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  • desipapa
  • September 28, 2015

I am 21 years old and a student of B.Com by profession. I live in Pakistan in Gujranwala. In my neighbors lives a family who has 2 daughters. Both of them are pretty but are older than me. One is 23 or 26 years old and the other one is 25-28 years old. Although both of them are very nice, but they usually remain reserve and don’t like to mingle around too much. Boys in the street dream to spend a night with any one of them.

To tell u sincerely I had some intentions of doing SOMETHING with any one of them but I didn’t get any chance and seeing their reserve behavior I gave up my effort. Since both of them are working and come home late from the offices like me so I rarely got a chance to see them and even if I see them the meeting usually remains restricted to Hello and Hi. Last year both of them got married. After the marriage both of them went to some different cities with their husbands and we used to get some information from their parents that they were happy and contented. However, unfortunately the younger one came back home within three months of her marriage and said she would not go back with her husband since he is not a good person and is asking for more dowries etc. This is the side of the story we learnt from their family and other street members. However she filed for the divorce and got it in four months of court trials. She started doing her job again. But one thing that I noticed that she seems to had no regrets and she used to look calm and cool as before unlike other girls who get divorce. One Sunday being the holiday I was playing cricket with my nephews in the lawn and the ball went in the neighbor’s lawn. I asked my nephew who is 5yrs old to go and fetch the ball.

But he came back and said the ball was not there. At that time I went myself with him in their lawn and there she was sitting on a chair having a newspaper in her hand. She was enjoying the winter’ shiny morning. I said “Hello” and asked her “KOI BALL TO YAHAN PER NAHIN AI HAI?” And she asked “KISKI BALL?” I said “MERI BALL!!” and she asked with a meaningful smile on her face “AAP KI BALL!!!!!!!!!?” And I got what she meant and blushed but my mind gave me a clue that there is something in her mind and I got some hope and without any more questions started to look for the ball myself and it was under her chair that’s why it was not visible, and I said “BALL AAP KI KURSI KAI NECHAY HAI” she said while keeping her eyes on the newspaper “LE LO AA K AR” and I went forward and bend near her chair to take the ball and there I got a close look on her legs and feet. Although it was winter and she was wearing thick cotton shalwar but due to bright sunshine she was not wearing socks and I saw her beautiful feet with maroon nail polish on them and as I bend forward further to take the ball out I slightly brushed my lips on her feet and to my great happiness she didn’t react at all and kept reading the newspaper. I got up said thank you and went out but my mind was filled with beautiful curves of her legs and I was thinking of her legs and toes, licking them sucking them… That night I masturbated thinking about her and slept. One week after that incident I had got an idea. Since she was also working in a bank and I had to discuss something so I thought that I should talk to her and seek her help and during that period may be I’ll come close to success in my AIM.

So after coming from the bank I went to her home and rang the bell. Her mother came out and asked for her. However she came out and asked me “KYA BAAT HAI??” and I told her “BANK KI PROBLEM DISCUSS KARNA HAI”?? She said smilingly “MEI SAMJHI PHIR AAP KI BALL KHO GAI HAI”? I just smiled and ignored that, otherwise in my mind I thought that “One day I will make u lick my balls”. However we sat in the drawing room and I took out my papers from the dairy and start discussing the problem. She sat with me on the sofa and with her pretty hands started to write about the solution. After one hour of work she said she is feeling tired and went inside to bring some tea. She came with tea and put the papers aside and asked me about the deadline date for the submission of this project and I told her that I have three day. So she said that we’ll do the remaining next day. After the tea I came back without any progress in my aim. The next day again I went in the evening and we started to work, since she used to remain reserve so she didn’t talk anything except work, however after some work I said “SAR ME DARD HO GAYA HAI” and she said “I’ll bring some tea”. After five or ten minutes she came back with tea. I said, “We’ll just take tea and won’t work for these five minutes” she said, “OK”. While we were taking the tea I said, “Very soon u’ll find a very good man”. She was surprised by this sudden comment and asked “TUMKO KAISAI PATA” and I said that I could see it from the lines on her hand and she asked in surprise “TUMKO HATH DEKHNA AATA HAI” and I said “THODA THODA”.

She spread her hand in front of me and said “AUR KUCH BATAO” and I getting the chance immediately holded her beautiful hand and said “TUM LIFE SE BORE HO GAI HO, TUMKO KISI SATHI KI TALASH HAI”, to my utter surprise she smiled (usually girls after their divorce become very tocuhy), she asked “AUR” and I said “AUR YE KE AAPKE HATH BAHOT KHOOBSURAT HAIN”, saying this I gathered some courage and immediately took her hand to my mouth and kissed on her hand. I thought the most would happen is that she would slap me but she said “NA KARO” I asked “KYON?” and gave another smooching kiss on her hand, she tried to withdraw her hand and said “YE SAHE NAHIN HAI” without letting her hand go I said “AAPKA DIL NAHIN HAI,AAPKA DIL NAHIN KARTA” and she said “LEKIN PHIR BE” but I started licking her hand and immediately took the thumb in my mouth and started sucking it with other hand I grabbed her leg and pushed the shalwar up to her knees and quickly move my mouth to her leg and started kissing on her leg. I w as not in my senses as my dream was coming true. While licking and kissing her leg I saw her and she was resting her head on the back of the sofa with eyes closed…she was enjoying that. Then I moved down while kissing her leg and took her toe in my mouth and she gave a loud moan. Her feet were really beautiful. I started to slowly lick the sole of her feet and she was enjoying that. Suddenly the voice of her mother came she was calling her. We immediately sit as before and started to work. But her mother told that she has to do some work with her mother so she better postpone my work. I got up and said “No problem, we can do it tomorrow”. I still had one more day.

The next and the last day (of our work) I again went to her house and she came on the door herself and we started doing the work. Since most of it was done in the last two days so the remaining was finished in just half an hour. I had planned to do some more kissing with her today but the work finished so quickly that I had no more excuses to sit for some more time. So I took my chance and said “THANX A LOT, MEIN AAPKA SHUKRIYA KAISA ADA KARON” she said “KAISA ADA KARO GE” I said “AAISE” and gave a kiss on her hand. She tried to stop me but I holded her hand tightly and keep kissing and thinking quickly what to do next. I started to move up wards from hands to wrists and arms and then I gathered courage to kiss her on the lips, I grabbed her neck from the back and tried to move my lips closer to her. But she resisted and said “LEAVE ME” I said “NAHIN CHOR SAKTA(I CAN’T LEAVE U)” she said that her mother was in the kitchen, since there drawing room was adjacent with the kitchen. “MAA AJAI GEE, LEAVE ME” she requested this time with tears just coming in her eyes because of tight grip on her hair. I was wondering why she has not slapped me so far; the reason was she herself wanted to have some fun. “MUJH SE SABAR NAHIN HOTA, MEIN NAHIN RAH SAKTA” I told her and she said “AB HI CHORO MAA AJAI GEE, PHIR KABHI” and I asked “PHIR KAB??????” She said to me “PEHLE CHORO MUJHE AUR BAHAR CHALO PHIR BATON GEE” I immediately left her and came out with she behind me and then I turned towards her to ask her again but she gave me a light slap on my face and smilingly said “AAJ RAAT KO AIK BAJE MEIN PHECHE WALA DARWAZA KHULA RAKHON GEE….” Listening that my heart bounced with joy and I said “MEIN ZAROOR AAON GA” and went out from her home. At that time it was 7 in the evening. After coming back to home I was unable to do anything, neither I ate properly nor I did anything else.

I was thinking about the night to come and planning to skip form the house. Even I jerked myself off to release some anxiety but of no use. It seemed that the time has started to move very slowly. After the dinner at 9 and watching the TV every one went to their rooms and I came back to my room. To reach her house was no problem since we were neighbors the only problem was to skip quietly. At 12:45 in night I slowly moved out of my room and checked every room of the house members just to ensure that everyone was fast asleep. I slowly opened the main door of the house, locked it back since I had the keys and then immediately crossed the lawn of the house and climbed on the boundary wall, took of my shoes and then jumped in her house. Since those were winter days therefore I felt a bit cold but I tried to keep myself warm by thinking about the future pleasure. I reached her back door and there I saw very dim light of her bedroom, probably a zero watt bulb. I reached the door and tried to knock it very slowly. But the door didn’t open and I thought that may be she had changed her plan or she might decided to sleep with her mother today, since they were only three people in the house. I was cursing my luck and kept knocking and I even slightly called her name “Saira..Saira..” . At about 15mins past 1 the door opened and there she was the girl of my dreams standing in front of me on the door. She opened the door and let me in and closed the door. I asked her why she opened the door so late, and she said that she was preparing herself for this night. I asked her what sort of preparations and she said that I would see them in some time. It was her bedroom and I grabbed her from the back of her neck and started to do the French kissing with her. She responded immediately by opening her mouth and our tongues met and my hand started to explore her body. I grabbed her boobs and gave them a hard squeeze. The voice of “Ah…….” Came from her mouth as she enjoyed that. I then put my both hands on her buttocks and started exploring them while our lips were glued to each other. She then put her hand on the bulge in my pants and started to unzip it and then tried to squeeze the bulge over the cloth of my briefs. I then stopped kissing her and tried to take her shirt off and she responded by taking her kameez off immediately and turned her back towards me so that I could unhook her bra and I did that as quickly as possible. The beautiful treasure was in front of me.

Her white boobs with brown nipples were a treat to watch and I immediately sucked her right nipple and she gave a loud moan. She put her hand on my head and pressed it hard so that I could suck it more and more and I did that eagerly. We were now sitting on the bed and I laid her on her back and while sucking her nipples with one hand I pulled the string of her shalwar and then started to move down kissing this beauty slowly and as I pulled her shalwar off the “preparation” was there. the shaved pussy…which she prepared for the night. I immediately planted a deep kiss on her pussy which was responded with a loud moan. I stuck my tongue in her slit and she gave it a squeeze and then I licked her clit and she pushed my head with her hand more and more so that I couldn’t breath properly and she came in my mouth…..her salty juices were tasty, a real feminine juice. What the best I could have asked for. I further moved down kissing her white thighs and legs and licking them I reached her beautiful dainty feet. I sucked her toes and licked the sole of her feet. She lifted her head and saw what I was doing I kept licking her feet for almost 5 minutes but at that time my cock was exploding in my pants. I worked my way up and again started to lick her clit. I also started to remove my pants and then removed my briefs I was totally naked now. And my 7″inches dick was standing like a flag pole. She lifted herself up and grabbed my head by my hair and lifted my mouth from her pussy and gave me kiss on the lips and said “AB MUJHE BHI MAZA KARNE DO” with that she grabbed my cock in her pretty hand and while licking my chest she moved her mouth down and then she immediately took whole of my dick in her mouth and tried to take it deep throat………I was in heaven. Looking at that pretty baby sucking my cock I thought how I used to think about her being so reserved and humble and here she is today sucking my cock like a whore.

She then gabbed my balls with one hand and I holded her head and pushed her mouth towards my balls and she smiled and started kissing and licking them. I achieved what I thought that one-day she would lick my balls. I was about to come and I said to her “MERI NIKALNI WALI HAI” and to my surprise she said “KOI BAAT NAHIN ” and with one more strong suck she made me come and I came in her mouth and she sucked every drop of it and kept sucking. I was standing at that time. After that we both got on the bed and I gave my cock in her hand and while we did the kissing. I again bent down and made her position doggy style and started licking her pussy and ass. She became really aroused by my ass licking and with one hand she was fingering her pussy. However after sometime my cock erected again and I put my cock in her pussy from behind and I found that her pussy was very tight. One reason was that she was married for only 3 months. While fucking her from behind I grabbed both her boobs and some times I grabbed her by the hair and pulled them hard and her moaning became loud. I then laid her on the back and gave a kiss on her lips and then started to fuck her again. This time I increased my speed since her pussy was very tight and it really enveloped my cock very hard. She was coming with my increasing rhythm for the third or fourth time and it provided more lubrication on my cock and I felt the semen coming in my penis as well, I didn’t want to come in her so I decided to pull out my cock but she tightened her grip and locked me by her beautiful legs around my waist and said “MERE ANDAR NIKALNA….I HAVE THE PILLS” listening that I increased my speed more and her voices became quite loud thanks God the doors were closed and it was 2am so everybody was sound asleep. I came with a loud groan and released loads and loads of come in her pussy and collapsed on her body with her boobs under my chest and my lips on hers. She also closed her eyes and was looking very relaxed.

We remained like t h is for half an hour with my limp cock in her pussy and lips one her lips I lifted myself and asked her “MAZA AAYA?” and she said “BAHUT” I said to her that her husband would have enjoyed her a lot in those three months of marriage and she revealed the secret to me that “WHO KUCH NAHIN KAR SAKTA THA” he was impotent and that opened the secret of her divorce in three months. I was the first lucky person to fuck her and the first whom she allowed so much closeness to her. I moved out her house at 3am but decided the time for the next meeting which was obviously the weekend. I still fuck her but I want to fuck her ass which she is not allowing me. Whenever I will succeed I will write to u people about that. I hope u would have enjoyed that story. Any desiring girls, whores, unsatisfied ladies, bhabhi, teacher, house woman wants in and around Gujranwala, Lahore and Fasalabad who desire to have sex with me can mail me at my address Secrecy is 100% guaranteed.

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