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My Sweet Cousin Sister

  • desipapa
  • September 9, 2015

Dear Friends, this is Rahul from Delhi and I hope u enjoyed my previous experience published here at desipapa. I got a lot of responses for that one and thanks a lot for your comments. I even managed to meet one girl who was interested to have relationship with me after reading my story. I will narrate that incident afterwards. Right now I will narrate you an incident that happened to me with my cousin sis, Pooja (name changed). Let me describ myself first. I am 25, tall 5’11”, attractive personality and 6.5 inches dick. I workout very regularly, so I possess a mascular body. Let me describe Pooja. She is 24, married, tall 5’7” big round boobs and inviting hot ass. Her figure is 37 29 38. She had a lot of boyfriends during her school and college and she used to touch me and invite me even before her marriage but I never had courage to make any advances.

Once before marriage she was visiting my home. We were lying in a blanket and she was lying next to me. She came closer to me and started rubbing her boobs on my elbow. But soon my mom called me and I had to go. Whenever we used to go on bike she used to sit hugging me making me feel both her boobs at the back. But I never had courage to make any advances. Then 2 years back she got married and after her marriage we got a bit distant. She was in Delhi only but she was working and hence she gets little time to meet us. She used to wear very deep neck blouses and suits after marriage which got me seduced towards her. Soon I also got married and we used to meet with families only. My wife was boring when it comes to sex. We used to have sex just 2-3 times a week which was not enough for me. So I was looking for some extra sex outside.

4 months ago we had a small party at our home and she came straight from her office. She got her clothes with her and she went to my room to change. I thought it to be my golden chance to see her naked body. So after half a minute I went to my room. She was changing in the dressing room attached to my room which had a glass door but the glass is not see through except at a small spot on the glass. I went to the room and closed the door behind me. I started peeping through the small opening in glass. Pooja was changing and she had her top off. Her big melons were hanging in her black bra. She took off her trousers and she was only in her bra and panty. I was amazed to see her half naked. She was facing sideways and I was able to see her from side.

Suddenly, Pooja turned around to pick up her clothes and she saw my image in the glass. I got back and I left the room. She knew someone was watching her. In hurry I left my shoes in the room which I took out so that she cannot hear my footsteps. I knew that she would now know that it was me watching her change in the room. She changed and came out. I was nervous that she would tell my wife and parents about it and I would be embarrassed in front of them. She came out and behaved normally. I watched her every now and then but she gave no signs nor she talked to anyone about it. I got a bit relief. I was not able to confront her with the fear. She came to me and talked to me normally after that but I can see her behavior towards me changed as I can see smile on her face every time she was looking at me.

I was thinking may be she didn’t know it was me, she didn’t get to see my shoes but I was in doubt. At night I was thinking of her body which I saw when she was changing. My wife slept early as she was tired after the party. We didn’t have sex that night. I masturbated thinking about Pooja that night and slept. Thoughts started coming to my mind whether Pooja also wants to have sex with me. But I didn’t have any source to find it out.

Few days later I found out that Pooja was ill and was not going to office. She was living in Gurgaon which is a bit far from our house. There were only she and her husband living alone. A plan struck my mind just then. I had some work at gurgaon. After completing my work I went to Pooja’s place to ask about her well being and to take my chances to have sex with her. She was happy to see me and offered me water. She was alone at house and wearing a Punjabi suit. Her husband was at work. I asked her how was she. She was having severe headache due to illness. I asked her to rest on the bed and whether I can do anything to help. She asked me to massage her head to relief her pain. I said sure and we went to her bedroom. She lied on her bed and I started massaging her head.

After massaging her head for 5 minutes she was feeling good. Watching her getting relief, I went down to massaging her neck and then went to her shoulders. She didn’t say anything and had her eyes closed. She was lying on her stomach. I kept massaging her shoulders and she was enjoying it a lot. I was staring at her hips and with every bit of pressure on her shoulder, her hips used to jump up from bed. Seeing this, my 6.5 inches dick started to feel strain and it got semi-erect. I am very good at massage and seducing a girl by massage. She didn’t say anything and I got a green signal. So I removed my shoes and got up on bed. I sat on Pooja’s back and started massaging her upper back and shoulders from above her suit. She was moving her hips in ecstasy and I was feeling it as I was sitting just above her hips. She began to moan slightly. I asked her how she was feeling and she said very fine. Now I got encouraged more and I started to massage her back from inside her suit. She was making slight noises. I opened the zip of her suit. As soon as she opened the zip of her suit, she came back to senses and asked me what I was doing. I said I am just massaging you so that I get relief from pain and you too are enjoying it. I asked her to relax and let me do it. She obliged and now I was massaging her bare back. Her zip went quite deep till her waist. I could see her entire back. I started moving my hands in her lower back. I moved lower and sat on the top of her hips. Her hips were very soft and my dick got fully erect feeling her hips.

Now I started massaging her entire back. I opened her bra strap which was obstructing my hand. Then I made a brave move. I lied on her back fully stretched so that my face was on her upper back and my dick was enjoying the lower portion of her ass. She asked me what I was doing, I said just relax and you will enjoy. She said this is wrong, but she was not resisting. So I knew that she too wants it. So I said there is nothing wrong in it. I started rubbing my dick on her ass while kissing her upper back and shoulders. She was feeling so good that I can make it out from her moans and the movements of her body. I kept on kissing, sucking and nibbling her back and shoulders and neck. Everytime I do so, she raises her ass and my dick digs deeper into it. I did this for 20 minutes.

After this I got down on bed and raised the suit top and tried to insert my hand in her salwar from back to feel her ass. She stopped me and said enough, it is very wrong for us cousins to do it. I said it is not wrong as it is natural for a guy to lust for a sexy women’s body. She asked “do u find me sexy”. I said “yes, u r very sexy”. She asked “what is sexy in me”. I said “I love ur boobs and ass. I want to kiss on your boobs and I want to make u feel very special.” Saying this I started moving my hand in her salwar. She resisted but I held her hand by my other hand and started rubbing her ass vigorously over her panty and I took my hand between ur legs over her pussy. She fought initially but later eased into it. I felt that she started enjoying it. So I left her hand with the other hand I raised her suit top till her boobs. Now I asked her to lay on her back. She was a bit hesitant but obliged with a little bit of help from me. I started kissing her navel area and then moved up towards her boobs. I raised her suit top over her boobs and started licking all over her bobs except her nipples. I know how to tease a girl. I kept teasing her by not sucking her nipples. She held my head from my hairs and she was pressing it harder against her boobs. She was trying to take my head to her nipples but I resisted to make her more wild. She grew wilder and pushed my head harder towards her nipples. Now I knew that she would do as I say. So I moved to her nipples and started sucking her right boob. I noticed that her left boob is slightly bigger than her right boob and from experience I knew that the bigger boob always gives more pleasure to girls. So I moved to her left boob and I was massaging her left boob by my left hand and simultaneously sucking and licking her nipples. I took my right hand to her pussy from over her salwar and started rubbing her pussy. I felt that her pussy was getting wet. She felt great in that position and started moaning en ecstasy. I continued doing so till the time I felt I need to move further.

I made her sit and asked her to remove everything above her waist. This time she did it without resisting and I too removed my shirt. We both were naked from above waist. Then I laid her one her back and I got on top of her. I hugged her and started kissing on her lips. My chest was touching her warm breasts and I m sure she was enjoying it more that I did. I started rubbing my dick on her pussy with our clothes on. I knew that she is in my control now. I decided to make her wilder. I got up and removed my trousers and now I was in my undies only. I removed her salwar and reached down to her legs. I started kissing her toes and slowly moved up kissing the back of her knees and inner portion of her thighs. Finally I stopped just before her pussy and started licking her inner thighs just below her pussy. I moved her panty aside from both sides making her crotch area visible. I could see very small hairs there and I guessed that she I a regular shaver. I started licking the sides of her pussy. I could feel her juices as her pussy was getting wetter and wetter in anticipation. But I kept licking and sides of her pussy without touching her clit. She was getting mad and soon she grabbed my head by her legs and pushed me hard against her pussy. Now I knew that she is getting out of control. I got up and took off her panty. I started sucking her pussy lips as if I was smooching them and inserted my tongue as if tongue fucking her. She was getting hornier. And moaning “come on rahul, lick my pussy, drink all its juices and suck it dry, come on, suck ur sister”. I got wilder hearing these words and sucked more vigorously. She cummed soon and I felt her muscles tightening and loosening after it. Then I asked her to do 69. She said she never did it but I said it will be fun. She agreed and I lay on bed and she lay on top of me. I could see the entire view of her ass and pussy. It was great view. She started sucking my cock and I inserted my tongue in her pussy. She was tightening her lips on my dick with each stroke of my tongue in her pussy. I inserted my finger in her ass hole and kept sucking and licking her pussy. She cummed again and soon I felt my semen burning inside my dick. I told her that I am cumming and she took my dick out of her mouth and sprayed cum on her neck and boobs.

She went to bathroom to clean herself. She was looking like a sex goddess when she was going towards bathroom naked. She came after 5 minutes and laid besides me. She told me then that she knew it was me watching her changing that day. She also told me that she adores me since we both got adult and wanted to have physical relationship with me before marriage. I asked her whether she had sex with anyone before marriage. She told me that she was not a virgin on her marriage and that she had sex with two of her previous boy friends earlier but none of them or her husband had ever given her so much pleasure.

Talking like this I started rubbing her pussy with my fingers. Soon she got aroused and my dick also got its hard on back. I told her that now I want my dick inside her pussy. She said she doesn’t want to get pregnant. So she got a condom from the drawer and rolled it over my dick. She got on all four and asked me to fuck her doggie style. My dick got very hard seeing her ass and pussy and I pushed my dick inside her pussy. It was a tight pussy for my penis but the lubrication of our cums made penetration non-difficult. I started pounding her pussy for 5 minutes. She told me to change positions and that she wants to be on my top. I obliged and I laid on bed massaging my dick for her. She stood with her legs on my either side and sat on my dick opening her pussy with her fingers. Her pussy took the entire length of her pussy inside and she started stroking my penis up and down. I was feeling great and I was shouting “fuck me baby, come on fuck me harder”. She kept stroking and then she laid over me and moved up and down hugging me. Soon she had her 3 rd orgasm. She loosened a little and lied on top of me. She asked me if I want to come on top and fuck her. I said yes and she laid on her back. I got on top of her and she opened her pussy for my dick to penetrate. I inserted my penis inside and starting pounding her pussy. She started enjoying soon. I started making movements in different styles – up down, to and fro, forward and backward. She started moaning again. I felt like cumming again and I told her that I will cum. She asked me to wait for 1 minute so that both of us can cum together. She told me to cum inside as she is not afraid as I was wearing a condom. After a minute or so she came and I instantly came with her.

We lay in each other’s arms for 15 minutes and then I got up and cleaned myself. She told me this was the finest fuck of her life and she would like to do again whenever we get chance. Since then we have been having sex whenever we gets chance.

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