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My Wonderful Sister In Law

  • desipapa
  • November 27, 2015

This is a true account of my experience with my sister in law – she is 9 years older than me and should have known better!! When I left the Navy and returned to my home town I realized I still had a thing for my sister-in-law. I used to go to the beach with her and my nieces and nephews on the off chance I would get a look at her tits and I found when she laid down, her bikini bottoms stretched across her hip bones and I could see her mound. To a horny young guy that was special!
As I needed some money, I started to baby-sit for my brother & sister-in-law. This gave me a chance to see her dressed up to go out — my brother would sometimes cop a feel of her tits and make her nipples stick out like little thumbs. When the house was quiet I would look through her underwear and rub my cock with her knickers. One day I noticed a used pair of her knickers in the laundry basket in the bathroom – I sniffed the stained crotch and the smell was intoxicating — I wanked off into them and stuffed them back into the basket.

After I got settled back at home I used to go out with them to the local clubs etc and this allowed me to dance with her. I always got a hard on and she never minded me grinding it into her as we swayed to the music. I’d also let my hands drop a bit so they were cupping her arse cheeks — I always had to adjust myself before we parted! I moved away up to Mumbai and shared a flat with a couple of other guys. We decided to have a party one weekend and I invited my brother and sister in law –

I would sleep in the lounge and they could have my bedroom. As the evening wore on I was getting randier and harder — she was teasing and eventually she went to the loo. I waited outside the door and as she emerged I grabbed her and we fell into the bedroom next door — we kissed — not gentle but passionate, forcing our tongues into each others mouths. My hands roamed over her body, rubbing her tits and tracing her arse crack, pulling her into my hard on. She turned around, hiked her knickers to one side and I fucked her. Not slow and sensual as I’d always planned, but hard and forceful.

I reached around her and squeezed and tugged at her tits as I pounded my 8 inches into her. It didn’t last long — I was young and in the heat of the moment. It didn’t take too long before I exploded inside of her, I’d never come so hard. We quickly straightened our clothing and returned to the party — no one was the wiser except us. Later that evening I told her I wanted her again — this time with more time for us to explore each other. She told me to ring her and arrange one morning when I was around and she was sure my brother was out for the day.

Eventually we set the date. That morning I showered and put my suit on as I normally would. I’d arranged with my boss to have the morning off — I told him why and he readily agreed. I arrived at my brothers house around 10.30, I walked in and she was folding some washing — she looked up, smiled and taking my hand walked me upstairs to her bedroom. She slipped out of her dress and underneath she had on a basque and stockings — I nearly blew my load there and then!

She slipped into bed and held the covers up for me — I stripped in record time and leapt between the sheets. We kissed passionately but took our time, our tongues dueling, exchanging saliva. I moved my kisses down to the top of her tits, her Basque fastened at the back with lots of tiny buttons —

I’m not sure how many were still attached after I’d managed to undo it. As I pulled it Off, her tits came into view, I nursed them like a baby, licking and sucking her nipples until they stood proud. I started to move my kisses south and licked and nipped my way down to her navel. As my tongue swirled around she opened her legs for me to get between them, I licked all the way down to her pussy — it was dark but well trimmed. As I licked her slit it gently opened before my eyes to reveal a pink inside just begging to be eaten.

I dived in, forcing my tongue in as far as it would go, she rubbed my head and pulled me in tighter, I pushed 2 fingers inside of her and worked on her clit, it was sticking out and I sucked it in to my mouth all the time fucking her with my fingers. She started bucking and it was hard to keep the right contact but I managed and eventually she squirted juice into my mouth — I gladly swallowed it down and kept licking and sucking hoping for more. As she started to come down from her orgasm she pulled me up and we kissed — she said afterwards she loved her own taste.

Now it was her turn, she slid down my body and held my cock in her hand, as I looked down at her she looked up at me, smiled and licked me from my balls to the underside of the head of my cock, you know, where that sensitive spot is located at. She then opened her mouth and plunged down, taking in most of me in one go. She worked me in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking me, her other hand was rolling my balls around — she knew just when to stop — I wanted to shoot a load down her throat but she wanted it in her pussy.

She rolled over and invited me in — I slid fully into her with one push and was buried inside of her — I could feel her cervix up against the tip of my cock. I started to slowly move around, in, out, a twist sideways, mixing it up trying to impress my older sister in law. “Just fuck me hard” she said, so I did. I grabbed her ankles, spread her legs wide open and fucked her, I amazed myself how long I lasted. As she came her pussy clamped down on my cock like a vice, that did it, I forced my cock up into her until our pubic bones banged against each other, I was trying to climb inside of her, I pushed and pushed and then it came, like a torrent, again and again I squirted my juice into her.

I fell off her and we cuddled and just lay there in the after glow — no words were necessary. After a few minutes, my hand started to play with her tits. And again, she slid down my body and sucked me hard again, this time she knelt up in front of me, turned her head and asked me to fuck her again. I knelt up and ran my cock along her arse crack and along her slit, it popped into her and felt so different with my come still up there. I pulled out and being slippery thought I would try my luck up her arse –

I slipped the end in but she pulled forward and said she wasn’t into that. I pulled out and slid my length back up her fanny and this time really took my time, fucking her slowly and deeply. Her hand came round and she was rubbing her clit, now and again she would rub my balls. She started moaning and gasping, pushing back to me, forcing my cock further up inside of her until she shook and I felt juices squirting onto my thighs as she came.

“Come inside me,” she screamed, she was doing the fucking now, moving backwards and forwards — I lifted one leg up and put it on the outside of her leg — I found I could get even deeper now — I needed more friction, it was so wet, I pushed my middle finger up her arse,

I kept pushing as far as it would go, she didn’t complain this time. I could feel my cock on the other Side of the thin layer of tissue and with that I came, not floods this time, but still, a powerful orgasm. We dressed and sat drinking coffee like nothing had happened — I went off to work and the event was never repeated. Now some years on and she is no longer my sister in law, we still give each other glances — I would do it all again but we now live miles away from each other and just don’t get the chance I’ll let you know if we do!! If you love my story, send me email supersexyman1985″at” and only girls!

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