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My Wife Dream

  • desipapa
  • September 25, 2015

H’m 33 years old. my name is Suman my husband Harry and i have been married for a little over five years. the first four and a half were great, but the last six months have really been incredible. you see, my husband and i started toying with the idea of having group sex. particularly a three some with another man. don’t get me wrong; our sex life has always been wonderful, but we missed the excitement of doing something new and different. here’s how my story goes. one night while lying in bed with harry, my husband, we decided to watch a porn movie for kicks.

Normally i’m satisfied with just making love to him once or twice a week, but that night i felt a little adventurous. he got out of bed, put in a vcd, and then stripped before getting back into bed next to me. i was nude myself by then, and a little anxious to get the show on the road. it had been at least two weeks since we’d had the time to be together, so we had more than a little catching up to do. as he scooted over i felt his body against mine and a little tingle of anticipation ran up my spine. we lay there silently, watching the 34” tv as the first scene opened. we watched as an attractive blonde woman, dressed to kill, walked into a smoky poolroom. she seated herself at the bar and soon after was approached by a handsome young man with a nice tan. after buying her a drink, they made some small talk, and left the bar. the next scene showed the couple in a motel room quickly undressing each other. i was particularly interested in the man, waiting to see how well hung he was. i could feel my pussy begin to tingle as he removed his shorts and sat on the bed. his thick dick was partially erected and hung over the edge of the bed. his nuts were heavy and hanging low, full of cum. the blonde went to her knees and took him into her mouth, slowly sucking up and down on his hardening cock. after just a few seconds, he was fully erect, and i was envious as hell of the blonde.

He was at least 8 inches, very thick, and i could almost imagine being where that little blonde was…on my knees between his legs, licking and sucking his stiff rod, taking it into my mouth, moving up and down on it as far as i could…and i wondered how much my mouth would stretch, and how it would feel against my tongue. i glanced over at harry and could tell he was absorbed in the scene. and his own cock, which was a few inches smaller, than and not as thick as the stud on tv, was erect under the sheets. i relaxed even more, knowing he was enjoying this just as much, if not more, that i was. after all, the woman was a knockout herself, so who could blame him? after a few minutes of sucking that large dick, the motel room door opened and in walked another man. the couple froze. the man turned out to be the blonde’s husband, and from the speed he got out of his clothes, he didn’t mind at all what was happening. he sat next to the man on the bed and told the woman to proceed while he watched. she went back to her task, vigorously sucking and stroking in front of her husband. that’s when my own mind began to fantasize that it was in fact me on that room, and it was harry that had walked in and caught me with another mans cock in my mouth. my pussy was suddenly soaking wet. the woman went back and forth, sucking first one mans dick, then the other. while one was in her mouth, she was stroking the other. when her husband got fully hard, which wasn’t long at all, his was just as long as the other mans, but not as thick. finally she got up, crawled up on the bed, and lay on her back. her husband moved up beside her on his knees and bent over her, pressing his cock against her lips, which she immediately began to suck on, while the other man went down on her and began to tongue her wet bald pussy. she began to squirm and moan around the cock in her mouth. it was then that i felt harry’s hand move to my crotch and begin to rub my soaking pussy. he looked at me and grinned. “this is really turning you on, isn’t it?” i nodded in agreement, never moving my eyes from the screen, still lost in my own fantasy.

Eventually, as the scene progressed, the blond was on her hands and knees getting fucked in her pussy and mouth at the same time, and i was also on my hands and knees, my pussy full, but my mouth empty. i found myself wishing i had a cock to suck on so badly while harry fucked me! soon i felt a familiar tension low in my stomach. it quickly spread through my pussy and slit like fire, and i moaned loudly in orgasm as i felt harry grab my hips, fuck me with hard long strokes, and shoot his cum into my hot pussy. it was one of the best orgasms i’d ever had! after a few seconds we collapsed on the bed, both of us completely spent. we fell asleep wrapped around each other, not moving until dawn. the next morning we both awoke in a very good mood. he rolled over on top of me and slid his hard-on into my still wet pussy. i like waking up like that! as he slowly stroked in and out of me, he asked me something that shocked me. “you really got turned on last night. ever think about having a threesome for real?” i didn’t know quite what to say. i knew that the thought of doing it was a real turn on for me, but actually going through with something like that was, to me, out of the question.

so i told him, “not really. it’s a nice fantasy, having two men at once, but i don’t think i’d want to actually do it.” “why not.” he asked simply. i couldn’t believe we were having this conversation, while we were screwing no less. but i felt that familiar tingle in my crotch just by thinking about it. so i said, “well, i believe it would hurt our marriage. you’d probably get jealous; i’d feel like i was cheating on you.” harry began to fuck me a little harder. he didn’t say anything for a few minutes. then he said, “what if i told you that having another man in bed with us was a big turn-on for me as well?” my mind raced. the feel of his dick inside me while talking about having a threesome was really getting to me. i began to breathe a little harder. “you mean you’d actually like to see me suck another mans cock? you’d like watching another mans dick fuck in and out of my pussy while i suck on you?” he fucked me harder. “you bet i would.” i was almost in shock. i didn’t know whether to be pissed, or be thrilled. my cunt was pulsating around his dick, and i felt like i was on the edge of exploding into another orgasm, which was odd for me. usually i didn’t get off just be having him screw me. i usually had to play with myself or have him suck me in order to climax. i decided to not ruin the moment and go with the fantasy, thinking that after he got off he’d change his mind, or say it was good to think about but he really didn’t want to actually do it. so i said, “well, i have to admit, it would be rather nice to have a fat cock to suck on right about now, while you’re fucking me. i would especially like to be on my knees with you two seated, and go back and forth, taking turns sucking you both just like that blonde did on the video last night.

Then, after you were both hard, i’d like to get on my hands and knees and let you both take turns fucking my pussy and mouth until you both filled me with your hot cum.” now harry was fucking me with long hard strokes, slamming into my swollen dripping pussy, and i was raising my hips, meeting every thrust. it seemed the more i talked about it, the harder he fucked me, and the closer to cumming i got. “i can close my eyes and imagine having another man right here, right now; leaning over me, fucking in and out of my mouth while you slide in and out of my pussy…this is turning me on so much! i’m going to cum harry! fuck me harder baby! harder!!” he started slamming into me with suck force i thought the bed would fall to pieces, but i didn’t care. i spread my legs even further, allowing him to go deeper. his cock plunged in and out of my quivering pussy. my legs began to shake, and again, just like the night before, his cum shooting inside my pussy caused me to explode. suddenly i was bucking my hips, trying to get more of him into me as my entire body tensed and a long low moan escaped my lips. my pussy milked his cock, and i could actually feel him shoot load after load into my already slick spasming cunt. my arms flew out and i gripped the sides of the mattress, gritting my teeth as wave after wave of pleasure coursed over and through me. i came for what seemed like an eternity, and then slowly, it subsided. harry rolled over onto his side, breathing heavily as we held each other. we looked into each other’s eyes and began to giggle. it felt so wonderful, having the man i love, laying in my arms after having the most intense sex i’d ever had! after a few minutes we calmed down and he asked me, “so, when would you like to try it, and with whom?” i paused. he could actually be serious. i decided to play dumb. “try what honey?” he grinned knowingly. “the three some, do you have anyone in mind?” i grinned at him. “get real harry. thinking about it and actually doing it are two entirely different things.” “it doesn’t have to be. listen. i won’t get jealous i won’t get angry. it would be a big turn-on. after all, you have to admit that last night and this morning was the best sex we’ve ever had.

Why not make it even better?” well, he was persistent, but i still had my reservations. deep down i really wanted to do it, but i just couldn’t bring myself to even consider making my fantasy a reality. i started to speak my objection a little more forcefully, but he interrupted me before i had the chance to speak. “just think about it for a few days. i mean, seriously think about it. then we’ll discuss it again, ok? i mean, i know that i’d love to try it, and then if it doesn’t work out, we don’t have to do it again. and just to clear the record, trust me when i promise to not get jealous or angry if we do it. i love you, and i only want us to experience sex in as many ways as we can together, in a way that turns us both on. so just think about it, ok?” i nodded my head. “ok. i’ll do that.” the next week or so was business as usual on the outside, but my mind was running a mile a minute. oh, i thought about it…every waking minute. that week, everywhere i went, i’d see a nice looking man and wonder to myself what he would be like in bed. i even caught me thinking about some of my co-workers, wondering if they would be willing to join my husband and me. one guy in particular, prakash, was on my mind. we both worked at the same company, and had spoken a few times. i could tell he would like to get to know me better, and i was rather struck on him. at night i found myself thinking about sucking prakash’s dick while harry screwed me, and then both of them switching places. sometimes i even thought about harry hiding in the closet and watching me fuck prakash like animals for a few hours. every night that week i had to masturbate. i’d sit in the bathtub and rub my hard little clit, thinking about fucking prakash and harry until i shook in orgasm. it was on a saturday afternoon while harry and i were having lunch on the patio that he finally brought it up. i guess he just couldn’t wait any longer! “well, have you thought about what we talked about?” i ginned knowingly. “yes i have.” he waited for a minute or so before speaking. “and what do you think about it?” he asked. although he was trying to remain calm and nonchalant, i could read the excitement in his voice. i was in a naught mood, so i decided to play with him a bit. “well, i have to admit the thought of it is a big turn-on.” he paused again, waiting. when i didn’t speak he said, “well, i think we’ve already established that.” i grinned a little, enjoying myself. “oh yes, we had discussed that already. sorry.” and then, “ok, i’m waiting. have you made your mind up yet?” he was beginning to get a little exasperated, so i decided to get on with it. “harry, honey, to be completely honest, i love the idea of trying it. but i’m still worried that after it’s over things will change between us. i’m afraid that you’ll be angry, or at least hurt or something.”

He wasted no time in speaking this time. “sweetheart, let me explain something to you. i love you, and i always will. i would never cheat on you, and i know that you would never cheat on me. i would love to do this, at least once, and if we both like it maybe more. and i can tell you right now that i know i’ll like it, and i’m sure you will to. i see this as a sexual adventure. it’s not like you’ll be cheating on me, so i don’t have any reason to be angry, hurt, or jealous. i see this as something exciting and new we can do together. something, that will turn us both on. i do not have a problem with this. if you do, then i respect that. but i’m all for it.” that was what i’d been waiting to hear. i did want to try it, but i didn’t want him coming back on me later if things didn’t work out and blame me. now it was all his idea. “well, if you’re sure that it won’t hurt our relationship.” “i’m sure. i promise.” i grinned. “then let’s try it.” then we ran inside and screwed ourselves silly. the next day we discussed how to best find a man to join us. harry suggested going to a bar and picking one up like the men on the video. i declined. having sex with a total stranger was a thrilling idea, but for safety sake i wanted at least one of us to know the person. we considered some of his friends, but none were ideal since they all had families and we didn’t want to cause a scandal; only have some fun. besides, in my book they were all slobs. we talked about acquaintances, and even considered having a man and woman couple join us, but thought that was a bit much to start with. that could always come later if thing worked out the first time. he asked if there was anyone i worked with that might fit what we were looking for in a potential playmate. my mind immediately went to prakash, but i pretended to ponder it for a few moments. “you know, there is this one guy at work that keeps trying to talk to me. i think he’d like to get into my pants, but i’ve never really given him a reason to think he could, so he more or less just looks at me and doesn’t speak anymore.” harry saw the opportunity. “do you find him attractive?” i nodded. “yea, he’s cute, and he’s always been polite. considering whom we discussed so far, i’d rather focus on him than anyone else.” harry stood. “then it’s settled. when you go to work tomorrow, get a little friendly, feel him out, and see if you think he’ll do. it’s entirely up to you who we pick for our little adventure. ok?” “ok. we’ll talk about it more when i get home tomorrow.”

The next morning i paid particular attention to what i wore to work. i normally dress covered from head to toe, even my blouses are full sleeved. i didn’t want to dress like a whore, but i definitely wanted to wear something a little sexier than my usual. i decided on a short sleeveless blouse that showed part of my tits at the armpits, blue summer sari that i tied rather tight and a nice pair of white heels. no bra or panties underneath. if i was going to have an adventure, i was going to do it right. that day at work i turned more than a few heads, and i must admit that i was enjoying the attention. as i was leaving the office for lunch prakash fell into step beside me. “suman, you are absolutely without a doubt the sexiest woman that works here. and trust me; you know how to show it off.” i grinned up at him. “well thank you prakash. you know, flattery will get you everywhere.” he moved a little closer. “so, where are we going for lunch?” i grinned and put my arm in his. “since you’re buying it, why not surprise me?” then we got into his car and drove to lunch. that evening harry was bursting with anticipation. as soon as i walked in the door he started asking, “how did it go? did you get the chance to talk to him?” i laughed as i set my purse down and put my arms around his neck. “oh, i had a great day at work, thanks for asking!” he pulled me against him and grinned. “stop teasing. tell me all.” his erection was evidence that he was just as excited as i was. “well, i don’t think any of the guys got much work done today due to the way i was dressed. and yes, prakash and i talked. we had lunch together. it didn’t take much encouragement for him to take the bait, that’s for sure.” “how did lunch go?” “it went great.

We flirted, talked, and flirted some more. and, i hope you don’t get angry, but on the way back to the office, he reached up my sari and played with my pussy, which was dripping, while i rubbed his cock through his pants.” i didn’t tell harry how big prakash felt for fear he wouldn’t want him to join us, but he felt just as large as those men in the movie we watched when we first got the idea to have a threesome for real. the rest of the day all i thought about was sucking and fucking prakash’s big dick. “no, that doesn’t make me mad. as long as, you liked it it’s good.” i threw my head back and closed my eyes. “i absolutely loved it! i was so turned on i almost couldn’t walk back to my office, and i know i was flushed. everyone at work probably thinks we fucked during lunch or something that before you ask, we did not. anyway, during lunch, the topic of conversation didn’t take long to turn to sex. i asked him if he’d ever had a threesome and he said no, but he’d always wanted to. anyway, to make a long story short, i talked him into coming over here tonight. i plotted to get you good and horny before he showed up, then when he gets here to put on a dirty movie, and then ‘talk’ you into a threesome. what do you think?” harry was glowing. “i think you are the most sexy woman on the planet, and brilliant to boot. when can we expect him?” “eight o’clock sharp. now, if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to get dressed for tonight while you fix a bite to eat and get everything down here ready.” we kissed, and started making our preparations. that evening after the three of us enjoyed a comfortable dinner we went to the living room to relax. harry and i sat on the sofa while prakash eased into the recliner, complimenting harry on his cooking ability. we made small talk for a while then i offered to get drinks for us. when i got up i made sure to bend over just enough for my loose fitting low cut top to fall away from my breasts, revealing them to prakash. i could tell by his slight squirming that he was getting turned on. i mixed the drinks while the guys made small talk. when i handed prakash his drink i gave him another flash of my breasts. and when i bent over to set harry and my drinks on the table, i spread my legs a little and arched my back slightly, allowing my skirt to reveal my ass cheeks and fresh shaven pussy lips to him as well. i took my place next to my husband, who knew exactly what i was doing, and gently placed my hand on his crotch. i leaned over and said, “honey, why don’t we watch a movie or something?” harry looked at me with lust filled eyes and said, “right now?” i could tell he was only playing his part. “why not? we’re all adults, aren’t we?” he grinned. “ok. as long as prakash doesn’t mind an adult film.” prakash was quick to respond. “not at all. it’s been a while since i watched one. it’ll be a nice change from the regular movies i usually rent.” harry got up and started the same movie we had watched before. he turned off the lights and sat back on the sofa. when the movie got to the part where the blonde was sucking on the guy’s dick harry leaned over and whispered, “it’s now or never baby.” i reached up and kissed him long and deep, sucking his tongue into my mouth. then i whispered back, “then now it is.” i got up and kneeled on the floor in front of harry.

I slowly unzipped his pants, and he rose slightly so that i could pull the all the way down. he wasn’t wearing any underwear tonight, knowing they would only get in the way. his cock was standing straight up before me as i leaned over and sucked him into my mouth. i began to slowly bob my head up and down on my husbands cock. i could feel prakash’s eyes burning into me from behind as he watched. i reached down and raised my skirt over my hips, allowing prakash a view that would excite him further. after a few minutes harry’s breathing became a little more labored. i looked up and watched his eyes flick back and forth between me sucking his cock and prakash watching. finally he made the invitation. “prakash, come over here and have a seat. the view is a lot better from over here. and believe me; suman is as sight to see when she’s sucking cock.” i heard prakash get out of the recliner and walk across the floor. he sat a few feet away from harry and watched intently as i slowly sucked up and down. by now i was so turned on i could feel the juice from my pussy running down my thighs. i watched prakash while i moved my lips over harry’s throbbing cock. i could tell from the large swell in his pants that his big dick was just as hard as harry’s, waiting to be licked and sucked. i couldn’t wait any longer to get it in my mouth. i had to feel it, taste it. i slowly reached over, placing my hand on prakash’s knee and slowly moving it upward toward that big prize. harry had his head back and eyes closed, enjoying the feel of a mouth sliding up and down on his dick. then i noticed his eyes were open, but only enough for him to watch me make my move on prakash. watching my husband watch me get ready to suck another man got my pussy even hotter and wetter. my hand reached prakash’s dick and i squeezed it through his pants. it was just as hard as i thought it would be, and bigger than i remembered. i stroked up and down with my hand, while doing the same with my mouth. with my other hand i reached down and began to rub a finger along my open, dripping slit. i was so turned on i was almost dizzy. i continued to suck harry’s dick while i moved my hand up to prakash’s zipper and pulled. his lust filled eyes were staring right at me when he unfastened his button and gently pulled his pants down.

He was without underwear as well. that was the first time i got to see his cock. big does not even begin to describe it, although big it definitely was. i quickly estimated his dick to be about eight inches long, and so thick i knew i wouldn’t be able to wrap my hand around it, not by a long shot. his huge balls were hanging low, and i knew they were full of cum just for me. his cock was smooth and straight, pointing towards the ceiling. i wondered if i would even be able to get it into my mouth. i couldn’t wait to try. i grasped his huge cock and started stroking it while i continued to suck my husband. it was so hot and hard in my hand. i slid my hand all the way to the head, then back down its length to the base. i cupped and gently massaged his balls, rolling them in my hand, and then stroked his shaft some more. i couldn’t wait anymore. i pulled harry’s cock from my mouth. “baby, i want to suck it so bad. please don’t be mad, but that movie has me so turned on that i want you both. can i do it?” i asked in a pleading voice, part of the act we had gone over. harry raised his head, and his eyes glanced over at prakash’s lap where i was stroking his dick up and down with my hand. a big smear of pre-cum had smeared over the edge of my hand and glistened slightly in the dim light as i jacked his cock. harry grinned and his cock throbbed. “go ahead.” that was all he had to say. i quickly moved over and held that giant before my face. large veins ran up and down its length. i could feel it throbbing in my hand. i moved closer and held my parted lips only inches from the swelled head. i could smell his musky scent. my mouth was watering. i moved even closer, sure he could feel my breath against his cock. i reached out with my tongue and licked the underside of his shaft from his ball to the tip. my pussy spasemed and leaked milk. i licked up and down several times, reveling in the pleasure of having my face in another mans crotch while my husband watched from only a foot or so away. then i grasped his cock in my hand, opened my watering mouth, and gently sucked that big head between my lips. prakash and i moaned at the same time. i ran my tongue around the head, sucking up and down, gradually pulling him deeper into my mouth. after only a few seconds i was pumping his dick with my hand while sucking hard up and down on at least half of his length. i was in my own world, consumed by a passion and lust i hadn’t felt in a long time. all i knew was that i was sucking another mans dick while my husband watched and loved it more than i ever thought i ever could.

I didn’t even notice when harry got up from the sofa. i was sucking prakash’s dick. that was all i knew. until i felt hands on my hips and something sliding into my aching pussy from behind. i moaned loudly over that thick cock and arched my back to allow harry easier access to my dripping cunt. harry started fucking in and out as i sucked prakash’s cock for all i was worth, sucking up and down relentlessly. it was so intense! i could hardly believe it was really happening! i slowed my pace a little on prakash, not wanting it to be over to quickly. i was on cloud nine and wanted to enjoy this as long as i possibly could. then i remembered the mirror harry had strategically placed next to the sofa. i glanced to my right and for a split second; i thought it was the television i was seeing. i was on my knees, ass stuck out, back arched, tits swinging back and forth, my head bobbing up and down on a large cock while my husband gripped my hips and fucked me from behind. that ripple of pleasure became more intense as my body shivered in anticipation of a climax. my pussy felt like a ball of hot wax being plowed over and over and over. my mouth was dripping with saliva as i slid it over prakash’s rigid cock, tonguing it with every stroke. i felt that familiar heat spread through my abdomen. my nipples were as hard as bullets and brushing prakash’s thighs every time i sent my lips down over his pole, sending needles of intense pleasure through my chest. suddenly it hit me like a hammer. i could not move. every muscle in my body tensed. i pulled his cock from my mouth and moaned loudly as harry fucked me hard. then my pussy exploded around his cock. i felt it grip his cock tightly, then loosen, over and over in fast succession as spasms wracked my entire body. i threw my head back and couldn’t believe that the sounds, animal like sounds, were coming from me as i reveled in my ecstasy. my entire body was on fire with a heat that i had rarely known, and it seemed as if it would never subside, but eventually it did. suddenly i felt as weak as a kitten as i collapsed on prakash’s lap. i couldn’t move. i felt his throbbing cock against my cheek as i lay there. i felt my husband slide his cock from my pussy. i opened my eyes and saw him take his place again on the sofa, his own unsatisfied cock standing straight up. i just lay there, trying to catch my breath as my body tingled. i believe that at that instant i was happier and more satisfied than i have ever been before. harry was the first to speak. “i told you the view was better from over here.” he said to prakash. “you were right to.” prakash replied. “you are a very lucky man.” harry leaned over. “suman, come on up here and sit with us.

It’s bound to be more comfortable than sitting on the floor. here, we’ll help you up.” i felt one grasp my arms and the other slid his hand around my waist as i was hoisted from the floor and seated between the two men. i leaned my head back and sighed. “how do you feel?” harry asked. i laughed. “wonderful! incredible! give me a minute and i’ll be ready for more!” so, we sipped our drinks as we relaxed. the movie was still playing, so we all watched. now the motel scene had developed from a threesome to a foursome. it seemed that the pizza deliveryman had joined in the fun. the woman was on the back getting fucked, sucking a dick, and jacking off another. i felt that tingle in my pussy, and began to wonder what it would be like to have three hard cocks to use as i pleased. i glanced at the guys’ laps and saw they were still stiff as flagpoles. i got up from the sofa. “come on you two. let’s go to the bedroom.” they wasted no time in following. i lay across the bed on my back and stretched as they each took a place on either side of me. i closed my eyes as they began rubbing my body. it was a wonderful feeling, having four hands slowly massaging my entire front, gently squeezing my breasts, and floating down over my stomach to graze my swelled pussy. hands were everywhere, rubbing me. it felt so erotic. i spread my legs and prakash moved down and began to lick my juices from my pussy lips. harry began sucking my still hard nipples sending shivers through my chest. i wanted it, and wanted it now. “prakash, please fuck me. harry let me suck you.” they both obliged. i opened my mouth to receive my husband’s cock as prakash climbed up between my legs and pressed the head of his dick against my pussy. i spread my legs a little more to give him more room. he pushed, and due to my excess wetness, he slid easily into me. the walls of my pussy stretched to accommodate his size. i moaned around harry’s dick as prakash started to slowly screw in and out of me. i felt so full of cock. i was stretched so tightly i could almost feel each vein pressing against the sides of my cunt as it gripped his thick hard cock. the feeling was incredible.

I sucked my husband with vigor and raised my hips to meet prakash’s thrusts, wanting them both to finish inside me quickly. i had to have them fill me with their cum. prakash picked up the pace, and was soon slamming my swelled abused pussy and it felt great! it was like i was in a dream, getting the fucking of my life! it was so thick that it filled me completely, and i felt as if i was on the border between pleasure and pain. i felt another orgasm building, which amazed me. rarely did i cum more than once in any night. i sucked greedily at harry’s hard cock, wanting to taste his cum in my mouth, wanting him to fuck my face and erupt against my tongue. i clamped my lips firmly and swirled my tongue around his pole, urging him on, whimpering slightly with each invasion of prakash’s big cock. prakash placed my legs over his shoulders and plowed even deeper into my pussy, fucking me hard and fast. i wanted to see it. i raised my head slightly and when i saw his big thick shaft sliding in and out of my pussy, when i saw my pussy lips cling to his dick each time he pulled it back only to slam it back it, when i saw that large tool invading my pussy, i shivered and felt my orgasm begin to overtake me. harry grabbed my head and fucked my mouth, shooting load after load of his hot sticky cum all over my tongue and throat. i swallowed quickly, but some escaped and i felt it run down my chin and over my neck, which turned me on even more. prakash was slamming me even harder when he threw his head back and moaned. i swear i could feel his cock swell as he came. i could actually feel him shoot his hot cum deep into my spasming pussy. again, i exploded, thrashing on the bed. harry’s cock slipped from my lips and i felt a stream of his cum hit my face and tits. prakash was fucking me harder than i had ever been fucked before, and still shooting his load into pussy. we finally collapsed on the bed side by side by side, and no one spoke for a few minutes, relaxing in the afterglow of hot incredible sex. finally prakash got up and took his leave, telling us what a wonderful time it had been, and that he hoped to do it again sometime. i felt to warm and content.

I was about to drift off to sleep when harry moved over and kissed me full on the lips, thrusting his tongue gently onto my mouth. he pulled back and looked into my eyes. “i love you suman.” i felt so much warmth and love at that moment. i knew our marriage was going to be ok. i think that was when i fully relaxed and understood that even though we had another man in bed with us, nothing would ever come between us. we were husband and wife, and that would never change. i was his, and he was mine. i felt more secure that i had ever felt before. i put my arms around his neck and pulled him to me, grasping his cock and pulling it against my pussy. we made slow, passionate love for a long time before falling asleep in each other’s arms. that was the first time harry and i had a sexual adventure. since then, our lives have gotten quite a bit more interesting and pleasurable. maybe i’ll tell those tales another time. authors note: the story you have just read is fiction. also, a man wrote not a woman. there is a reason for this. for about two years i have known that the thought of having a threesome really turned my wife on, but i have never been able to convince her that it was something i wanted to do as well. i tried everything from pillow talk to tying her up and teasing her about calling someone over. nothing worked. so, i wrote this story. she loves erotic stories. i told her that i downloaded it from the internet, and she got quite turned on when she read it. she said that she loved reading a story from a woman’s perspective that had actually had a threesome. when i finally told her i was the author, she was amazed and speechless, to say the least. finally, after a few minutes, she said, “print a copy and let me take it to work with me.” when i asked her why, she said she wanted to show it to a guy she knew, lets say his name is sajan. now, i have known for some time that she has been attracted to sajan and that they have been flirting for the last few months. i asked her why she wanted him to read it, and she responded that if i really felt that secure about it, she wanted to have him over for a night of play with us. finally!! so, she’s going to approach him within the next few weeks, and pretty soon our fantasy will become a reality. don’t worry; i plan to write every detail down to share with you. i will definitely let you know how it goes.

Hopefully, this is the first of many adventures for us! bye for now, with lots of love to you, readers.

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