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My Sweet Sweet Suman Aunty

  • desipapa
  • August 19, 2015

Dear desi readers I hope you have read my previous 2 stories (Varsha & My Story Part 2). I have not received any comments so far; I hope you have liked my stories. I would like to take this opportunity to thank these story sections for displaying my experiences on their web sites; it gives me a lot of encouragement and also gives me the opportunity to get a few secrets off my chest.

My last experience with my cousin Seema did not go any further as she returned to Rajkot for her schooling. The school holidays ended and I started going to my new school, I made many new friends at school but I was very disappointed that there was not even a single beautiful girl in my class to drool over. I was in search of some bird that would keep my love muscle active and in good shape. Two months passed away without any success, there was a sikh family living in our society, there were three beautiful girls in that family, I had my eye on the youngest as the elder 2 were a bit snobbish. I wasn’t getting anywhere even with the younger one so I decided to drop the idea for a while.

After settling down in Baroda we were getting a lot of visitors at home, some relatives and some old friends, one of these relatives was an Uncle Kamal who was my dads distantly related cousin, he was a very nice chap, a young man of 25 yrs, I hit it off straight away with him as we had a common interest in motor cars. He had a transport business that he started 2 yrs ago; he had 2 ambassador cars and a mini bus which he hire it out to tourists etc. He drove the mini bus himself and the two cars were driven by his drivers. He had married 2 yrs ago and had a little boy six months old. They lived very close to our house so Kamal uncles wife Suman use to come to our house 3-4 times a week to chat with my mum. I had seen her a few times and found her very attractive; she was about 5.2 in height, boobs around 38D nice big arse and a pretty face with long black hair down to her hips she was just 21 yrs old. I did not take much interest in her as I thought that I had no chance with her, as she is my aunt although I had noticed that she looks at me in a very suggestive way but I did not think of it much.

I got busy with my schooling; I was into playing cricket so I spent the evening playing cricket with local boys. The life overall was very slow in Baroda.

One fine Saturday morning my uncle Kamal (Kaka, I use to call him) came to our house and informed us that he has bought a new house very near to my school and that they will be moving in their new house on the following Saturday, we all congratulated them and were very happy for kaka as he was a very genuine and hard working person. Their new house was just 5 mins away from my school. My sumankaki said to my mum that once they move to the new place Raju must come to my house for his lunch, she insisted so much that my mum agreed in the end.

They moved to their new house on the following Saturday, on Sunday I decided to pay them a visit so I took my motorbike and went to their house. It was a nice little detached house, it was surrounded by a compound wall, the society was still under construction so not many people had moved in their homes, the two houses either side of kaka’s house were unoccupied, I went inside the house and was greeted by kaki, she was busy arranging everything and hence she was wearing one of her husbands shirt and a ghagro (long skirt), she was a bit embarrassed to be in front of me and not properly dressed so she said ‘Raju make yourself at home I will just chance into something appropriate’ I said kaki don’t worry no need to change and sat down on the sofa, she went in the kitchen to get me some water, she handed me the glass, I asked her about kaka and she said he has gone out of town with a tour party and will be back in the evening. I asked her if I could help her in any way she said yes you can There are some extra utensils which need to be put away in the loft, I said ok, she said that she will stand on the ladder and I should give her the utensils one by one. The ladder was already in place so she climbed up and asked me to give her the big ones first, I picked up the big bowl and went near the ladder to hand it to her, she was high up the ladder and so she had to stretch downwards to get the bowl from my hand, as she stretched her shirt came forward as well and I saw her big boobs completely naked, she had big nipples. I enjoyed the sight so every time I made her to stretch more and more, and every time she stretched she showed me her boobs; my cock was getting harder by the minute, luckily it was not visible due to my tight jeans. She got down after putting all the utensils and thanked me for helping. At that very moment the baby started crying so she excused herself and went in her bedroom, she came out after a while and I noticed that her top 2 buttons of her shirt are undone and there was a wet patch on her left breast from which she must have fed the baby. She asked me if I will have some tea I said I would she made the tea and brought it to me, she had to bend down to hand the cup over to me and again I saw her tits, they were marvellous

, If one more button would have been undone then her tits would have come out of her shirt completely. I had become painfully hard in my jeans and I am sure she did notice the bulge. I finished my tea and asked her to show me the toilet, she showed me the toilet and I went in, I unzipped my jeans and started masturbating and soon I ejaculated in the commode and flushed it, the toilet was common between the two bedrooms so it had door on each end and I saw a shadow under one of the doors and wondered if anyone was watching me. I came out of the toilet and told kaki that I will now leave, she said ok but don’t forget that from Monday you have to come here for your lunch break, I said I won’t forget thanked her and departed.

The rest of the day I just kept on thinking about those lovely boobs I wish that I could just touch them, I masturbated twice thinking about kaki’s tits.

Next day Monday I went to school, it was hot and humid it was end of July and the rains were late. I was looking forward to the lunch break because I had to got to Suman Kaki’s place, when the bell rang for the lunch break I literarily ran out of the school towards her house, when I reached there an old woman was cleaning the outside floor, I asked her about kaki and she replied that kaki is inside. I went inside the house and called out for kaki, she replied from the bathroom and said she will be out in a minute; I waited in the living room, then I thought let me see in her bedroom if she has any panties or bras lying around so quietly I went in her bedroom, I could still hear the shower running so I was assured that she will not come out, I looked around and saw a pile of clothes on the floor near the bathroom door and then saw fresh clothes on the bed, I realised that these are the clothes she is going to wear, so what will she be wearing when she comes out? The pile next to the bathroom door were dirty clothes and I looked through it and found her dirty panties I picked them up and sniffed them they smelled of her pussy juice and urine there was a light brown patch on the gusset of the panties, just then I heard the shower stop so I rushed out of the room and sat in such a way in the living room that I could see her reflection in the big mirror they had on their wardrobe, she came out and I saw her in just a petticoat wrapped over her huge boobs, her body was still wet so the cotton petticoat stuck at a few places on her body, she was standing in front of the mirror and drying her hair, I could see that she had plenty of hair on her pussy the light was passing through the petticoat her black triangle was visible. She put a shirt on then undid the knot of her petticoat at the front and lowered it to her waist and tied the knot again so I could not see much more, she came out of the room and greeted me and said go and get fresh I will serve food, she said if you want to be comfortable and want to change then there is your uncles Lungi (wrap around cloth) in my bedroom you can use it. I went in their bedroom and got the lungi I also noticed that from the fresh pile of clothes on the bed only a shirt was taken that meant that she was totally nude under her petticoat as her fresh panties were still there. I got an instant hard on, I took the lungi and changed into it, I took off my shirt, so now I was in just a lungi and vest, I went in the kitchen and sat on the floor she was sitting on the floor and was making chapattis, she was leaning forward and I could see her boobs as the top two shirt buttons were open, she had the petticoat up around her knees so half of her legs were on display, she had healthy legs. I was finding it difficult to sit with a hard on and the sight of her boobs was making me more and more hard, as she was making chapattis her boobs were jiggling with her hand movements which made her look even more sexy. I just felt like dragging her in the bedroom and fucking her brains out but I had to control my desires. I finished my lunch and went in the living room, then went outside to smoke a cigarette; she came out after me and said you can smoke inside so I came back in. Inside she started to chat with me and said I have a good muscular body and that I should take care of it etc. she then suddenly said that Raju you must have plenty of girls running around after you. I was a bit embarrassed and said yes kaki but I don’t fancy any of them. She asked then what do you fancy, I wanted to say you but said nothing. I had to get ready to go back so I went in the bathroom to change again there I noticed that the dirty pile of clothes is now in the bathroom and her panties are on the top, I picked them up and wrapped it round my shaft and started wanking and I soon ejaculated in the commode and cleaned myself with her panties, I wanted to take those panties for later wanking sessions but decided against it as she would definitely find out that they are missing. I came out of the bathroom and saw kaki sitting on the bed facing the mirror and her back to me I could see that she was breast feeding the baby and her left breast was out, I could see the whole boob but not the nipple as the baby was sucking it. I said Kaki I am going now and will see you tomorrow she said ok and I departed.

Two three weeks passed just like that and she was getting bolder by the day, but all I could do was just to think about her and wank. Then in September my mum told me that they are going on a tour and they are going to hire Kamal Kaka’s minibus, kaka was also going, they had decided to go to north of India to Haridwar Rishikesh and other religious places, two other couples were going with them. Kaki was not going because of the little baby so it was arranged that I would stay at kaka’s place for about 20 days. I was happy with this arrangement, as this will give me a chance to be near kaki. The tour party was due to leave on the Monday so I packed my bags and reached kaka’s house on Sunday night, I moved into the guest bedroom and unpacked. Kaka & kaki went to bed early as kaka had to leave early in the morning at 4am, I sat out in the open and had a cigi, after a while I decided to sleep so I came inside. As I got inside I heard sounds from kaka’s room so I went in the toilet and without turning the light on I went to the keyhole to have a peek, the light in their room was very dim so visibility was low but I could see kaka naked between kaki’s legs and was fucking her, in about 2 mins he ejaculated and he turned over and fell asleep, I saw a look of frustration on kaki’s face as she got up to come to the toilet as soon as I saw her coming I ran to my room and got in my bed I did not have the time to close the bathroom door so I left it open, kaki entered the bathroom from her side and came to close the door on my side, I saw her she was completely nude and for the first time I realised that her body is worth worshipping she looked very much like Zeenat Aman, a bit shorter may be, but her figure was athletic with big firm boobs, she looked in my room and saw me asleep in the darkness so she closed the door and started cleaning herself, I could hear the water splashing then I heard the sweet sound of her peeing. I had a huge hard on so as soon as I heard her leave the bathroom I started wanking and relieved myself. Then I fell asleep thinking about her and the prospects of the next 20 days with this beautiful sex goddess under the same roof.

I was woken up by kaka at about 3.45am, as he was almost ready to leave, kaki was busy packing his stuff and soon came out of the room with a small suit case. Kaka kissed the baby good bye and then got in his minibus and started the engine and he departed.

Kaki prepared some tea so we were just sitting in the living room sipping tea, she then said Raju from tonight I want you to sleep in my room my bed is big enough, besides I don’t like sleeping on my own I said ok sipping my tea. It was still too early in the morning so she said I am going back to bed if you want join me its fine or you can stay up, I said you go ahead I will have a cigi then I will come, she got up and left for her room and I lit a cigi, while puffing away I was thinking that this woman does not believe in wasting time she has already invited me to sleep in her bed what’s next? I finished the cigi and went to her room and saw her fast asleep on the right side of the bed the baby was with her and he was sucking her right breast, her shirt buttons were undone till half way and both her tits were out in the open. I just lied down on the left side of the bed facing her, I just could not take my eyes of her boobs, and I was feeling jealous of the little one as I wished I could swap places with him. I could not sleep so I just kept on looking at her tits for the next two hours, the sun started coming up so I just got up and went to my room to get ready for school, I had a shower and got dressed and then I came out I saw kaki in the kitchen making tea her shirt buttons were still undone and she had no intention of doing them up, she had become totally shameless and did not care if I looked at her tits, I was a bit embarrassed and was just steeling glances of her boobs, she was looking very sexy her hair were untied and all messed up. I had my tea and then I told kaki that I am leaving for school, at school all I could think was of her boobs and her sexy figure. At lunch I told my class teacher that I would not be coming to school in the afternoon, as I am not well. I got back home and told kaki that I am not well and I will not be going back to school, she said that’s fine have some lunch and rest in my room, it was hot outside so kaki closed all the doors and windows and turned on the cooler. I had a nice lunch and then changed into a vest and lungi, kaki finished her house work and came to me and said Raju do you want me to apply some balm to your head, it will help I replied ok, she brought the balm and sat on the bed, she took some balm and applied to my forehead and started rubbing, while doing that she had to stretch and her boobs were rubbing on my right arm and I noticed that her nipples are fully erect due to the friction she was enjoying this I could see it on her face as she had closed her eyes, I thought to my self that it is now or never, this woman has been teasing me for a long time now and I have had enough I can’t take it any more so I mustered all my courage and touched her on her bouncing boobs she just sighed and said why did you take so long to touch me, I am dying to feel your hands on my body, I gave you so many hints, yes yes press my tits, I opened her shirt buttons and pressed her right boob a jet of milk just shot at my face and wet my left cheek, she just laughed and said its full of milk do you want some? Then she just got up and ripped her shirt open and said come on suck me dry I just got up from the bed and pushed her roughly on the bed on her back and started sucking her right breast I was sucking hard and fast and with my right hand I was pressing her left tit the milk was oozing out of her left breast and wetting my hand her chest and running down on the bed. I was over come by pure lust and I just did not care about anything except mauling her breasts, she was moaning like hell she was pulling me more and more into her chest and I was finding it difficult to breath so I let go of her tit and started kissing her on her lips, I then disengaged from the kiss and started taking my clothes off, in seconds I was fully nude, I said to her ‘ kaki I am dying for relief please relieve me, she knew what I wanted so she just went to the bathroom and washed her hands which had balm on it and then came back and took of rest of her clothes and said lie down she got on the bed between my legs and started fondling my cock, she said I love your lund its young big and strong and I am sure it will give me great pleasure, then without warning she engulfed my cock in her mouth and started giving me a great blowjob, I could feel the warmness of her mouth, she had taken half of my cock in her mouth and my cock was hitting the back of her throat, her tits were rubbing on my thighs and making them wet with her milk, she was enjoying my cock and I was enjoying this great blowjob, my come was boiling in my balls and soon I erupted in her mouth and she gladly drank all my come, she said you taste great and let my cock go, she was still sitting between my legs on her knees savouring the taste of my spunk, I was just looking at her and admiring her sexy body. She took me by the hand and took me in the bathroom to wash, I just turned the shower on and we both had a refreshing shower, I was hugging her madly and pressing her boobs as if I will never get a chance to touch them again, I was like a child who just got his wish granted. We finished the shower and came out we dried each other and then she asked me ‘Raju, how are you feeling now’? I said fine, she then said we have 20 days to enjoy ourselves so take it easy and enjoy, I have been waiting for this for a long time, your kaka is not able to satisfy me in bed as his dick is very small only 2 inches and very thin, I had seen your cock in the bathroom and since that day I have wanted you, with you I know that I will be safe and our secret will be a secret forever. We were still naked I was looking at her nakedness and she was transfixed on my cock, I was semi hard still it looked impressive. She then said that I will make tea and went for her clothes so I stopped her and asked her to remain nude she smiled at me and said you naughty boy and went towards the kitchen, all the doors and windows were closed so we were safe, no one could know as to what is going on inside. She started making tea and I went with her and sat opposite her, her legs were spread and I was patiently looking at her pussy, she had a thick growth of hair and hence her pussy lips were hidden in that jungle, I said kaki she immediately stopped me and said call me Suman, so I said Suman after we have tea I want to do something to you she replied ok, she didn’t even ask me what I wanted to do. We had tea and I asked her to stay in the living room, I went in the bathroom and got my shaving kit, I told her that I am going to shave her pussy hair she said ok so I got between her legs and pulled her to the edge of the seat and spread her legs, I took the scissors and first trimmed her hair short, then I applied some shaving cream and started shaving her hair, she was ticklish when I touched her in her pussy region, I shaved all her hair then I saw her pussy lips for the first time they were tightly closed and so I opened them and looked inside, she had thick lips and the inside was all pink I located her clitty and aroused it, it grew rapidly and looked like a pea. I stimulated her clit and she moaned she was thrashing about in pleasure and making noises like Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh Ooooooimaaaaa ssssssssssssssss, she was in full heat sweat was pouring down our bodies, I then put my mouth on her pussy and started sucking her madly, she was going mad with lust, I took her clit between my lips and she just exploded in a massive orgasm, I stopped sucking her and started rubbing her clitty she was coming and was coming hard she fell off the chair and was now thrashing about on the floor she looked like a fish out of water, I soon got between her legs again and started inserting my hard cock in her pussy she was trying to push me away sort of half heartedly but I was too strong for her, I pushed my cock head in her and split her pussy lips apart, she was struggling a bit making it difficult for my to drive home so I pinned her hands above her head and kept her legs apart with my knees and forced my cock deep in her pussy in one go a scream came out of her mouth and her eyes popped out, her pussy had never been penetrated so deep, my cock had reached where no cock had ever reached, I was fully in her and I stayed in her like that for a while, I let go of her hands and eased my knees, I looked at her and kissed her on her lips and then I started fucking her, she was moaning like hell and I was afraid someone might hear us but she was not worried she was just enjoying the hard fucking she was receiving for the first time in her life, she was saying thing like ‘ fuck me harder, go deeper tear my cunt apart’ I was loving her dirty language and was ramming her hard and fast and then she had her second orgasm it must have been a very strong one as she with all her strength pushed me off her, I again got on top of her and inserted my lund again I had still not finished and so I again started fucking her she was breathing in short gasps and then I increased the speed of my strokes and felt that I am coming I pulled my cock out and stuck my cock in her mouth and she drank all my cum, I had never come so much in my life, she took my cock out of her mouth and rubbed it on her tits, there was my spunk all over her tits, face and hair, I stood up and looked at her she looked the most sexiest woman on earth just lying on the floor looking completely fucked and wet with spunk, Sweat and her milk. I was totally exhausted after coming twice in an hour so I just sunk on the sofa, Suman slowly sat up and looking at me said ‘ your lund is great I have never been fucked like this before’ thank you. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, she came back in a while and cleaned the floor where we had just fucked, she looked at me still splayed out on the sofa recovering she came to me and said you need shaving between your legs as well, she just picked up the razor applied the shaving cream on my pubic area and shaved all my hair she then kissed my lund and sucked my balls, she took me by my hand and led me to the bathroom and we both had a shower, after the shower we came out and dressed I wore my shorts and a vest and she wore a saree with a matching blouse and petticoat no panties and bra. It was nearly four in the afternoon and the cleaning lady would be coming to clean up at any minute. The cleaner came and departed in an hour then Suman came to me and said that she will be going out for about an hour and she asked me to look after the baby, she went in the bed room and fed the baby first then she took off her blouse and put on a white lace bra then she lifted her petticoat and wore a white matching panties, she did all this in front of me there was no shame or reservations she was treating me like her husband I too was feeling a lot easy now.

She departed at around 5.30 pm, I was playing with the baby in the back garden, in about 20 mins the baby fell asleep so I put him in his cot, then I decided to see Kaki’s wardrobe, to find out what type of clothing she has, in her cupboard she had plenty of sarees, salwar kameez, skirts and tops and some nightys. Her under wears were normal nothing exciting or sexy about it. I looked around and found 2 adult magazines, they were mostly displaying couples making love in different positions, and all the males had huge cocks.

She returned at 6.45 and she was carrying 2 bags she had white flowers and some food she had one packet wrapped in brown paper which she took straight in her bedroom, she then came out and said that she is not cooking anything in the evening as she has brought some chicken curry and roti from a restaurant, she put the food in the kitchen and came in the living room and sat next to me and said’ Raju tonight we will celebrate our newly found love for each other, you have made me very happy in the last few hours and I want this to last forever’ she told me that her father is an Ayurvedic doctor and she knows about lots of ways in which she can help me improve my performance in bed and she also knows techniques to enlarge my already big lund, she said after dinner she will give me a portion of some tonic which will make tonight’s night a memorable for both of us. It was now 7.30 and the baby started crying she picked up the baby and started feeding him, I must say that the baby was well behaved no unnecessary crying or anything all he needed was his beauty sleep and regular feeding, after feeding the baby she put the baby on the floor and let him play on a small mattress. Kaki then called me in her bedroom and said would you like to have some Rum I said yes so she brought 2 glasses and poured 2 pegs we each had one and then we had two more each, she then gave a spoon full to the baby so that he will sleep throughout the night and will not disturb us. Soon the baby was asleep and she called me for dinner, I noticed that she had changed into her usual dress shirt and petticoat, we sat opposite each other and had our dinner, after the dinner I lit a cigi she came to me and said could I have one I said sure and gave her one, she started puffing away she was looking very sexy while she was smoking, we were sitting very close to each other and she slowly put her hand on my crouch and pressed my lund, she exclaimed wow he is nice and hard, I want him to be hard all night tonight, she finished her cigi and went inside and came out with a glass and said drink this, the drink was full of dry fruits and saffron I don’t know what else was in it but it tasted good, I finished the drink and gave her the glass. She then said soon you would have the energy to fuck me throughout the night. She then said Raju go and have a bath then I will get ready for tonight, so I went and had a shower, I did not wear anything just wrapped a towel around my waist, she then went in her room and locked it from inside, she went in the bathroom and I could hear the shower running, I lit another cigi and sat outside smoking, in about an hours time she opened the door and came in the living room, she called out for me so I came in she said lock the front gate and door, I did the same and came in the living room and what I saw was out of this world, she was wearing a short and sexy see through nighty , I was stunned she was looking very sexy no panties or bra, her boobs were visible and her clean shaven pussy was just sexy. She came to me and kissed me on my lips, it was a long lingering kiss her tongue was snaking inside my mouth. She then broke off the kiss and said that today is her real Suhagraat, today a real man will give me the joys of sex, then she took me to her room, the atmosphere in the room was erotic, the bed was decorated with flowers, with rose petals sprinkled on the bed sheet, the room was lit with just 2 candles and hence the light was dim, the room smelled nice. She hugged me from behind and said Raju make me happy I have dreamt of this night for years and tonight I want you to fulfil all my desires and dreams. We were facing each other, she knelt down and put her hand under the towel, my cock was hard as rock, she pulled my towel off and took my cock in her hand and kissed it then said God has given you a huge lund and I am sure it will give pleasure to many but tonight its mine. My lund was sticking straight out in front she had both her hands on it and was massaging it with great care and affection, she then pushed me on the bed so I sat on the edge of the bed, she then got between my legs and picked up a small bottle from the side table, she poured the contents of the bottle in her left hand and then dipping her fingers of the right hand applied the stuff on my lund, the stuff was oily and felt very cool on my lund she kept on massaging my lund for about 10 mins she was constantly looking at me, I was enjoying the massage and she could see that on my face, I felt like coming so I told suman that if she does not stop then there will be a big mess for her to clean up, she knew what she was doing and just ignored my warning, she paused for a moment just to lick the underside of my cock then pressed the head of my lund for a few seconds then she went back to massaging. She kept on doing this for a further 5 mins and I enjoyed every second of it but then she stopped just as I was about to ejaculate. She then got up and went to the bathroom and washed her hands and came back and said that the oil she applied on my lund will help me maintain a good erection for a long time, she asked me if I enjoyed the massage I replied yes then she said she will give me the same massage everyday. She then said I will be back in a minute, and went outside the room; she came back with a glass of milk and put it on the side table. She then lied down on the bed and pulled me over her, she spread her legs and my lower part was between her legs I was hugging her, her boobs were crushed on my chest and I started kissing her everywhere, I was pressing her big boobs through her nighty, I pulled her left boob from the side of her nighty and started sucking it, milk was flowing in my mouth and I drank her milk, I did the same with her other tit and was kneading the left one, her nipples were hard as rock and they were an inch long, I enjoyed sucking them. Then I slid down her body and lifted her nighty and started kissing her thighs, they were healthy and succulent, she was moaning and making hissing sounds, then slowly I inched towards her choot and started kissing over it, she spread her leg even wider and gave me more access, I was now sucking her outer pussy lips, her juices were oozing out, she was withering about and moaning, I opened her pussy lips and inserted 2 fingers in her choot she was wet, I twirled my fingers inside her choot and then pulled them out, my fingers were sticky with her juices, I licked my fingers and said yum you taste very nice suman, I then again put my lips on her pussy and started licking the inside of her choot, I massaged her clit and it peeked out of its hood, I was licking her pussy from one end to the other with long strokes, and occasionally flicking her clit she was enjoying this a lot, I stuck 2 fingers in her pussy and at the same time sucked on her clit and in about 3 mins she had a huge orgasm, she clutched my head between her thighs, my face was flooded with her juices, I was trying to lap up every drop of her cum but there was too much of it, some of her cum dribbled between her arse cheeks, she cried out and said ‘that was great Raju I have never felt like this before’ she sat up on the bed and hugged me and started kissing me all over, I pulled her nighty over her head, she was now completely nude, she then made me lie down on the bed got between my legs and started sucking my 7inch lund, she sucked my balls and licked my arse hole, she then got on top of me and took my lund in her right hand and put my lund to her pussy and slowly started sitting on it, my lund was entering her slowly and soon I felt the warmth of her hot and burning choot, my cock was about 5 inches in her then she stopped and said oh Raju you are too big. Her hands were on my chest and then she started fucking me my cock started going deeper and deeper in her choot until I felt the back of her cunt, my cock was drenched in her pussy juice, the room was filled with our fucking sounds and moans, the sweet smell of our sex filled the room, she was now moving faster and faster and she soon had her orgasm I felt her juices oozing out of her choot on my lund then between my arse cheeks, she then got off me and said to me ‘ Raju now fuck me as hard as you can, tear my cunt apart and plant your seed deep inside me’. I then laid her on her back and put my lund in her pussy and started giving her long hard strokes, I was fucking her at full speed, she was making a hell of a noise and talking dirty, she was saying ‘ yes fuck me harder you fucker, fuck me deep make my choot bleed’ I was getting more aroused by her dirty talk and I was fucking her harder, I was approaching my point of no return and soon I ejaculated in her, I came so hard that cum was literally gushing out of her choot with my lund still in her, I slumped on her, we were both sweating like pigs. My Lund was still in her and it was still hard as an iron rod, suman was gripping my cock with her cunt muscles, I tried to pull out but she said leave it in there I like it. I was crushing her body and she said Raju fuck me again, I looked at her and started slow fucking motion my spunk inside her choot was leaking out on my inwards strokes and trickling between her arse cheeks, she caught me by my neck and pulled me to her lips and kissed me with great vigour and said fuck me hard, I want to end up with a sore pussy by the morning, her words gave me more encouragement and I started fucking her at full speed our mixed juices were everywhere and we just didn’t care about it, her cunt was tight considering that she had her 1st child 9 months ago, she was meeting my strokes by lifting her arse, she soon had another orgasm and said Raju please stop, but I didn’t, I kept on hammering away, I was stroking her so hard that she ended up on the edge of the bed with her head hanging off the bed, she was pleading me to stop but I again ignored her as I was approaching my orgasm I pumped her a few more times and then came hard in her choot, I was totally exhausted and pulled out of her and collapsed next to her on the bed, she turned to face me and kissed me, I had no strength to respond so I just stayed there motionless, she then got off the bed and as she stood up all the juices in her pussy started flooding out it trickled down her legs and onto the floor, the sight was fantastic, she picked up a hanky and plugged her hole and went to the bathroom to clean up, she returned in 5 mins and said Raju today I feel truly fucked, I can’t even walk straight. She said Raju go and clean up, in the mean time I will change the bed sheet, I went in the bathroom and had a cool shower, I felt drained out, could barely stand, so I sat under the shower for 5 mins, I came out of the shower and suman was waiting wit a towel she dried me, then said ‘Raju drink this, she handed me a glass of milk’ I gulped it down and then lied down on the bed, she lied next to me facing me, I could see a lot of satisfaction and happiness on her face, she was glowing, she looked even more beautiful. It was 3 am and I was really tired and I don’t know when I dosed off, I woke up at 4.30 to go to the bathroom, I saw suman lying next to me fully nude with her huge boobs full of milk, I got back into bed and took her tit in my mouth and drank her milk and then again fell asleep.

I was woken up again by suman, she said its 11am get up then she gave me a lovely blowjob in bed, she was fully dressed in a light yellow saree and matching blouse ant petticoat, I pulled her to me and kissed her, I said good morning, she said have a bath and come I will make tea for you and then she left the room, I went to the bathroom and got through my morning rituals and had my breakfast, I didn’t go to school. In the afternoon Suman showed me the adult magazines and we saw all the pictures together, she asked me to fuck her in all the positions displayed in the magazine, I was again getting in the mood of fucking so I started kissing suman and pressing her boobs over her blouse, she said that she does not want to do it now but I was fully aroused so I did not stop kissing and fondling her, I asked her to stand up and I knelt in front of her and I raised her saree with her petticoat and put my head under it then I pulled her panties down and started sucking her pussy she widened her legs to give me more room, she was enjoying this and was moaning, I came out of under her petticoat and turned her around and asked her to lean over the sofa and spread her legs, I took my pants off and got between her legs and raised her saree and stuck my hard lund in her pussy she screamed as I entered her from behind with full force, I started fucking her with full force and she was moaning she soon had her orgasm and I too spunked her pussy and pulled out, this fucking session was spontaneous and she loved it. We fucked like this and in every position for the next 10 days, we fucked in every room of the house and even fucked on the terrace one night, when not fucking we could not keep our hands off each other, she would suck me off couple of times a day and I would suck her pussy. We were getting more adventureous, we even went to the cinema and fondled each other, and the days were ticking away.

On the 15th day I came back from school and wanted to fuck her straight away but she said she can’t fuck today I asked her why and she would not reply I got agitated and then decided to force her so I locked the front door and then went to her room and caught her by the hand and forced her on the bed I pulled her petticoat off her and ripped her shirt she was begging me to leave her and in return she will give me a nice blowjob or do whatever else except fucking. I was in no mood to talk I wanted her choot so I pulled at her panties she had her legs tightly closed so with both hands I pushed her legs apart and tore her panties off, as soon as her panties came off I saw her choot covered with a pad and it was full of blood I stopped instantly and asked her as to what happened she said nothing its just her periods, I did not know what she meant, then she explained about her periods and that it occurs every month and that we should not fuck. I understood everything and apologised she said its ok, but I was very disappointed as we won’t be able to fuck for 5 days and by then my parents and her husband will return.

In the evening I was sitting in the back garden and smoking and cursing her periods, she came to me with her baby in her hands and sat next to me and said’ Raju are you upset with me? I said no but suman I need to fuck you she said I understand and I too want to fuck but what can I do? She said don’t be upset come inside I will give you a blowjob I said no not now may be later.

At night I was sleeping naked with her she was wearing only her panties, she caught hold of my lund and started fondling it I was hard as rock, then she said ‘Raju I have another hole you can fuck’ I did not understand what she meant, I asked her what hole, then she took my hand and guided it to her arse and put my finger on her arse hole, she said here. I looked at her with surprise and asked her you mean I can fuck your arse she said yes she said I have never done it before but for your sake I will let you fuck my arse, I asked her how my huge lund will go in her tiny hole she said it will go, it will be painful for both of us but it will go in. She got up and went to her cupboard and brought some oil, and applied some to my hard cock, then she removed her panties and her sanitary pad and said first apply some oil on and in my arse hole, I took some oil and turned her around and opened her arse cheeks and located her arse hole I applied some oil on her arse hole and the dipped my finger in the oil and slowly inserted my middle finger in her hole, she was very tight but the oil helped a lot and I was able to insert my entire finger in her arse hole, I started to move my finger in and out and she enjoyed that, she asked me to put another finger and I did it was tough but it went in, her hole had now relaxed and I was able to move my fingers quite easily, she was moaning all the time and was making hissing sounds, she then said ‘ Raju now put your lund in but very slowly, I took some more oil and put it on my lund, I put a pillow under her belly and raised her arse then put my lund on her arse and tried to push it in but it slipped due to the oil, she then held my cock in one hand and placed it on her hole and said now push, I pushed and the head of my lund went in and she screamed in a low voice, I stayed like that for a while then pushed a bit more, it was hard work but very slowly I was going deeper and deeper, it was painful for both of us, I had about 4 inches in her and she was slowly getting use to the first lund in her arse, I then started the fucking motion and my lund was moving freely in her, her pain was easing up and now she too was enjoying her first arse fuck. Her arse was very tight and I could feel the tightness on my cock, her anus had opened up nicely the outer ring of her anus was tight around my cock like a tight seal, with the fucking motion I had now inserted my entire lund in her gand (arse), the pain for both of us had disappeared and now it was pure enjoyment, she was asking me to fuck harder and I did as I was told, she had buried her face in the pillow to kill her screams of joy, I then increased my pace further and she said that Raju please cum inside me ,I want your hot spunk inside my gand, the smell emitted from our union was erotic and it filled the room, my spunk was boiling in my balls and then I came and filled her gand with my hot spunk, I collapsed on her and lied on her, my cock still in her arse and slowly shrinking, it soon popped out with a sound, I got off her and helped her on her feet, I saw blood on her thighs and around her pussy, she rushed in the bathroom to clean up, I followed her and saw her squatting on the floor cleaning her pussy and arse with water, I squatted next to her and cleaned myself with water, we both came out and hugged each other, I said Suman your gand is even better than your choot, I will have to fuck it regularly, she kissed me on my lips and we slept on the bed naked in a tight embrace and fell asleep.

I fucked suman for full 20 days then her husband and my parents returned so we had to be discreet, we still managed to fuck each other usually during my lunch break, once I even fucked her while her husband was working on his car at the front of the house, I leaned her against the front window lifted her skirt and fucked her from behind. We carried on our relationship for 6 years until last year when I had a chance to fuck her again but that is another story, which I will narrate when I come to that stage.

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