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My True Story – Rohit

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  • September 13, 2015

Its almost years that I have been reading stories from different desi sites, and found some extremely good, others are mostly ordinary. But in every story people tried to express there true feelings and the lust of ultimate pleasure that human has borne inside came out every time from the incidents that has been narrated.


Let me tell you some of the incidents of my life. They are true, but due to personal secrecy, I am changing the names. I am Rohit. When this incident occurred I was around 19 years, it was in the year 1996. I am going to tell you the incident that I got involved with my Aunt, my mother’s sister. She is my mausi, and her name is Manju.


Let me first talk about Manju, my mausi first. She is my mother’s own blood sister. The time we started the affair, she was around her early fourties. She was short highted, very fair, and heavy build. Her vital statistics was 40 d-33-45. She is a fat lady. From my childhood, I liked her. I liked her presence, I liked her as she was a very soft hearted person. And when I started getting attracted towards women, I liked her most. I never had a shame to say that I was always attracted towards the matured ladies, specially ladies who were heavy breasted, plumpey or fat. As I was attracted towards big heavy breasts. I myself was an ordinary guy, with average Indian features. And one last thing my mausi has only one child.


I should tell you some incidents before I start narrating the story to you all. Actually how I was so much attracted towards her body. As I told you earlier, I was attracted towards plump matured females from a very early age, I remember, I started masturbating when I was 12 years old and I was in class 6. I saw my mausi’s bare breasts, while she was going to the bath. My mausi was always a very casual person. Rather I should put in this way, that she was not much concerned about the surroundings. I remember till the incident occurred I used to look for chance, to see her bare breasts, by any chance or her cleavage, or started at her big bums, but she never noticed it at all, that my looks at her has lost the childish innocence long time back…..I should also say that  I have discussed with my friends about sex and females and female bodies, and even how to hook someone for sex, and from time to time, few friends, who claimed to be lucky in sex life, stated that female with fat, are the most late to get aroused.


Anyways, now back to the incident, it was in the year 1995, and I was in college, doing my 2nd year B.Com. The month was November and one one maternal uncle’s was getting married. One more thing I should say that she had a major operation in the same year around the month of Feb or March. Now its was end of Nov. the weather was chill but not that cold, we were all exited about the marriage. As that maternal uncle was the last in my mother’s side to get married. My grans house was full of family members. But in this occation my cousin brother was not present as his test was going on and he was going for his class 10th. It was the second day after marriage, and my maternal uncle came home with his bride that day. It was a chaotic condition all over my grans place, and that night we decided that few of the family members are going to sleep on the floor of the drawing room. I was one. I was tired and I went to sleep as soon as the sleeping arrangement was done. As I was going off to sleep I heard my mom told my mausi to go to sleep to at the same place, as the next day was the reception and its going to be more hectic for all the family members. I came to the drawing room and lied on the mattress, and I knew that my mausi will sleep in the same room, but I was not sure where she will sleep as there was sleeping arrangement for another 4 people. But before I went to sleep, I saw my mausi came and slept beside me. But somehow I was very tired from the days cores and I felt asleep. I woke up at around late night. I cannot say what time it was, all I know it was pitched dark, and I can hear people snoring or heavy breath from all corner of the house. I woke up, and immediately, that time I thought its today or never. I must confess that I am not at all bold person, but thought that as my mausi is sleeping beside me, and can hear her deep breaths, I maybe be lucky enough to play with her private parts, or to be more precise with her breasts. I first tried to judge the atmosphere of the room, like some one awake…I found that it was all calm, but not quite due to heavy breaths of the sleeping people. My mausi was sleeping by my right side. I slowly turned over to my right, and put my left hand over her body. It served two purpose. One if she was a light sleeper, or woke up all of a sudden from my touch, she will feel that was natural that I hugged her in sleep. Secondly, as it was winter, time, she covered herself with a sheet, so slowly I can take it off from her body. Before I can open her blouse. My mausi was lying on her back. I kept my hands over her stomach first, and then slowly I shifted my hands over her breasts. But as it was dark, it took me a while, before I can reach her mounds. I still feel her rising and fall of her chest from every breath she took. I stayed my hands over the breasts for some minutes, but at that time I felt that those few minutes were like waiting for hours. After that I slowly shifted her pallu over her breasts and started fiddling with her blouse hooks. But some how it seemed like it won’t open, and once she even left a deep sigh and moved in her sleep. I was scared and let my hands rest over her breasts again for some time. Again I started the process, then some home, I unhooked two buttons. Now I told you all she had heavy breasts, so it wanted to come out of the gap. I inserted my left hand’s index figure and felt her breasts for the first time. It was a wonderful experience; slowly I inserted my figure a bit more. I was more interested to touch her nipples. After few moments I got the first touch of her nipples also, but at that time suddenly she moved and turned to her right side. But by that time, I went crazy with ecstasy. I just starved for her body. I could her deep breath once more. I was assured that she was in deep sleep, but as a natural process she has turned to her other side. Now like her big heavy breasts, I like her big bums too. Suddenly I felt, if I cannot touch her breasts, I my try to touch her bums, and just as I thought I put my hands under her sheet and slowly put my hands over her bums, over her sari. But some how I was looking for more and thought, that maybe I can pull sari, atleast over her thighs I can touch her naked ass. I knew she was asleep, and I had all the night with me and no one was between us.


Just as I thought, I slowly started pulling her sari to get it above her thighs, but as slowly as possible so that my mausi won’t wake in the middle of her sleep. I was giving few seconds gap, between my every pull of her sari. But after few inches it came over her legs, I found that the sari was entangled between her thighs. And for that I have to pull a bit harder. In normal sense, I won’t have ever tried so as it will definitely wake up any male, and I hope my friends who are reading this story know that females are extra sensitive. But I was at that time not that aged or experienced and I was in my full ecstasy, to think in a rational manner, or think about my consequences if things went wrong. I went on pulling the sari, with some jerks, but giving some time. But all of a sudden I found that mausi moved in her sleep, tossed once and again turned to her right. I laid back on my right side at that time, like a dead person. Probably at that time I forgot to breath, and I could hear my own heart beat which never beat so fast. Few minutes went by, again the devil inside me provoked me to continue the act. But some how I felt that this time it was not the same, like few minutes back. I touched my mausi’s bum and to my surprise I found that was bare-naked. I never a logical thought how that could be possible, but I was engrossed in touching her every bit of her huge gigantic bum, with a soft touch of my palm, thinking that she might wake up. My mausi was sleeping over her right shoulder and breathing heavily, only at that time I though that she is sleeping deep. Moments went by, she again moved in her sleep, probably got a stiff shoulders for sleep on the same side for long. Her deep breathing was continued as she slept deep. I again took some time, but slowly put my hands in her vaginal area, as it was my first time to touch any lady over there. I first encountered heavy bushy area just over her vaginal track; I was moving my fingers slowly over her public hairs so she didn’t feel my touch over her skin. But as my index finger more towards the lower part of her bush, her legs were part and I wanted to touch the vaginal lips, I found that the public hairs at that region were wet. As if she has pissed in the bed, while sleeping, but the moisture was lubricating as touched my index finger tip with my thumb. Again I moved my index finger and this time I touched her vaginal lips when she just sprang to her right side again. In my sub concusses I felt that is observing every act of mine, but my passion for her body got me better. I again started playing over her bums and this time I went to her vaginal lips from behind, and found that it was wet as her public hairs. Time went by, suddenly someone woke up, with a cough and I found that my mausi was fiddling with her sheet. Few minutes to my mausi’s instinct I found that my gran mom got up and switched on the light to go for the bathroom. I was facing my mausi and I saw a different look in her eyes. It was a look that expressed her astonishment, pleasure and maybe some hatred too. I got up and didn’t meet her eyes for the rest of the day. But I was very worried and I felt that, she might complain it to her elder sister, my mom. But to my surprise, till afternoon I found no indifference in my mom and I realized that she has not reveled it yet, but the concern was still deeply suppressed inside me. My cousin came over to the ceremony that day in the evening as his exams were over. But next day after the reception was over, we were all sitting in rounds, I was going to another room, when I meet my mausi face to face after that incident happened two nights back, she playfully pinched my stomach and told me with a smile that I have become a big boy. But she passed the comment so playfully that no one even thought about that particular comment at that time.


Time went by. Its said that time and tide waits for none. I told you my friends in the beginning of the story that, during that time I was in my second year of my college, and my B.Com Part I exams were knocking at my doorsteps. After that night in 1995, I gave a thought about it lot of times, but I was always confused. Times I thought she knew about the whole act from the beginning, at times I felt that she was deep asleep, just she woke up when she heard the cough and composed herself and her cloths. But her look at me and her comment always brought a cloud of doubt in my mind. But the issue was such and with a relation with my mausi, that I had to keep it in my mind suppressed.


It was the beginning of the month of February of year 1996 and my exams were due March, my mom told me that my mausi is coming over our place to give us a visit, before my exams. I knew that my mausi always visited me before my board exams and gave me some pocket money to spent after exams. But this time, I had a different feeling. As my mom was teaching in a school and my father was with a financial institution. I asked my mom inquisitively that whether she is going to stay, she told me that she might, but not for sure. The day she was suppose to come, my mom told me to take my mausi to her school during her holiday, as she wanted her sister to meet few of her colleges. My mother left at around 7.30 am and my father left at 9 am. I was in my room trying to study, but somehow I couldn’t concentrate. All of time it was going in my mind that she is going to come to out house at around 10 am, as she said so. From time to time I stared at the watch, looking forward to meet her. I don’t remember at what time my mausi came over, but all I remember that she came at sometime around her expected time as my mausaji borded her the bus that comes to our place, before he left for office. My mausi came to our home. Gave me a big smile, without a hint of anything happened between us few months back. Asked me how I was doing, expressed that she was tired from the long bus journey, and was feeling hungry. I told you my friends that my mausi is a fat lady, and she was a very big appetite. I offered her some sweets and bhujia. While having her food, she asked me how was my studies going on, how the preparation for my first University exam, and how her son is not studying for his board exam. After having her food she enquired to me at what time we would go over to my mom’s school. When she found that its another 2 hours before we leave, she told me to go and study, while she takes a nap in my parents bedroom. I don’t know, somehow, I asked her won’t she change. My mausi went to the bathroom changed in a cotton sari, and went to the my parents bedroom which is just beside mine.


I tried hard to concentrate on my studies, but I couldn’t. But this time I was not gathering much courage to do something more dare devil like that night. But after sometime, maybe after another 15 mins I muster enough courage and got up and peeked in the bedroom to see if my mausi has gone off to sleep. I saw that she was lying on the bed eyes closed, but I went back to my room. Again after 15 mins or 20 mins later I went inside the room. Saw she was sleeping. I was hesitating of what to do. I thought maybe I will peek under her sari, by lifting a bit, but the problem was that, all the windows of that room was open, and I knew  may get caught, by some neighbor of mine. While I was hesitating, suddenly my mausi woke up. She asked me if I was looking for something. I had a alibi that time. As before next time I went in the room, to kill my time, I went to rest room, and first masturbated thinking about that night, and then took a bath. So I though, if she woke up I will tell her that I have come to the room to comb my hair. So I stick to my alibi. While combing my hair I asked her why don’t we just chat for some time, so that I don’t feel bored with my studies and she agreed for the chatting. Actually I am a very good listener and that’s one of the reason my mausi always liked to talk about her family issues with me. As I listened to all her complains about her in laws for hours. She asked me to sit, but I managed to tell her to come in my room so that while she chats with me, I can solve some problems too, and she readily agreed. She asked me to proceed, while she went to the bathroom to piss, giving me enough time to close both the windows in my room. I sat on a part of the bed and she sat on the other corner. I gave her a pillow so that she can sit relaxing over the bed. She started her regular in law problems, while I just wanted to show that I am listing while solving some accounts problem too at the same time. When she was in a middle of some issue at her full flow, I suddenly changed the topic by coming over the ecent marriage ceremony. My mausi is a talkative lady, and once she gets a topic to speak she starts talking. She was talking how well the marriage went, and she has seen the video of the marriage, I suddenly said that I enjoyed the marriage too, with a brief pause that I enjoyed specially on the night before the reception. It just came to my mind that let me start it like that, to see her reaction, if she reacts as surprised I will tell some fib, but she reacted the way I expected her to react.


My mausi, suddenly become quite and showed some signs of nervousness, still she tried to make a bold face and enquired what was that, though her voice trembled. I thought it was now or never, so I told her that she knows that pretty well. And looked straight into her eyes. Suddenly that animal instinct came back inside me, and I could feel a chill all over my body. My mausi avoided my eyes and told me that was wrong of what I did. But I told her that if it was wrong then she won’t have cooperated with me on the first place. Don’t know what went through her at that time, she suddenly started sobbing at that time and said that she didn’t knew what went through her at that time, and though she tried to resist when I played with her nipples, but couldn’t control her emotions. But she asked me to keep it as a secret and never to discuss with anyone in my life.


I thought that was the greatest advantage at that time. I went close to her, and softly, I rubbed her tears from her face. I told her that I loved her lots and respected her, but my love to feel her and touch her took my better half. She wanted to close the issue and she said that it was alright. I was actually waiting for some thing like that, the moment she told me that it was allright, I told my mausi that I wanted to see her naked. She was shocked to hear it, but I told her that I loved her and its nothing bad to see her once naked. When we know that I have touched her private parts with her consent. But my mausi atfirst didn’t agree to it, so after long persuasion she agreed for one last time. I took off her sari, then opened her blouse and opened her bra. She was only in her petticoat. I played with her breasts, though I told her that I am going to see her nude, but  knew that she will allow to touch her breast and her hips. I started to suck her breasts like a kid. While she lay on her back with closed eyes. I sucked her left breast and played with her right breasts and her nipples. From time to time I nibbled her nipples, and she shivered with ecstasy. Then I opened the knot of her petticoat, she was not wearing any panty, I put my index figure over her vaginal lips it was so wet, but as soon as I put my index figure she closed her legs and pleaded not to play with her vagina. But I didn’t care at that time. As my index figure was stuck over her vaginal lips with her legs shut, I managed to get my finger inside her, and started fingering her, she resisted few minutes then, sobbing her feet became numb. I spread her feet on both the side and put my middle finger too, and vigorously started fingering her love hole. I think after 10 mins or so, suddenly her body stiffed for few seconds and a sticky white fluid, exploded all over me.


I saw my pajama was also wet at that time. I had a huge erection. I opened the knots of my pajama, and my mausi slept list less over the bed, while the last of her huge orgasm was still coming out of her love hole. She didn’t see my move, nor had any strength to resist. I rammed my 6” penis inside her love hole. When I forced myself in….she was still sobbing. I made love to her for some 5 to 6 mins before I exploded inside her. I came out of her and slept naked beside her. After few minutes, she wanted to get up, and asked me to give her side, as she wanted to go over to rest room. I went with her, suddenly I felt that she has left everything, she was not sobbing anymore. Seem too listless. But still I wanted to have the best of her that day. The erotic animal seemed so hungry. While she was pissing, I saw some of my white sperms washed out of her with her piss. I was sitting infront of her, while she was pissing.


As she came out from the bathroom, I took her hand, and again brought to my room, and made her sit like a rabbit. She didn’t protested. I came inside her this time from back. And this time it took me a long time to cum inside her, and she cumed before I let my sperms find her hole once more.


After that I took her to the bath, and bathed together. During the bath I kissed her lips and kissed all over her body. I also made her hold my penis. But she didn’t shag for me. We came out of the bath. And got dressed to leave for my moms school. Again the nervous feeling came inside me. But somehow I was confident that she won’t state this incident like the last time.


She stayed at our place that night as planned and after dinner some how I managed to get hold of her and ask her to come to my room at mid night. Though I should say after she met her sister, my mom she tried to be at her self, but from time to time she was indifferent. I waited for her awake all over the night, but she didn’t come. She was sleeping with my mom in the next room, but some how, I didn’t want to go and call her.


Later many years have passed, but nothing grew more in between us. With the pass of time, we became normal. Even I stayed at her place one night when no one was at home. But our sex escapade never came back. All I could feel deep in my heart, that to make love to somebody you have to love that person…..and I loved my mausi……..


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