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My Virgin Colleague

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  • September 4, 2015

Hi friendz I am regular reader of desipapa stories and my name is Vinay before telling u my story I just want say that any girl or lady from 20 to 40 intrested in one night stand can contact me I do understand that privacy is the first criteria for both of us. becz we have some respect in our society which we don’t want to loose we will go to any hotel as a husband and wife and I will carry a luggage with me.

I want to share my real experience of life which was happened with me 4 year back. I was just college passed out and I was good looking guy and I was virgin and looking for job one day I saw an advertisement in hindustan times classified that a courier company needs sales executive for its south ex. Delhi  branch I just went for Interview and I saw aprerty lady as a receptionist she was 24 or 25 with wheatish complexion but with good face cut and nice body.

I went to her and I enquired abt the post she said that the inretview is going on so please wait for ur turn. I was just satnding close to her and I saw her cuts which was easily visible.But suddenly she noticed me and I get scared and went back to my seat when my turn came and I undergone my interview and finally I got that job.Now I decided to have atleast one night stand with her and I statrted talking to her during lunch. She was also aware of my feeling and my intenstions so with in a few weeks we were very good friend

One day that is on 14 feb I said that we will celebrate a valentine day in a special way and invited her to my friendz flat where no body stays at dwarka.She agreed it was 11. am when she reached and I welcome her with a smile and give her a red rose which she accepted with a smile.suddenly or unfortunately with my mistake the packet of condom felt from my pocket and  got shocked She said I know why we are here and I was felt a blush but she said I also want the same thing then I got the chance and I removed her white top and her blue jeans and she was not wearing undergarments.Then she started removing my clothes and both of us were naked we went to the bed room where I first started sucking her large wheatish nipples and caressing her whole body we kissed each other madly and she was moaning aaahhhhhh………… ooooooooooo don’t stop pls fuck me and break my virginity.

She moved backward to meet the forward thrust of my stiff prick, undulating her body and swinging the cheeks of her round ass in little tight circles, clasping her anus tightly shut as I withdrew mightily on the out-stroke. I fell over her and with my hand located her clit and started masturbating her clit as I rammed into her with fresh power, knowing that she was beginning to like this depraved ass fucking, and the feeling of being impaled on my long staff like a sacrificial piece of choice animal flesh. “Oooohh, yessss,” she moaned as I slammed harder up into her belly, pushing her forward and down until her breasts were smashed flat against the back cushions of the couch as I continued masturbating her clitoris. I felt her tighten her anal muscles again and again around my hard thick length buried in her back passage. My cock throbbed crazily and I flexed it up deep in her rectum in an answering signal until I feared the head would explode from the pressure around it like a burning hot, tight-fitting glove. Her obvious surrender added to my excitement and in a vengeful effort to torture my wayward servant, I pulled my imbedded cock almost all the way out of her rectum until just the blood-inflated tip rested inside the hot rubbery passage, then grinned as I saw her try to squirm her nakedly-writhing buttocks back tighter on its rigid length.

But the spectacle inflamed my own lust as well, and with a hoarse moan, I pulled her ass-cheeks wider apart and drove my pelvis into her smooth yielding behind with a jarring vicious smack. I began to ram rapidly into her, hard and deep, battering into her quivering backside with brutal slaps that resounded through the house. My sweating face dripped on her lovely hollowing back, making it glisten in the pale moonlight in the room. I had now completely lost control of my obscene lust and I felt my cock expanding in the warmth of her stretched rectum. My balls began to throb almost painfully and my hardened prick felt as though it were about to explode in the rubbery tight grip of my gorgeous tenant’s vice-like back passage. Below me, Usha was mumbling and whimpering incoherently and I increased the speed and power of my strokes until the couch began to rattle and shake from the steady battering of my loins against her buttocks. She could feel herself being split open wider and wider from the power and pressure I was exerting deep up inside her. She wanted to shout back obscenities at me and plead for me to use her however I wanted to vent my pent-up angry lust on her helpless nakedness.

She wanted me to shoot my great load of seething creamy liquid deep into her belly. Then, suddenly, Usha heard me gasp and groan behind her as I hammered the iron-hard length of my prick into her contracting, velvety rectum, causing her to whine in a delirium of joy. I did it again; roughly pulling her back onto me as though I were fitting a tight sleeve on an oversized arm, then rotated the lust-inflated cock-head deep in her rectum again. She was now enjoying the rape of her virginarse hole and mewled with delight. She murmured. “Please fuck me in my gaand, Now fuck my gaand c’mon! Do it! Chodh mujhe! Jorse chodh!” I laughed as I plunged my cock in and out of her arse hole. By now her gaand was like a furnace, hot and wet, and tight as a vice. Her buttocks rolled under me, trying to take in more of my cock. I laughed and pulling her buttocks wide open, slammed my hips forward, thrusting my cock deep into herusha cried out thinly, her head snapping back, her mouth tearing open as the huge cock surged into her convulsing arse hole. Deep inside her, I held still and slid my hands up her back and Around her body to crush her breasts. She whimpered, leaning forward on her forearms, her shoulders hunched, her head bowed. My cock felt wonderful inside her, hot and hard and she swung her hips slowly, churning her gaand with my pestle. I fucked her with slow, skewering thrusts of my hips, jerking my buttocks back and forth steadily and unhurriedlyusha moaned and whimpered, her head bowed, her eyes closed, her body hot and trembling. “Ohhhhhh uhh oh ma I uhhhhh ohhh uhhh Ohhhhh!” she gasped. “Hanh uhhh hanh uhhh hanh yes, yes ohhh god yes.”

“Yes c’mon chul c’mon now bitch. Ab chul, rundi take my cock! Le mere lund ko! Take it all! Poora lele!” My cock appeared and disappeared between the fleshy lobes of her buttocks. It glistened and gleamed, pistoning in and out. My balls slapped on her mons. Her swollen breasts jiggled and swung and I crushed them in my hands, squeezing hard, twirling her rigid nipples in my fingers. My cock was incredible, hot and hard, throbbing in her shit canal. It glistened and shone as it appeared and disappeared between the lobes of her buttocks. Her fingers masturbated her throbbing clitoris, stroked by the incessant in-out-in-out-in-out rasping of my rough-skinned, thick-veined penis. Suddenly, without warning, I swung my hips in a savage roll and she gasped in shock and surprise, her face twisting in a grimace of lust. “Yeh uh oh fuck yes oh fuck yes uhh oh fuck uhh hanh uhh yes c’mon slut, c’mon … Chul, rundi, chul… Lele! Take it!” I gruntedusha trembled and throbbed with an animal lust. She was teetering on the brink of a wild orgasmusha cried out in agonized delight as my cock plunged into her incessantly. At last, I drilled into her with a long, slow, spiraling thrust and buried my cock deep in her. My hips twitched at her arse hole. She squeezed her breasts, one hand on her belly, “Yes, yes,” she moaned. “Come inside me I want you’re cum in my gaand!”

By now my fingers were squeezing her nipples mercilessly and I was ramming my thick penis without any pity on herusha was screaming away. I felt I was about to come and with a powerful thrust I slammed my hot meat into her and stopped as she orgasm yet again, her head spinning and then she moaned ecstatically as I ground deep into her and came, shooting my cum up her shit canalusha felt the warmth of the first delicious torrents of my white hot liquid spread through her arse and surge through her blossoming nerve ends like a volcanic eruption, gush after gush, touching off her own climax. She thrust her face deep into her arms to muffle her scream as a great surge of animal ecstasy rippled through her and she felt her own creamy cum fluids streaming from her open cunt below, trickling down her inner thighs saturating the cushions below.

Then she slowly collapsed on the bed, her body writhing in an uncontrolled manner as waves of orgasmic pleasure racked her body. “Nahin…aur chodho” she whimpered as she felt me begin to withdraw my slowly deflating cock from her sperm-flooded battered arse. Her body felt pillaged and subjugated beyond belief and her mind was numbed by the certainty that had started a new chapter in her life. Now her body had taken control of her mind and slowly and gently she massaged my penis, licking and sucking on it. “I really enjoyed you fucking my gaand , I now feel the enjoyment of fucking, Meri gaand ki chudwai sey ab lag raha hai ki chudaai kya hoti hai” she said as she massaged my penis, trying to make it hard again. “Stud I want you to fuck me whenever you can, my chooth is now a gulaam of your lund, is kirayedaar ki phuddi ko apna gulaam bana lo” she said as she kissed my cock head! After a whileusha got up and squatted down between my legs and took my now limp cock into her hand, and asked me to tell her what I liked about her body. I told her I loved her slim hips and well rounded arse and her gorgeous huge tits but especially her tight pussy as Usha gently massaged my penis. I smiled and Usha asked me what amused me. I told her the thought of having fucked a well settled, happily married educated lady, often seen on TV news channels who was sex starved amused me. The next time I would see her on the TV would amuse me what was between her legs and hoped it would itch. We laughed.

ok so that was my story so bye girls and I am just waiting for ur reply at

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