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My true experience

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

I am Nabeel from Karachi. It is true of my life. My elder brother marriage held in 1998. Our close relatives came our home and stay for 1 week. That was nikkah night our home is full by hosts. I was very tired and sleep besides the wall. Other hosts came in the room and sleep one by one. My young cousin, Ruby is sleep beside me because room was full and she did not found any place for sleeping. After 1 p.m. I felt her hand on my thigh, after some movement she rise her hand and kept on my penis. She was very horny and hold my penis and squeeze it. She turned and touched her boobs on my arm. Now she hold my penis tightly and put my hand between her legs over her pussy. Then she turned and her face was opposite me, she brought her ass at my penis and pushed her ass. Now my penis is gone in her ass.

Her ass was very big and penis fit in it. I thought now my turn to take any decision. First I put my hand on her neck and after it my hand gone to her boobs. I mustarded her boobs. Now we was both awaked, I told her that I am going on roof, you come after some minutes. She agreed, and reached after 4-5 minutes on my roof. There was nobody on the roof. We both were alone on the roof. I caught her hand pull her, now our chest are touched. I felt her boobs on my chest, I put my hand on her waist and pulled by force, her boobs tightly touched to my chest. She said please pull me slowly, I started kiss on her lips and she was giving me full response. I draw up her frock and started kiss on her boobs, now she was horny I said her slumbered on floor and I opened her shalwar (trouser) but she said no Nabeel it is enough.

I was angry and said her, what do you mean? If don’t want fucking then why came on roof. No no I will fuck you, she said no Nabeel if anyone come here then it will not good for me. Oh I said no one can come here because everyone very much tired. She said ok, but do fast every thing, I said ok my dear. I asked her this is your first time or you fucked before. She replied me no this is my first experience. I said ok now we are going to start love play, she said ok, I was waiting for this a long time. I undressed her completely and start kissing on her all body. I was also afraid that any one don’t come on roof so I want to complete my work in very short time. I told her now I want insert my lun (dick) your choot (pussy), she said yes, hurry up, I put my lun on her choot and push gently but lun was not going in her choot because her choot was virgin and very tight.

I said her please took my lun in your mouth then lun will go in your choot. She took my whole lun in her mouth, now I put my lun on her choot again and pushed. Now, head of lun will go easily, I push again my lund but lun did not insert her because pussy was very tihgt. Now, I caught her waist tightly, and pushed with forced and half lun was inside her. She said oh Nabeel please do slow, I siad ok, honey it is last stroke, and put my hand on her mouth and pushed with power, lund was inside her, she cried but my hand was on her mouth, after some movement she was normal, and start fucking. I stroke her 7-8 minutes and done my job fast because we were both afraid. We stand up and wear our dress and saw some blood on roof, I pointed out her, see your kunwarapan (virginity). Please send your comments on my

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