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My Wife Vandana

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

I always had a fantasy of seeing my wife make love to another person . I never thought that it would become a reality. But it became a reality .When I first mentioned it to her, she became very angry .In fact for two days she did not even properly talk to me. She was born and brought up in a very conservative and religious atmosphere. Even the word sex was dirty to her. Later I started to mention it whenever we made love. Soon she also started to like it .But she did not admit it.

But whenever we mad love , I used to tell her about my fantasy. She told me that it would always remain a fantasy. Anyway the fantasy became a reality and coming to my story……. I am Sudheer kumar happily married to my wife vandana jayasree whom I call jaya. I am 33 and she is 28. we have a daughter anu who is in the KG class aged four. We are an average middle class family from kerala. I work in a government firm. Jaya is a house wife. When we were married I was working in a private firm. It was only after one year of getting married I got my current job. My first posting was a bit far from my native place.(to protect secrecy I am not mentioning it). Anyway coming to my story, at that time jaya was six months pregnant. I went to the new place. Though a distant cousin I was able to get a suitable place for accommodation in the new place. It was only after our child was born that I took my family to the new house. It was a rented house which had a cheap rent. The house belonged to one Vishwanathan. He stayed a little further from our house. He was about 40 years of age married and had two children.Right from the time we met we became very friendly . he taught in a nearby +2 school. He was well built and robust. It was hard to believe that he was a teacher.After I brought my wife and child to the new place we became more friendly.People used to call him Vishwa.

My wife who is very reserved also became very friendly with him .At times we used to go to his home. His wife geetha also was very friendly with us . Vishwa used to come atleast twice to our house . he used to enquire us whether we have any difficulties or needed some sort of help.He had arranged a servant to help my wife in the kitchen. Within the three years that we had stayed there we had become good family friends with Vishwa and his wife. We admitted anu to the KG classes in the school were Vishwa was teaching. I used to take her in the morning and jaya would bring her back. jaya had seemed very happy over the period of time. Once when I returned home from office I noticed Vishwa’s bike in the front porch of the house.As I entered the house I heard some laughter . It was my wife .There was Vishwa telling some jokes and she was laughing at it. She told me that Vishwa was telling about some of the students and their behaviour in the school..Vishwa told me that the school day program was approaching and invited us to be present for it. He left then. It was after supper in the night that certain thoughts had come into my mind. Jaya would at times be telling about Vishwa. When we were married jaya was very shy in bed .It took me some time to persuade her to tell of some thoughts on sex. We had a fairly active sex life and we loved each other very much. Most of our sex was limited to missionary position .I had once tried anal but it was painful for her and she did not like it. There was an employees meeting in our department which was in Trivandrum . It was a two day program. I had to leave.

I told Vishwa that I wont be there for two days .He told me not to worry about my family and that he would arrange the maid servant to stay in my house and that he would see to it. I left for the two day program and returned . It was on Saturday and Sunday and I returned by Monday morning. I had already applied for leave on Monday .jaya greeted me at the door. She had taken the child to the school and just returned. I saw that she was not in the usual mood. I asked her whether anything was wrong. She told me that she wanted to tell me something. I told her that I would take a quick wash and would come soon. When I came she was sitting in th dining room with my tea. After I had my tea I asked her about what she had to say. She told me not to get angry and to gently listen to her. I shall give you the details what she said to me. “ Vishwa came in the morning since it was Saturday and classes were only upto 12. he asked me whether I needed any help or something to buy. I told him that I did not want anything . he told me to get him a glass of water. When I had gone to the kitchen he had followed me . he told me that I was very beautiful and sudheer was very lucky to have me.After drinking the water he took my hands and kissed it . I was very schocked at his behaviour. I pulled away my hand from him. He then told me that he had admired my beauty and had a special love for me. I told him not to say such things. Suddenly he came closer and embraced me. I had never expected something like that . he was so strong for me.he kissed on my lips .he pressed me against the wall and gave a kiss.

Then he rained kisses in my face and breasts .I couldn’t stop him and all I could do was to obey him.Then he kissed gently on my lips and said that he loved me very much. He then let me go and said that he was sorry .He told me that he wanted to make love to me. I told him that it was wrong and it would ruin our family reputation. He then left.” Hearing all this the first thought that had come to my mind was to go and bash him. But there was some thoughts going on in my mind. I had a fantasy of seeing my wife with another man this was a thought that had come during the last one year ever since Vishwa and jaya had become good friends. I asked jaya whether she likes Vishwa. She was schocked at what I had asked. She told me that she loves me more than anything in the world. I told about my fantasy and she was more schocked. I told her that since he had made a pass at her it would be easy to fulfil my fantasy. She did not reply to it. That night when anu was asleep I called jaya and asked her about it. I told her to be frank and asked her whether she likes vishwa. She told me that she had liked him and that she loves me only.I kissed her and that night we made a very passionate love. The next day I took anu to school and met Vishwa there. He was as usual. He asked me about my trip. I told him that everything was ok.In the evening I asked jaya about my fantasy.

She asked me whether I was serious. I told her that I want to make it happen. She told me that it would ruin our relationship. I told her that I loved her very much and nothing would happen. The next few days I kept on telling her about my fantasy and asked her to make it a reality. It was jaya who used to bring our daughter from school. At times she would be able to see Vishwa in the school. Ever since the incident in my house Vishwa’s visit to our house had reduced. I told jaya to be friendly with him. All these days I kept telling jaya to make my fantasy a reality. And finally jaya told me on a Saturday that she had talked with Vishwa at the school. He told her that he was sorry for his behaviour and to forget it. I knew that some more effort and she would fulfil my fantasy. I knew that she had a special liking for Vishwa. And finally the summer vacations was starting. The exams were over and Vishwas’s wife and children had gone to their native place .I knew that this was a perfect time. I kept on repeating my fantasy to jaya and finally she asked me” Sudhee are sure you want me to do this ?” I told her that I was longing to see this and its only a fantasy.

And then she gave me the big YES. She also made a condition that it would be once only. That was a very happy day for me .That night we made a very passionate love. The next day vishwa came to our house. His visits were less. I was about to leave for my office. I told him to talk to jaya. I left for my office. My thoughts were centred around how she would behave to him. In the office I was thinking of what would have happened at home.When I returned home jaya gave me the details .Jaya had prepared tea for Vishwa. He again apologized for his behaviour.she said that it was over and she had forgotten.. then they started to talk . He told her that lately his sex life was not good and his wife had not much interest. She went to the kitchen and they continued the talk .As he was about to leave jaya called him towards him and gave him a very passionate kiss. She said that vishwa was very thrilled and surprised.The kiss was longer than anticipated vishwa kissed hungarily. His hands started to roam in her breast area. Soon she pushed him free. She told him that she wanted to make love to him . Vishwa had a surprised look on his face.

She told him that she would tell him of the day when they could make love. Viswa left the home as a happy person . when I heard this I was tollaly schocked and thrilled and wondered whether this was my same wife jaya. She asked me whether I was happy with all that happened. I finally made plans for the big day and my fantasy was going to become a reality. I decided the day and made some arrangements in our bed room so that I could watch the entire happenings. Vishwa came in the morning as I was leaving home . As usual I told him to talk to jaya. Jaya was about to take our child to the nearby playschool. Since it was summer vacation we had admitted anu to a nearby playschool. After I left jaya anu and vishwa went out to the play school. I had already told a plan and she did what I told her. And the day of my fantasy arrived…. Vishwa came at 9.30 and jaya was at home after taking anu to the play school .She greeted Vishwa. As soon as he entered she closed the door. All this while I was hiding in a special portion of the storeroom next to our bedroom. Certain brick portions were loose and I had made it in a special way to see all that would happen in our bed room.

Jaya took him straight to the bed room(all instructions as I had given to her). As soon as they entered she locked the room. Slowly she went towards him and vishwa kissed her lips .as soon as I saw this I got an erection. The kiss was slow at first and then it became very passionate .her hands were on his neck and Vishwa had his hands on her waist. Slowly the front portion of the sari was pulled down and his hands were roaming in her waist area (.my wife has a little belly and she is awfully sexy.)She started to have her hands on his hair .those same things that she does when we make love. vishwa’s hands were now roaming in her bum area. My wife has shapely bums. At first she seemed hesitant with this but soon his kisses made her hot. Slowly Vishwa started to remove her sari. She seemed to co-operate in a very good way . once the sari was removed she helped him to remove the blouse and bra. I could not believe at what I was seeing. There was my wife exposing to Vishwa .Once the bra was removed Vishwa watched her some time.Ever since our daughter anu was born she had her breasts little sagged. But they were still hot. She stood in her petticoat. Vishwa reached for her breasts.Slowly he lowered his face on her breasts and started to fondle and kiss them. Jaya moaned with pleasure.He began to suck her tasty tits. He then lifted his face and kissed her lips. Then he reached for her petticoat. She helped him to set it free. She had not worn anything underneath. There was that bushy pubic hair sticking out of her snatch. There stood my wife completely naked in front of Vishwa. He reached for her pubic area .He slowly had his hand caressing her pelvic area. He lowered himself down and then buried his head in her pelvic area. Jaya let out a loud moan.I could see that he was kissing and eating her vagina. As he was doing this his hands were roaming along her thighs and bums.At times I could see that he was squeezing her bums.

After a few minutes he turned her aside and started to kiss her bums. I was very much turned on by seeing the happenings. I had never done such things . here my wife was enjoying all this. He squeezed her bums, kissed it and even licked her anus. I never thought a school teacher such as Vishwa would do such things. After some time Vishwa got up and started to remove his dress. He removed his shirt and pants quickly then his underwear. He was robust and well build .He should have been a sportsperson not a school teacher. As imagined his penis was big in size about 8 inches long and very thick(mine is six ). There was dark strips of pubic hair. It was erect and seemed like it was about to explode. He again reached for jaya and kissed her passionately. He took her hand and placed it on his penis. He then whispered something in her ear which I could not hear. She smiled gently and started to fonldle his penis- a scene that aroused me much. He then sat on the bed and pulled her on his lap. The kissing continued in a very intimate and hot way. Was she fulfilling my fantasy or hers ? .He started to suck her juicy breasts like a he was very hungry. Slowly he laid her on the bed. Then he got from the bed and reached for his pants. I wondered whether he had stopped. He pulled something from his pants’ pocket. Soon I found out what it was- condoms. He took one and started to put it on his penis . as soon as he had put he reached for jaya. Slowly he reached for her and kissed her lips.As he kissed her , she slowly started to open her thighs inviting him.She reached for his penis and guided it into her pussy.

As soon as he entered her she let a loud moan. She had her thighs wrapped on his hips .the first few strokes were strong and he was wild on her . then it was gentle and he pumped slowly and kept on kissing her . after they had climaxed he got up from her.he removed his condoms and started to wipe his penis. Jaya seemed totally relaxed . She got up from the bed and headed for the bathroom. After some time she returned. Vishwa went near her and kissed her. He told her that it was nice sex and he had enjoyed it very much. He started to kiss her again. He turned her and started to rub his penis on my wifes bum she started to moan again,. At the same time he kept on kissing her neck. The rubbing became very intense and finally he had his penis in her bum. Slowly at first and then he started to fuck her bum in a very intense way.It seemed that she had some pain and then I could see that she was enjoying it. Vishwa really tormented her butt and finally he had his semen dripping from my wifes bum. He turned her towards him and they started to kiss again .he laid her on the bed and started to kiss her again. I never thought Vishwa had such vigour .

He pulled jaya on top of him and they started to kiss and feel each other. They rested for some time and Vishwa took jaya to the adjoining bathroom. I could not make out or see what took place in the bathroom.(Jaya told me later that Vishwa had cleaned her and that they had taken a bath together).They returned after a few minutes and then both of them got dressed.Vishwa kissed her and thanked her for the love and affection.. he then left. The entire proceedings had taken place within a span of 70 minutes.(I had masturbated twice during this time) I came from my hiding place. Jaya seemed totally exhausted. She smiled at me and asked me whether I had enjoyed the show. I went straight to her and kissed her passionately in her mouth. I asked her whether she has enjoyed it and she said that she did enjoy. I thanked her for fulfilling my fantasy. She told me that since the fantasy is over, not to mention about it again. That night we made a very passionate love. But what had happened was the beginning of a new series of affair that my wife was to have with Vishwa. Those stories will be told later

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