felt the movement of my penis in my trouser. As I start my work on her computer,she sat very near to me that I can feel her fragrance and body smell,which was making me more hornier about her.i asked her for boot cd,she went to her dryer and bent down to pick the cd I got full view of her sexy buttocks.they were well ampled.after giving me cd she sat on carpet and made her face cupped in her hands and just bent down on the table.from her this action i was getting complete view of her beautiful boobs tightly packed into delicate cotton bra. I again felt the movement of my love tool, this time it was extremly difficult to get hold of it. It was getting tighter and tighter.

To comfort myself i opened my legs a little bit and used my left hand to adjust and rub it little bit. I did it as i knew that everything was happening undertable and she won’nt be able to know what is happening,but she innocently asked me what happened.why you are looking restless,I said nothing but She read it from my face expressions that i am feeling erotic.After that she came closer to I was sitting on chair and she was sitting on carpet near my feet.i was getting very difficulties to continue my work. I was in a confused state. After few seconds i felt her soft fingers circling my ankle. This act from her produced 1000 Mega Watt power waves in my body and my penis reacted strongly for the this time. I could easily feel my under-wear a little bit wet from the inner side.After that she used again her fingers in the similar fashion. on one side she was caressing her fingers with my ankles and calves and on the other side she was pretending that it was accidental nothing in serious. During next few minutes i completed my work and asked her to check her computer that its all right or not. When she was checking computer, i bent on the table and put my forehead on table’s surface and put of my arms across my head to show that i want to relax. She was continuosely playing with my legs , this time she was using her toe. Now i decided to start aggression in the similarly fashion. I moved my toe towards her , on the first touch i could feel a few seconds pause in the fast movement of her, as she was busy in computer. After first touch i felt she was also enjoying and getting hot.During next few minute we went ahead with this without any other activity.then She pushed herself backside to make a little room for her self to approach the upper the part of my legs.

She put her right hand in between my tighs. I started moving both of my legs closer to each other, in a bid to hold her hand into my tighs. The moment i pressed her hand with both of my tighs…thumb fingers of her touched my penis and started rubbing it slowly. This new move really made me hotter than before. My love tool was almost dancing and pushing harder and harder against the movement of her thumb fingers. It was going out of control and i felt that if she continued like that i may release the hot cum inside my trouser, she also guessed it from my body language and immediatly managed to stop this activity. I also made my grip loose on her active fingers.She got up and moved around the table and stood right behind my chair. I could only guess her movement as my eyes were closed and i was fully bent on the table. She used both of her hands to open the upper buttons of my shirt and moved them inside it. She moved her soft hands on my chest then she turned them towards my neck and then gave a hot and soft touch to my ribs and finally reached the stomach area. After continuoing her sensual massage for few minutes she unbuttoned my shirt completly. Now i decided to do it openly. So i opened my eyes and stood up and finally turned towards her. her creamy white body, pink lips, large black eyes, perfectly shaped boobs were giving green signal to my thirsty tongue. I looked into her black eyes which were expecting same kind of response from me. I started it, by kissing her lips. I was kissing her harder and harder soon i started moving my lips towards chin and then towards her neck.then I was caressing her boobs.i unbuttoned her shirt and unhooked her black bra and gave freedom to her beautiful boobs. I started licking and sucking one of boob and used my hand to rub other one. I could feel her breathing heavily. During next few minutes i switched between both of her boobs.

After this i managed to pulldown her shalwar. The moment i saw her milky white beautiful thighs i lost control over myself and gave her a bite on the left thigh, she griped my hairs with my right hand and moved my head away. I realized that i did it in a little crual way, But she again brought my head closer to her tigh this time expecting me to do it gently. This time i used my lips and tongue only. With the help of my lips i kept hold of her soft meat and with the my tongue i started sucking it in side my mouth. I was using my toungue effectively and she started making sexy noises. Then i moved slowly towards her penty, there i touched the penty with my toungue right over her pussy. I felt it a little wet and hot. I resumed the previous excercise with my tounge and lips. She immediatly removed her penty and opened her legs and said “suck it”. It was a wet, hot and pink pussy covered with thin pubic hairs. My tounge once again attacked the pussy, this time harder than before. I used my hands to take my penis out of trouser. Her pussy was becoming more and more juicy and my tounge was sucking each and every drop of it. I felt that my love tool is unattended so i request her for 69 position,which she liked. Now She was giving me a blow job. She was doing it so smoothly and cleanly that i have no hasitation to declare it as best blow job of my life. At the same time i was also working on her pussy. She took my penis deep inside her mouth and after bring it back moved her tounge below its head. After feeling it rock hard, i turned her straight and as a reaction she opened her legs. I touched my penis with her hot pusy, and slowly started pushing it inside. As i moved the head of my penis inside her pussy, she screamed, aaaaaaahh yes,aram say dalo’. It was a great feeling i pushed my penis more and more inside her pussy. Finally, i moved it completely inside her hot hole. I started moving it in and out and she was screaming ahhhhhhh….aaahhhaaaaa….aaahhh….,OOOOOff OOOOOff Ohh,OO.hh… aooor tezzz, ya fuck me hard hrder plz. I started strocking it faster and faster. Her beautiful boobs were dancing with every jerk produced due to powerful pumping of my penis.Soon i felt that i am about to cum. I pulled out my love tool and then released the stream of milky cum in her mouth.

She tasted it andl iked it.We layed there for few minutes and then she went to wash room. On her come back we kissed each other.I placed my hands on her luxuriant boobs. I again started caressing, fondling, pressing and squeezing her boobs. her boobs were quite firm and tight.I told her while pressing and squeezing her fleshy boobs that the pair of boobs she possessed were really firm and tight. She thanked me for the compliments in a very sexy way amidst moans and sighs oohh…. I went on pressing her bare boobs and continued saying that Nazo darling I really liked your full sized well shaped boobs your boobs are really well shaped and firm looking I always like such firm and tight boobs.When I told her that I was madly looking for such moments, she immediately replied that she knew that you wanted to suck my boobs and fuck me hard. While talking this she was holding and caressing my limping cock.after some time she kissed on my cock and take in her mouth and started sucking.she was giving a mind blowing blowjob.i really enjoyed her sucking.when my cock got enough hard on I asked her for real fun in a doggy fashion,she happily agreed.she bent down herself in such a manner that her beautiful ass become more visible to me.the sight of her ass was marvelous.her boobs were hanging like ripe mangoes on tree.i just fondled her boobs,and spit on my cock head and slowly pushed in her.she moaned.ahhhhh..ohhhh when I fully enterd in her I started fucking her slowly and gradually. She was shaking and moving her hips and parted her legs well so that she could accommodate me more and more inside her. I held her hips with my hands and gave some support to keep her vagina up in this position, right in front of my cock. I pushed my cock again into her hot and wet vagina and started fucking her. In that position I was able to fuck Naazish deep in her valley.I was fucking her deeper and deeper. Of course, that position was very much convenient for me to push my cock completely into her pussy. I increased my speed. I was stroking hard into her. I was trying to push my cock more and more into her.

My cock was going and coming fast to and fro her vagina. I was stroking. She was wriggling. She gave me all support with her haunches and I was romping fast. She was sighing and moaning “…ooohhhh…. ..uuuuufffff…. .aaaaahhhhhhhhh…. …sssshhhhhhh…. my piston was working fast into her hole I was fucking her with as much speed as I could. She was giving me encouragements all through. Amidst her sibilation, moans and sighs. I went on fucking her in that posture for quite some time. every time I pushed my cock forward Naazish throwing her hips back as if to receive my cock. And thus I was penetrating deep into her. That way Naazish was very co-operative in fucking.after a long,hard and tiring fucking we were exhausted. We took rest together nearly two hours.after that She kissed me again and then told me that she was going to kitchen to bring some to eaten. so that we could regain energy. She was so bold that time that without putting any thing on she went into the kitchen after giving a sexy look at me. She brought some snacks and coffee. We finished it. I again took her into my arms and started kissing her. She also responded by kissing me. I asked her who had fucked her other than me. She told me that one of her cousin had fucked her earlier. He had fucked her many a times and she also willingly get fucked by him whenever she got the proper opportunity. I told her that I had a strong urge to fuck her ever since I had met her and in fact I had fantasized about fucking you even.she asked me in a sexy wayt hat how I am.i replied, you are great Nazo darling it is too great sexperience to find you so bold, frank and are too co-operative to. She thanked me also for the compliments with kisses and told me you are also an are too strong also.I am fully satisfied now dear…I liked the way you fucked me dear I wish that you fuck me again and again I will call you whenever I get chance.will you come for real fun.I told her that it would be my pleasure if she gave me more chances for fucking. After some time we repeated the fucking and sucking game. I fucked Naazish for four rounds in a row. At about 4.00pm in the evening we took bath together. We both dressed up properly. We kissed each other hugging tight in each other’s arms. I took leave of her and came back. When I came back home bhabee met me with a naughty smile on her face.she asked me did you fix Naazish’s computer.i smilingly said that it was agreat sexperience to have sex with her.bhabee told that she knew evry thing,Naazish told her each and evry thing that happened between you and her.then I knew that it was not accidental but it was was my great bhabee’s plan.i lifted bhabee in my arms and rounded her few in joy and pleasure.i again thanked bhabee to arrange this great folio of sex.then I went to my bedroom and got asleep till morning.

So friends,that’s my another it was.plz comments and wait for my next story I will tell you a threesome story of me,bhabee and Naazish.wait for this. Note: This is not only a story,but it is an invitation to those mummies, aunties, bhabhis, bajis, babies,widows,divorcees girls n women who are not satisfied with their partners.or want to fullfil their sexual fantasies and unsatisfied sexual needs.i offer my sexual services to all above said ladies.though I live in sukkur,but I can go every where,where my services to be needed.b’cause sex,sex,sex,is the only hobby n business of this regard age, race, color, looks, physique,doesn’t make any difference.the only condition is to be sexually alive n hot.”pehlay aaiey pehlay paaiey”is the another condition.netsex lovers and sexy chat lovers also acceptable. so needy ladies can contact me at: or Secrecy will be kept and expected.sorry for money seeking women n girls. Bye, Love and kisses to all. Arshaan

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