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My Sweet Cousin – Radhika

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Do you know what happens on the first night of marriage? That was my cousin sister asking me in a conspiratory voice. At time I was about 19 and she was 18. Actually I had no idea that something special happens after marriage. I went to cousins place at Delhi as her uncle, my mother’s cousin was getting married. Let’s assume her name is Radhika. This is after one of my ISS friend.

I used to call her Radhu.

Not to be taken as ignorant guy, I answered my cousin – they make frendship. They will hug and kiss like they do it in the movie. My cousin was not impressed, Radhu said “Dhat buddhu. Woh sab movie me dikhate hain, kerte hain aur kuchh”. I asked – “how do you know?” Radhu said – “Chachu ne dikhaya mujhe”. I had to concede my defeat and asked her what they do. Radhu said the male puts his pissing tool inside a hole between the legs in female. I could not belive her. The idea of two pissing thing getting into each other seemed weird. Radhu wanted to show off her knowledge and said wait I will get the book. She said adults wiil scold if they say the book, which sounded kind of believable.

I had noticed my mother switching channel whenever beed room scenes come in the movie. Radhu asked me to go in a room on their topfloor. No one stayed in that room. Ir was being used as a dumping room of unused things. Radhu said you hide yourself in that room, if someone notices you then say that you are playing hide and seek.

I did as adviced and hid myself inside the room. After sometime Radhu came, she was empty handed. I asked what happened. Radhu said “Buddhu, do you think I will carry that book in my hand. She lifted her skirt and the book was in her panty. I was getting restless so I took the nook out of her panty. There were many picture of naked man and woman in that book. I had never seen a porn book before. As we aere looking at the picture Radhu was getting excited. She suggested, let us do this thing ourselves. I was also interested to tryout the new knowledge.

I removed my pant and Radhu removed her panty. Radhu tried to guide my penis in her hole but my penis was not hard. It was not going anywhere. I said I think it is done in some other way. Radhu said no when Uncle showed me, he made me feel his penis, It became hard and long. He asked me to rub it and after some time a white mucus like thing came out of his penis. I told her to do the same with me. As she put her soft hand around my penis it felt strange. I felt some tension in my balls.

The penis felt slightly hard but as we tried, it did not go much. So we gave up. Radhu asked me to put my finger in her hole. She said uncle did that to her and got very excited. I tried to insert my finger in her hole in the front, Radhu said not that, there is a hole in between the shit and piss. I did not know and asked her to show me. Radhu lied down, parted her legs and lifted her pelvis.

She asked me to part the skin in between her legs. I did and yes there was a nice pink thing. The shight made a strange feeling on my penis. I put my finger inside that. It was tight and the position was awkward. I asked Radhu to sit on my lap so that I can do it easily. She sat on my lap. I had lowered my pant earlier. Touch of her soft buttock on my lap made me feel good. As I started to insert my finger I felt her hole getting slippery.

Then I could easily slide my finger up and down. As I did that I felt lot of tenderness for Radhu. I hugged her tightly with my left hand and put my cheek against her. Radhu was making strange sound, I asked her if she was ok. She asked me to continue with up and down movement of my finger. I also felt good doing it.

As I was moving my finger Radhu took my left hand and put it on her breast. Her breast was just started to bloom. It was tiny but soft. I felt like pressing it. Radhu asked me to put my hand below her blouse and touch it. I did that. On my left hand I had her tiny breast and on my right her cunt.

After some time Radhu’s body shook and she turned towards me and hugged me tightly. I was also feeling very tender towards her and held her closely. My lips felt heavy and I wanted to kiss her. As if by telepathy Radhu also brought her lips towards me and our lips got locked. We must have stayed like that for 5-10 min. After that Radhu said, there was a picture of girl sucking the penis, let me do that for you. I agreed.

Radhu put my penis in her mouth like a lollipop and was sucking it. I felt that the touch needs to be below. So I pulled at my cock to move the foreskin away. Then Radhu felt nice and soft tip of my cock, she encircled it with her tongue and was rubbing it. It felt heavenly. After sometime I felt as if someone is sucking me and a strange fluid ejected from my penis. Radhu drank all of it and kept rubbing my penis with her tongue. I came again twice in Radhu’s mouth. After that my head felt dizzy and my cock shrunk. I realized that I had first ejaculation of my life.

After that we had lot of tender feeling for each other. We shared all details of our life with each other over phone. As we stayed in Lucknow, we did not meet each other often. I could become physically intimate with her again after 3 yrs, when I was 18. That was another loving experience, but that I will tell you some other day.

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My Sweet Cousin – Radhika

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