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My Wife Little Secret

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Dear Readers today i would like to tell you a true story that happened a month ago. My name is Khurram and i am 28 years old living in Lahore cantt army flats, i got married in 2007 it was a love marriage i have electronics business in hall road and hafeez center so i have to travel to Malaysia china etc. once or twice a month. Now let me explain you about my wife she is 26 years old 5.5 height 34 dd bust 29 and 34 with fair complexion shoulder long hairs that makes her look a sex bomb.
We both have our own independent flat and were living like a normal married couple untill last month when i found out this seceret that has spiced our sexual life.

Due to my frequent traveling my wife complained that she has nothing to do a feel lonely so we joined a gym when i was here we use to go togather and in my absence she use to visit on her own. There she met a guy named Umer he is our age group with good muscular body she always used to say how handsome he is and when i get angry she tried to cool me down by saying i m just kidding. once i was on my china tour and i called my wife but she did not answered my call and on ringing again n again she answered and said sorry i was not feeling well so i slept it sound a bit odd as her voice was fresh and music was on in the background so i felt some strange feeling on my return her behaviour was not normal like she use to wake up in the middle of nights and go out of room and on my inquiry she use to say oh i went to get water n stuff.

Once i called her to pack my bag as i have to leave for china urgently and asked her to pick my from office and drop me to the airport after she left me at the airport i went in but was stoped by immigration people as my passport was expired two days before so i could not travelled i called my wife so that she can pick me but her phone was on other call after that she called me and on my question that where is she her reply was that i am at home where as i could hear the traffic in the background so i thought why she lied to me on such a small thing so i decided not to tell her that i m not going i said i am boarding now and from there i took a cab and came to my flat she was not there i hide my bag and went in to my bedroom and made a space for me under the bed in such a way that i can view the entire room in the dressing mirror at 2 pm i heard the door opening so i went in to my position and i heard my wife talking to some one on the phone and went to kitchen and put something there then she walked towards bedroom then she put her hand bag on the bed while on the phone and was saying yes dear i have baught those things and now i am leaving for parlour for waxing to become smoothee now my doubt was clear she was having an affair then she left.

Around 5 pm my wife came back and went straight to shower and started her dressing i was amazed to see that she wore a silky sliver night that was little above her knees, did makeup at arround 7 door bell rang and she shout only 10 mins honey then she took out her hight heals and fishnet stockings and now was ready for her big game and walked away to open the door my heart was pumping very fast as i was sweating and was getting impatient to knw who is that lucky man who is gona neil down this sex bomb tonight then i heard a vioce to a guy and the took a 15 to 20 mins there in lobby and kitchen and then came to the bed room i was shocked to see the same guy from gym Umer, he was holding something in his hand it was rapped then he asked my wife to go and bring the things i was woundering now what things he is asking for, then my wife walking in with two glasses ice cubes and few cans of redbull then umer unrapped the thing he was carring it was nothing else then vodka i was shocked what the hell is happening, then they had few drinks and now they were getting out of control now umer was saying oh how long did u make me wait for this night, then he said tonight i will take u to the hights of pleasure that you will never forget after two packs umer hold my wife’s hand and make her sit her his lap and was rubbing her smooth thighs that she was enjoying with their conversation i came to know that it was their first time before that they were just hanging out.

Now he started kissing her neck and ears and she was enjoying this with her eyes closed and lips in her teeth. Then umer stoped and said where in my other thing now i was thinking wat it can be then she went again and came back with plates , knife and a box of kitchen cuzein in the box it was a black forest cake. umer laughed my wife asked her wat happened he said plate and knife she said y you said that you like cake with drink he said no dear ok put it here and i will eat then she sat in his lap again and started kissing then umer put his fingers in cake and asked her to lick it and she followed him as he was directing her she was enjoying that then he took some cake and put her some one her lips and started eating it like a wild hungry man and kissing my wife was so loving that so much that she was puting small pieces of cake on her lips again n again now they moved to the bed and the night ribbons where off her shoulders now down her waist reavling her boobs with which umer was playing then umers fingers went into the cake and now the cake was not on the lips yes it was on boobs and he was sucking like a wild hungry animal and my wife was moaning loadly aaaahhhh aaaahhhhh zoor se aaaaaahhhhhh bahooooooot maza aa raahaa hai then her hand moved in to his under wear and was playing with her new toy then umer stood up and took off his underwear and threw away and stick his big errect cock into the cake and now my wife was on her knees and was licking her backforest cone his cock was .

So big that she couldn’t hold it even with her both hands and i could clearly see how hungry she was for that cone she licked it all and was loving it now they went into 69 position and now both of their hands went in to cake and she filled her cone and umer put cake on my wife’s pink pussy and on her ass hole and both of them were eating there cream pie madly here i would like to mention you that when ever i tried to touch her ass hole i was told off and i was banned there strictly but today she was directing umers fingers to her virgin ass after umer’s meal was finished he moved in a position where my wife’s legs where on his shoulder and he was playing with her boobs and his fully errect cock was touching my wif’s juicy pussy lips she was diying for it but he was not puting it in she grabed umer from his hips and was pulling him but he was calmly enjoying the scen and was getting happy that she is now begging for his cock then his cock head disappeared in the pussy and he was gently moving it in and out and my wife’s crying in pleasure and was shoting umer nah tarpaoo plzz do mujhy dooo plzz umer said nai phely eik promise karoo keh jo main kahoon ga tum wohi karoo ge warna main yahan hi tumhain tarapta chor jaoon ga she said haan haan promise plzz ab do he took out his cock and make my wife in a dogy position and now wat he put some oil on his cock i was thinking was an idiot pussy is already so wet that its dripping wats he is doing but i was wrong because he put his cock on her ass hole in way that his cock head was kissing in her hole she said umer nai he ok then bye she cried no plzzzz give me and in one jerk it was in her ass the whole dick disappeared he pumped it twice or thrice and took it out and did it again and she screamed aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh then he took his dick out and put it in her juciy pussy and now umer was fucking her hard and and his every strock was getting harder and harder and she could only say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh auuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuur they continued in this postion for 5 mins then umer laid on his back and she came on top and now she was jumping up and down aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhh then umer stoped her and came to sofa and sat there and she followed him and got up on his lap both her feets where on the sofa cution and was moving up and down then they did this for a while and went in to other position this was new postion as she was on the edge of the bed and umer was standing down and was fucking his bitch while holding her hairs and she was screaming plzzzz abhi nak kataam karna i am about to reach orgasam he said jaanoo abhi tu baahoot dair hai and his hips were moving even more faster and with a load voice she said aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

She reached her 1st orgasam but umer was not even nearer to his then he continued in same position for a while and then there was new position now my wife was sitting on dressing table with her legs wide open and her pussing was welcoming umer’s dick they were doing it madly and i was scared that table is gona break now she was reaching her 2nd orgasam but again umer was relaxed and looked fully under control then they went into bathroom that part i missed cos it was now visible but i could hear them they did it on wash basin, wc seat and bath tub so umer made her cum five times in a row now it was umer’s turn to cum they came to bed and umer told her to lay down is a position as her face in pillow with her hips rising like as dogy is bent on his forelimps now he put some oil again on his cock now i clearly new wat his is up to he again put his dick on her ass and this time he was moving is slowly slowly like his dick head go few cm in and he pulls out now the most shocking statment from my wife came out plz dalo na meri ass main i was stunned to listen that because today she was beging some1 to fuck her ass where as she never enjoyed touch there then umer said kion aya maza she said hhaaan plzzz dalo warna main mar jaoon ge and his cock disappeared in her ass after few pumps he cam and it was so much that it was runing out of ass then they both rested in same position. then they took shower togather and umer went away i slept under the bed and next day when she went out i left home and called her that i have arrived airport and i will come home myself she cleared every thing when i came home she was surprised to see a bottle of vodka and a cake in my hand i did same as it happened last night and she said yeh kis chinies larki ne sikhaya i said no but eik punjabi larky ne sikaya and she was in a shock then i told her look i learned from that and its ok and now we as a couple enjoy and every one enjoys our company ” YOU CAN UNDERSTAND WHY” umer left for usa after two weeks as he got admission in master Please do wirte me if you want to have our company ONLY COUPLES FROM LAHORE now

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