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My Village Trip

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Pankajam went into the tent and woke up my grandma. She came out and asked me whether i finished peeing. I said i finished it. She then took me to the house by the back door. In the house, my uncle was setting his luggage and was ready to go out for business tour to surat. I was standing nude in the backyard fetching some water for bath. My grandma went in and gave send off to my uncle. Later my aunt priya and grandma came to the backyard. My aunt was laughing to see me nude and asked me what happened. Just like others she came near me and took my penis and opened it to see. She asked me to take bath and come, so after that she will apply some oil on it. But my grandma advised her to give me a oil bath. So she brought some oil applied all around my body. She was applying oil to penis like milking a cow. She was slowly rubbing in my balls and penis where the ant has shown its vengeance. My penis was standing in 90 degree and she was rubbing it like pet animal. I told her that i was feeling different and my body started to shiver. She stopped it asked me to take bath after an hour. I was sitting in the backyard nude.

my grandma came to take bath there. In villages there are generally no bathroom and we take bath near the well. She removed her saree and was standing in her blouse and petticoat. Her blouse was transparent such that i can see her shaggy boobs and hard big nipples clearly. She turned aside and removed her blouse. She untied the petticoat knots and lifted it upto chest, partially covering her boobs and long tighs. When she poured water over her body, her dressed was totally revealing her body. I was enjoying the scene. My heart was pounding fast. She called me and asked to get the soap from my aunt. I went into the house and asked soap from my aunt. Suddenly a little girl from the next house came inside calling my aunt. I was shocked. The little girl was staring at my big pole. My aunt didn’t bother to send her. After a minute she sent her. All the time that girl was looking at my penis. My aunt gave a funny look after staring at my erect penis and gave me the soap. When turned, she tapped me on my buttock and pinched it. I didn’t bother it, just laughed and went out. I gave the soap to my grandma. After bath she removed her petticoat in front of me revealed her entire back side. She then took the new petticoat and wore it. She then asked me to bath and she went in. After bath i went in took a shirt and shorts and wore it. When i wore my shorts, i was getting pain in my penis because the cloth was rubbing with my penis. Then my aunt asked me to remove it and just tie a towel. I did as they said. After finishing my break fast my grandma took me the village nurse’s house. She was a in her early 40’s. It was a small room in which she checked me and few others were waiting to see her. Since it was a small village there in no hospital facility and everyone comes to her house.

There were few people waiting outside. She asked me to remove the towel and show her my penis. She took penis and said checked it. She pressed my balls and rolled and squeezed it. It was paining for me. My grandma was watching all this. She then asked me whether i masturbate. Immediately my grandma told that i don’t know that thing. The nurse told my grandma to make me masturbate for three day continuously after taking the herbal medicine which she gave. She also told to masturbate after taking every dose. She then whispered some thing to my grandma. They both gave a mysterious smile and then we left the room. Later i came to know that the medicine she gave is used to be given to horses for mating. That afternoon we reached home. We had our lunch and i took the medicine which the nurse gave and went to sleep. After an hour my grandma woke me up with some juice. I drank it. She then asked me to remove my towel. I told her i was already removed and it is under the bed sheet. She laughed at me and sked me to sit in the chair and asked to follow her instructions. She asked me to hold my penis point upwards and asked me to push the penis fore skin up and down. I did as she said but did it wrongly. She then came near me demonstrated it my pushing my penis fore skin up and down at a steady phase. Immediately my penis started to expand and became rock hard. She asked me to do it my self. Since it was the first time, i again did it wrongly. Then she said she will do it for now and after that i should do it for myself. I accepted it. She then started to stroke my penis faster. My heart was pounding and i told my grandma about the different feeling. She said it will make you feel good later and she continued to stroke it. Suddenly i spilled all my cum on my grandma’s blouse and hands. She then asked me how i felt about that. I said it was new and different and i enjoyed it. She then said me to do the same every time after i take the medicine.

That night i alone went to the field tent without my grandma after the dinner. There as usual pankajam and eswari were guarding the field. I went there. They asked me about the penis. I said, i took the medicine and but the pain is still there. Pankajam went out of the tent to guard the field. Eswari and i were alone in the tent. It was very hot and we both were sweating inside. I removed my shirt and said it very hot in there. Eswari aunty also nodded for it and said that she feel like removing her dresses in this heat so that she can stay cool for a while. I said, if you want you do it and i insisted her to do so. She then removed her saree and was in just red blouse and yellow petticoat. Her boobs were so big and were ready to jump out from her blouse. Her blouse was soaked with sweat. I told her that her blouse was so wet and asked her to remove them too. She nodded her head and removed her blouse and put it aside. Now she was just in her black bra and petticoat. Her cleavage was totally awesome. Now we both were lying together in the mat. Our bodies were touching and it made so hot. She turned close to me and was braiding my hairs and asked me about the medicine. I said i took it and i have to do the exercise which nurse said. She asked me what exercise. I told her about it. She laughed and told me ‘naughty boy’. After she was as sleep, i removed my towel and started to stroke my penis. Hearing the noise she woke and asked me what i was doing. I told her that i was doing the exercise. She then came near me and said that she help me in doing it. I told ok and said that grandma helped me in the noon and now she is helping me.she laughed at it. She took my penis in her hands and started to stroke. I was in hard pain as my penis was dry. I told her since it is dry it was paining more. Then she said she will do it the other way. She took my penis in her mouth and started to suck it like lollipop. She was sucking it very hard and i exploded loads of cum in her mouth. She didn’t waste a bit of it and drank it fully. She didn’t let me go after that.

She was continuously sucking it. I never insisted her to stop. I cummed almost three times in her mouth yet she didn’t stopped. Then i started to pain for me. I pleaded her to leave my penis. After my cry she left it. She then asked it how it was. I told her it was very painful but i enjoyed it very much.i told her that she made very hot in this hot weather. She also said that she too feels like removing all her dresses in this hot weather. Telling this she started to remove the knots of her petticoat. She continued to remove her panties and exposed her bushy vagina to me. She was only wearing her black bra. Soon she removed that too and threw all her dresses in the corner of the tent. Her boobs were black and so big in size. Her nipples were very big and were covering major part of her boobs. She then came near me and lied down. I and told her that i felt like throwing away the towel in this hot weather. She grabbed the towel and threw it to the corner of the tent. We both were lying naked in the mat. Even though we ware naked i didn’t know what to do. We both were sleeping for while. Suddenly eswari aunty woke up and said that she was having some pain between her legs. I asked her to show it to me.

She immediately spread her legs apart and showed me her hairy vagina. I could see some sweat drop sticking to her vaginal hairs. I then spread it apart and saw it inside. It was pink in color and it was very wet with her juices. She asked me check it inside as she had pain inside. I inserted my finger deep into her vagina. She was holding it very tightly. I wasn’t even able to move my hand any further. She was lifting her hips up in pleasure. She asked me to move my hands inside and out side fastly. Soon her juices started to flow out. I told her that urine was coming out from her vagina. She asked me not to stop. She was moaning aloud in pain. She reached the peak once again but still i was doing it. Hearing her loud moaning sound pankajam entered the house.

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