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My Teacher

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

Hi friends, i am new to this website..i found it to be very interesting..and very hot…i would like to congratulate n thank desipapa, for bringing out such a wonderful website.  The story i am gonna narrate is quite a long one, so have patience and read.. i am 25 yrs old male from india. My name is raju. I used to study in residential school, it was strictly for boys, but there were  many lady teachers, The story dates back, when i was 16years old, yeah very tender age for the world of sex..i was in  10th grade. The story is about me and our English teacher, Sapna. who also happened to be incharge of athletic team’s activities..

Even to this date I remember her cute innocent face, her mind blowing body contour, her fair skin. she never revealed herself, always covering her body fully. her teaching was different from others, she used make us take part in the lessons. we were given character’s names and we had to read our part. one day she assigned the characters to us n she came to the last bench and sat beside me. she asked the students to start. in our school we used to wear half pants upto 10th std. her thighs were touching my bare thighs,i had this uncomfortable sweet feeeling. she was concentrating on the story. without her knowledge she put her hand on my thigh, a wave of shock jolted throughout my body, i had never felt like this before.

Very soon she removed her hand. as the class finished she left. whole day my mind was off, just thinking about the touch. from next day i used to purposefully sit in last bench and  made sure that no one sits next to me.  as usual she came and sat next to me. but she never put the hand on my   thigh. days passed, my mind was going  crazy. sittin next to her i started staring at her breasts, thou it was covered,  but at that age just protrusion of her breast used to make me  go crazy. later on one day, as usual i was busy looking at her body parts, suddenly she said Raju,  its ur character to read. i was like…… yess yess ma’am, i stood up to read my character. while reading ma’am was looking at me, i thought she was listening wot i was reading, but no, she was looking at bulge in my halfpants. i was so embarassed. next day i dint sit in the last bench, but as usual Sapna ma’am went n sat in the last bench, once i finished reading my character i turned back n looked at ma’am, she was looking at me. i put my head down in embarassment. after the class everyone was going to mess. suddenly she called me, i said yes ma’am. she asked Raju why did u change ur position? i said just like that…she said ok go. i left the class room.         Soon in a month or so we had our interschool athletic  competitions.

Those interested in participating, had to enroll  their names to Sapna ma’am. me n my friends gave our names. she  said the final list wil be made after selecting the top three in all the  events. my event was 400meters sprint. i came last in the selection. i went to Sapna ma’am n said i want to try again, to which she said, Raju i know u can’t come in top three. Even i knew that, coz i was not good at athletics. but,she said i can let u in athletic team as a volunteer on one condition. i kept my face as if i was confused. she said u tell me why u changed ur position from lastbench in my class..i said, ma ma’am its coz ….she said, go on,  dont be scared i m not a ghost..i got little courage n explained everything to her. she was not surprised at all.. she said Raju its common in this age, everyone has such dont be embarassed or ashamed of urself..i felt so happy.        Next day i sat in the last bench..she came n sat next to me,  i smiled at her,she smiled back at me. this time i was concentrating on the lessons , so was Sapna ma’am. after the class she asked me to wait so tht we can discuss how to arrange the events for athletics. we discussed abt it, and we  were  walking in the corridor.

Sapna ma’am asked me, if i still fantasise about her..i said NO… she held my hand with her hand n asked again? do u?  i said yes, with hesitation..she asked wot do u think about me? i was getting bold, i said i like ur touch…she said, oh u like   my touch. wot else u like in me? i said i like ur face ma’am, its really cute.. she said, i know i am cute, wot else u like in me? i said ur breasts, she smiled at me n asked how do u know about my breasts when u haven’t seen them. i said, i imagined how they would be. she asked, how do u think they are…i said they are quiet big, fair and soft to which she laughed…by this time we reached her house, she went to her house in the campus n i went to my dormitory.      after two days, in english class she  came and sat beside me in the last bench..i was thinking about the questions she asked me… suddenly i felt her hand on my thighs……at that age i had no hair on my body, she felt my bare smooth thighs…it was the sweetest feeling i ever felt..she whispered in my ears,do u fantasise such touch?  i just noded my head..suddenly she called Raj i was shocked! she said Raj its ur turn to read…i stood up and started reading..while i was reading she was rubbing my thighs in the backside..slowly pierced her hand iinto my halfpant..she was feeling my bums.. i wasn’t able to read properly i was stammering..somehow i finished reading..n sat down…she started smiling..i couldn’t believe that she was teasing me as if she wer of my age..i was   totally shocked by her move..after the classes when everyone left i went to her, she was alone in the staff room, she started laughing at me…she asked how was it, with a cunning smile. i said i was shocked..and it was awesome feeling…i thought of hugging n kiss her there itself… but the watchman was  outside the staff room waiting to close the door..then we came out n started walking in the corridor.. she was still laughing…i asked her…ma’am do u ever fantasise about a boy? she said why not, i am also human being like u, i  do have feelings like others..i asked who is ur dream boy? she said obviously not you..and started laughing..i said, i know its not me..atleast tell me wot do u fantasise about ur dream boy? she said, my fantasies are beyond ur no need to know.. i whispered to myself, wish u teach me those ….she looked at me and asked what r u talking to urself…i said nothing… she said ok enough  of this, n listen properly, next  week the students of other school will be coming for interschool athletic we have to arrange for their  accomodation.

We have to vacate one of the dormitories  n make all necessary arrangements..and make a list of all necessary things for that.. once u r done with the work u can come n give me the my house. i went to my dormitory, was dreaming about my sweet teacher, thn i remembered abt the arrangements to be made.. i made a list of the necessary things…it was  7.30pm i went to Sapna ma’am’s house. i knocked the door. one lady came n opened the door, she was arts teacher..i said i am Raj, Sapna  ma’am asked me to come..she shouted Sapna its for u..ur student Raj… Sapna ma’am shouted back, send him in im busy in kitchen.. i went into the kitchen n saw her, :O oh my my, she was looking damn sexy..she was wearing sleeveless sweat shirt…and shorts…her arms and legs wer milky white n smooth like silk…her breasts were more prominent..on seeing her beauty, i had bulge in my pants. i said hi ma’am, she turned towards me n said good evening Raj..r u ready with the list..i said yes..she turned back n was busy in mixing floor for   roti..her back was facing me..she said ok read the list…i was reading n slowly step by step moved towards her, i guess she knew i was moving towards cock was few cms away from her soft bums..she sensed tht, and moved her hips back.. ohh my…cock was touching her sexy bums..i was moving my cock very slowly to n fro..she started moving her bums against my hard cock. only our clothing wer seperating my hard cock from her soft bums.. i just can’t describe the feeling i was going through..if u feel it u will know.. i stopped reading the list..she turned her face back n said, wot happened? i said nothing, my  cock was still in touch with her bums..she washed her hands n turned towards me n held my cock in her hand..n asked me wot is this?i couldn’t get words to speak…i gave her the list n i was going out, she came back of me, she said , Raj tomorrow u go and see if all the thiings are done in the dormitory…i nodded my head, i went few steps, Sapna ma’am called me Raj..i turned back , guess wot :O  Sapna ma’am lifted her shirt up to reveal her milky breasts, thou she was wearing bra inside, i could see half of her breasts..i was in a state of shock with my mouth open..She closed the door. i came back to dormitory.     Next day i went to the dormitory i told all the students to take necessary things n lock their cupboards n shift to another dormitory, for 3 days. i got the sweeper n few volunteers n got the dormitory cleaned n arrange the beds for the visiting students. after everything was ready, i went to the staff room to meet Sapna ma’am, she was talking with someone in the staff room. I said ma’am all the arrangements are done. she said ok, u go. i will come after my class n check it. i went to dormitory n was taking of my friend came n said, Raj, Sapna ma’am is calling u, she is in the dormitory. Me and my friend went there. she was checking all the things.i said Good morning ma’am. i just couldn’t take my eyes out of her breasts. she was serious. she said the students will be coming by tommorrow morning, u just guide them to their places and i will come later and explain them  everything  about the activities, thts going to take place during their 3 days of stay. The three days competition went on well..our school came second.

All the volunteers worked hard in these three days, Sapna ma’am  was also serious all these three days.She never gave me a chance to think about it. Sapna ma’am was impressed with our work, after the competition she said u all have done a wonderful job. i congratulate all of u. she invited all volunteers for a lunch at her house. she called me n said Raj u come early so that u can help in cooking. all volunteers and Sapna ma’am were given a day off from the classed for having worked hard. at about 10am i went to her house. she opened  the door n greeted me inside.she was alone, her friends had been to  school. she was wearing nighty, covering her whole body.She said, Raj u all did a wonderful job, to which i said, ThankYou ma’am. now i was staring at her breasts like as if i will eat them..she looked at me n asked wot r u looking at? i said, the thing which u revealed the other day. she smiled, n said, ok now lets start cooking. i helped her in cutting the vegetables n other stuff..while cooking, she teased me by  touching my hard cock, n pressing her boobs by her hand. i was getting hot by her move. she said, ok its 11.30 now, i will go n have shower, u also go n get ready n come by 12pm. i said, can’t it be, we both go n have shower, she said, no it can’t be. go now n come soon, and one more thing after lunch when everybody leaves u stay here. i said, y, to wash utensils? to which she laughed n said how did  u know.. i left to dormitory had bath, was ready for the lunch. me n my friend went to Sapna ma’ams house. everyone had already come, they all were talking. ma’am was waiting for her friends to come from the school so that we all can have lunch at a time. after few minutes they came, we all had lunch. slowly one by one left the house, even her friends left . only me n Sapna ma’am were left in the house. i helped her in keeping the utensils in the kitchen, she said, she will change n come, when she entered the kitchen, :O oh she was wearing just the t-shirt, it covered just half the thighs..her thighs were milky white. she looked at me, n gave a inviting smile. she was keeping things in the shelves, when she raised her hands to keep the things, her shirt would go up n i had a wonderful view of her bums. i knew she was doing all this purposefully. my cock was rock hard seeing her ass cheeks. i went back of her n hugged her tightly from behind cupping her both breasts with my hand..she moaned ahhh…..and whispered raju what r u doing? i said, i am hugging my beloved teacher, she said, u r not just hugging me, u r squeezing my breasts, i said, u can also squeeze me if  u want, suddenly she took her hands back n started feeling my hard cock, feeling my hardcock she said, i thought u r a kid, but u r a man now. she turned towards me, we were facing each other now, she asked me, do u know how to kiss, i nodded my head, she asked, kiss me now, i started kissing her cheeks on both sides, to which she started laughing, and said, wait, this is not the way u kiss a beautiful girl. she got her lovely lips near my lips n started squeezing my lips with hers. she said, now u do the same…it was my first lip to lip kiss with a girl, i loved it so much….she was also excited kissing a kid like me. we spent quiet a lot of time kissing. then she asked me, raju don’t u feel uncomfortable with ur clothes, let me take ur clothes off, she put her hands inside my shirt n started feeling my chest n back, n she slowly removed my t-shirt. now she put her hand in my trousers, n she started squeezing my bums n cock, she played with them for few  seconds before pulling my trousers I was just wearing underwear. there were wet spots on my underwear, she touched those wet spots and moved her tongue as if licking it. i asked ma’am can i take ur shirt off? she said, my dear, not so soon, come lets go to my bedroom. she held my cock on underwear n started pulling me, i followed her to the bedroom. she said, raju feel my breast on the shirt. i moved my hand over her breasts, she said, stop, not with ur hands with ur lips. her nipples were hard,  my lips were busy biting and feeling her breasts. in the mean time she removed my underwear my cock was free now. she held my cock in her hand and felt all around. the raw touch of her hand on my cock made me bite her nipples hard, she shouted aahhh.. raju be soft. i had only very few pubic hair at that age. she said, raju u r still a kid u dont have hair, but  ur cock, i should say, ur not a kid anymore, and i will make u a man today.i was getting excited by her words. she was down on her knees, she held my cock with her hand. slowly moved to n fro, i could see the lust in her eyes. i asked, ma’am can i take ur shirt off? she said, raju i am urs now, u do wotever uwant dont ask me anything,  u have all the rite on me. hearing this i made her stand n removed her t-shirt, she was just wearing the panty now, i said, ma’am ur so gorgeous, ur body is like ur made of milk, she was very fair, i started praising each and every part of her body,  she was very happy. first i planted a kiss on her both the breasts, then i asked her to lie down on the bed and close her eyes. she did so, i was watching her from top to bottom, she was a real angel. she said, raju wot r u doing, can i open my eyes? please do something, i said ma’am dont open ur eyes, then i kissed her eyes, next i kissed her lips. she was just smiling all the time closing her eyes.

I went on kissing her breasts, believe it or not guys, i kissed each part of her body, coz she had such a gorgeous body, she was saying, raju u r really crazy. i asked her to lie on tummy, thn i kissed her body in the back, her legs her thighs, while kissing her thighs i could smell the aroma of her pussy thou she was wearing panty. i kissed her bums and pressed my face against her bums. i asked her to turn back and open her eyes, she opened her eyes, i could see the real happiness in her eyes. she said, come here baby n iwent near her, she planted a sweet kiss on my lips. she said raju i really like the way u treat me. she said ok its my turn now. i lied on the bed, she was not kissing, but licking me allover. oh she was licking  my nipples :)). finally she came down to cock. she stretched her  tongue n licked me fully from my balls to the tip of the cock. i  was breathing fast, i was totally out of this world, she was taking me to the heaven..she sucked the glans of the cock, now she took my cock in her mouth, i was stroking my hips pushing my cock into her mouth, it was bit painful, but very sweet pain. she started taking deeper, i felt my cock touching her throat. within few min i could no more control, i said, ma’am i will cum. she took her mouth of my cock, n started rubbing my cock with her hand very fast. now common spill ur cum on me, i had the first orgasm with a girl. my cum was all over her face. she licked my cock with her tongue n kissed me, we were tasting our love juice, thou it was salty, she said, raju , u taste good:P. within few minutes my cock became soft. iwas lying on my back, she came n lied on me on her tummy, our tummies were touching each other n my cock was touching her pussy( panty in between;) her wonderful soft breasts were  pressing against my chest. her face bit lifted up n she was talking to me. she was asking how i felt n all those stuff. like that we passed 10-15 min. i asked her to push herself little forward so that her breasts will come to my mouth, she came forward, i started sucking her nipples. she said no milk in it;) dont suck so hard, if i ever have milk in my breast i will feed u first becoz u r my kid. 😉 as i was sucking my cock was hard again, now she was feeling my hard cock on her pussy, she felt that. she smiled at me n said, baby u want to put that in me? i kept silent. she lifted her hips n removed her panty. wow i had never seen a girl’s pussy before, she had trimmed her pussy hair. now my hard cock was touching her pussy.we both were moving our hips, rubbing each other. i got up n now my concentration was on her pussy.

I went n smelled it, n kissed it..she moaned a bit….she started explaining about the parts n wer to put the cock. i was fresher to all these things. she was a real teacher, even teaching, me while having sex. once she finished her explanation, i started to kiss n press my face against her pussy, she was moving her hips slowly. she asked me to use my tongue. i was stroking her clit with my tongue. now her moans were louder,thou first time, i was good at sucking her clit, i could see her vagina closing n opening, n the juice was coming out, i held my tongue licking the juices. she was moaning louder, as i increased my speed. she said, raju please fuck me, fuck ur fucking teacher, she wants her students cock in her vagina fuck meeeee…i stopped sucking, tried to put my cock in her vagina, the hole was small, she guided my cock with her hand, first only tip went in, then she pushed her hips above n i pushed my hips below, with tht half of my cock was inside her, i was moving my cock slowly in and out, coz it was painful for both of us, she was moaning now, raju please faster, fuck me, tear me apart with ur cock, i want to be fucked by my student, fuck me fuck me …..i was more excited hearing these words from her, i increased the speed, thou it was painful it was worth it;) she said raju im having orgasm fuck me harder, i said, even im high, we both were moaning so loud, i loaded my cum in her vagina. we both were so tired we lied on the bed like dead. she asked me to get, some juice in the kitchen, i got two glasses, we had juice.

Then she asked me to accompany her to bathroom, we had shower. we played with our bodies. i said thank you ma’am, she said, thanks to u also. she said, raju don’t waste ur time thinking about sex, study well. we will keep in touch;) body touch…but study well.. i forgot lot of things, its been long time now..        i studied well for exams, i passed with flying colors, Sapna ma’am helped me  a   lot in studies and 😛 …later on we had  lot of encounters and adventures we spent quiet a long time together, i have written this story with her permission,  she added few more things in this  story. sorry for grammer mistakes.. thank you guys for ur patience..comments at

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