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My Teacher Teach Me In Bed Too

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Hi everyone I’m RAJ from Ahmedabad Gujrat India. Im almost 18 and just did my o-levels a week ago. This was my last year in . This experience that I had a month ago is a true real one not a made up one. It happened in May 2001. My O-level exams were near and I was busy with my studies. I was lacking behind in Chemistry. My Chemistry teacher’s name is Miss NEHA. She was our new teacher from GUJ. University and came to our COLLGE in Feb. A 25 yr angel from god. Perfect height, perfect figure, and perfect face.

I always use to dream about her, thinking of any ideas that I can get to score with her. Our COLLEGE was off for other students but we seniors were allowed to discuss any problems with any of our teachers. I use to go almost everyday around 9 am to school to solve my confusions in Chemistry. Some of my friends use to come with me but not everyday. We use to study in a small room, with a computer in it, couple of chairs and a table. Our main laboratory was under some type of construction so the school gave us that room. It was just adjacent to the main lab. We weren’t allowed to study in library b/c an o-level past paper book was stolen by some kid so library was closed from us seniors. We sometimes sat in Staff room or in that room. You can call a small bio lab or just a room.

One day I went to school to study with miss NEHA. For a 1 hour whole we studied alone. I was only looking at her beautiful extremely sexy body. Sometimes at her legs, breasts and her white bra that was quite visible in her sky blue kameez. It was treat for my eyes. I knew we were alone but I had not guts to have sex with her or to approach her in anyway. But I wanted it badly so I thought of an idea. I got up to bring some other book. I picked it up and when returning back to the chair I intentionally stepped on her beautiful feet. She just made a painful face. I quickly put the book on my chair and went down to show that I care. I quickly just started saying sorry. While sitting down I quickly just hold her left foot and took it out of her sandal. Meanwhile I was keep on saying sorry so the holding her feet thing didn’t made her feel awkward or surprised or anything. She was just saying its alright RAJ but I wasn’t stopping. I blew air on her foot fingers from my mouth to show how much I care. She I was just smiling and saying don’t worry about it. After a minute or two I said with full of my courage “Miss NEHA you have very beautiful feet”.

That may have made her feel a bit awkward but she said thankyou. I knew it was the perfect time. I just then gave a little kiss on her foot near the ankle area. That made her feel very awkward but she didn’t say anything and I also did not said a word at the moment. As she didn’t speak on my first action, it gave me a little more courage so I raise the bottom of her shalwar and started kissing her silky leg and moved up kissing her belly and finally her breast. Her eyes were half closed that meant she was enjoying it. I kissed her neck and moved up to her lips. We kissed her some minutes. Then I made her stand up and took her kameez. I then removed her white bra from the front sucked her sexy boobs. I quickly then removed her shalwar and her white underwear. I pushed her towards the wall. He boobs pressed against I wall and I went down and sucked her hips. Then I turned her front body towards me.

Now her back was against the wall. She was still in stand position. I then put her right leg over my shoulder and started sucking her pussy. That gave her a lot of joy. She made different type of noises that I really loved. She was having the time of her life. She pulled down my pants and my underwear and then went down on me and started sucking my cock. After 10 minutes or so I quickly pushed her to the ground and put my cock in her. I started fucking her hard. We were doing it un-safely. She wanted to say that but she was getting the pleasure of a lifetime. She wasn’t a virgin. Then suddenly somebody banged on the door. She was scared but I didn’t let her go. She pushed me to stop me. I quickly buttoned my pants. She quickly got her bra and panty and her clothes in seconds and I went to open the door. It was a person from domestic staff of the school brought a message to miss Abida from our principal. He then went away. I wanted to proceed but she said she have to go quickly. She said she had fun.

She kissed me again and then smiled and went to principal’s office. We then met again on the Internet and she promised that after my exams we will get together someday and will complete what we started. She called me on this Tuesday 12th June and told me that on Saturday 16th June after 8pm she will be free and alone so she invited me. Im gonna go to her house on Saturday 16th june. She lives in a aprtment. I will tell u guyz what happened on 16th with miss NEHA.

When i reahced her apartment.. at wasa time 9 p.m and sh was alone in room we .. sat on chair and discuss something .. i just remarks that she weard only nighty and i can mell her nice pretty smell… now my cck was fully erect to see her face and i feel some shyyy to… now she came with me .. and slightly touch my cokc now it was a like a displgen in y pent and i was trying to control it…. now i suddenly put my hand on her nighty and just ahed her bobs wowo it was w onderful… now she also wa hungery to suck… so we just lied on bedrooma nd she… loied on a bed now its my turn to put work.. i just open my clothes and her too. we both anked and i staerted o kiss her bobbs an ” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”” raj plese aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh ahhhh, yaarr please fast and my ahnd goes in her pussy and i m started fingeringggggggg uffffffff… raj please fat………

now she cummed me and my pennis was too large of 6 inches and was too much terrible…she also know abt all the sex now she come to more me and kisssed my lipss and … just lick my pennis now .. i also wery hiungry of her body.. so i put jher and gone uop to her and put py cock ‘s head on nice sweet pinlk pusssy…and i just enterd my her tight wet and juicy pussy.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a experinece was that… she was in full ijection and i too. she loudly said ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh raj ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh slow slow it hurts me but i was in terrible speed so i fast it… no raj please slow..

I enjoying all of her pussy and a heaqven of her body……… she also wanna more now.. she said comeon aaaaaaaaaahhh comepon more fats fast..”CHOD DALO APNI TEACHER KO KAB SE TUM PE NAZAR GHADE BETHI THI ” And i fast now and innnnnnnnnnnnn,out and the voice was ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh raj yesssssssssss comeon my hunny my love comonnnnnnnnnn ahhh ufffffffffffffffffffffffffff yessssssssssssssss.ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” DALO DALO AHHHHHA” DALO MUJME MUJE PYAS BUJAOO … ahhhhhhh

and now my white chick was out and i jurked it and i load it in her body.. we both was wery happy and i stayed her house up to 1 p.m and than back. at home.. it was good expinice.. so any girl and lady wnana join me .. they can conect at my mail id or i will give u as possible happiness as me… thanks all and thansk to DESIPAPA.COM

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