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My Teacher

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

Hi Readers of Desipapa Stories, I am a regular Reader of Desi Papa Storeis First about me I am loveciti4. From the hart of   Pakistan I am 6 Ft Inch tall man. This time my age is 30 years and I have my book shop atLahore. This is a true experience of my life which happened 8 years back at that time I was studying in 10th class. I was studying in a private high school of Lahore.My English Teacher namely Miss. Shagufta, who used to teach us English and mathematics. She was having good figures i.e. 36x28x36 and her age was 32 years. I was good in mathematics but a bit weak in English.

One day she said to me that if your parent agree then after school time you come to my home for studying English so that you may get good position in your matriculation examinations. I told this offer to my parents who at once gave me the permission to study English in her home.After one month summer vacations started and I started to go to her house for having English learning. Our story start from here: I was unaware about the sexual relation with any one and have no idea to have a sex play with my teacher. One day her husband who was also a teacher in a Government school and also teach some students in his home. He went to his bed room with a young beautiful boy who was his student also. He said to his wife that she will not allow any person to come to his bed room, because we are busy in the study.After fifteen minutes my teacher said to me to see from the hole of the door what they are doing inside.

I obey my teacher order and see from the hole that both were naked and her husband on the bed with a dogy style and his student is rubbing some oil on his ass hole and started entering his fingers in his hole first he entered one finger and then the boy entered two fingers in his teachers hole. I surprised to see this situation but not told the happenings to my teacher, when she asked me what I have seen I replied nothing. Then my teacher Shagufta herself saw from the hole and saw that the student cock entering in the ass hole of his teacher. After this she bring me in her study room and started teaching me English. After one week, when my teacher husband went to Rawalpindi to meet his elder brother then my teacher said to me that I am alone in my house as my husband has gone to Rawalpindi and remain there for some days. During his absence you will have to stay at night with me and also obtain the approval from your papa. She also met my Mama and requested her that your son will stay with me for days as I am alone at my home and fearing. My mama give permission for staying some days in my teachers house and I took some clothes and went away with my teacher. She asked me ok, bring your English book and study, I study my English book for some time.

Then she asked me to bring food from the bazaar, I brought the food from the bazaar we both have eaten our dinner jointly. After that we started to play  Luddo. During the play off and on my head touched with her head and the next time she advertantly touched her head with my head and started laughing. All of a sudden she kissed me on my head and her second kiss was on my cheek and when she win the game of Luddo and kissed my lips. Then she switched on the T.V. and we both were seeing the Indian love story pictures and when there was any sexy seen she started kissing me. Now I wanted to sleep and trying to close my eyes on the sofa. Then she went to the kitchen and bring a glass of hot milk for me. She told me to have the milk first and then go to the bed for sleeping when I had the milk, I asked her that where is the bed as there was only one bed in the bed room. She told me to sleep on her bed. I went to her bed for sleeping. After some time she changed her addressed in the bed room in my presence and I have seen all the parts of her body and there was some strange feeling. She asked me to see more film and atonce switched on the TV and I was astonish to see that a triple x movi is on the screen of the TV. Then she come to bed and thrown her body on the bed. After 15 minutes she caught my cock with her hand which was after irritation about 7.5 ” and was as tight as iron bar.

She started rubbing my cock. After few minutes I changed my position and my hands approached to her boobs and started pressing her boobs softly. She started to open her nighty button and started pressing my body with her nipples she also put her tongue into my mouth and began to lick my mouth with her tongue. She hold my hand with her hand and taken the same to her pussy and told me that: Apni Ungli meri Choot main Dalo, Main nay apni doe unglian uski choot me daalney ki koshish ki. Laken uski choot bohat tang thee. Mein bohat haran tha kay ek shadi hudda aurat the choot itni tang kyun hay toe ooss nay muchay bataya ke meri shadi ko 12 saal hoe gay hain laken tumharay sir nay ajj tak meri choot naheen lee. Upon this I at once rashed up and asked her how I can use us then she slept straight on her bed and asked me to come on her body. She put her leg on my shoulders and took my cock in her hand and then she get up and put my cock in her mouth and started licking. After some time I was surprised because some white kind of element later I came to know that it is called juice, came out of my cock and she drank each and every drop of my juice.

Then she told me to kiss her pussy, I kissed, then she told me to lick her pussy and I started to lick her pussy, after few minutes she shooted and her juice came out of her pussy and spread on my face. I drank some drops of her juice which was very tasty. Then she again started licking my mouth and tongue and also started licking my cock with her mouth after 2 minutes my cock again irritate just like a iron bar and she took the some oil in my lond and put the same in her pussy hole and asked me to push the cock in her hole and I started pushing my cock in her hole but failed and then she asked me that: wo tail ki sheeshi lao and meri choot and apnay lund pay tail lagao main the tail uski choot per lagaya and apney lund per lagaya. Phir us nay mera lund paker ker apni choot ki mori per rakh ker muj say kaha kay zoar say dhakka lagao main nay aisa kiya to us ka muha se ik cheh nikel gi us na kaha mare dard ki parwa na karo ar apna lond under karte jeo and aahista aahista mer 7.5″ ka lund uski choot main ghus giya. And she started crying aur mugh say kehnay lagi kay mughay bohat takleef hoe rahi hay tumhara lund hay kay lohay the salakh, issay baher nikalo but I started pushing my cock again and again after some minute she began to start taste and started saying wah meri jan mazza aa gia hay zoar say dhakka lagao phir usnay khud dhakka lagana shroo ker diya and mugh say kehnay lagi bahan choad teray main jaan naheen rahi zoor say mughay chodo.

Apni ustani ki choot ko phar daiy. After five minute we both shooted together and I took out my cock from her pussy when I put out my cock from her pussy there was a voice just like the voice when we open the Cold drink bottle and started to press her boobs and there was blood coming out of her pussy. After few minutes the blood stopped but the bed sheet all red with blood. She was very happy and kissed me with love. This is true story of mine. know a days she got divoce from his hosband and go to an other city and i am free Any married or un-married girl want to contact me and 9″ cock wanted then contact me on my E-Maillove.citi4@gmail. com or loveciti4@yahoo. com

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