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  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hi friendz,now this is my first is a young lady of 32yrs who loved my previous exp,with a pune lady.iam 23 m she was intrested to meet me,but she hesitated little after her 1st mail.we than talked to each other for a few mails,now she was completely assured tht her meeting with me was gonna b a secret only between me n one fine day we decided to meet.

This was the first time I was meeting her in real. I was a bit awkward and tried to make some small talk. She just came to me and hugged me. It hardly took us two minutes to get fully naked. I first kissed her for long in a French kiss. Only after I was fully satisfied with my missing kiss I left her lips. Meanwhile her hands were urgently pumping my cock and jiggling my balls. I put her across on the bed with legs on the floor and sat on the floor. I straight away attacked her hot and eager pussy. At my request, she did not shave for a few days before our meeting as I love pussy hairs. I parted her hairy pussy lips and kissed her moist cunt. Then I pushed my tongue in and tasted her. I started licking her pussy and pushing my tongue deeper and deeper. She was jumping and lifting her ass, pushing my head deep into her head. She was very vocal. “Aneee you are driving me wild!!” “hanee thats great, deeper deeeper, aaaaaaaaaah”. I never got such an opportunity to lick pussy for such a long time & I too was going mad.

While eating her pussy, I inserted two fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking her also simultaneously. She was dripping like hell and my fingers were slipping in and out with the sound swish, swish. As she was lifting her ass I got glimpse of her rosebud of asshole. I got tempted and pushed my middle finger into her ass and thumb into her pussy, simultaneously finger fucking both the holes as well as tonguing her clit. This was driving her wild and she came crashing and went still for some time. I also got exhausted with so much of licking and sucking and my tongue started aching also. I just put my head in her lap and closed my eyes and started enjoying the musky smell of her pussy. now she lifted her boobs and offered them to me. I fell on her and handled her ample boobs of 38 D size. I kneaded them like atta, kissed and sucked on the nipples, pushed the boobs together and held both the nipples in my mouth at the same time and sucked. She started shouting “Hurt me hanee. Hurt me bad.i mashed her boobs with all my might till it really hurt her.

Meanwhile she took my cock in her hand and pushed it into her pussy where it went into like hot knife into butter. I got up adjusted myself for a best angle. Legs taking support of wall and her pussy at the edge of the bed with her legs round my waist. Now I started my assault. I pushed deep and both our forests met. Thwack Thwack Thwack, Thwack. A slopping wet cunt really makes a lot of noise, believe me. But the sound is also intoxicating. It was great. I wanted to go on and on like that. But to stop the monotony I slowed down and started kissing her on the lips and pressing her boobs, playing with her nipples, licking her arm pits and all. Meanwhile she started fucking me from down, lifting her ass in a rhythmic fashion. After I caught my breath, I said I am going for the finish now and gave it all I had in a non stop machine gun fashion. After about 30-40 strokes I came hard and she held me tight with her hands and legs. It took us about ten minutes to come out of this tight embrace. You should see the look on her face.

The contentment was written on her face. Calm, serene and with a half-smile and half closed eyes she looked like an angel. but she said tht she wanted more… just relaxed for few minutes….in each others arms….than we dressed up had something to eat.after eating we ha d a genral talk n again entered the room..Again we got naked slowly and deliberately. She made me lie down with pillows at my back. She came and sat on me with legs on both sides. She held my hard cock in her hand and inserted it into her pussy and started riding me. It w as an enjoyable sight, she riding me with her big boobs jiggling. I just supported her ass and allowed her all the freedom. the tight hold of the ass on the cock is mind blowing. It cannot be explained in words. Every time I came out I poured some moisturiser on it and pushed in again.

This way her ass also became quite fuckable and not too tight. For the first time in her life she enjoyed the doggy positing holding her ass cheeks and pumping her ass. To extend the fun I alternated between her ass and pussy. This gave her a lot of pleasure and she was also pushing back for each of my strokes. After some time I bent down held her boobs in hand for support and started fucking her hard. 30-40 strokes and I came. than we relaxed for some time in the bed.both exausted…than i got fresh had a tea said good bye to each other kissing.she insisted to meet me again,n i promiced her to meet.

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