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My Teacher Thought Me How To Study And Fuck Her

  • desipapa
  • October 15, 2015

Hi, my name is ravi (name changed) guys this is my second story please omit the mistakes. This was my first one anyone interested read this story also “ready to meet my sex maid”. I stay in bangalore, I want to share some of my real story happened in my life. Any girl’s aunts ladies can contact me for your help and it will be very secret. If you like it please gives some good rating and drops your comments to us at ravi21992@yahoo.Com

I use to go for tuition when I was doing my 12th she was a teacher in some school and when I was doing my 12th she was newly married I was not having any feeling on her but later on I came to know he want have fun with me before marriage later on I finished my 12th left my tuition I was not in touch with her after 4 years I meet her some ware in mall I got her phone number to by that time I had joined for job also.

Few days later she start texting me we causally started our chat we use to end good morning to good night later the conservation started like this

S. Do have any girlfriend

M. No I don’t love any one.

S. Why u don’t like any girl

M. I know if u love what are the problems we will be facing in life that why I don’t keep girlfriends.

S. Love one girl and marry her only.

M. In my house they will not accept it.

S. Then keep any aunt na nearby your house

M. If I get caught that all my life all is gone.

S. See keeping aunt your very safe you get everything free and they will only give money and lot more to you.

M. Nice joke in practical it will not work out, u are talking so much can you be my girlfriend ha….

S. Hey fool I was trying to say this thing from long back I want you ok do you want me or not.

M. (i was very happy inside) are you serious in this matter..

S. You want me or not say yes or no

M. Yes

S. My husband came I will text you later don’t text me until I text or call you and she hanged my phone..

The hole night I did not get sleep only same conversation continued for another 2 days, I asked her can we go for a movie she said I have class to go. She asked me some money she will return it back within in no time little urgent I just transferred.

After 3 days she call me to her house, come I will give you the money I took leave on that day I thought she will give money and more she said she has some problem in her pc.
I went to her house by 10:30 she opened the door she was wearing nighty and called me inside by seeing her I can clearly say her size she is very slim but her size was 30,28, 32 was her and I sat on a sofa she gave me soft drink I asked her about her husband and kid, she said work and school and later I asked what is the problem in pc that why I called you.
I asked her where is it she said it`s in her bed room and even she came with me, some os problem was their while I was doing she was next to me she put her hand on my shoulder I saw her face even she was within no time our lips kiss each other after 10 min of kiss we broke I was having crush from long back but I could not say now I am saying I love you I want to take a ride on you are ready to go on me.

She started remove my shirt I slowly lifted her nighty she was wearing black color innerwear and red bar it was so attractive slowly I started kiss her boobs it was so soft I could not imagine she was feeling so pleasure by closing her eyes and pushed me to down side I slowly started to remover her pants and started to suck it it was fully liquidly in it slowly I start fuck by my finger she was shouting with plz suck more more more (you will not taste such a liquid when your sucking any girls)

I started suck more later she pulled me top and we kissed each other while kissing she started to remove my pants and started to stroke it and by seeing my size she said my hole is very small plz do it slowly even my husband is not having this much it was 8” later she took started to give me a blowjob, after 15 mts I say I may come so she slow it down and took out left it for few seconds.

Later she took my tool pointed it on her pussy, she started slowly insert not even reached a half a inch she took it out, I asked her what happened it`s paining, without pain you don’t get pleasure dear.

I said u don’t take I will only insert it I spit on pussy it made it free took my tool slowly inserted half a inch she was shouting ahaaaa plz noooooo with one push my full cock was in slowly started fuck her in 69% and said me to increase the speed started ahahahahah and started to scolding me in bad words like “you ass hole u can`t even fuck your teacher properly” by hearing those words increase my speed she was shouting like fuck me hard fuck me fuck me fuck in that sound there was another sound coming tappppp and change the position she came on me started to stork in 90%

With a sound ha ha ha ha aaaaaa I said it about to come she sad mine still not completed u put it in I have no problem later I will take pills I had come in with in no time she ask me for second round she want to fuck her ass this and took my tool pointed it in her ass it was more tight than her pussy I start inserting it and started for another 30mts we both were tired we tried in all different position more that 10 to 20 styles we took bath their one more section in standing position

I was fully tired but my mam was not when I reach my bed room again she asked me for 5th round later she sad be ready for another round by hearing that one I said next time she slap me left and right you ass hole why did you come hear to fill full my dreams right take rest for 10mts and come fuck my boobs pussy and ass to do you understand I said ok.

I took rest for another 10 mts started another round by that time its was 2:30 somehow her son use to come by 3:30 so I said the reason and left it from there whenever I feel like fuck her I will call her and asked her to take a leave and we will full fill our needs. Anyone interested girls ladies contact me through my email I will fill full with all my level best…

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