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My Sweet Nephew Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi, my name is Rekha.I am 35 years old.I am a goodlooking female.I got married when i was 25.But within two years,we got divorced.My ex-husband was very busy in his work and didn’t care for me.This lead to a lot of problems between us.We finally got to an agreement and I got divorce from him.I am a girl from a very orthodox family.We have high respect in the society.Most of our family members are in high posts.I also work in a private firm for a salary of around 12,000 per month.I stay in my brother’s house.

He is 10 years elder than me and the eldest in our family.His name is Vijay.His wife Rani is aged 42.They have two children;one 17 year old boy-Suraj and one 19 year old girl-Raji.I was very attached to their family as they were very supportive for me. I always treated Suraj and Raji with immense affection.I got the same from them.Suraj was a very soft-spoken guy and Raji is a very intelligent girl and talks very freely.Once in the morning It was boring for me.It was around 7.30.Suraj was in class XI.I liked maths very much.So i went to his room to take his maths book.He went to take bath.While I was searching through the books,I found his diary.I started to read it.In the first page,he had written that “this is dedicated to my beautiful aunty”.I was shocked.I went through the diary and he had lot of poems in praise of my beauty.Finally,he had written “Dear Aunty,Will you have sex with me”.

I was completely shocked.I heard the door sound.So i quickly replaced the diary and went back.While we were having breakfast,I noticed him glaring at my body parts.I didn’t know what to do.My body was shaking.I quickly ate and went to my room. The next sunday,my brother and sister-in-law went to temple in the early morning and said that they will be reaching in the night as they had to go to my brother’s colleague’s house.Raji went to her friend’s house for studying.So this left Suraj with me.I was very afraid to talk with him.He was watching T.V.I went near him and asked him,what made you do like this.He was shocked and he bent his head down.I just said to him forget about this thing and concentrate in studies.He didn’t reply.I was relieved and I went to my room.Suddenly after half-an-hour Suraj came to my room and said “If i was wrong,please forgive me.But I don’t think that I was wrong.You are very beautiful.You are beautiful than the present young actresses.So only i was attracted to you.”I said to him “please don’t talk like this”.Suraj said “Well I am a very shy guy.I hardly talk to girls.But i masturbate daily in my dream thinking of you and me.”.

Telling this he caught hold of my arms and started massaging it.I liked it and i let him continue to do this for 1 minute.But suddenly I realized what i was doing and i ran away from him. In the afternoon,I served him lunch.When I was putting rice in his plate,he started touching me.I could not control him.He kissed my hand.I was speechless.The he got up and kissed me in the lips.I didn’t respond.But I didn’t push him away.I got to a stage where i didn’t mind him as my lover.We were kissing each other.Now i started taking control.Suraj was a very good looking man and had great physique.I started kissing all over his face and i was smiling.Then i said him to continue this in the bedroom.When i was about to walk,he pulled me and he lifted me and took me to the bed.He started undressing me.I was wearing a nightie.He removed it and i was in my bra and panties.I said it was my turn and I removed his shorts and t-shirt.

I then removed his briefs and i saw a perfect lund.I bent down and started taking it in my mouth.I was sucking it like a bitch.Then he cummed in my mouth.I tasted a cum after a lot of years.So i was pretty happy about this.Then he put me in the bed and started removing my bra.Then he sucked my one tit and squeezed the other with his hand.He then interchanged the process.I was moaning “aaaaaa….ooooooo..yesssss”.Then he removed my panty and started sucking my pussy.He licked it and I was moaning in pleasure and smiling.Then he tried to put his dick in it.I stopped him by saying that i will be pregnant.But he forcefully put it in.He rammed it hard.I moaned in pain “aaaaaaa…..yessss….don’t stoppp”.He was going at a good pace.Then he cummed there.He then turned me back and fucked my ass.I was very happy.We then had a kiss.Then we went to bath where we made love with each other.We were soaping each other and kissing each other.Then we had a very good sleep together.I was on top of him while sleeping.

Then we got up.After having tea,he called me aunty,but i said him call me by name when alone.So,he called me Rekha.He made me naked.He was also naked.He was sitting on a chair.He then put me on his lap and started fucking me.I was jumping up and down.I was loving it.Then he climaxed and that was the end of if. My brother and sister-in-law and raji returned.We acted normally.We had sex a number of times after that.He always treats me as a teenager and I liked it.I love him very much.Whenever we have time,we have sex with each other.He was a great licker and so i got a lot of pleasure.I would always be on his lap when we are alone.He always carries me around our house and i liked it.We had sex in my car for sometimes which i will narrate in my next story.My email-id is .But please don’t write anything offensive.I like your comments

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