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My Virginity Taken By My Aunt

  • desipapa
  • September 22, 2015

Hello Desipapa fans. You must have read my story of jadroo pochay wali. I am now going to narrate my first sexual experience and the start of my sex life with it.

As I have told you I am from an army family. This happened when I was slightly over 13 years old,about 5’7” tall, slim but strong being a sportsman but my lund had developed fast and was a good 6 inches but thick. I had been muthuing (masturbating) for some time having learnt it from friends in school and could do it 5-6 times a day. My father was Lt.Col. and was teaching the cadets at the IMA in Dehra Dun .

My mothers younger sister (masi) had just been divorced from her American husband and had with my nani had taken two large rooms in a small but comfortable family run hotel in Mussorie just above Dehra Dun in the hills for a month. I was studying in one of the schools in Dehra Dun and during the summer vacation my nani told my mother to send me to Mussorie as both my parents were going out of India .

My Masi was in her late twenties with a slim but full figure and nice sized breasts. She had a big arse well rounded which when I saw her walk gave me a hard on. On reaching Mussorie my nani told me that I would be sleeping in her room as there were two separate beds. I did not like the idea and told her that she snored and I would be awake all nights. My masi looked at me and said that I could sleep on the double bed in her room.

The first few days were normal routine and I had a few friends who had also come up for the vacation. One day one of my friends asked me whether had fucked a girl. I said no. I asked him and he said he was choodoing his mother. I was shocked at such an incestuous relationship but he told me” kya faraq parta hain. Mai apn ma ko roos choodta ho kyuki mera father nehi hai. Tu apni masi ko kyu nahi choodta. Who to bhaut sunder ahi. Mera lauda to us ko dekhnai se hi khara ho jata hai. Jab bhi mera man karta hai my apne ma ki choot mei dal daita hoon ya achi therha uski phuddi ko fuck karta hoon. Who mere lauda be bhaut achha choosti hai and mai uske phudi”. I was stupefied with such language and the frank way he was talking about it. I knew his mother was young and good-looking with a sexy figure.

One night when I thought she had gone to sleep I started to muth. After about 3-4 minutes my masi turned her side and asked me “ muth rahe ho.” I was embarrassed but I boldly said yes.”kisiki ke phuddi le hai” I said I was a virgin. She come close to me and put her lips on my lips and starting kissing me. I started to kiss her back and opened my mouth as her tongue was trying to get in. She started to suck my tongue I then hers. It was wonderful. She then took my hands and put them on her breasts “ mre mammey ko pyar se maslo. I starting kneadind her breasts and she started to moan ahhhh ahhh “acchi terha’ and she took my lauda in her hand and started to rub it. I was really enjoying and could not control myself and started to moan with pleasure AAAAAhhhhhhh,oooohhhhhhh hhahahahh. She started to French kiss me to stop the loud pleasurable noises I was making.

She got up from the bed and started to undress completely. She came and started to undress me and when she saw my 6 incher hard and standing with drops of pre cum on it she put her soft lips on it and started to such it gently just the head with the foreskin pulled back. Her soft mouth on my cock was heavenly and the licking my glans and I stared to fuck her mouth. My entire luada was going in and out of her mouth while I was controlling my self not to cum and prolong the fantastic sensations passing though my lund and body.OOOOOOOh it wasgr8gr8gr8ggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr88888888888888. I could not control my self and said ‘aaa rahe hoon.’ She did not stop and I shuddered jerked wildly thrust my hips and my lund in her mouth and came spurt after spurt with jerking motions and collapsed on top of her. Her swallowed the most of it and then whatever was left she put her mouth to mine and I sucked my own cum with her sweet saliva.

‘ab mai tujhe choodna sikhati hoon. Tu expert ban jayega bahut jaldi.’ First I was to learn to suck breasts and then a cunt. I put my mouth on her left breast and started to nibble the small erect nipples. Slowly I went down and started kissing her boobs, from the sides, slowly moving to the tips and finally sucking the tips. Now she was breathing heavily, I was sucking her tits and trying to chew her boobs in my mouth . she was moaning ‘mmmmmmaaaahhhhh’ ‘aaaahhhhh’ I continued on sucking her nipples . She started to jerk and shudder and moan “suck them as if you were my baby, this wonder ful rook nahi karte jaho’. Suddenly she started to thrash around and her moaning got louder. She asked me to stop and opened her legs wide ‘ab mere cunt ko chooso’ I could see a beautiful slit with soft black curly hair and she open her cunt lips to show me her clitoris and told me that this where a female is most excited. I stated to suck on her vaginal lips and put my tounge inside her vagina. It was wonderful having to suck a cunt while I licked the juices. I sucked her vaginal lips and moved upward to her clit. I soon as I started to suck this pearl white button she became uncontrollable and started to moan and move about AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH hhhhhhhaahhhhaaah ooohhhhhhhh ‘halke se bite karoo’. I then staed to suck her entire phuddi with my open mouth and put my tongue in her soft hole when she stated to buck in my mouth gave a stifled scream and come in my mouth with jerks and thrusting of her hips. My mouth was flooded with her juices. She lay back and asked me to relax for a few minutes. ‘ab muje choodo’ I came on top of her and pushed my lauda slowly inside her. The soft walls of her choot closed around my lund give me a feeling of unbeleiveable pleasure. Slowly I started to fuck her “harder harder.Meri phuddi phar do.Muje bahut choodo.’I stsrted to fuck her harder and harder taking my entire lund out and slamming it in her. She put her legs around my waist and pressed till our bodies were rubbing with each other. She was meeting my thrusts and my cock was hitting her pelvic region at the back of the cunt. She started to buck wildly making all sorts of noises and we both came at the same time. I spurted in her with the most fantastic orgasm and was trembling and jerking while unloading into her thrashing body. I fell on top of her and was breathing so fast and deeply that I thought I would pass out. ‘Bahut maza aiya.” I kissed her in reply. That night I fucked sucked and got sucked 5 times. The next night I took her gand. I will tell that story another time along with how I fucked the hotel maid with my masi’s help and my friend hismother and my masi foursome.

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